April 26th, 2016

Let’s talk about hair!

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Lots of people on Youtube and Instagram compliment my “healthy” hair, but it’s about time I let you all know my hair is far from being healthy.

In this post, I’m going to talk a bit about the products I use, the way I style my hair and the wash process. I’ve also decided to take pictures of my hair today being the 5th day I haven’t washed it or styled it, so that you see how it would look like without trying… as you can tell, it’s pretty dry!

The first thing I’m going to talk about is how often I wash my hair: as a teenager, I would wash it daily, without realising how much damage that would cause. Not only because of using heat to dry it, but because applying so much product caused me to have to use more and more in order for it to feel clean, and at the same time my hair wasn’t “breathing” as I was removing all the natural oils from it.

When I hit my twenties, I discovered dry shampoos, and that changed everything!

I would be able to wash my hair every other day… but soon enough, I got tired of having to dry so much hair, so I decided to try and go as long as I could without washing it.

I should also mention, for people who don’t know, that I wear hair extensions, the keratin kind (in which small strands of hair are glued at the base to your own). My natural hair is quite long, it reaches – if not passes – my chest, but it’s extremely thin. That means that no matter what, my hair would never look full on it’s on, and because of it, many years ago, I’ve decided to have extensions added in. Even if I ever decided to cut my hair short, I would still add extensions for volume, because otherwise my hair would just stick to my face… and that wouldn’t be a very nice look for me. I’ve seen girls with thin hair and rocking it, but in my opinion, fuller hair makes my features look softer, which I prefer.

Anyway, over time, desperate to understand how I could possibly get slightly healthier hair, I looked up a bunch of videos on YT: eventually I saw one about a girl claiming you could wash your hair even just once a week, because if you “train” it to be washed so little, it would adjust and not look too oily by the end of the week. And so I tried, and to this day I can confidently keep my hair unwashed for 5 days. I have gone for more, and sometimes less if needed, but generally 5 days is great for me.

This way I don’t put too much heat on my hair, I don’t waste time drying it, and it doesn’t need to be look after as much.

Unfortunately, because my hair is so thin and I do have extensions, it still breaks at a certain point, and it is also very dry and overall damaged. This is why I keep it my natural shade most of the time, staying away from dyes, at least at the base. My hair wouldn’t be able to take it, but luckily enough, I’m pretty happy with my colour as long as I have some highlights to add some dimensions to it.



So these are some of the products I always go back to. I try to change every time I finish a tube of these, but I somehow end up buying them again because they are the only products I know will make my hair feel soft and look nicer, although they don’t really fix the damage.

I use the Ultimate Blends line by Garnier, and I do know that the conditioner is for blonde hair, but the fact that there is chamomile in it just makes me want to buy it; plus, it stills works nicely. The mask is probably the best I’ve ever put on my hair so far, and I feel like even the shampoo is pretty great.

I used to do lots of homemade hair masks, but not seeing great results, I pretty much gave up. If you know of any that really does work for you, let me know!


Now onto styling, I first spray a heat protecting product all over my hair (I don’t know if the one I use is good or not, I can’t tell) before starting to dry it, and then go on and dry about 70% of it and then let it dry on its own. I wash my hair at night, which means that sometimes I use a “doughnut” to make a bun (or simply twist my hair and secure it with a hair tie) and in the morning I wake up with beautifully waved hair… but that doesn’t happen often, so I do take out a curling wand and that does the trick. I would rather not apply so much heat, but having extremely straight hair, that’s the only option, most of the time.

Before curling it, I always apply an oil to the ends, just to make them look glossier. I also find that this way the curl holds a bit better and looks more defined.

The only hairbrush I ever use, and this is been for years, is the Tangle Teezer – it does everything I want: I can brush my whole head without getting caught on the extensions; it’s a very gentle brush, so it doesn’t rip my hair off; and more importantly, I can easily tease big areas of my head very quickly (to get that extra volume).

