May 29th, 2016

Let’s go to the gym together!


I have been asked a lot to show my workout routine, and although I’m pretty sure it’s basic and anyone has his/her own preferences, I’m here to share mine and maybe inspire someone to start off with simple exercises.

I go to the gym every other day, and I stay there for about an hour. Is not too intense, and has a good mix of exercises.

I start with running on a medium to fast pace for 10 minutes (sometimes 15) on a slightly tilted surface. I run for about 2 kilometres.


I then move to using other machines, alternating different muscles and most importantly legs and arms.

Since I’m just done running, I would go for biceps, back or triceps first (first and last picture). I always do 3 sets of 15 each. There are several machines at the gym that allow you to work on the same muscles in different ways, but the ones in the photos are my personal favourites.

The pull-down, in the first photo, is great because I do have back problems, so I can work on those muscles without putting excessive pressure on them. It also works out my biceps at the same time, which is great. I lift 25kg.

In the second photo, Felix is working on shoulders. You need to use weights for each arm, I can only do 4kg for now, but it’s a great exercise because you do feel yours shoulders tensing up. You start from Felix position and shoot your arms up, hold for a second and go back down.

In the 3rd photo I tried to show my favourite leg machine: it works in two ways, and I like both. You will be seating down with your legs either inside the cushions (if you want to work out your butt) or outside of the cushions (if you want to exercise your inner thighs). I start with the “butt settings”, with my legs bent, straight in front of me (as if you are normally sitting). You simply need to push with your knee outwards, opening up as much as you can. Close and repeat. I can do 28kg here. Instead, if your are interested on the inner thighs, you will need to do the opposite. You start with your legs open, and have to push inwards to close them. I do 21kg on this one.

Finally, I will go back to arms (4th pictures) and end with triceps. With this exercise your are grabbing the rope and standing up straight, you need to bring it all the way down near your hips. Release and repeat as usual. I do 11.25kg.


Then is time to move outside and do some free body exercises.

Meet Jimmy at the Gym the II, everyone. It’s a 6kg ball that helps me work out. I had to give it a name just so I could refer to it with Felix. We are all good friends now.

But anyway, what we do here is simple abs at first, as shown in Felix’ picture.

I use Jimmy to keep me stable and not slide when I do the exercise shown in the first photo, where I have my legs up. This is to work out your lower abs, and you might be able to do it on your own, but I find it easier to have some weight to keep me in place. I hold the ball on top of my stomach, and move my legs – as straight as I can – up and down.

Then I do side abs, by reaching with the tips of my fingers my heels, one at a time (3rd photo).

Finally, I like to take Jimmy and while balancing on my butt with my legs slightly bended and not touching the ground, I swing it left and right. This is not necessary, but it makes my spine crack and I feel so much better after doing it!

I do these 15 times each x 3 sets, like all the rest of my workout. Pretty easy to remember.

But that’s about it. This is the basic routine I have, although sometimes I do add cycling or the elliptical machine, as well as some push-ups or those “total body workout” machines.


I’m not super strong, I don’t have crazy resistance, but having gone regularly to the gym for 3 months now I can definitely see some improvements.

I just bough this watch – called Day Day Band – from an eBay seller, and it has been fun seeing how many steps I take (and it even monitors your sleep). Yesterday was the first time I tried it out and I keep forgetting to put it on, but when I go to the gym from now on, I will make sure to have it just so I can easily keep track of everything.

By the way, not sponsored, I just wanted to try out a device like this for a while and this was available on eBay.


I really do hope this wasn’t too confusing and gave you an idea of my workout routine. It is fun to switch it up, but these exercises, as I said, are the ones I always make sure to do.

Do you have any exercises to suggest me?




46 thoughts on “GYM ROUTINE.

