April 29th, 2016

We all know it: Koreans got their skincare down.


You simply need to glance at them to notice how flawless their skin is. The beauty industry is huge there, and they have some of the best products to offer. On the other hand, what they didn’t consider so much was the cruelty side of it – most companies, in fact, test on animals.

Well, my friend Britta, which always sends me lovely Korean products, recently opened a new website offering Korean makeup and skincare that are all cruelty free, and mostly vegan!


Her package arrived the other day, and finally last night I had some time to open it up. I was so happy to see that she included a huge variety of products, and not only for me, but even for you marzipans (giveaway at the end), as well as a coupon code – MARZIA10 – you can use if you purchase from her website.


On the very top, she selected some adorable socks for me!

I don’t think she sells these, but I still wanted to show them since they are so cute.

But now, let’s focus on the products that you can actually get: in order to make it easier to follow, I paired them in different groups depending on how I would use them. Also, you will notice they are all from the same brand, which I’ve never heard of before, but it’s called “dear, klairs” and focuses on sensitive skin.


Let’s begin with these 4, which I applied this morning.

  1. Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser. I normally stay away from foam (although I love touching it) because those kind of cleansers tend to make my face feel tight. This one claimed not to, so I gave it a go. Usually I only wash my face with water in the morning, but today, after using this, I could feel how much cleaner it was. Waking up with a bit of oily skin, only washing with water is more gentle but doesn’t remove everything, while using this cleanser felt very nice (and although it tightened my skin, that feeling only lasted for about 30 seconds).
  2. Supple Preparation Facial Toner. I used to be big on toners, which I know help with bringing back the balance into your skin. With time I skipped this step, but I’m glad now I can get back to using one! I like this bottle and how big it is, although the scent kind of reminds me of a hospital (nothing too intense, don’t worry). I can’t tell if it did anything yet, but I’m surely going to use it all up and see.
  3. Rich Moist Soothing Serum. Anything with the word “soothing” in it catches my attention. Having crazy skin that goes from oily to super dry, whilst being very sensitive, I can see this becoming very useful to me. I normally only apply serums at night time, but in this period, as I mentioned in an older skincare post, I have dry patches of skin that need extra help, so this can’t hurt.
  4. Rich Moist Soothing Cream. Having the same name, it’s clear that these two products are supposed to be paired together, and so I did! The cream got absorbed pretty fast, even though I prefer gel or lotions to wear during the day time, I can’t say it has been bad wearing it so far. It hasn’t caused my skin to look shiny, so it’s all good.



I was sent two makeup products to try, and both seem to be extremely light and natural looking: I’m wearing the Blemish Cream as a base and a bit of the Natural Fit Concealer, and I honestly think you can barely tell I have something on my skin, while making it look much smoother and brighter. I definitely see myself using these two during summertime, when I like to keep my makeup fairly natural.


These 3 products are the ones I wouldn’t use on a daily base, but probably once or twice a week. I have never used a soap for my face so I’m very curious to try it out in a few days, while I have used face masks that come in a sheet and find them absolutely refreshing. I also got way too excited to see the sugar scrub as that is my favourite kind, and I was running out of it, so I needed it!


  1. At night, I’m going to use this “Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil“, but I haven’t tried it yet since I haven’t wore any makeup for the past two days. I am wearing some today, so I will try it out later and let you know;
  2. I did apply the “Pure Vitamin C” serum, which looks super pretty in that packaging, and it felt lovely on the skin!
  3. Before going to sleep I also used the “Midnight Blue Calming Cream” and I loved it, it’s very moisturising.


So these are all the stuff Britta sent me – thank you Britta! – but as I said she also thought about you: she sent doubles for everything. Unfortunately, in order for me to keep the giveaway open internationally, I had to remove the bigger products that I knew would get stuck in customs or sent back/rejected. This means I included small and “dry” products that no matter where you live, will be allowed to enter the country. I’m planning to share the remaining doubles with my friends.


There is going to be only 1 winner, getting the products in the picture (all new, of course) so if you want to enter, just leave a comment including the word “MAKEUP” so I can count you it. The giveaway will end today, the 29th, at midnight (UK time) and the winner will be contacted here on my blog with a comment directed to them – so keep an eye out!!

I’m going to use all of these products everyday for a few weeks at least, and if I do notice good results, I will share them with you and tell you more about this Korean skincare system (I know the 10 to 18 step skincare regimen has been working wonderfully for many people). Wish me luck!



407 thoughts on “KOREAN SKINCARE.

  1. kaonashi01

    Oh these products look and sounds lovely! Ever since I first came into contact with Korean beauty and the Korean culture I’ve absolutely and completely loved it. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to try any products yet since there aren’t that many if any shops here in Stockholm that sell it. Though I’m loving the stores with Korean snacks^^


    Liked by 1 person

    1. melmess

      I aggre,it’s hard to find korean beauty products. I have really dry skin I usually use aome kind of cream that mosterises my skin and I love it. The product it’s from LancΓ΄me.πŸ’“

      P.S i am also from SwedenπŸ˜‚idk I’d it is interesting to tell but anyway…


  2. Emily Clare Boswell

    I would love to check out these products, especially the skincare ones and its awesome to see people making a change. Talking about natural products, I live in New Zealand and we there is a company called Living Nature. It was made by a woman, using natural materials to create makeup. Admittedly, I don’t use makeup only skincare but you might like it!


  3. zaksiazkowana

    Never won anything in my life, so why not give it a try ^_^ the Korean beauty products are so amazing, but so expensive 😦


  4. Laurel Thornton

    I don’t wear much makeup and my skin isn’t all that bad, but I’ve always wanted to try different products since I’ve been using the same things ever since I started makeup. I love you blog Marzia, and I read you book and I must say it’s now one of my favorites!


  5. chasingthevogue

    Omg I want to buy this so much but in my country the thing with the shipping is so complicated it sucks to order something in another country… But this brand sounds really interesting…

    Have a nice weekend.


  6. Angel

    Hi Marzia. Try washing your face with oats. They’re a natural gentle cleanser. Your skin will feel great and extremely soft. πŸ™‚ Bubzbeauty has a video on it on YouTube.


  7. robby

    i wonder what skin care you would recommend for men. it seems like a lot of men are missing out on these things. i dont know much about these things but i do think that some of these products can make you look better.


  8. Smita Tarawade

    I’ve just started learning how to do my own makeup and I’m enjoying it a lot. Your tutorials are very easy to follow unlike the ones I see on Youtube. I’d like to see how this Korean products work out for me. πŸ™‚


  9. Patrice Pine

    MARZIA!! I totally agree. I’m Chinese, and I usually find that Asian skin care products are very well made πŸ˜‰ I’m really loving your blog, and I read it as much as possible. Every new entry is like a little treat in my inbox! Thank you for continuing to be a really creative creator, here and on YouTube! (MAKEUP btw)



  10. Reron

    Yes ! I have a fair skin with yellow undertone to it, and it’s so hard to actually find the right shade, I’ll check the website out ! I’d love to see how good are the products, thanks Marzia for this giveaway πŸ™‚ Love you !


  11. Nany

    omgg I would love to try all of them! Thanks for sharing !! *-*!! I actually was looking for something like this, its perfect *-*! <33


  12. Nicole

    Haha I’m using the exact same products for my face for a year now! πŸ˜€ they work wonders and are so gentle and they will make you feel and shine like a unicorn! have fun with them! ❀


  13. Sandy (@Sandybella93)

    Hi Marzia, the package has just arrived. Thank you very much for everything ❀
    I'm already wearing the socks in this super rainy day and I'm going to stay cozy while trying the products.
    You made my day :3


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