Then I will go on and set everything with a strong hairspray (usually by Tresemmé), but even that won’t last for long with the wind here in Brighton…

So if I’ve curled my hair in the first or second day, instead of touching up with more heat, I usually try to either do an up-do, or use a texturising spray, so that I just scrunch my hair a bit and the waves look fuller, as if they are freshly done. And in the same way, if I find that it’s losing volume, I may spray a bit of dry shampoo. The best one I’ve ever tried is the Batiste one, I will probably always stick with this!

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 09.41.21.jpg

But that’s about it. That’s how I “fake” healthy, voluminous hair. Unfortunately this is the best I can do, but if you do have any suggestions for me, please let me know!

Is there a product you absolutely love for your hair?



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  1. Paula

    Marzia be careful with the natural products tho (without SLS and without silicone) because your hair is so used to chemical products that at first they are going to look very dry (because all the silicones will be ripped of your hair) so it can take time to “heal”


  2. Machteld de Jong

    I was my hair about 4 times a week. sometimes I’m just to lazy to wash my hair so I put it up in a bun or a high ponytail


  3. Marianna

    Ciao Marzia! Una domanda, le extension le hai fatte in Italia? Io ho dei capelli super fini e non ne ho tanti ma ho paura di indebolirli di più mettendole… (Ho anche paura di non trovare quelle giuste). Tu come hai fatto?


    1. marziabisognin

      Ciao Marianna! Si, ho iniziato in Italia e adesso le faccio qui in Inghilterra. Ho un’amica che ha i capelli fini se le é fatte mettere, ma dopo pochi mesi non ne poteva più a causa del peso. Io non ho mai avuto problemi (solo i primi giorni dall’applicazione le sento perché sono vicinissime alla base), e secondo me il segreto é avere un numero giusto (spesso i parrucchieri tendono a insistere a metterne di più per il volume e farli mischiare meglio – basta rifiutare e chiederne meno), solitamente io faccio “mezza testa” quindi 80 circa, anziché le 160 che vogliono mettere o a volte anche 200. Avendo i capelli fini, anche se ne mettiamo meno non si nota, perché lo spessore delle estensioni é comunque maggiore ai nostri capelli normali (essendo normalmente asiatici) quindi un numero inferiore va benissimo e non ti dovrebbe creare problemi. Un’altra cosa é il taglio e la lunghezza: cerca di creare un look naturale, farli tagliare é necessario. Io inizialmente avevo provato ad aggiungerne poche per creare riflessi senza dover tingere i miei capelli. Col tempo ne ho messe sempre di più così mi sono abituata. Spero che ti sia d’aiuto! Il mio consiglio é di leggere recensioni e trovare qualcuno di bravo che saprà di certo come applicarle, quante ed il taglio migliore per te. Buona fortuna! 🙂


  4. Jacquelyn

    i want to start washing my hair less, i only wash it about every other day or two days as of now, but it”s so hard to start! my hair feels so dirty on the third day i have to wash it. However, i only use a small amount of shampoo to wash my scalp so i guess im fine ha
    ❤ you marzia have a nice day


  5. Peebs

    Hi Marzia,

    I bleached my hair several months ago and before I did that my hair was already really dry and brittle due to my thyroid condition. So you can only imagine how much worse it got! It felt like straw by December when it gets really cold and dry here (Canada). But I changed up my hair products and found a hair mask that I super duper love and has made a huge difference for me. It’s the ALTERNA Haircare Bamboo Smooth Moisture Masque (I’ll put a link at the bottom). I bought it at Sephora and used it once a week for about a month and saw a huge difference. Now I only use it when I feel like I need it, which is still about once every couple weeks. I also try and extend time between hair washes and can go about 4-5 days myself.

    Here’s the link:http://www.sephora.com/bamboo-smooth-moisture-masque-P286111

    Hope it helps!


  6. Célia

    Hello Marzia !