  1. Ali Alotbi

    Hey Marzia, I have a few exercises for you to try! You could try out pull ups. They have an assisted pull up machine at the gym I go to, just in case someone needs a little help pulling up. Also curls. Maybe in about 2 months you could try out deadlifts. They really help the lower back and help with overall strength. Hope you’ll have fun if you try them out! Also, just wanted to congratulate you on your book!
    -Ali πŸ™‚


  2. ricecroquette

    Interesting routine, Marzia! Thanks for sharing. As an out of shape person that’s trying to get into some kind of shape (maybe a star?) it’s nice to see a routine that doesn’t completely intimidate me. Also, when you say 3 sets of 15, do you do all 3 sets at one time? Or do you take a break in between?


    1. ricecroquette

      Oh! But one exercise I like was recommended for my poor posture (I sit sort of hunched with working at a computer.) lay on your stomach, either on the floor or bench, and have some light weights in your hands. Spread your arms like you’re flying them like superman, and pulse them up and down with palms facing the floor. It doesn’t really build obvious muscle, but I see my posture improving day by day! My back and shoulders feel great too.


      1. marziabisognin

        Oh! Thanks for the suggestion. I saw people doing that and wondered what it was for, so now I know. πŸ˜‰ And I do 1 set of 15, pause for 30 second to a minute, do another, pause, and then the final one. ^_^

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  3. Angelica

    Nice to see you’ve been so diligent with going to the gym regularly! I’ve tried using machines, but it’s just not my type of exercise. I do commend you for having the patience and motivation to use machines haha! >.<

    I enjoy exercise that is more like dance, so I've found zumba and kickboxing are mah thing! They might not build as much strength and muscle as the ones you have shown us, but it's great cardio and besides keeping me healthy, I have seen improvement in weight/fat loss!

    I've gotten lazy with working out now that the summer's started, but you're motivating me to get back into it!


    1. marziabisognin

      Yes, dancing is such a great way to keep in shape. Unfortunately I’m terrible at it and feel so awkward while dancing, so the gym will do for now. But kickboxing is so cool, I might try it one day. πŸ˜€

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      1. Angelica

        I know what you mean! I used to (and still do sometimes) feel awkward dancing, especially if I’m doing group workout sessions. But I usually stand in the back (lol) and once I start getting into it, I just let loose. πŸ˜€ Also, kickboxing is a great stress-reliever too!

        PS: You’ve shown us some of your goofy dancing in your vlogs, and your dancing isn’t awkward – it’s adorable! πŸ˜‰


  4. AmyClare

    Thanks for sharing!

    I’ve never been super sporty, but I started to go to the gym regularly about 6 months ago. At first I was doing things myself, then I joined some classes and they are AMAZING. The classes make sure you target every part of your body and don’t miss out on any important areas. Do they have any classes at your gym that you’ve tried out?

    Also recently I’ve taken up aerial. It’s basically circus training on hoops, trapeze and silks. I’m totally addicted to it right now, it is SO much fun. (Posted about it on my blog too in case you’re interested!)



    1. marziabisognin

      Woooh that sounds so cool! OuO I will search to see if there is anything like that near where I live, I’m sure it would be fun to try!! But no, I haven’t taken any classes, as Felix and I go together and just enjoy each other company. It would probably be helpful, but it would involve people talking to me and that would be a challenge on its own πŸ˜› haha

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  5. sophierobinsonx

    Fantastic routine marzia, Iv wanted to join the gym for a while but im really unsure what to do when i get there. So i keep putting it off. Im going to write notes on this post and give it a try this week. I feel determind now! πŸ™‚ thanks for doing this post marzia! Have a great week! Xx


  6. Ana

    Hey Marzia x
    At my gym, there’s a machine where you sit down and start rowing…like, theres one handle on each side and you take them and start pushing them towards you, as if you’re rowing ☺ That’s a machine which helps you train your back and arm muscles and I think that’s really useful, especially if you’re in a rush as its training many muscles at the same time. Thanks for posting your own routine btw! Always interesting to hear about different workouts :3


      1. Ana

        Oh nu :c Sad to hear about that but hey other machines are just as good so you’re not missing out ^w^ thank you for replying! ✨


  7. Leigh

    I go to a ladies bootcamp so I’m just going to list some of the exercises we do as my suggestions:
    Lunges (forward and backward)
    Tricep dips (find yourself a bench or use Felix’s legs)
    Jumping jacks
    Russian twists
    Ladies push ups (switch these up by sometimes only going halfway down)

    With your weights:
    Shoulder presses (what Felix was doing)
    Chest presses
    Tricep extensions
    Front raises
    Side raises
    Bicep curls

    There are many more, I’ll keep adding as I remember them πŸ˜‰ Good luck with your gym routine, hopefully these help add some variation.


