May 14th, 2016.

In Lisbon and Sintra, to be exact.

IMG_6958 copy.JPG

MY OUTFIT // Necklace: PULL&BEAR – Jacket: NASTYGAL (similar) – Tshirt: PULL&BEAR

As you might be able to tell from the photo, the weather indeed wasn’t that warm (as the forecast warned me) but Felix and I still tried to make the best of our trip!


Our hotel was in Praça do Comércio, so that’s where we begun exploring.



This area is incredible, not only the arch is stunning, but the whole square is very impressive.


The only bad thing about it was the amount of people that stopped us to sell drugs, in the middle of the day. They were really persistent and got pretty annoying quickly, so we felt like getting off the square quickly to avoid them. But hey, we could look at it safely from our hotel room, so it was fine.


After lunch unfortunately the rain started to fall, so we made the decision to hop on one of these Ape cars and make our way to the Oceanarium.


It was about 20 minutes away, and the ride was pretty bumpy (but super fun). We eventually got to the aquarium and spent a few hours in there. There were no puffer fish (my favourite) nor belugas (which I still haven’t managed to see anywhere yet), but one new addition to things I have never seen before was the Sun Fish – that was pretty cool!




Did you recognise it from Animal Crossing?!



We wanted to get a great view of the city, so we went to Castelo de São Jorge. Let me tell you – it was windy. But also extremely pretty. 


The castle itself was massive, very rural, and from there you could also get an amazing look at all the lovely buildings. Actually, if I had to say what was my favourite part of this trip, was probably looking at all these interesting houses, with amazing tiles on them. Some weren’t as lucky to be covered in tiles, but the decay made them look gorgeous anyway, while others had such intricate designs painted on the walls. Everywhere you looked was simply stunning.


But back to the castle, we got a great look at the city and then decided to find a place where to it.





Yes, on our way down we saw a few peacocks. I never saw them free before, so it was a bit unexpected but it made me happy to see them wander around on their own.


We walked around the city without having a clear idea of where to go, but ended up in Chiado, and we were able to spot the Santa Justa Lift which is so quirky and contrasts so well with the pale buildings around it.


I absolutely love its dark-victorian look, although the line to get up was too long for us to even try.

This day was a great “food day”: we got to taste the typical Pastel de Nata (so good!!) and found a lovely vegetarian restaurant, Jardim das Cerejas.



This ended up being our last day. The weather was really bad: cold, windy and rainy, with thunders. Although it was somewhat fun and adventurous, Felix and I made the decision to cut the holiday short and try to visit what I was dying to see: Sintra.



So we waited till after lunch, when the storm started to quiet down a bit, to catch a taxi all the way there.

In the meantime, I read online about a typical shop we should check out, and so we looked for it and spent some time in there: it was very nice, with a vintage feel to it. I ended up getting a few gifts for my friends in this shop.



When the weather cleared up, we realised we were very close to Convento da Ordem do Carmo so we paid it a quick visit.


But then we left Lisbon.


After about 40 minutes car ride, we reached the insanely gorgeous fairytale-like Palácio Nacional da Pena, on the very top of the tallest hill, almost reaching the clouds.






And right when we thought it couldn’t get any better than this, we stopped by Quinta da Regaleira. OH MY!


You know me, I love creepy, and this mansion has plenty of it!

Not only I was pleased to learn that it was built by an Italian architect, but it also reminded me of the mansion in Rose Red, one of my favourite horror movies, so when I saw it I immediately fell in love.

There is no way I can make justice to this place with a few pictures, but hopefully when my vlog comes out next week, you will get a better understanding of how strangely beautiful this complex was (it had a massive garden, full of underground tunnels).


Just look at this well. How is this place even real?

But anyway, this ended our trip in the best way possible.

We did check out a few more places during our stay, but I’m afraid I forgot to snap some pictures of them, so for now this will do, and for a more in-depth video you will need to wait till Thursday.

Hope you enjoyed looking at the photos I did take!


Have you been to Lisbon? I know a lot of marzipans are from Portugal: if I ever go back, what would you suggest me to visit?

Have a lovely weekend.




210 thoughts on “MY SHORT STAY IN PORTUGAL.

  1. Meguru Matsuyama

    I am in love with that black blazer with the gold trim! Where did you get it???

    Anyway, these places all look gorgeous! I’ve never even thought to want to visit Portugal (I don’t know much about it.) but now I’d love to go! You always take such beautiful pictures. Where do you plan on travelling to next?


