May 18th, 2016

And hanging.


I have been wanting to try indoor climbing for a little while, and today, I gave it a go!

I was aware that it probably was harder than it looked and that’s why I waited, but I figured  that now that I have been going regularly to the gym for a few months, my body should be strong enough to at least try.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 13.57.22.jpg

When I entered the complex, I was given paper to sign saying that I understood the risk of this sport. Then an instructor explained to me and Felix the basics.

After that, we were free to stay as long as we liked and have fun – a pretty good deal considering that we paid £12 each but had an entire room for us and could stay until closing time.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 13.54.06.jpg

Starting off, even just climbing a few rocks seemed like a difficult task, but eventually I got more confident and managed to make my way up. I could only move on the easiest rocks (each colour is a different level) but reaching the top made me feel incredibly proud.


Felix was super chill and going up and down to him seemed to be pretty easy, but he definitely found it challenging at times as well.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 13.58.01.jpg

And here we are together, racing each other. I realised I get a bit panicky when I reach a certain hight, probably because it hits me that I could die if I let go and look down to see how high up I am.

Tip: don’t do that!

Either way, I tried  my best, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I went again.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 13.55.17.jpg

This might seem like a simple thing, but to me it was a goal I wanted to achieve (I even included it in my “May Notes”, so expect a video soon so you can see me in action).

The thing is, I have always been so bad at physical activities that going to the gym on a regular basis, seeing results in terms of strength and stamina, and now bringing myself to do this, makes me really happy, because I went out of my way to try something new and somewhat scary that turned out to be very enjoyable!

Is there anything you want to try but are afraid to? I can think of many things on my side, but for now I’m happy I got to scratch one out of the list.



81 thoughts on “CLIMBING.

  1. Meritt

    Hi Marzia 🙂
    I used to do indoor climbing (Bouldering) a lot back in Germany. In London I figured it out it’s to expensive. But I like it a lot and it would be nice to do it again. I already found a place in London. Maybe I’ll go there next week. Thank you for reminding me 😀


  2. Laure

    I’ve done climbing for something like 8 years and I absolutely loved it, I even participated in some climbing event/competition. Now it’s been far too long and even though most automatic reflexes remain, I know I’ve lost my skills. I also know that now I’d be a little more afraid of the height than when I was a kid who just went “weeeeeee” on the walls haha.
    This is a very cool sport, it gives strong muscles on many places of your body, and if you do it long enough you’ll be rocking dem abs.
    However if you decide to continue, I would strongly advise you to buy real climbing shoes, it makes so much difference, believe me. 🙂

    Hugs from France \o/


  3. xnywi

    Hii Marzia,
    I haven’t been a really active marzipan unfortunately, however finding your blog I just REALLY wanted to leave you a message. (I made an account especially for this) I’m sorry if this doesn’t really have anything to do with your climbing post but i’ve spend the entire day just reading every blog post so some stuff might be a little backtracking.

    So first of all you are an inspiration. I just love everything your creative mind makes up *even though some of your outfits aren’t really my style they always look REALLY good on you and very fashionable*. Everything you post just looks very unique and just has your style all over it. In a previous post you mentioned something like you feel people keep mentioning pewds throughout your own achievements, and while I do agree with you that some of your followers might be there because they found you through pewds. (myself included) I also believe that all those followers stayed because of YOUR talents and video’s, I certainly did. I really enjoy every video you upload and they are very professionally edited in my opinion. You and pewds make an adorable couple but I also really enjoy watching you as individuals. Every time I watch one of your video’s I get inspired and motivated. And I have to mention I adore the way your house is decorated everything look SOO CUTE.

    I’m also a bit of an introvert but thanks to you I feel like I do want to go out more, I loved the idea of your “notes” video’s and i’m going to challenge myself to do that as well. So that’s about what I wanted to say, I just wanted to make a comment that you could read to cheer you up so I hope that worked. In short I just wanted to say you’re awesome and keep doing what you want to do because I certainly love it. Sorry this turned out to be quite long.


    p.s. I like doing crochet amigurumi and i’d love to make you some gifts, if you have a PO box or anything I could send it. (I saw you had a maya coloured pug I could try and make an edgar)


  4. Terri

    Sorry for the unrelated comment, but yesterday my mum brought me a package in from Simon & Schuster your book publishers. This was totally unexpected and when I looked at the book inside it was signed. Did you do some signings for when your released your book? I entered the giveaway when I preordered but had no idea that I had won anything!


    1. mitchamablog

      LOL the same happened to me!
      I entered the giveaway and 2 days ago I received a package from Simon&Schuster, and my boyfriend said “Did you ordered an other book?” I was confused by his statement cause I didn’t and I opened the package to see Dream House and still confused about how did I get the book, since I already had one, I opened it and it was signed!!!
      so exited LOL

      Liked by 1 person

  5. JhuLiana

    Hey, Marzia!

    That “sport” really looks fun! You’re really brave to climb that high without safety belts. I really really wanted to try rockclimbing since I was a kid but I can’t because I am afraid of heights. Are you afraid of heights, too? If you do. How did you overcome your fear? Hehehe. Just asking, gurl. Anyway, I’m happy that you try experiencing stuffs! Love ya~!

    Kisses From Philippines!


  6. Steph

    That’s great!! I’m glad you achieved your goal! That seems like so much fun, I would like to try it sometime. Recently we’ve been taking nightly walks with our dog and it’s been so nice. I wanna get back in shape so this is a good way to start back up again. I want to start roller skating again. But that’s all in the way of sports lol. Looking forward to seeing your May notes video!



  7. Ansika

    Hey, Marzia! I realise I’m reaaaally late at doing but, I absolutely LOVE your book! ( and you, but we’ll get to that later) It absolutely blew my mind and it was hard to believe it was your first! I was in absolute and utter shock when I read it because, WOW THAT WAS UNEXPECTED! you did a great job and i hope you write more.

    I love you so much, and you’re my inspiration. Please don’t stop doing what you’re doing.
    Thank you for everything.


  8. Hiroto

    Marzia !!
    I’m kind of scared here : aren’t you supposed to wear harness ? All the climbing sites I went to, it was an obligatory item… Man, I don’t feel safe watching these pictures of you and Felix.

    But this is cool, that you surprised yourself and totally went for it ! I really do have to gain on muscles, but I keep postponing any activities as I’m lazy as f.

    Take care~


  9. Nika

    lol why was you climing without secure ropes that help you to come down or not to fall?? How they even let you do that without it when it was your first time. They shouldn be lettin people do that


  10. laratollin

    I really admire how you set up goals for each month and achieve them by the end of it and you make it seem like they aren’t goals at all, they are things you wanted to do for such a long time and but never had the courage to do them. I think that’s really brave and amazing because you get to grow and you’re really going after what you want. Really inspiring ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  11. heyrenecharlene

    Have you guys gone rock climbing again since this post? I go with my husband all of the time and we love it! It’s so much fun and great to do with a group of friends. Also a great way to build muscle!

    Please post more pictures if you guys go! ❤


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