April 21st, 2016

Discovering another hidden treasure, in Brighton.


Another goal I for set myself in April, is to explore somewhere new, something I haven’t seen before. And so I asked Google about it, and the answer was clear: I needed to check out this tiny Toy Museum!


It’s located under the bridge of Brighton Station – an area I’m not too familiar with if not only because I bought my bike in the shop right in front of the museum. It’s a cool place, which eventually connects to the North Lanes.


When you enter the shop, you immediately see a reproduction of the majestic Royal Pavilion, the most stunning building in the city. The tickets to advance to the museum section are a little pricey – £6.50 – considering that it isn’t a big space, but that didn’t stop me!


Right when you walk up the stairs, to the museum level, you can admire some old toys, with a label stating their names and year of production. That fascinates me, and so I stayed in front of this display window for some time. Not going to lie, I wish I could have brought home a few of these, they are just too cute (okay, maybe even a bit creepy).



The coolest thing was to see the little train working, going through galleries, up the hills. It was the first time I’ve ever seen an RC train moving, I believe, and it was exciting. Not to mention that the miniatures totally reminded me of the tv series Wayward Pines, or how Felix used to call it mistakenly, Pine Wood Creek – haha!

Have you seen the show? If not, check it out! It’s very short, but I liked it.



The museum was overall very tiny, and most of the toys were only working on “special days” (as a piece of paper informed us after buying the tickets) so we didn’t see much action, but I’m still really glad I went there because I love seeing old stuff, and I had a great time with my friend Emma.



After the visit, I was left with the need to find something really old to add to my creepy collection: I decided to stop by Snoopers Paradise, and that’s where I found this lovely doll head!

What do you think about old toys? Do you find them interesting or do they just creep you out?



57 thoughts on “TOY MUSEUM.

  1. Makayla's World

    I have a mixed feeling on old toys, I find them both fascinating and also scary. I am a big horror movie go’er so I always love seeing movies where an old toy is the main horror part in the movie. So now every time I see an old toy I shutter, but then I remember that it has a history and meaning to it.


  2. theworldisnotagainstme

    Dear Marxia,
    I don’t know if you will ever read this but I had to try at least. Even though I’ve never met you, I feel like I know you and from what I’ve seen, you are an amazingly unique personality. You are extremely talented, funny yet somehow fascinatingly humble. I don’t usually gush like this but I just wanted to say how your posts and videos warm me to my core. They are all so different and creative. If only I could be friends with.
    Anyway, hope you have an amazing day.


  3. eilidhrose

    The toy museum seems so interesting! When i visit Brighton this summer I’ll definitely visit it! Are there any other quirky places you would reccomend? 🙂
    Old toys fascinate me, well infact anything old, but I’m always between the fascination and the creepiness! i love imagining who played with those toys and what their life wouldve been like, i love finding out the history behind old things!
    Enjoy your day, Eilidhrose x


    1. Dan

      Yay! come and see us at Brighton Toy and Model Museum! if you like toys and quirky old stuff, it’s definitely for you! Another good weird place to visit in Brighton is the Booth Museum of natural history. Loads of stuffed animals, skeletons and fossils. There are ghost walks around town (seems murder was quite the thing in Brighton in past decades) and of course you’ve got to see the Pavilion. It’s basically what Prince George thought an oriental palace should look like, and he wasn’t one to hold back.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Esra C

    Your friendship with Emma is so sweet! You’re both so difficult from each other, yet you have this amazing bond. Opposites really attract:)
    Btw, that baby head behind Emma kinda creeped me out when I first saw it. But it’s actually pretty cute☺️

    Love, Esra.


  5. Penguin Snacks

    Just had a terrible day at work, but I came home to find your new post! It’s so lovely to read about your experiences and share your adventures. It definitely got my mind off the bad day, so thank you so much! 🙂 Your visit to the toy museum sounds so cool, and your creepy doll head is awesome. I keep some skeleton arms in my car to scare people with (as a joke), and I think a creepy skull or baby doll head would be a nice addition to the prank 😀


  6. aryaistyping

    Hey Marzia!

    I find the old toys really fascinating and creepy at the same time but in a good way. I don’t know how to describe but I think you know what I mean. ^u^

    Seems like you had a lot of fun! Is this part going to be in the April Notes video?

    Have an amazing day, Arya.


  7. Karalee

    I saw wayward pines awhile back and I loved it! I didn’t care much for the ending though.
    I find old toys creepy especially dolls. I was given an old doll when I was a little girl and I had to give it away because I found it so creepy.
    But I want to visit Brighton now! There seems a lot of interesting and fun things to do there.


  8. Sammy

    I love old toys. I find them utterly fascinating. They tell so much about a life before mine, and they’re so vastly different to toys now. I find they have more character, and possibly hold so many secrets. My dad went here last year and he said it was interesting. I’ve never been though. I really don’t take advantage of how many little shops are in Brighton, that must change this summer.

    On a side note, pretty please where did you find that photo booth? It’s a long desire of mine to visit one, and i’ve never come across them!