    I’ve seen some videos on Youtube showing a technique called the “sebum cure”. I haven’t tried it myself but it’s worth a shot maybe. This cure is simple : You should not wash your hair for a month and brush them 2 times a day to make the sebum of your scalp go all the way to your ends. Apparently it is supposed to have the same effect as silicone (protecting your hair with an outside layer) and after the month of cure your hair should be soft, shiny, more voluminous. Some girls pretends that her hair nature changed ! (from straight to wavy hair).
    I know it would be hard for you to do so because you’re making videos and taking pictures of yourself (the fact of having greasy hair is not glamourous..) but during summer if you feel like trying it out, try it out !

    Anyway; Have a great day Marzia. Stay natural, humble and genuinely sweet as always !



  7. Emily

    I don’t know if you’ve ever tried talcum powder as a dry shampoo but it works wonders! If you rub it in enough it doesn’t show on dark hair(at least it doesn’t for me anyway) and it gives more volume/covers grease better than any dry shampoo I’ve ever used!
    I look forward to your blog posts every day, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


  8. robby

    I haven’t used shampoo in 2 and a half years. I found this movement on the internet when i was trying to find information about shampoo, because I too had very damaged and dry hair all the time. I found the ‘no poo’ movement, which is a movement of people who stopped using shampoo. They are mainly organized in blogs and websites. My hair was short at the time i stopped using shampoo, in the beginning it was very oily, and according to various blogs it would stay like that for 6 months. It was true it was oily for about six months and then after that period my hair never went back like it was before… It became way better.

    I now have a full head of nice shining healthy head of hair which doesn’t feel oily or greasy, also I don’t have lice or dandruff and my hair does not smell either. As long as you eat healthy your hair will look great when you wash it with only water.

    What i do for my hair is washing it with only water, use a comb with teeth with big spaces in between and massage my scalp when i wash it. then i try to dry it as softly as possible with a towel. i have super think hair and i take a lot of pride in it and i try to take good care of it!

    I have found on the internet that many people use oils like coconut oil as or almond oil as organic conditioner to make their hair more moisturized and healthy, and some websites say its good for volume. so mabye you can try these? I don’t know its just a recommendation.


  9. Doxi

    You are so cute c:
    My hair is very thin and straight too, so I feel you.
    I don’t know if this will help you or not but I’ll say it anyways ‘3’(excuse my english).
    I wash my hair twice a week, sometimes once, and I never use any heat on my hair, just tap the top of my head with 100% cotton t-shirt and then let it dry by itself. I use ricilous(?) oil, I massage it to my scalp before I wash my hair, and then I use very little shampoo(enough to wash away the ricilous oil) and I add some balsam to the end of my hair. I cut 1cm from my hair every month, and to add some volume when I sleep I twist my hair(like you do).


  10. Airel

    Hi Marzia! 🙂 I sometimes don’t want to wash my hair because I think it’s unhealthy, but I eventually do because my hair will get greasy and have LOTS of dandruffs. Did you have this kind of problem before? If yes, then what was your counterattack? Thank you and have a good day 🙂


  11. Lijia (@simplylijia)

    Washing my hair has been always a trouble for me. I just hate the whole process.. But I have very oily hair disposition so after 2 or 3 days I have to wash them.
    Few months ago I cut my hair really short for a drastic change and I have to say that I loved it, it’s so much easier to deal with my thick hair and there’s no need to blow dry them.
    I tried dry shampoo but didn’t stick to it. I think I will give it another try, because from what you wrote it really seem working! 🙂



  12. Rebecca

    Wow, you are so beautiful without makeup 🙂
    I didn’t read all the comments but have you ever heard about the “no poo” style? I recently switched to a method where I only wash my hair with conditioner. There are certain ingredients that you have to avoid then, silicones and some bad oils. Garnier have products that work with this method.
    What you have to do first is to use a schampoo that does not contain any mineral oils and silicones, and use this as a “last wash” because the sulfate in the schampoo is the only thing that can clear you hair of the silocones you currently have.
    Anyway, I’m so bad at explaining this in english since my language is swedish. But the quality of my hair changed drasticly after I started doing this. It has a natural shine, no dry ends and actually looks healthy.
    Take care and have a great weekend ^^


