April 18th, 2016

What a wonderful weather!



I have been wanting to take out my bike and go for a picnic for a while now. The last time I planned this with Felix, it decided to rain all day… but finally, today was the day!

Earlier today I went to the gym, the post office, met with a carpenter for the house, and finally, at lunch time, Felix and I were ready to go.

I made it a goal for this month’s “notes”, so expect a little vlog by the end of the month. But for now, I do have some pictures to share with you!


We decided to ride our bikes to Palmeira Square, where our favourite sandwich shop is: Tom’s. It a pretty tiny place, but we love going there because the owner is the nicest person, always remembers our orders, and his sandwiches are simply the best.

If you are ever in Brighton & Hove, make sure to get a few. You won’t regret it!


It also helps that it’s located in such a stunning area: from here, you get to look out at the ocean and the beautiful buildings. Not to mention the old Church, which adds to the atmosphere.


The pictures don’t do any justice to this place, but I think you can see what I’m talking about. Everything is just to cosy and picturesque.

In days like this I truly remember why I love Brighton so much. It’s a small city, with that old town feel but every comfort of a bigger city. It’s such a gem.


Felix and I had a great time, but because he just got back from Sweden he had to run back to work. Still, it was a lovely picnic, and I got very excited to share some photos with you!

I’m curious: where do you live and what’s one thing you absolutely love about it?


257 thoughts on “PICNIC.

  1. Lucy

    Hi Marzia. I live in Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is a nice place because of the good weather and its connection with nature, but the thing i love the most is that there is so much places to visit and a lot of activities to do in every one of them. Bogota have a lot of museums, parks, gardens, libraries, sport venues, etc. Every week people promotes various activities to do, some of them are free, so you will never ever going to get bored in that city.


  2. Savannah

    Hey Marzia!
    It looks like you have had a lovely day! So jealous🙂 You have a great taste in clothing too.
    I’m super excited to read your book. I sampled it on iBooks and the beginning is very interesting-can’t wait to read the rest! Also, I revived your subscription box in the mail! I ended up getting Stella marina instead of corallo but it’s ok. Very exciting stuff! But anyways, I wish you all he very best,and have a wonderful day!


  3. Reron

    I live in the North of France in a very small city and to be honest I wish I could go from there because I really don’t like it x)


  4. Amanda Legge

    Me and my husband have just booked for a weekend away to Brighton in August with our little pug Marshall. Your photos make me so excited to visit 🙂


  5. Vesna S-T

    I live in a very tiny little country town in Victoria, Australia. The nearest town is about 45 minutes away, and if I were to drive to Melbourne (capital of Victoria) it could take about 3-4 hours. My favourite thing about it is the quietness. I’ll ride my bike around and the only thing you can hear are the birds in the trees.


  6. Janniece Stephannie

    i live in Jakarta, Indonesia

    it’s nothing like Brighton, where you can ride a bike and simply enjoy the day. No.

    Here, there’s so much car that you can’t even leave the car window open, without choking. Like seriously. I know it sounds kinda sad, but i’m used to it haha

    One thing i like about my town is…probably there’s a lot of shopping malls

    my cousin whose currently living in LA said the malls here are 10 times better than the ones in LA, i dunno for sure because i’ve never been there

    so… Malls


  7. alexia99blog

    The photos are realy stunning 😮 I loved the tulips one the most. You also look very cool in the bike one :p and that of Felix and you is just so cute! I really love small towns, there’s such a nostalgic feeling to it. I live in a metropolitan Mexican city called Monterrey (one of the top 3 in the country, and definitely the most industrialised one). Because of its many industries, it’s more urban than anything, which I’m not really into except for the fact that there’s many shopping centres to love. What I do love about my city, though, is that it’s so diverse. In the same state, you find plenty -lots- of mountains that surround the city, pintoresque little Hispanic towns, woods, lakes and rivers, desserts, skyscrapers, modern architectonical buildings, beautiful deluxe homes, cultural centres -all in the same city.

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  8. Alexandra Delgado

    I live in Venezuela, Carabobo Valencia. I love form here that is a town where everyone knows everyone. Literally is such a tiny place in a tiny world

    Love u sweetheart ;D – Lex


  9. Alessandra

    Hi Marzia! I went to Brighton back in 2008 (it seems a life ago!) and I fell in love with it! As a (future) architect, the Royal Pavillon, the historical streets and the pier definitely stole my heart! I live in Caserta, so it’s pretty easy to choose what I love about this city – also because we do not have so many beautiful sites -: The Royal Palace, which was one of the locations for the Star Wars movies, episodes I, II and III 😁, the english landscape garden (il “giardino all’inglese”) is my favourite corner of the huge palace garden, I think you could like it as well! Hope you’re having a good day and a good weather there! Baci :3


  10. Machteld de Jong

    I live in holland and there is almost nothing to do I live all the way up to the north.
    but what I do love about it is that we have delicious licorice that I love ❤


  11. alicesuworld

    Lovely ! You’re bike is so cute !

    I’m leaving un French Brittany in a little town, but my dream is to leave in a cute town in UK because i love the architectur and there is so much thing to do 🙂


  12. pennyiblog

    I live in Greece and I couldn’t be prouder. The weather never fails to amaze me with such warm, sunny days in April! But apart from that I love our landscapes. I live in Athens but nevertheless, just half an hour away,a stunning beach with crystal water awaits for me. The fact that I live in Athens also gives me the opportunity to visit the Acropolis and Plaka which is one of my favorite experiences!
    P.S. I know you’ve visited and I really hope you enjoyed it; I really think it’s a worthy destination, especially in summer!