  8. Alexandra

    Ahh Marzia you are doing so well at adulting lol!!

    A lot of the things you have been doing mirror the things I have been wanting to do, except you are actually doing it while I sit and “want” to do it but never find the courage and motivation to stick to it.

    I’ve tried to go vegan and vegetarian a handful of times, as well as tried to cut out sugar (it really doesn’t have any nutritional value, but it’s so hard to cut out – it’s in ketchup, some breads, in teriyaki sauce, and places where you would expect it the least!)

    I also have wanted to go to the gym and I’ve always loved rock climbing!! You are basically doing all the things I want to do!!! It just makes me really happy to see someone that is like me and trying to become better at all the things they want to do. Seeing you do it when you aren’t a “fitness” or “health” blogger/youtuber (whose job it is to do specifically those things) gets me really motivated to try harder to better myself!!


    1. Madison @PaperPerfection

      I went vegetarian at the beginning of this year and I’ve finally stuck to it. I had the same problem with trying it but then not being able to stick with it. What helped me was taking out a different kind of meat every two weeks so my the end I barely noticed the change. Hopefully that will help if you still want to pursue becoming a vegetarian. Also, if you do better with small goals maybe just cut out red meat since its the worst for the environment and your body and see how you feel. πŸ™‚


  9. marizeko

    So great you both can go together.
    I have a background on sports and have been going to gym a lot, but not for some time, actually past few years i didnt go at all for multiple reasons. Now I would have a chance to go again, not on such good quality one as you have there, but on really basic and old thing close by πŸ˜€
    I suggest you slowly add some weights on your routines, since you feel already results and gain strength, or your current training will not have such an effect soon. I mean like half kilo more and after some time again half kilo more. At least that works for me in gym, gaining strength but not building massive muscles. (that i learned in my ice hockey training long ago πŸ˜€ ) But ofc you know your body and its needs the best! Main thing is that you take care of your health! Keep up good work!


  10. motherrussia20

    Thank you for this post Marzia!everything is so well-described and I really enjoyed reading this!I decided to start going to the gym this summer so your post is really helpful! πŸ™‚ are you gonna do any kind of ‘up date posts’ about your gym routine and being vegetarian?


  11. Nesy xxx

    I wanted to start working out quite recently. Me and my friend decided to go out to a playing field- do some running, play some basketball that sort of thing.

    What I love about it is that after we exercise we can lay on the grass and have a picnic.

    Hopefully I’ll do it enough that it will become part of my routine and I’ll get into the habit of it. I really want to be consistent with it and it seems like you’ve been doing quite well with that. 3 months and counting! ❀

    Thanks for sharing xxx


  12. Judy

    It’s really nice to hear that you are trying to be more fit! It sure inspires me want to work out more as well!

    But well, I don’t really have the time to work out because my school ends pretty late and I need to learn afterwards, so I don’t have a the time for some ,,physical activities”.

    But I still found some time to go at least running outside, but with a friend that actually does some sports, because as an artschool student I don’t have a single idea of how to run properly and in a healthy way. For me, it is really nice to go out running at 7 pm, when the sun is falling down. I live by a river near the forest, so it really is a beautiful view that will even make you forget about how tired you are. You just want to run forever, looking at the gorgeous sky with the fluffy clouds and the warm colors, hearing the water of the river with some birds flying around me.