  13. Kronicle

    My friend was also trying to stop washing her hair so frequently, but I heard that avocado and olive oil is a good mask for the hair


  14. Cloe

    I dont use any products with silicone in it. Silcone coats the hair… makes it ~feel~ very nice and healthy… but in the end doesnt do much for the overall health of my hair.
    I try to get it cut every 8 weeks… sometimes I can go to 10 and it really helps eliminate the offshoot and baby split ends. My hair dresser cuts practically nothing… a cm at most but…. dear lord does my hair feel so good afterwards.
    I LOVE the vegan live clean hair care line. I use the apple cider shampoo and the monoi conditioner. The apple cider really help clarify and the monoi conditioner makes me hair SOOOO silky smooth
    Once a month I’ll mix 2 tbsps or coconut oil with 1 tbsp of castor oil and lather it all over my hair. Its a nice hair mask… jsut very hard to rinse out~

    I love your the colour of your hair and the way you style it a lot! It makes you look very sweet! I’d love to see you with shoulder length hair! I think it would add an edge to your overall style!

    Love you marzia~ Keep doing ya thang~


  15. Amanda

    I don’t know how much this will help cause you have extensions but I’ve found that protein spray works extremely well for repairing damaged hair, I used a salon brand protein spray and it took a month or two to show improvement but my ends were natually shiny and the split ends seemed to disappear. Maybe it could work for you!


  16. Alezz

    Hi,Marzia!This will sound stupid,but what color is your nailpolish?I looked for this in all of magazines from my city and i couldn’t find. Thanks anyway! 🙂


  17. Petra

    Dear Marzia,

    I know you haven’t mentioned using a conditioner and I’m not sure if it’s on purpose because you don’t like them, or you just haven’t found the right one that works for you.
    Whatever the case is, I can suggest you trying out my absolutely favorite conditioner EVER. I have been using this for literally SIX YEARS (or so) and I refuse to try out anything else because this one works beautifully (I always get compliments on how healthy, silky and shiny my hair is).
    It’s the L’ORÉAL PARIS ELSEVE NUTRI-GLOSS conditioner (I’m not entirely sure if it’s the correct name in English because it doesn’t say). It is for long, lifeless hair, and trust me it works wonders! It’s in this really pretty pink bottle (just so that you know how it looks like in case I told you the incorrect name) and it smells heavenly!

    Overall, I really really recommend it because I’ve been using it for so many years and in my opinion it’s the best!

    If you decide to give it a go, would you mind letting me/us know how you like it?

    All the love,


  18. Ani

    Hello Marzia,

    I tried a lot of dry shampoos myself and I like batiste, but I got a chance to try out some aussie products! OMG! You will never go back!
    There is one aussie kind for volume, which gives you so so so much texture, but if you don’t like a strong dry shampoo like that, you can try the other aussie kinds! I bet, you could go more than 5 days without washing your hair with aussie volume. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!
    Greetings from Germany!


  19. Eva

    My tips are awesome.. I swear.. 😉

    1. Try tape in extensions (done by a professional) at least once, and see whether you prefer them to keratin bonds (I wore Keratins for years). In my opinion they are MUCH less harsh, plus you don’t get that nasty feel in your scalp, they are harder to notice and with a shu uemura paddle brush you can comb your hair like you do without extensions (sounds too good to be true, but really it isn’t)

    .. Oh and the time at the salon can be cut in half!

    2. Buy Moroccan oil, the original. Yes its contains silicone, but they aren’t always a bad thing. The properties vary depending on which particular silicone is in the formula. Some silicones do leave a heavy coating on the hair that can be hard to wash off. Others are very water soluble and don’t buildup at all.

    3. Go on COSDNA and check whether the ingredients in your makeup/shampoo/whatever is safe/prone to give people acne/a skin irritant etc.