  9. Vaishnavi

    Hey marzia
    That museum is adorable
    I would really luv to visit these kind of places
    U and emma are lookind cute in the pic
    Well when I was little I used to have many wax dolls
    I used to talk wid them & play wid them :-S
    I know that sounds creepy but they were so cute that I couldn’t resist myself from doing weird stuff
    I’ll check out the show
    Ok bye
    Take care
    Resume ur adventure 😉
    Luv u ❤


  10. spil401

    Hi Marzia

    I think I have mix feelings about them, I have a pair of porcelein dolls, my dad bouhgt them for me before I was born, for a long time I really didn’t like them because they freaked me out, so I asked m dad to keep them away from me and he locked them on a cabinet in his wardrobe.

    A couple of weeks ago I had an activity for my english class and I had to bring somthing old and strange so I thouhgt about the dolls. At the begining I was afraid since I get esaly scared for anything but then I saw the creepiness and the beauty that they have, they’re really adorable and cute. So I think I like them but I wouldn’t put them for decoration in my room or any other place.

    Btw Brighton seems like a fascinating place, I hope you have a good day :3


  11. BlackShiya

    Old dolls are okay I guess? I wouldn’t play or go near them but they don’t have to stay in the attic either. But if I see very old picture then hahaha nope 🙂

    P.s: I remembered your bag! Okay that’s it.


  12. Terri

    I love creepy things! I’m going to Brighton in May with my boyfriend for his birthday. Will definitely check these two places out! Right up our street!


  13. Gabriela

    They really creppy me out hahah! I don’t know, to me it looks like they are going to turn into devils at night and do something to me or my family.
    Love you Marzia! Have a lovely day 💗


  14. itstotulip

    Hi Marzia! Glad you had fun with Emma! You two are both beautiful and hilarious in those pictures!About old toys, I like them because I’m a sucker for nostalgia, as long as they are not dolls or doll heads!ahahah!Give me thieves and serial killers any time, but I’m a sissy when it comes to supernatural stuff!When I was younger I used to love horror, but then I wouldn’t be able to sleep properly, so I gave up!That’s until your book came out in Italy. My brother still makes fun of me because the night I finished it I couldn’t be alone!That shows my loyalty to you, though!ahahah!goodnight :*


  15. Carolina Vitória

    Aaaw Marzia!! I wish so much I had visited this as well, I love old toys, they have such a mysterious past hehe! You and Emma look so adorable together!!!

    I hope you have a lovely evening!

    Hugs from your Portuguese fan!


  16. alexia99blog

    I loooove old toys. I think it’s such a romantic (not in a loving way, but a nostalgic way) concept of them having belonged to one -or even more- person, holding their memories, happy and sad, an inportant part of their lives, that is. I think old toys are really special. There’s a tiny stuffed rabbit I have that I got back when I lived in Paris as a baby, which was given to me by magician who said it had been his for the last 60 years, in order to keep me from crying. Although of course back then I couldn’t have thought anything about it, today I’m really grateful because it’s the only old toy I have (not even my parents’) and I really like the idea of owning something that was/is meaningful to someone, and being able to add your own memories to it, making it even more special. I would like to go to that museum someday!


  17. Ellie

    I really find old toys fascinanting. I can literaly just stand there looking at somethin old for hours because I always think about the past of that object. I come up with many different stories and write them down. Once my friend found the book I write the stories in and now she thinks I am crazy. 😉


  18. cataclysmaftercataclysm

    My grandmother has a HUGE collection of antique dolls that she keeps all around her house, but most of them are in her living room in these antique display case type things. It’s a little creepy when you’re trying to sleep and there’s like 50 dolls just staring at you, but other than that I think they’re pretty cool! They have their own individuality. 🙂 My sister on the other hand, she can’t stand those dolls lol. They creep her out so bad that when we visit my grandma she refuses to sleep in the living room!


  19. Debora

    The doll head compliments your outfit perfectly 😄👌 I like to see old dolls like in photos or even in person, but never in my house! This is because when I was 4 my mom made me a life size Raggedy Anne doll which was actually bigger than me. 😦 She thought it was cute and would put her on top of my closet at night. Well, long story short.. I would sleep with a small lamp on in my room and if i would ever open my eyes all I would see was that creepy doll face smiling and staring down at me lol 😧😬😂 it’s funny now, but I refuse to have any dolls in my house because of this haha.. Enjoy the rest of your day Marzia 😊 love and hugs Deb 💙👉😘👈


  20. Melina

    Hi Marzia!

    I love how you write, it feels like I’ve been there with you.

    You are not a fan if Harry Potter, are you? There are quite some items there that I would definitely buy for my house. I can’t find things like that in Buenos Aires.

    I am seriously thinking about moving to Brighton, you make it seem like a perfect place. The other day I used google maps to go to the place you had the picnic and you wee absolutely right, it is wonderful.

    Love reading your posts!

