May 3rd, 2016

I tried something…


I absolutely LOVE Nutella, so much that today I realised my jar was empty. I was just done eating lunch and needed something sweet, but my cupboards are empty, so I decided to try and make a Nutella replacement. I think this would work great if you are vegan, but even if you are not, as it tastes very nice!


Here are the ingredients and measurements I used. I was making this without following a recipe or knowing exactly what I was doing, so I started by putting the hazelnut butter in first, then I added cocoa powder, sugar, and mixed everything together.


I tasted it and, well, it was very… intense. So I added more butter and more sugar. I kept mixing and adding until I got the flavour and consistency I liked. I almost decided to stop there, but I then decided to try and add agave to the mix.


I recently tasted it for the first time, and it’s so nice! I see why people use it as a honey replacer. I don’t really think Nutella has anything like this in it, but adding it actually made a pretty big difference: not only it made the spread sweeter, but it even gave it the perfect consistency (I added 2 tablespoons).


I toasted some bread and gave it a go: it was delicious!

Now, I love my Nutella, and this isn’t exactly the same thing (less sweet, thicker but much healthier) but I truly enjoyed eating it and I’m actually craving more. I liked it, way more than I thought I would while I was making it, so I decided to share this quick recipe just in case any of you wants to give it a go.

Have you ever tried it before?


77 thoughts on “NUTELLA ALTERNATIVE.

  1. norabeee

    Thank you very very much.
    I am vegan so thank you for this. Finally going back to something that tastes kind of like nutella. Even thou there are lots of vegan chocolate cremes, all of them were to choclady (is this even a thing!? :D) for me so i felt like eating a chocolate bar than a bread with something.

    I’m going to try it out RIGHT NOW:
    See you later, Nora.


    1. Samantha

      I’ve heard this as well? I don’t know it’s hard to trust information found online from “nutrition” websites. I think this is why people use maple syrup instead of agave.


  2. Caroline Constance

    Dear Marzia, you should definately try mixing avocado or blended chickpeas with coccoa (and probably something sweet like agave or maple syrup) 🙂 these sweet pastes are very popular among vegans and vegetarians. You can also bake amazing flour-less cookies made of chickpeas.


  3. Rosy pichardo

    I love how you’re not afraid to just put some ingr diners together and see how it goes! I’m the worst at coming up with things by myself, so that’s why I love your blog. So many cute and quick DIYs for everyday. Keep being the sweet genuine person you are!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Najma

    You should try the “nocciolata”
    I don’t know if you can find it in the uk (because I’m from France) but if you do, try it !! It taste EXACTLY like Nutella, i buy the one that is vegan + no palm oil + organic 🙂


  5. Tammy

    Thanks for the recipe! I really loooove Nutella but because of my insulin resistance I can’t eat it, so this is perfect I am going to try it
    Thaaaaaaank you so much 💞
    Ps. Love your blog and videos ☺️❤️


  6. Nika

    Date nutella is great and easy too! You need to soak glass of dates in hot water for few hours and then blend it with 60% or more dark chocolate and nuts!!!! amazing and no added sugar!!!!


  7. ansia

    Marzia you’re such a creative person, your nutella replacer looks pretty good! I have a question from your last post, you said you decided to become a vegetarian (and not a vegan) so you don’t eat meat or all animal products ??? ^.^ Anyway, have a great time!


  8. Donnie McGrady

    Awesome recipe! I have an old jar of hazelnut butter that I’m trying to use up so… bingo… gonna knock this up!!!! Btw – worth checking out wyldsson’s new vegan nutella… It’s REALLY hard to find an alternative to the original. I must admit that one of the things that I missed most when I became vegan was nutella! I’m a bit of a nutella fiend!!! Especially at the weekend – I love it on buckwheat pancakes as a Sunday treat. Anyway, thanks for the recipe… can’t wait to make it and it’s a great way to use up my hazelnut butter!


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