    4. Check ratings of products on makeup alley.

    5. Don’t comb your hair a lot when you use dry shampoo on dry and brittle hair! I did for some time, and many girls at my dorm are still, and the hair breaks like there is no tomorrow!

    6. You are famous 😉 Get Guy Tang to do your hair. A nice natural balayage with your own hair colour at the scalp, so you hair can grow freely for years without looking like you forgot to colour it!

    If you want some pictures of my hair, email me and I will send them to you – or anyone else interested!


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  20. Maeva

    Using only Lush product is the best for my cruly hair. Their masks are extraodinary ! Just like the solid shampoo, conditionner and styling product. But the hair have to get used to it. Plus, Lush fights animal testing, which is great 😊


  21. Paula Watson

    Marzia, be careful! If you wash your hair at night, you shouldn’t sleep with them wet! The humidity favors the increase of dandruff and brittle your hair. Also, sleep with wet scalp also increases the chances of colds and flu, as the head is wet for a long time.
    Just a heads up! 🙂


  22. Herm

    You should try garlic! You must try garlic!
    Use fresh watery garlic, rubbing it your hair, your scalp(if you wants grown your hair fast) coating with stretch film. Hold minimum 20 minute max 1 hour on your hair and wash it cold water. Then it doesn’t smell if weather is warm shorten the holding time. İt instantly soften your hair! (: magical! And if you keep doing this your hair getting heathy. Sorry my English is awful but I hope you understand. My hair is purple, I bleached and dye myself and It’s very very damaged I try this for a while and it works! İt definately works! People scare for smell but if you use a natural shampoo that clear looking not coloring or looking water type shampoo and cold water it doesn’t smell. If you really scare at smell you don’t rub it your scalp then it never smell (: it really really works! you can search (: and if you try this with olive oil or coconut oil it makes much better (: Hope you understand me 😊

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  23. Vitória Sampaio

    Hi Marzia! I always read your blog but I never commented because my english sucks, so I don’t like to write many comments. But now I need to talk with you, because “hair” is a subject that I know very well. If you want a health hair you need follow a capillary schedule.This schedule have 3 stages in a week:
    First week: hidratation, hidratation, nutrition.
    Second week: hidratation, hidratation, nutrition.
    Third week: hidratation, hidratation, reconstruction.
    And repeat.
    I do in myself: “monday/wedsneday/friday” but you can choose the days that you want.

    I recommend products without sulfate, paraffin, silicone and petrolatum – but your hair will need to take a time to be free from all this mean ingredients.

    For hidratation, you can use any shampoo, mask and conditioner without this ingredients, I personally recommed the products from Lola Cosmetics, it’s from Brazil and they made a huge succes around here, they are the best! All products don’t have sulfate, paraffin, petrolatum and silicone (some have soluble silicones, but this silicone leaves with water). Their website is: http://www.lola.ind.br.

    For nutrition, you can buy coconut oil (virgin, vegetable and natural), it’s the best and you can sleep with it on hair! But if you can’t find this in England, you can search on the internet. If you prefer other product, you can find the “Umectação Oliva” at the website from Lola Cosmetics, I love this product too.

    For reconstruction, you can buy the kit “Argan Oil” from Lola too, its the best and very complete. I always recommend Lola because it’s error-free. saultless

    Sorry for my english, it’s very difficult to me to write this. If you want to know more you need go to Google
    PS: I love your hair! It’s very beautiful! ❤


  24. Vitória Sampaio

    Hi Marzia! I always read your blog but I never commented because my english sucks, so I don’t like to write many comments. But now I need to talk with you, because “hair” is a subject that I know very well. If you want a health hair you need follow a capillary schedule.This schedule have 3 stages in a week:
    First week: hidratation, hidratation, nutrition.
    Second week: hidratation, hidratation, nutrition.
    Third week: hidratation, hidratation, reconstruction.
    And repeat.
    I do in myself: “monday/wedsneday/friday” but you can choose the days that you want.