    If there is a nice place like this in Brighton around your place (and I’m sure there must be, cuz Brighton is frking beautiful) I really suggest you to go running there, especially around morning or evening when everything looks prettier, with Felix or alone. If you have the time of course. Because it doesn’t just make you healthier and fit, but it also clears your mind from all the worries and stress.


  13. luceferous

    I actually don’t go to the gym and do a lot of home exercise πŸ™‚
    I’m lucky that my room is big enough to do this and usually I follow videos from Blogilates or other YouTube fitness videos for half an hour, 3 times a week – I feel this is a sufficient amount of exercise for me to actually look forward to it, it’s such an amazing feeling to find your body getting stronger and fitter! I’ve always been pretty bad at sport and just weak in general but I’ve been really motivated to change that, getting into a -sort of- routine for the past year or so.
    Recently, I’ve started taking up yoga once a week as a way to connect my mind with my body and to focus on myself and de-stress. It’s also a great form of exercise and helps with flexibility – I can finally touch my toes! ^__^
    There are so many wonderful health benefits to it as well, have you considered it? πŸ˜€

    Lucy x


  14. Jules

    Hey, looks like fun!!!
    You and Felix could also try planks, but not only the usual ones where you lay on your upper arms with your belly showing to the ground, but also sideways and with your back showing to the ground.
    My coach in acrobatics recommended to start with 30 seconds for each side.
    Acrobatics is also a nice way to work out, especially when you’re doing it with a partner! You could try some easy and funny moves, like these for example


  15. samanthasspaceblog

    Very unrelated to the gym, but I found this really cool kawaii website Marzia! You can buy japaneese candy, stationary, plush toys and so much more. πŸ™‚ I thought you’d like to check it out considering you as well share an interest in this sorta thing, here it is


  16. Jhuliana

    Hey, Marzia!

    That’s great! You’re being a sporty person, eh? Well, I’m very proud of you. Its better to have some time with your body and it increases your charisma and body image.

    What I like about you is the way you expiriencing things. You don’t want to waste anything in your life. You love to try things without any hesitation. Its like you’re having an achievement, an anchievement to reach your top goal. And once its done, all of your goals is completed. You’ve done travel around the world. You’ve done anything that interests you. You’ve done anything you wish for. You love to try things without excuses. You love to try things without turning back. That’s what makes you feel strong and confident. And I’m very very super duper PROUD of you! I really am! I wish I can expiriencing things but… Never mind… Its a personal problem (a problem that I never solve I think)… Keep expiriencing stuffs, Marzia! If I can’t do on what you do… Please make it happen for me! That’s all!

    PS. Sorry for the long message, though. Actually, it has to be all about your Gym Routine. But, I feel like to express myself to you. I’m really am sorry. Love ya!

    Sincerely Yours,
    Jhuliana~! You’re Dying Hard Fan From PHILIPPINES!


  17. Belle

    It’s good that you go to the gym so regularly ! I really relate with the fact that you are shy, I am too, and because of it I never dare to go to a gym alone and everyone around me is either busy or not interested. I tried it once and I felt so awkward I never went back.. Also, it’s hard to get motivated when you’re at home so I usually just go walking but I’ve gained some weight and it’s not enough anymore. People don’t understand that I can be over twenty and still so socially awkward, as if being shy just disappears with age. Anyway, it’s lovely to read your adventures, especially when I relate so much to your personnality πŸ™‚

    Belle from France.


  18. Felicia Tapia

    Thanks for the motivation! My form of exercise is watching movies. Hahah. Marzia have you seen It Follows?


  19. Petra

    Hey, Marzia!

    I do some exercises for my stomach and for my back every single day. Nothing much…
    But I am training ballet (if I can say it that way πŸ˜€ ) for almost 10 years, so three times a week I do ballet exercises for about 2 hours. That’s how I get in shape!
    Thank you for sharing this with us, I was really curious about your gym routine.