  2. ☾*アクア⊹アウラ*♄ (@nuxidraws)

    I got so surprised to know you guys were going in holiday to Portugal. I’m from Lisbon but I’m living in London, but from my childhood there are so many things all around Portugal worth seeing! In Lisbon I could recommend Coach Museum and Jerónimos Monastery in Belem and Ajuda National Palace in Ajuda. Outside Lisbon there’s so much more, on the most north of Portugal you have the most beautiful mountains and views along with “stonehengy” monuments. The most south of Portugal tho, Algarve, is really well known in the UK for the best places for summer, the beaches are super warm and with calm waves and the scenery is really pretty (along with some grottos too!)

    Thank you for vlogging there too, I miss my country and family a lot ❤


  3. marianajssilva

    Hi Marzia 🙂 I’m from Portugal and I loved reading about your trip! Thank you for writing such nice things, it makes me proud to be portuguese. If you would like to come back you should definitely check Madeira Island, it’s very good if you’re looking to relax/see beautiful nature! google it you won’t regret it! Hope you’re having a lovely day!


  4. Débora

    Unfortunately downtown Lisbon is full of those annoying guys trying to sell you drugs.
    Have you read some of the stories/myths about Quinta da Regaleira? There’s a lot of creepy theories about it, you should definitely look into it, I’m sure you’d love them ahah
    Don’t be too sad for not going in the Santa Justa lift, the line is really long and the view is not that different from what you can see in other viewpoints (and there are a lot of viewpoints in Lisbon).
    Next time you come here you should visit the Gulbenkian garden/museum, the botanical garden, LX Factory (it’s right next to where you took the picture of the Vhils wall and the bridge, usually they have some fairs on Sunday and there are a lot of cute cafés) and definitely go to Porto, it’s very different from Lisbon, the buildings have a dark gothic feel to them.
    Hope you had a nice stay, can’t wait for the vlog 🙂


  5. Regan W

    Marzia, I have a question.
    Some time ago, I ordered Dream House from Amazon. Then I entered the contest for the reading kit (I live in the US). Today I got an email from Jackie Jou saying I was one of the winners. She says to reply to her within a time limit to claim my prizes, and to say- YES I ACCEPT!. Should I trust it?
    Please reply back if you can.


  6. Ana Stevenson

    Oh wow! I really enjoyed this post! One of my closest friends is from Lisbon, but I haven’t had the chance to visit her country with her – even though she’s constantly inviting me. It’s getting embarrassing! You pictures have tempted me enough though!
    I’m happy to see that even though ended up cutting the holidays shot, the weather didn’t stop your from enjoying it. The architecture is indeed amazing! And I get what you means about the people trying to sell drugs… Every time that I go to a park to enjoy a sunny day in London, people constantly stop to try and sell things, it doesn’t matter how many times we say we’re not interested.
    I can’t wait for the vlog! You always manage to edit in a way that the viewers feel like they’re actually there – which is why I love your travel vlogs! I think your attention to details makes it rather special 😉
    X Ana


  7. Rita M

    If you ever come back to Portugal, you should definately visit Porto 🙂
    Or visit the islands of Açores. I never went there myself, but it is really gorgeous! It’s nicknamed The Pearl of the Atlantic 🙂


  8. Regan W

    Marzia, I have a question.
    Some time ago, I ordered Dream House from Amazon. Then I entered the contest for the reading kit (I live in the US). Today I got an email from Jackie Jou saying I was one of the winners. She says to reply to her within a time limit to claim my prizes, and to say- YES I ACCEPT!. Should I trust it?
    Please reply back if you can.


  9. Random Utopias

    Hello, Marzia! It’s awesomw you got to visit Sintra. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS. I’m sad the weather was crappy but you’re ao close ot us you can always come back for another visit 😀


  10. abubbzlife

    Ah, too bad the weather was gross! I’ve only seen Belugas at Seaworld in Florida. I love Sunfish! And it’s funny, in Tampa Fl, there are peacocks everywhere! They are really noisy and like to climb on roofs. Glad you had an overall interesting experience in Portugal!


  11. yumenokokoroSara

    Great you liked. Did you go to Belém? And to botanic garden? Gulbenkian museum is cool, too.
    I’d absolutely suggest you to go to Azores. It’s an island full of landscapes, natural thermal water/natural jaccuzi, dolphins… I went once as a child and absolutely loved it! People are nice, and the island is beautiful… It’s great for a small rest. I loved lagoon of Furnas.. you’d get a bath in warm water (hot spring water), great for skin… I also remember that I rode a donkey after sunday’s mass haha
    You also have Madeira island, which is cool too, but more urban. ^^

    Just a small guide:

    Liked by 1 person

  12. heyya

    Hey, you should really try visiting some nice places in south america like Rio de Janeiro or Buenos Aires, I bet you would really love the enthusiastic feeling of Brazil and its beautys, you could also go to São Paulo, even tho its a nice city but not so turistic, it is like New York but bigger.