    Greetings ❤

    P.S: Maybe you aren't getting as many comments as usual because there is no "read more" on the main page, you can read everything there. I had to click on the title of the post to get here.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. jessicaandlifeblog

    I really love old stuff overall, I just find fascinating the history they must have behind them and it has been through. Idk, I’m weird 😛
    Hope you had a great day, Marzia! Wishing to have a friend who understood me for the way I am just like you guys understand each other ❤


  22. Sona

    Even i thought of wayward pines when i saw the train, i got addicted to it After watching a fairly old video of yours where you suggested it. Can’t than you enough for it! Do keep suggesting on good shows like this for the future!
    Lots of love


  23. Olgiebear

    I really like your outfit! Looks so cool! I’ve always wanted a pair of knee high boots with a lot of laces. I find them so cool.


  24. Polly

    Wildly irrelevant to this post – I want you to know how impressed I am with you as an online presence, you have a great deal of followers and you use your voice to bring to their attention global issues that they may not otherwise have been aware of. It is rare and so refreshing to see someone in your position using social media platforms to bring to light issues that we as people have the power to change. You use your voice for more than most and I have so much respect for you because of that.


  25. Floortje

    Not gonna lie, they kind of just creep me out, haha! But I would like to see that museum some time! As long I don’t have to play with it and just look, I’m good 😛


  26. Sabine

    Hello, beautiful Marzia! 🙂

    I’ve been to a doll museum in my country (Latvia) a couple of years ago, where the dolls are absolutely amazing~! The museum is small, but the artist is VERY talented so the place is quite popular, for tourists as well.
    Here are some pictures of the dolls if you’d like to check them out:—dolls
    Also an additional experience to that is that you can dress up as a doll yourself and chill in the beautiful garden of the place 🙂
    I remember how I really wanted a green dress but none were available anymore so I got stuck with a pink one, the color I did not like at that time haha 😀 But it was a fun experience nevertheless 🙂

    Hope you have a great day,


  27. leathehatless

    The ticket sure is pricey but it does seem like a nice place to visit. Thanks for sharing your day. 😀

    OMG! Is that crates for Harry Potter behind you in the last picture? I need them. *-*


  28. Ana Stevenson

    Hi Marzia! This museum looks lovely! It reminds me of the dolls museum in Monaco. I went there when I was 15 years old, and it was so good! My friend didn’t like that much, she thought that the old dolls were too creepy (some of them definitely looked haunted). I think you’d like it though!
    Have you been to The Last Tuesday Society in London? I think you’d like that! It’s a bar/museum in East London. You can spot it straight away as they have lots of weird things displayed on the window. When you walk in it’s a bar with a few objects around, illuminated by candlelight. Downstairs is the actual museum – tiny but pretty interesting! You should definitely check it! :3
    Have a lovely weekend! X


  29. thewickedintrovert

    I find old toys (and other older things) to be interesting because of the history behind them. Even if I didn’t know the history, it’s still entertaining to speculate. Also, one of my favorite things to do is explore. Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit Brighton one day since it seems so eclectic and artsy!


  30. pritt glue

    Seems like such a cool place!! Would really like to visit. I really like looking at vintage/antique toys too, although the toys I buy are mostly geeky pop culture toys. When I see antique toys on sale on a shop, I kept thinking I shouldn’t be taking it from its acquainted family or some spirits might be angry hahaha.

    You have mad skills in travel journalism. I think one day you can make these blog posts into a traveler guide book for UK/Brighton! Marzia’s guide for the romantic traveler : Brighton. I would love to see that happen one day ❤


  31. Angie

    Is almost creepy and interesting at same time. I like trains and tiny village, and I love your boots! Haha! Really! I love this boots since you showed them for the first time.
    Well, anyway, this place looks interesting!


  32. abubbzlife

    I think they’re creepy, but really cool! I gave an oddities collection, and there are SO many weird things in it! I love my old photos out of all the quirky things I have! I love your personality, you are girly and fun but love horror movies and creepy things. We’d get along perfectly! 😀


  33. Alexandra

    When I was around 2-3 years old my parents bought me an old doll from a flea market. I really can’t remember any of it because I was very small but my parents told me that I started to talk to someone called “Nana”. They first thought it was just an imaginary friend but later they realized that it had something to do with the doll so they got rid of it and that was when I stopped talking to Nana. Thinking about it still creeps me out today eventhough I can’t remember any of it.
    xo Alex


  34. Anita Sissi

    Old toys usually creeps me out. especially dolls. Idk why, but my whole life dolls have been creeping me and I just can’t think about being in a room with old dolls starting at me.
    But, I do love teddybears and other toys!


  35. A Bluestocking's Blog

    I love this museum. Thanks for sharing! I also really enjoyed Wayward Pines. (I love anything by M. Night Shyamalan) I thought it was funny that Felix called it Pine Wood Creek because my brother could never remember the right name either! 😂I can’t remember what he called it though


  36. melaniesworldd

    I will definitely unclude this on my Brighton bucketlist! I would love to hear your suggestions on which places I have to visit!


  37. Dan

    Thanks for writing such lovely things about us here at Brighton Toy and Model Museum! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit and we all look forward to seeing you again soon.


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