  13. Shauna

    I’ve been living in Galway city, Ireland for the past few years and I honestly think you should visit sometime Marzia, its a small chilled city right on the sea, just like Brighton and has so much history and beauty, its not like any city I’ve ever been to 😊 thought I’d say it since you like travelling so much and I think you’d enjoy it or even just to see the scenery along the west coast of Ireland, it’s gorgeous! 👌 keep being you, Shauna ✌

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    1. Maru

      I am from Venezuela, and I used to live in Ireland fro 3 years. Were the best 3 years of my life! 🙂 and I also think Marzia should go some day to visit it. It is simply lovely, friendly and cosy.


  14. Douaa

    Hey Marzia !
    I’ve been a part of your community for a year now, yet i have never commented in one of your videos / photos / Posts. But still, i’m keeping up with all of it.
    To answer your question, i live in Morrocco, in a town called Casablanca exactly ( yes the name is in spanish ), it’s not the smallest city so far but i love how we can find like four kind of places that doesn’t connect with eachother in the same area, like, nothing is mixed, you can fin a big modern mall but turn back a few streets and find a really old place ! That’s what i love about here.

    All my love. ~ Douaa.


  15. AkaneChaan

    I live in Norway, in a town not far from the country/seaside but also not far from the city life. It sounds perfect but my past and the people there sickens me, people change with time and I’ve learned who my real friends are. Either way, me and my boyfriend now live together in his hometown. It’s a small quit town far from the city life, we got a few stores and It’s really perfect. I enjoy the quiet, though my boyfriends feels the same way I do about my hometown, so we agreed to move somewhere we both can enjoy ourselves. We still gotta figure out where but we will get there eventually.
    My favourite places in both these towns are by the ponds. Duck-ponds to be exact. Feeding the ducks and other birds are like the place I can feel at ease and truly forget everything around me and what’s happening in my life for even a brief moment. I dunno it sounds really cliché but it’s really something I enjoy.


  16. athenadm

    Hi Marza 🙂

    I live in Sydney, Australia and I don’t really know what I like about it here, I guess one thing I like is that there are A LOT of shopping centres even though I don’t like going shopping that much 😛


  17. Stine

    I live in a small town called “Godthåb” in Denmark. My favorite thing is probably the small bridge, that is hidden in the edge of a forest. It’s such a beautiful place, especially when everything is green. My best friend and I, always meet there in the summer, just to talk and enjoy the nature. There is also a pond right by the bridge, where we feed the ducks and swans. 🙂


  18. Tatiana

    Hi Marzia! I live in South of Brazil, Santo Ângelo. And i love that we have so much history in our town, we live next one of unesco´s world heritage – Ruínas de São Miguel das Missões – and the town is a antigue Jesuitic Reduction. We dont have an airport yet, but is a nice place to meet someday.

    keep up the good work! Sucess! Hugs


  19. Luana

    Hello Marzia!! I live in São Paulo, Brazil. My favorite thing about my city are the different cultures, there is people from everywhere and know them is always a delightful experience.


  20. Theresa

    Hey Marzia 🙂

    I live in a small town in Germany and even though there are no shops, cafes or even a post office I love it to live here, because you only need to walk 500 metres to get in the nature.

    There is a beautiful lake not far away from my home, where I like to just sit on a bench and watch the water and the swans, which are swimming on top of it.
    And if you walk only a little bit more you’ll get to a small forest which seems like you just got teleported into an old german fairytale.

    I really love watching your videos, but I enjoy reading your blog even more, because it always seems like you feel so cheerful writing your entrys and that makes me happy too.

    Love Theresa


  21. Ella Brown

    I live in Gold Coast, Australia. It’s so warm here! The beach is so clean, and a lot of the people are really nice here! I love this blog Marzia, please continue to do this!


  22. SophiaMission20

    I live in Cebu, Philippines. I guess what I love about my place are the beaches. Absolutely stunning! And Island Hopping activities as well! I wish I could give you and felix a tour here in Cebu! 🙂 I love your blogs so much! It’s fun to read! Have a great day!


  23. sakuraichune

    Hi Marzia! First of all, I loved the songs you shared on your previous blog post, I can’t keep listening to them. Especially Hollow Coves.
    I live in Istanbul, Turkey. Though we have so many troubles going on in our country, you always find something to love. Istanbul is a fascinating city, I love the history and how you can find everything here both modern & oriental. But the thing I love the most has to be the sea & Bosphorus. I love hoping on a ferry to go the other side of town, embracing the beauty of the sea and beautiful homes & buildings, historical buildings, palaces ypu see along the way. 🙂


  24. Maru

    Hi Marzia,

    I used to live in Dublin fro 3 years, where the best 3 years of my life, since as you said, Dublin is a small city VERY SMALL but with the comfort of a big city and old buildings and new ones as well. So the contrast is perfect.
    If you haven’t gone to Dublin, you should Marzia, it is beautiful.

    I am from Venezuela, I think I am the only Venezuelan who comment the most in your posts and send you many tips and advices through your Instagram account haha. I live in Caracas, big city, messy and loud, but amazing people. Unfortunately it is currently controlled by EVIL and BAD people, I don’t know if you have heard about it but we are going through a horrible situation at this moment, just staying at home and reading blogs, books and watching movies are the only way to escape a bit from reality.

    I hope things will be better soon, I am just wondering which will be the country I will live in next. haha

    Kisses 🙂



  25. Pamela Rubel

    Brighton looks like a beautiful little city! I currently live in Montpellier, a city in the south of France, and I find it so charming and green. There is a small river a few steps from my apartment, a pond with swans, ducks and beavers, there are nice parks, the sea, many beautiful old buildings from the roman era, even an aqueduct, and just in general it is charming, young and lively. I will be sad when I leave this place.


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