    And I wanted to ask you: have you ever watched ballet live?
    I am just curious and I want to know what you think about ballet.
    Love you ❀


  20. justmaria

    I really want to start exercising. I think your post will be my motivation because I didn’t had it. I hope it’s gonna work. πŸ™‚ Thank you Marzia ❀


  21. cataclysmaftercataclysm

    Oh man, exercising has never been my forte lmao. But I’ve been wanting sooo badly to start just taking long walks or jogging outside, and this post just makes me want to do it more!! But I’m living in a pretty busy city for the summer, Savannah, Georgia, and since I’m not quite used to this place and since there are so many people it makes me really nervous to just go out by myself. My boyfriend has been wanting to join me but, even though summer break is almost here for him, he also works a lot so he hardly has the time. 😦 Hopefully I’ll find the courage soon enough to start taking morning jogs! It would be so nice and also healthy! But props to you for making healthy choices for your body Marzia!!


  22. alker16

    Gonna mention something nobody else did:


    Super impresive strenght/muscle/balance/butt builder πŸ˜€ you can go on the Smith Machine first, then move to free weight with just the barbell, or even Goblet squats (holding something in front of you like dumbbells,
    kettlebells or even Jimmy lol).

    You can do these and then move to your abductors. It’s great for your whole body (specially legs, obviously), just focus on your form πŸ˜‰ you will definetely see improvements, Felix too.

    Now that you’ve been using a regular weight for three months, I suggest you increase it by half a kilo or even 1 kg and do less reps, like 12 so your body feels the change and keep getting stronger.


  23. Riely

    Thanks for sharing Marzia! I was looking for some new excersizes to try, so this really helped me come up with some ideas. Also, I love how your screen shot of your day day band progress says your phone has 1%! Lol that’s me all the time!
    Again, thanks for the inspiration! I’ll have to check out those bands in the future!


  24. teigananne

    I’m really interested to see your review on the Day Day Band as I have been intrigued with Fit Bits but not willing to give up the cash for one! On Ebay a Day Day Band seems pretty cheap but does the same thing. How is it working out for you?

    Ps. Good job on living a healthier life. Your diet and exercise changes are amazing!


  25. Meleidy Merielle Santiago

    Great to see you and Felix living a healthy life! I want to be a little more fit as well but I guess I have to wait for more years because I am still young to lift and run a lot. But soon, I want to live healthy as well. Thanks for sharing your routine! I would probably do some stretching at least. πŸ™‚

    PS, off topic but I really hope you will do the recreating couple poses tag with Felix.

    All the love from Philippines!


  26. lifeofjenniev

    Hey Marzia! I have a suggestion for you. When working out, don’t start with cardio first. I read in a couple studies that you’re suppose to do cardio at the end of each workout, so you don’t hurt yourself and get better results! I just started going to the gym a couple of weeks ago now and i’m trying to make it a habit. I learned to always run at the end of my workout, I make sure to run a mile every time I go, and then hit the sauna to sweat out more. Hope that tiny tip helps out in the long run. (see what I did there, lol.)
    Btw, I just started my blog up because you inspired me so much. I have been wanting to do it for a while now, but was always scared people would laugh at my thoughts, but now I got the courage to do it and here I am. I just started about a week ago, but I hope it goes big like you!
    I also started to read your book Dream House and so far I’m loving it. Hope to hear back from you. Bye.



  27. ansia

    Hi Marzia , thanks for sharing your exercise routine with us!

    Personally, I don’t think that going to the gym would suit me as I find it a little bit boring, yet I guess it’s a good exercise. I had been having ballet lessons for 8 years and some modern dance ones (for about 3 years) but this year I took a break , being kind of fed up . I started it in order to become grateful and exercise and I did .Also I had much fun , I really loved dancing and I still do! I love playing sports (especially basketball) as well and even though I’m not exceptionally good at them , I enjoy it and I’d like to give them a try! πŸ˜‰

    Had you ever had dancing lessons or anything else? Hope you’re having a great time!



  28. Lemon

    .. What has it been? Two weeks, maybe a month since you started working out at all? I remember you saying in a video from a while back that you never work out.. What can people possibly gain from a post like this?

