May 25th, 2016

For Spring & Summer 2016, is finally available!


This is what you will see when you enter my store (you might have to enter your email since it just came out) and it’s now ready to pre-order. This collection took a few months longer to put together than the others, but I’m excited to tell you more about it and show you each piece!

I’m sure the first thing people will notice, when finding the pieces in my store, is the price. With all my other collections this has been an issue, and unfortunately it’s hard to explain to many people, especially through a Youtube video, why the price tag is higher than they would have expected.

Basically, when you are an independent designer, production costs a lot more than it would for big companies that produce in poor countries under terrible conditions.

One comment I get a lot is “why would I buy that when I can get a similar piece from insert common shop here“. Well, the reason why these big chains are able to sell you very cheap clothing is because of their unethical approach to production, making people work in unsafe places for extensive amount of hours, just to be paid a ridiculously low amount of money. I touched base on this subject in my Haulternative video, but really, it’s difficult to get through all the issues that fast fashion raise.

So when you buy one of my pieces, you will know that everything is made with care from people that are paid properly, and the quality of each item is a priority. Yes, the price tag is higher, but you are getting it from someone that cares about people and the environment; so ultimately, the choice is yours. I completely understand if it’s not something you can afford, or if it’s not something you like enough to bring yourself to spend that kind of money, but if you do like anything from any of my collections, you can be sure that the money you are spending isn’t going to waste. That’s what I believe.


In terms of the clothing items in the collection, you can also be assured that I try my best to create the best quality items you can get (at least from a smaller designer) and I’m very picky with what I put out there. This is the reason why this collection took so long to come out: I kept re-designing pieces, changing fabrics, colours and cuts, in order to finally come up with something cohesive that I would wear on an everyday basis. Something I know I will wear all summer, and something that will fit most body types comfortably.

One critique I got from the first collection I put out, the scuba one, was that the material and cuts weren’t going to fit everybody, but a very specific kind of body. I can agree with that, and that’s why I appreciate the feedback I get from you, because I do try to better myself and find it helpful, considering that, ultimately, I’m making these clothes for me, but for you marzipans as well.


So the inspiration for this line was drawn from this outfit I wore when I went to Santorini.

I absolutely love it, but both pieces I have here are made in China. Shops like Zara, Topshop and H&M are starting to sell similar stuff, but I wanted to make my own version of it to offer a more ethical alternative.

And so the collection was born, I hope you like it!

  1. MIDI DRESS in mint. 


I love how versatile this dress can be. I styled it in a fancy way in this picture, but it could also be left more casual to go to the beach or a picnic. It’s lightweight, easy to put on and gives you multiple choices on how to style it.

2. MINI DRESS in pink.


If something in my collection didn’t have a peplum on it, it wouldn’t have been my collection. Let’s be honest.


This is a very girly and cute dress, and what I love about it is the detail on the back: a simple string that you can tie into a bow, that adds an interesting touch to the dress.

3. FOULARD & PEPLUM SKIRT combo, in blue.


The skirt comes with matching foulard, which you can tie around your head, or around your neck. You can also get the foulard alone, but I find the two together to be so cute!

The skirt wraps around your body and although it’s a pencil shape going below your knee, is still very flattering, showing a bit of leg. This is the most “daring” piece I’ve included.

4. OFF THE SHOULDER TOP in blue, yellow and white.




I decided to include this top in 3 different colours, because it’s my favorite piece and I think I will be wearing it a lot. So, of course, I needed some variation!

And that’s it! It’s a smaller collection, but I’m in love with it. I read comments from Instagram saying it’s too simple, but then again, anytime I make something more complex people complain that it’s too much, so I’m very happy with it either way.

Each piece comes in the sizes XS-S-M-L-XL.

I really do hope you like it! Let me know which one is the item you like best, and if you have any feedback for me, do tell me.

Have a great day!


140 thoughts on “MY PASTEL CLOTHING LINE.

  1. Ema

    O my Gosh! I lovee this! I ordered a few pieces! I have question…can i write about what i ordered in my blog?
    also,check out my blog! i write in Croatian and English!


  2. Maria

    I love your fashion style and learning about how you piece together your outfits! I’m going to sound stupid I’m sure but I don’t know enough about fashion to know how to wear your clothing line. You have a very slender frame with an equally low amount of body fat but my body is short and would be very slender but instead I’m rather fat with strange bulges so most of your line is hard for me to know how to wear. Even the dresses are made of fabric that would try to hold the straight line shape I think. I’m getting out of my depth here but maybe if you could get models of all body shapes to wear your line and you could teach how each piece would look good on whom?


  3. meandmygist

    I love the pink dress 😍 Sadly im too poor to buy this but welll I love it and I totally get why those are more expensive. I decide not to support china clothing line too so I buy my clothes from second hand and im proud about it 😊


  4. Hiroto

    I’m a little late to the party, but I think congratulations are in order ! Nicely done, dear !
    (alos I love how you paired each outfit with different shoes. SHOES *-*)


  5. Gwen

    Hey Marzia,

    I love your new clothing line! And i am very interested in the minty dress. But i have a question about it, can you also wear it over the shoulders? Will that also look pretty since is have alot of scaring on my shoulderblades i would rather not show that..

    Keep up the good work,

    love Gwen from Holland


  6. Marie

    Good job Marzia! I LOVE that you think about ethics when you create your fashion lines! And I LOVE that you can provide an alternative that is produced under fair conditions. I would absolutely buy the off-shoulder shirts, all 3 of them, if I needed more clothes. But I have actually started to sew my own clothes, just because the fashion industry has become so terrible. But if I ever go back to buying clothes, I will come straight to you! You are a hero, Marzia, I hope you know that. The world needs more people like you.


  7. gekon

    I discovered this collection just now, and I have to tell that all of the items are beautiful, but the mint dress really steals my attention. It’s gorgeus! I love the fact that it’s so simple and the color as well. Very very nice! Keep it up 😉


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