May 8th, 2016

Me and Puga having a great time in the sun.


I’m leaving again tomorrow, for another trip, so I made sure to spend as much time as possible with this little sausage. As I’ve made sure to tell you in the past week, the weather in Brighton has been incredible, reaching 23*C today – which rarely happens, to be honest, if not during the summertime.

So I have been truly enjoying it, but the main reason why Felix and I decided to take this trip, which I booked in January, was originally to escape the cold weather…

Little did we know, it turns out the weather is currently awful where we are about to go.


But we are still excited, it’s a place I’ve been wanting to check out for a while now, in Europe, so I finally get to see it. Even if it’s rainy and cold.

I’m keeping the location a secret, but since it’s somewhere I’ve never been to before, I get to bring back my “Hello, World” series from last year and vlog the whole trip. I will make sure to post lots of pictures here on my blog as soon as I get back home!


But now I’m all packed, ready to go. We are leaving in the morning, very early, so I wanted to come in here to tell you not to worry if you don’t see any posts for a week, I will be back soon!

Also, if my mom is reading this (or any mother out there): HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! 🙂


89 thoughts on “THE ORIGINAL PLAN.

    1. anjeta

      Are you from Croatia?Because im from Split 😀 I will be totally pissed if Marzia comes to Croatia and I wont be able to see her.


  1. Anastasia

    have a safe trip ♥ maybe there’s still a chance you’ll read this so I’ll ask you something:
    have you ever been to Tenno in Italy? My family and I are going there next week, and I was wondering if there where any special places we could visit ^-^

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  2. Radflyy Njh

    Aw, i’m sure the trip will be great as long as you’re with your loved ones. Plus you’ve never been there before, DOUBLE BONUS hahaha. Have fun Marzia, and i’m so in love with your bedroom slippers x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Machteld de Jong

    I hope you have a save trip.
    btw how can your pug survive the heath. my cat Lucy she just doen’st no what to do and where to go. she is really fat and has a lot of hair. love u ❤


  4. Mörkö

    OHMY are you coming to Finland? We had beautiful,sunny weather but nkw it’s changing to worse.. please tell the place soon!
    But didn’t yousay in one of your videos that you’ve already visited Finland?
    I love your blog. I delivired Dream House today 🙂


  5. Carmen

    Actually ran into you guys today! Don’t worry I’ll keep the location a secret for you too! You guys were really sweet for letting us take a picture. Thanks so much again! We are leaving today and we’ve had horrible weather all week.. It’s a lovely place though so don’t worry about it too much. Have fun!!


  6. louisehjerling

    i hope you guys have a lovely time, wherever you’re going! i got so excited when you said you’re vlogging this trip, that made me happy and i’m looking forward to seeing the videos! have a safe flight home. love you two. xx


  7. Carmen

    It was so exciting to meet you two yesterday! Me and my boyfriend probably came off as a bit awkward. You guys made the last day of our trip so much more exciting. We had some really bad weather during our stay, but it’s a great place to be so I’m sure you guys are going to enjoy it too. Again thanks for being so nice!


  8. sarahjane

    Ciao Marzia crystal soap che figata! Inform Pewds che i suoi fan sono molto felice per il suo successo. Sto guardando il his serie Walking Dead e ho riso cosi duramente per il suo commento narrazione e spilled il mio coffee. Il modo migliore to start la giorno. Happy Vacation! :0)


  9. HANNAH❤️❤️❤️

    Bit FANGIRLING here because I hope its The Netherlands (don’t think so😂) wanna meet you sooo bad. Have fun there!


  10. Carmen Veltman

    Actually ran into you last monday, you were both so kind! Thanks so much again for making some time for us. We had terrible weather during our stay but hopefully it’s going to be a bit better while you guys are there. It’s a lovely place to be so enjoy! Excited to see your blog post on the trip :3


  11. Juline Costa

    I just realized by your Instagram photos that you’re in Portugal! I’m so happy – I hope you’re having fun even if the weather is awful. Just a few days ago it was sunny and beautiful, but now it’s cold and ugly. Hopefully that will change while you’re still here 🙂 Quinta da Regaleira is gorgeous, your photos made me want to visit Sintra again anytime soon! I’ve never been so excited to see a “Hello, World” video as I am right now. I truly hope our people treat you well and can’t wait for the next blog post.

    Boa noite, Marzia! (“Goodnight” in portuguese) 😛



  12. Ansia

    Have a great time at your trip Marzia!!! Looking forward to your vlog ( I’m curious to learn where will you go) 😉 Also hope all the mothers had a great time on mother’s day!♥


  13. Catarina Santos Simões

    Marzia! I’m the girl who talked to you when you post about being vegetarian
    Well, I talked to you about the “animal cruelty free” products, and it turned out you were already thinking about that
    I talked to you about why you never came to Portugal.. and that you didnt answer me..and got me thinking that you simple didnt have a answer…
    BUT NOW…… >:3
    I know you’re hereee! 😀

    Cmon Marzia.. I know I cant meet you 😦 But at least PLEASE make me know that you read this comment.. ’cause damn! I feel like I predict your future and must feel like “gosh this girl wont shup up and guess what Im about to do!!”

    I promise you I will turn off my cristal ball! ^-^

    *Adoro-te, Marzia! Espero encontrar-te, se não agora, noutra vida 🙂


    1. Catarina Santos Simões

      (Oh! And btw, Im gratuating this sunday .. if you want to learn about who the Portugal students do it and make my day, come by Egas Moniz University 😛 )


  14. Carolina

    Marzia so happy you are in my home country, Portugal, please one day visite Porto, you’ll love it and maybe one day we’ll meet ❤


  15. ladycraftsite

    Even though I’m really late, hope you had safe travels. Hope you had a lot of fun and great experiences there Marzia, can’t wait to see your trip and what you did! ❤️❤️


  16. FiL

    Hey, Marzia.

    I hope you and Felix enjoy your trip regardless of the weather.
    I am hoping you will be visiting Portugal … (?) :b If not, maybe next time. You won’t regret it.

    Lots of love


  17. Anna

    I can’t believe you guys are in Portugal! You’re right, the weather could be better, but I hope you still make the best of your trip. Lisbon it’s an amazing city with plenty to offer but I would also advise to visit some other beautiful cities like Coimbra, if you have the time ofc. I’m a student and I’m staying in Lisbon for most of the week, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this. Can’t wait to see the photos.


  18. Inês

    I still can’t believe you actually came to Portugal 😍 hope you enjoyed my country and yeah, the weather has been awful 😒 anyways, I hope you can come visit us again, seriously 🙏
    I love you lots and I wish you a lovely weekend 😘
    ~ tt: @pewtatoes (ty for liking my tt 😍)


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