  13. SoniaC.

    As a Portuguese marzipan, I’m glad you liked your trip to Lisbon!
    Next time you should visit Porto (try the famous “francesinha”, it has meat but there are some vegetarian too), or Braga (here you’ll see amazing churches).
    Love your videos, keep the awesome work 😉


  14. Joana Santos

    Hello Marzia! 🙂
    When you return to Portugal, you have to visit Porto, which is situated in the north of the country, it is a beautiful city full of history and beautiful scenery. Places such as Avenida dos Aliados, São Bento train station, Dom Luis Bridge, Torre dos Cléricos, Livraria Lello, Café Majestic, Mercado do Bolhão and of course the Ribeira do Douro. If you like nature, also advise you visit the Geres has an amazing national park. I leave here some pictures: I hope you return, I loved to meet you and pewds ❤


  15. Rinisra

    All I have to say is that the second photo of Palácio Nacional da Pena creeped the hell out of me.
    But I’m glad you had a good time there! I am planning on visiting Lisbon soon as well.


  16. princinessa

    I just watched your video about your stay and I have to say, your videos are so perfect! the music fits them always perfectly, and especially your “Hello World” videos are so awesome. they give you wanderlust in the best way, thank you for that 🙂


  17. André Vieira

    You should try to visit Madeira Island 🙂 “The Pearl of the Atlantic”, it won the best touristic island of 2015! Try searching for it, you’ll be amazed by the amount of “greens and blues” we have here 😀


  18. Carolina N

    Marzia!! I was so happy when I saw you and Felix came to Portugal.
    Some tips adding to another comment about creepy stories about stuff in Sintra, one of the most known portuguese books and a very important one to us is by Eça de Queirós called ”Os Maias”. It was based on a real story and basically everything happened in Sintra. I don’t know if you’d like the style but since you like to read maybe you’ll find it interesting.
    If you come again though, make sure go see Porto, since everyone here is raving about it (deserves all the rave!!) and also check Gerês. It’s mind-blowing and so so beautiful. There’s a 1 day boat trip up the river too.


  19. Mathilde :P

    The black leather jacket with the golden (seams?), it’s so perfect!
    Where did you get it? :O ❤ Please reply, I really need it in my life 😛
    Also I really like your blog, it's so nice, keep doing it (as long as you like/enjoy it ofc ^^) I love reading it 😀


  20. Bearbombastic

    I really liked reading thus as for watching the vlog but there is one thing that keeps bothering me for almost three days already.

    At 2:35 a song starts, this one isn’t informed in the description. I really like this song because it gives me such a good mood and flow. It’s impossible for me to get it out of my head, I just have too know. XD

    The reason I’m telling this here is because this feels more personal then Youtube.

    Thanks already 🙂


  21. Liv

    I highly reccomend you to visit Switzerland one time. Luzern, Zurich, just beautiful cities with great architecture (trust me, I study this :D), and paintings like this one in Lisbon all around the city. Or Germany castles in Bavaria, for ex. Neuschwanstein, or nature in Austria, with cities like Salzburg.. It’s personal thing for me as you can see 😀 (I don’t live in german speaking country though). So if you are looking for this kind of trip, give it a try 🙂
    Greets, your cheerful Marzipan


  22. Daisy

    hey there,
    your fotos are very beautiful and it’s nice that you had a good time there.
    hope you’ll explore many many more country’s and share your experiences with us.
    Stay awesome the way your are^~^

    May I ask where your boots are from?They are very lovely. ~(^*^*~


  23. Joana Bernardo

    Hi Marzia! You can visit where I live, Oporto!!!
    You know right? Oporto wine, heart warming people, beautifull gardens, lots of history, if you come here I can show you the best parts that tourists cant see! Oporto isn’t just the downtown, here we have a different world created by our people!

    We are waiting for you ! 🙂
    xoxo, Joana


  24. marziaismyidol

    I can’t believe its been 3 months since you were here! Im so happy that u kinda liked my country,u dont even know how much i cryied and screamed when i saw that u were here ( fangirl moment ahah) It made me so happy to know that my role model was in my country.I could not stop the tears,even if u think that is stupid. Was such a nice surprise to know that u where here,hope u can come soon,Like in summer u should totally go to Algarve,Its amazing and beautiful 😍 Then u should go to alentejo,Porto,Braga,Guimarães… We have lots of good places!
    ( next time come here like in june or july,for a better weather 💗)
    Love u so so much,Everythime i remember that you were here i feel really happy.Love u.


  25. LuisPQ

    Hey what a nice weekend:) next time I suggest you go to the north of Portugal! If need any help ask :), I’m trying to show local Portugal throw the eyes of local ( me! ) specially the north. 😉


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