May 5th, 2016

Look at Puga-chan, sunbathing like a queen.


Today is the warmest day so far: 16*C. I took this chance to get out of the house and meet my friend Emma. 

Felix is still in NYC, he left on Monday and will be back on Saturday, so I’m having a lot of “me” time. I watched a few horror movies – “Hush”, on Netflix, so far has been my favourite – worked on videos, my fashion line for this summer, and decided to take some time to start reading a new book.


And this is the one! So many of you suggested this to me, and now that I know Tim Burton is making a movie out of it, I just had to check it out.

I’ve only read a few chapters, but it is interesting and the pictures are very creepy… which is a big plus!



But after staying in the house most of the time, without counting the daily walks with Maya (Edgar is with a friend at the moment, it makes it easier for me because he is a crazy dog so I need all the help I can get, when Felix is out of town) and quick visits to the grocery store, I thought I would spend some time outside, and so I got ready and met up with Emma.


I got my nails done, we stopped by a few shops, and then it was time to go back home as I didn’t want to leave the little princess alone for long. Just LOOK. AT. HER.


One thing Emma spotted for me was this giant Batman balloon, which I’m planning to gift to Felix when he gets back.

I then decided to get a smaller one, shaped like a sausage-dog, for my friends PJ and Sophie. They love those kind of dogs and since they don’t have one, this will do for now! haha

I also found a tiny lip balm in a pug shaped container. I obviously needed it in my life.


But now I’m back home, chilling. I ordered some Japanese food (edamame and vegetable tempura) and I’m currently watching “Rear Window”, a movie from the 50s I’ve wanted to see for years, since I first watched Disturbia ages ago, and absolutely loved it (that one is basically inspired by this movie). Have you seen it?

I took a quick break just to sip on some chamomile and write this blog post. Also, Bellosguardo, on the top-left corner of the picture above, really wanted to say “hi”.

How is your week going so far? I hope well.


86 thoughts on “A NICE DAY.

  1. Steph

    It’s been so rainy here the past week. I’ve been watching Skins and it’s always raining in that show. So I’m thinking, so this what it must be like to live in he UK haha. I don’t mind, I really like the rain lol.
    I’ve recently had a job interview and they called me back for a second interview! So I hope it all goes well. I recently graduated from college so it’s a big fancy job, so I hope I get it!
    Have a good day, Marzia and Marzipans!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Gabi (@yourgirlgabi)

    That lip balm is the cutest thing ever! Wish i could hug and pet Puga-Chan’s belly — She’s definitely a lil’ princess and I adore her. ❤
    I'll take a look on this book you're currently reading, it seems very interesting.


  3. Ana Stevenson

    Hi Marzia! Isn’t the weather lovely? I’ve been making the effort to leave my comfortzone and enjoy the sun in the park with my friends.
    Did you like Rear Window? If so, you should defintely check some more of Hitchcock’s films. My favourites are Rope (based on a real story!), Vertigo, The Birds and The Man Who Knew Too Much.
    Have a great weekend! X


  4. cataclysmaftercataclysm

    I loooooove love love that outfit Marzia!! My week has been super great so far. My first year of college has finally ended and I spent the last few days with my best friends who are visiting, and my boyfriend. 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend Marzia!! xx


  5. Tatiana

    Ohh i’ve read this book last summer) it’s one book from two about mystical school. Suggest you to read both!


  6. seaturtlequeen

    This weekend has been stressful :/ . My dog got really sick and was throwing up for 5 days straight. I took him to the vet 2 times, until they finally said to take him off his medication because he was having a bad reaction. It’s been 2 days since he hasn’t thrown up and I can finally relax. Puga-chan is a queen 😍 she seems so calm and chill without a care in the world…that makes me happy.

    Have a good day✌🏼️


  7. Maddie

    I’m reading this from Thailand and it’s hard to believe that “warm” is 16 degrees. That’s like winter here! It’s usually 37 degrees, and that’s considered normal already. Man, to live a life where cold is considered warm. Hope you’re having a nice day, Marzia!


  8. velasqcai

    Hi marzia! My week is going great because I created my first ever blog, right here! And I was inspired by you, I really enjoy reading your blog posts! looking at my emails, looking at the blue tag at social page! I love you seriously!


  9. icaweng

    My week has been fine so far, just got back home from a morning class. I then will go out to return a library book for my boyfriend and do a small shopping. Tomorrow we are going to meet up with a housing manager because WE FINALLY FOUND AN APARTMENT WE LIKE and will move in in two weeks! I better get some of my school work before hand since we will be busy soon ><


  10. jekabeth

    We just watched Hush too! It was amazing! I’m also reading the book about the children! I’m liking it so far! We’ve been having wonderful weather and I’m recovering from getting my wisdom teeth surgery. Hope you enjoy your weekend!


  11. flyingdonkeysite

    Im so happy that you decided to read this book!
    I remember that I recommended it to you! its my favorite book and im waiting for the third book

    Im glad that you enjoy it ^_^

    Have a nice day ^_^
    a great blog as always


  12. Anna

    I love Rear Window! It has such a unique atmosphere. Hitchcock knew something – all the movies I’ve seen from him were great.

    P.s Maya is soo cute! 😀 ❤


  13. Aletze

    Hi, Bellosguardo!LOL My week is going great, I almost finish school (and did really well in my classes), already preparing myself for a summer job and I went to see Captain America:Civil War with my mom 🙂

    Thank you for this little journey you took us in, I’ll make sure to watch “Hush”, I think you give great recomendations on horror films and I trust no one but you to tell us if it was good or not haha also PJ and Sophie are probably going to love their new little friend.

    Have a great day, say hi to Pewds, Edgar and obviously princess Maya, from us 😉


  14. tatricekagle

    Holy crap! I honestly didn’t know that 16°C was warm for you guys. Since I live in a tropical country (the Philippines, hello!) and it’s currently Summer here, we usually experience 36°C weather in the morning and about 28°C in the evening.

    But anyway, Maya is the cutest pug in the world! And thanks for sharing your experiences with us! 💗


  15. ansia

    Hi Marzia, welcome to Felix as it’s Saturday!!! I didn’t know about this book, I really love Tim Burton’ s movies and especially “Alice in wonderland”, since I learnt that 2 (Alice through the looking glass) is coming out this May, I just can’t wait then! Anyway have a great time!!!


  16. alexia99blog

    16°C the warmest? 😮 we’ve reached up to 40ºC this year! It recently has been cooling a bit down thankfully, I hate such warm temperatures 😂 I’m glad you liked Hush, I loved it when I saw it and was planning to recommend it to you, but the occasion didn’t surface 😦 Anyways, I’ve been interested in reading that book, it’s got a mysterious, creepy vibe that attracts me.


  17. Filippa

    I’ve had a long weekend from wednesday to sunday – so my week(end) has been lovely! No worries(no school) and beautiful weather! The sun has been shining and the temperature has been up to 22°C here in Oslo, Norway. Yesterday I went to the beach all day with some friends and we took the first swim of the year in the sea.

    Love you, Marzia!
    xx Filippa (15)


  18. Cali

    So I’ve read that book and I’m so excited for the movie! I figured you’d like the book as well considering that we have similar taste ^_^ I also watched Hush on Nexflix recently and I must say that I love how it was your classic girl in the woods movie, with a twist! Best wishes,Cali


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