    I recommend products without sulfate, paraffin, silicone and petrolatum – but your hair will need to take a time to be free from all this mean ingredients.

    For hidratation, you can use any shampoo, mask and conditioner without this ingredients, I personally recommed the products from Lola Cosmetics, it’s from Brazil and they made a huge succes around here, they are the best! All products don’t have sulfate, paraffin, petrolatum and silicone (some have soluble silicones, but this silicone leaves with water). Their website is: http://www.lola.ind.br.

    For nutrition, you can buy coconut oil (virgin, vegetable and natural), it’s the best and you can sleep with it on hair! But if you can’t find this in England, you can search on the internet. If you prefer other product, you can find the “Umectação Oliva” at the website from Lola Cosmetics, I love this product too.

    For reconstruction, you can buy the kit “Argan Oil” from Lola too, its the best and very complete. I always recommend Lola because it’s error-free.

    Sorry for my english, it’s very difficult to me to write this. If you want to know more you need go to Google
    PS: I love your hair! It’s very beautiful! ❤


  25. Renāte

    Hey, Marzia! I would strongly suggest you to stop using garnier products because they might damage your hair even more. I am a person that takes care of my pwn hair a lot as I use to dye it black but now I’ve been growing in back to my natural colour for about a year or more now. I stopped using a straightener a long time ago cause my hair is straight(ish) and I use to curl my hair as well..but I just wanted to give my hair a break and I have to say that my hair ever since that has been getting a lot healthier and is more great full.The best hair products that I’ve used are CHI. As they are on the pricey side I would suggest you to talk to hairdresser who would suggest you the one that is the most appropriate for your hair. I hope this was helpful or anything.Sorry If this didn’t make any sense.. have a lovely day!


  26. Veera

    Try putting coconut oil to your hair 🙂 Put it on and leave in for 30min-hour and wash your hair (I usually wash it twice with shampoo to get all of the oil out so it doesn’t weight down my hair) and put on your conditioner normally. This works amazing on my highlighted super thin hair!


  27. Dreame

    Dear Marzia, try rocking your real hair more. No extensions. That’s how your hair becomes thin. Try doing protective hairstyles like in a messy bun, in a braid, ponytail, especially if your hair is by your chest clothing can eat away your hair. Ps try using a silk pillow or washing your hair with a shirt


  28. Savanna

    Ciao Marzia ,

    Pensi che si potrebbe fare un altro stile tutorial di capelli, mi spiace per chiedere, ma ho a corto di idee e gli altri sono semplicemente troppo difficile da fare e mi piace la vostra il migliore! 🙂


  29. Someone

    I use the Volume Expand Mask from L’oréal. It really works for me and after using it my hair feels thicker. I don’t know if it will work for you ’cause I don’t know what your hair feels like in real life or what texture it has, but you really should try it.


  30. Mercy Jones

    I’ve heard great things about these hair products. Although, I have yet to try them myself.

    -Kertindose Prokertin Silk Spray
    -hbl treatment oil

    Also i heard kertin is good for the hair. That being said, i purchased shampoo/conditioner containing that ingredient and it leaves my hair feeling healthy and clean.


  31. 5ecolat

    i do not dry my hair… i just take a towel and i rap it around my pilow before i go to sleep. when i wake up, is my hair very soft and very nice.


  32. Amber

    Hey Marzia! I have dyed my hair numerous times and, a few times, I’ve had it bleached for fashion colors. The things that I have found to keep my hair soft and keep it from thinning out have been great. Once a week, I do an oil treatment with a mixture of coconut oil and vitamin E oil. I let it sit for 15-25 minutes, then rinse it out and shampoo and condition as usual. I also have found the best brand so far that promotes healthy hair and volume is Aveda. Their products use plant ingredients, all natural and have a variety for whichever hair type you have. They also don’t test on animals which is a plus. I also take Biotin supplements every night before bed and also eat blended fruit with natural Biotin. All of these things have been great for me and maybe you’ll find that it might work for you. 🙂


