April 19th, 2016

I haven’t done a lookbook here yet, so let’s fix that!


I would say that, at this time, I have 3 favourite online shops: ASOS, OLIVE CLOTHING and DAHLIA.

Right now I’m focusing on ASOS only, although there are a few items that are from other brands, and I will specify which ones. The items in each outfit were collected over time, but I will try my best to link you to everything.


I saw this dress a few weeks ago on the website, so it’s fairly new, and I instantly fell in love with not only the silhouette – with a fitted top and loose peplums at the bottom – but also with the amazing print. I feel like I haven’t worn these shades often in the past, but after trying this dress on today, I realised this colour scheme actually compliments my skin tone and hair pretty well! I also saw this lovely bag, which I immediately thought would go well with the dress and complete the look, adding a bohemian touch to it.



When I saw this pretty blouse, my mind instantly connected it to Italy – Sicily, to be precise. Not sure why, maybe because of the lemons? But anyway, I love the detailing on it,  and when I came across these pants, I knew I wanted to pair them together. I don’t know if you remember, but in my very first fashion line, back in Spring last year, I designed a pair of pants very similar to the ones I’m wearing here… and now it see them in all the shops. Not going to lie, it does make me feel good knowing that I included something so similar in my designs before it was even trendy. Still, they might  look strange, but they are fun, and it’s always nice to wear something a bit different. I completed the outfit by wearing shades and a pair of sandals.


COSY IN BED // Look 3

I realised only after having Felix taking these pictures, that you couldn’t really see this outfit, but I’m wearing a lovely pyjamas, which reminds me of something Wildfox would sell. It’s very comfy, and now that the weather is warming up, I can put away my thicker pyjamas and instead bring out the lighter ones! I’m wearing my prescription glasses, and if you are curios about the bedding, I found everything at HomeSense (I blogged about it).



This dress is the puffiest thing I own, I believe. It’s incredibly pretty, and I love how heavy the bottom is, contrasting the minimal top part. It has a lovely bow in the back, which adds an even more romantic feel to it, and I can totally see myself wearing this during summer events. I thought a flower crown would really complement the dress well, giving in an ethereal look.


BY THE SEA // Look 5

This is the kind of dress that I would just throw on in the morning and look like I put lots of time into getting ready. It’s a simple cut, with exposed shoulders and a lace hem. I like how versatile and easy it can be: right now it looks very sweet, but it could look boho if paired with boots and a belt. I will definitely get lots of use out of this, pretty soon!



With this outfit on, I feel like a bombshell (which we all know, isn’t usually my thing) as it embraces and shows off the curves I have and shows bits of skin in such a clever way. The blouse is minimal, but with the cold shoulders cut and thin fabric, it turns out to be somewhat sexy. The wrap skirt hugs my figure without showing too much: in fact, the length is longer than what I would usually got for, but the ruffles and the slit on the side add an edge to it.



And here you see me, wearing my last outfit for this post – probably my favourite – while having a laugh at the mess I’ve made! The whole reason why I felt inspired to make this lookbook is because of the lovely weather we have been having, so if you are experiencing it too, you could find some pieces and ideas for your own looks. I wore this pretty sun dress with the Daisy shoes I’ve designed a few years ago, as well as a little flower purse and a floppy hat.

If you enjoyed this post, maybe I could pick other brands to focus on and create another “WEEK IN…” later on.

But for now, I better go fold all those clothes!


144 thoughts on “A WEEK IN ASOS.

  1. Jenesaispas

    Ahhh sei bellissima! (one of the only things I know in Italian)
    The entire lookbook is great, but I especially love the dress in look four, it’s like something from a dream. And you look like a goddess in it.(❃•̤ॢᗜ•̤ॢ)✲*。♡

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nohelia.f

    Looove it! I don’t usually comment on nearly anything but I really liked this photos, not just because of the outfits, but because you look so happy and sweet (and the lighting is perfect).
    I’m having a feeling with your posts lately and it’s that I think you are feeling the need to explain yourself and even apologize for what you do… What I want to say here is that I know you have the strength to believe in you despite what other people say, so please believe in every single thing you are and you do, because it’s your life and you should decide how to spend it, you have always followed your heart and look how far you’ve got!
    I’m going through a hard transition now where I don’t know what I want to do with my life (and I’m almost 24 y/o), but talking with some older friends, I understood that is ok to take my time to find out how I want to lead my life, because is not what other people think about the decisions I make what’s going to make me happy at the end of the road.
    So, trust yourself, keep following your heart unapologetically, just do what you love and who cares… really. You’re not doing any harm, just leaving sweet pieces behind you.

    PD: Why do those reading glasses look so good on you? Can I see you wearing them more often? 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. beaspyrovano

    Ciao Marzia! Ti seguo da molto e vedo che compri spesso vestiti,magliette, scarpe e molto altro su ASOS. Non ho mai comprato su questo sito. Com’è la qualità dei vestiti? E le spedizioni sono precise?
    grazie in anticipo della risposta
    Baci, Beatrice

    Liked by 1 person

  4. R.

    I just ordered on Asos that pair of jeans with ruffles at the bottom and I’m kind of nervous because I fear they might be too long. Did you have this problem? I’m guessing we are kind of the same height, I’m 165 cm. Oh well, I’m guess I’m just going to have to wait and see.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Daisy

    I really like your vintage must be in your Italian blood 😉
    I hope that you’ll do more of your lookbooks I would be very interested where you get those nice brown ankle boots that you wore a lot.
    I’m searching for them so badly >.<

    Anyway you're so sweet and strong.
    Keep doing the things that you do because you make other people happy

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Daisy

    you have such a Great sense of style!
    you should do more look books where you show more of your super cute clothes.
    They’re all very nice and you look like a professional model.
    Can you maybe do a look book for your shoes?You always wear such nice shoes I especially liked the outfit with the flappy hat

    Liked by 1 person

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  8. Pamela Rubel

    You are so pretty! Love your style seriously. And now, two years after this post, these pants are still very popular, so yes, Marzia the trend setter is a thing WOOO.


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