    I could understand if you worked out for a while, got a good routine which actually gave you some results that you wanted to share with people – but this post was like reading a cookbook made by someone who just tried baking for the first time.

    You are not a child, you are an adult. Isn’t it tiring that that no one challenges you to do better? That people speak to you like a child? Write one fake compliment after another?

    I get being an artist, I get that you enjoy being creative, and that you enjoy doing different things. MANY, dare I say most people enjoy diversity. But what irks me about you, is that unlike most people, who are pushed forward because people aren’t afraid of being honest, you are like a child in kindergarten that never grows or gets any better, because you never had to. Worse is you expect praise for your projects, projects that didn’t require any real effort (lets be honest here) which you pooped out in an afternoon. THEN you dare defend your work ethic, as being an “artist” while many people who aspire to become artists in the less privileged world, spend years on their craft, and never even get close to the same recognition as you get for being “cute”.

    Oh Marzia, you look so great with a ponytail!! You are SO talented! #Goaals

    You do know you receive praises like a 3 year old, right? Praises (and money) for the simplest things, thus never having to do better, work truly HARD, or do anything to your full potential. This is what worth defending? Is that what you want to teach your fans?

    Doesn’t it bother you that no one ever pushes you? That no one, including yourself, are ever truly amazed about your achievements? You are so comfortable in your life, money that roll in every month, flattering comments by your 12 year old adoring fans, that you expect praise for almost everthing in your life. (You will probably say you don’t but why else would you upload picture after picture of you wearing a different shade of lipstick? Or how you cook a potato?)

    You have so many options, so much money, a huge platform, fans etc etc. However you never share anything even remotely remarkable or useful. Its like watching a cute kid where everyone goes aww.

    I think it would do you good, with some constructive criticism. Maybe a college course (come to my college if you like) where people actually measure your talents and pushes you to do better?


    1. marziabisognin

      Wooah Lemon. Take it slow. I believe you are referring to a video I published 2 or 3 years ago, when I still lived in Italy? YES. I hugely disliked working out at that time, so much that even in school I didn’t do PE. I never needed to or felt the slightest curiosity to try and work out. But 3 months ago I made a blog post stating I had started to go to the gym. Now, after 3 months of never putting the gym aside and going every other day, I finally decided to share my workout routine, just so people that like me are very discourage by starting to exercise, might see how it can actually be a nice thing. I can already see improvements not only on my body itself, but my energy levels and strength. I started off being able to run slowly for 3 minutes, and now I can ran fast for 15. I couldn’t lift anything, on any machine, if not lower than 5 kg. Now in some I reach 25kg or even more. I call these improvements, so excuse me if I keep living life the way I want to. I can’t be blamed to live the life of my dreams, being free and doing things I love. Great if people come along and enjoy reading my blog or watching my videos, but having people telling me I don’t work hard enough, I don’t do anything and basically I’m not worthy, I found very funny and upsetting at the same time. Do you know me in person? Do you see what goes on behind the screen? Does it really bother you that much that I live a happy life? If you took this time to leave such a negative comment, when you clearly didn’t even spent a minute to check when I started working out, or any of my projects – which by the way, I’m entitled to be proud of – I would suggest you try a hobby that passionates you. Because being an angry person on the internet won’t bring you happiness.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. cocowhiite

      its her blog, let her post wherever she fucking wants, and if you dont like it i dont know what are you doing here, imagine beging judged for every little thing you do, for every moved you do,just imagine πŸ™‚


  29. Jenesaispas

    If possible, I recommend swimming some laps in the pool. It doesn’t have to be anything fast or difficult, but even so, swimming gets your heart rate up, increases endurance, and strengthens your body. β™‘βœ§( ΰ₯β€’βŒ„β€’ )


  30. Ernesta

    Hey Marzia!

    I have a really random question, hope you can help. I have the same watch but I cannot connect it with my phone… What app do you use for it? thanks very much for the help!


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