  33. Nera09

    Hi Marzia, I’ve struggled with my hair a lot so I want to tell you some tips that might improve your hair. First hair oil. Now I first discovered this when my cousin started to use it and her hair is so silky and glossy. When I tried it Oh. My. Gosh. It did wonders to my hair (and scalp!) my hair has never been the same. It feels so much better than before. Although I have been blessed with really thick hair I felt “heavy”. So when I go to the hairdressers I always tell them to thin my hair which made it lighter afterwards. But now I’m only about 15 years old. My hair has started to fall out a LOT and it got thinner quickly, it started to make me self conscious about myself. So I told my best friend about this problem and she recommended me the ‘Aussie miracle moist shampoo and the conditioner’ this made my hair feel so amazing and I definitely recommend you use it Marzia. Also the “Dove hair oil” I use this everytime before I blowdry my hair. I just don’t like the feeling of dirty oily hair. So I hope the products I use will help you with your hair because I know how hard it is to maintain long hair.😊


  34. Luciënne Bouvrie

    Dear Marzia,

    I also recently changed everthing I ever used to do to my hair to help it grow longer for a change!
    When I started using birthcontrol pills at age 12 (I am now 23 also) the texture and volume in my hair changed completely! I became thin & very brittle and my color got very mousy & grey like… 😥
    I decided to stop using the birthcontrol 2 months ago and I really hope that my hair will feel better again (pray with me!!).

    But in the meantime I had to keep it healty another way!
    I also started using the same dry shampoo (Batiste, and I love it the most!), but since I am a student with little money I started using a lot of cheap little hairhacks!

    My dry shampoo is: cornstarch…. It sounds weird, but it works! (and is very cheap at 0,99 euro’s per pack which lasts me up to 5 months).
    I also wanted to replace some chemical products I use with natural onces and I think this is just perfect for that.
    Doesn’t smell as nice, but it really does the trick!
    Another great at home hairhack to replace dry shampoo is cocoa powder (for brunettes and it smells so nice) & babypowder!

    As hair masks I usually use coconut oil, olive oil, mayonnaise and cocoa butter.
    I wash my hair 2 times a week not using a lot of shampoo and I rarely style it or use heat!
    If I want to curl my hair I try heatless methods I find om YT(Fancy Hair and Kayley Melissa are my go-to hair hack girls on YT).
    Every night before bed I apply oil to ends(argan) and put my hair up so my ends stay away from the pillow.
    When I have the time I use a small scissor to ONLY cut some split ends I see, to stay away from the hairdresser as long as possible.

    Just wanted to share these little stoopid trick with you…
    I hope some of them are new and worth to try out..

    I really love this blog, I learn something new every time. Makes my day…
    Greeting from a fan in the Netherlands.


  35. Claire

    Hi Marzia! I’ve always loved your YT videos, but for some reason I never stumbled upon your blog and now I’m hooked! I loved learning about the products you use, as I love trying new products on my own hair 😉 I know this blog was posted awhile ago, but I hope you see this because there are some products I use that I especially love! I don’t color my hair, so I don’t use any product that helps with coloration, but I do use a hair mask! It’s called the macadamia oil deep repair mask and it is GLORIOUS! I also sometimes use the shampoo which is lovely, but I still have yet to try the conditioner. The mask is a bit on the pricey size (depending on what size you get the jar), but, at least for my hair which gets dried out, it’s definitely worth it! It also lasts for a looong time~especially since you’re supposed to use it no more than twice a week, so that’s definitely a plus! 🙂 My hair is very thick and curly, so I generally tend to use quite a bit of the mask, but since you were saying that your hair is thin, you’ll have the mask even longer!

    The other product that I love to use is Organix moroccan argan oil curl defining cream~with my curly hair, I usually apply it the day after I wash it (that’s when it starts to frizz and my curls start drooping a bit) and it redefines my curls and battles the frizzing well with the argan oil that’s in the formula! In your case, applying the product after you curl your hair might do the trick 🙂

    Alright, the last product is actually one that I haven’t used before(and I want to recommend more products for you, but this last one is for a different hair type~I hope you still enjoy hearing about it though!), but really want to try~I feel would be a million times even better than Organix’s curl cream: DevaCurl! ~ They have three sets of products, one for wavy hair, another for curly hair, and the last one for super curly hair (I would be in the middle) ~ it has amazing reviews and the results look amazing, so I’m pretty sure DevaCurl would be the key to my hair looking it’s best!

    I hope you enjoyed hearing about these products and I hope you have a beautiful day! Your posts, whether it be on YT, this blog, or wherever, essentially YOU as a person, make me so happy! Thank you for everything!
    Love from the United States ❤


  36. Adriana

    I know it’s been so long since you post this… but Hi, Marzia, this has been so helpful! 😍
    btw, my mother and I had been looking like crazy for a good hair straightener, and I don’t know who to trust. I know I can’t trust you. If you get to know any, would be so much help!! ❤️


  37. Mac Knapp

    Hey Marzia I know this is very late but where do you go to get your hair extensions I have very thin hair also and I know your hair extensions are expensive but I just wanted to know if you get them at a special/specific salon or if they are at any salon.


  38. Ophelia

    You’re lucky! I have the most oily hair. I tried not washing it,to regulate it…. Didn’t work. However I noticed when I was in south America, my hair was much drier. I thenk it’s also the north European climate. In the winter my hair is the worst (oil wise). I used to straighten it everyday,but I really rarely use any of that now. And funny enough, my hair kind of adapted it’s own style (straight but not crazy straight… A little wavy). But I don’t think I’m a good candidate because regardless what I do my hair is pretty robust. I’ve done about everything, and I now use a dye without ammonia or bleach to give it a little boost (my hair is dark brown, but mousy so there isn’t much dimension). My hair doesn’t seem to mind much. I think staying away with any harsh dyes helps in general.


  39. Vera

    The homemade mask that always worked for me (well it’s applied at the roots of your hair but it really strenghtens them they’re shinier and smell delicious) consist of egg yolk, two tablespoons of olive oil, one tablespoon of coffee and one tablespoon of warm water. I always apply it before washing my hair, I first get them wet, then apply it to the roots and leave it there for about 15 minutes and then rinse it.

    The kinds of shampoo that I usually stick with are either by Klorane or by Manufaktura (it’s a czech traditional cosmetic brand of a very high quality). They are both natural and cruelty free, I really recommend it 🙂

    Hopefully I helped ^^


  40. Nikki Est Petite

    Hey 🙂

    Maybe you won’t read this anymore because it’s so much in the past.. but I really can suggest you to use the REDKEN extreme (blue) line; The conditioner and hair mask changed my life!!!

    I’m bleaching my hair since a year to a complete white blonde so my hair sure is damaged like hell, and I also have very thin hair. Those products are really the ONLY ones that helped me.

    You are suppose to out the hair mask in for 15 minutes.. but if I have time I leave it in for 1 hour and my hair is so crazy soft and beautiful after that 🙂


  41. Guadalupe Serr

    Hello Marzia!
    I used to have my hair with a lot of damage, but since i started to do rinses of apple cider vinegar (1/4 of it and 3/4 of water) oncea week. I have noticed a big change, its really soft and it feels super clean, because it washes off all the chemicals (like leftovers from all the products you use) in your hair. I recommend it a lot 🙂
    Hope you doing fine!


  42. foreverkatya

    oh sometimes it’s such a relief to know I am not the only one struggling with these hair issues! 🙂 Several days ago I got Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor-I use it instead of a conditioner- so far the best thing I tried(even better than the expensive Kerastase masks).


  43. Pamela Rubel

    Your hair looks fantastic! I have curly, dry and extra thin hair, so I cannot wash it very often. Also I stick to natural products or otherwise my hair gets very dry.


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