April 17th, 2016

Happy Sunday!


I had plans for this weekend, since Felix went to Sweden I wanted to get lots of work done and prepare for my parent’s visit next week… little did I know that all my plans would change.

Back on Friday night, when Felix left, a new episode of Good Morning Call came out. The temptation to watch without him was strong, but I resisted and decided, instead, to click on a suggested show on Netflix: Terrace House.


I had no idea what it was about – from the description, it seemed like Big Brother (which I don’t enjoy) BUT, but. IT’S THE GREATEST SHOW EVER.

Okay, maybe not. But I got hooked instantly.

There is 6 strangers living on this amazing house: 3 males and 3 females. They get to carry on with their lives, go to work, go on dates… and it’s so well done it almost seems like a movie, but it’s not scripted (they point that out in the beginning of each episode haha).

There were 18 episodes out, and without shame, I can say I watched them all already. This means my Saturday was spent in front of the laptop, in bed, snacking.

At one point yesterday there was a hailstorm, and it was the cosiest thing ever. I made a fire, and about 30 minutes later, the sun came out. Maya and I (Edgar was keeping company to a friend) went down to the beach to watch the sunset.


Everything was so calm. The sea was still. No wind (strangely). It was wonderful.

And at that moment I realised I wanted to share with you some more music I’ve been listening to. I’m always looking for new songs, especially now that I have a car, because I’m the kind of person that still makes CDs instead of plugging in the phone.

So here are a few titles, click on them to watch the videos. I hope you will enjoy listening to them!

  1. Hollow Coves – The Woods;
  2. Simen Mitlid – Vacation;
  3. Cinders – Hope You Do.


Fast forwarding to the night, I’m so smart that I’ve been watching creepy videos online till late, and so when I needed to go to sleep, I decided to keep the bathroom light on, so that it could illuminate softly the bedroom.

I was about to fall asleep when I felt like it was getting darker around me (even if I had my eyes closed, if there is a change in light I can “see it”). I open my eyes and see that the light is off; I don’t let it bother me, thinking that the lightbulb probably broke.

About 5 minutes later, the light goes back on. At this point I get slightly creeped out, so I collect my blanket and sit up straight, looking at the door.


Nothing for a few minutes, until I hear a clear noise coming from the bathroom, as if someone is walking around (I have wooden floorboards that are very old). I still try to keep things rational in my head, thinking that it could be coming from upstairs, as my neighbours can be quite loud, especially during the weekend. But right after that noise, the light goes off again.

I decide to get up, using my phone as torch since I don’t even have a lamp on my bedside table to get some light out of. I reach the door and turn off the light (which was already off) just to avoid seeing it turn on again.

I go back to bed, take my laptop and put on a Good Mythical Morning playlist, aka the only thing that will never fail to make me fall asleep. Not because I find it boring, but because I’ve seen those videos so many times and find Rhett and Link’s voices very comforting. I know, it might seem weird, but it works!

Anyway, what have you been up to for the past few days? Do you have any songs you want to share with me?





PS. Thank you so much for the amazing support I got after writing my latest blog post, it means a lot!

184 thoughts on “THIS WEEKEND.

  1. niraeth

    That’s so unreal right now, Marzia!
    I also listen to GMM when I get creeped out and can’t sleep. You just made my day better like you do with all your blogposts and videos.
    Thank you for being you, you’re such a great human with a beautiful personality.
    Love you, x


  2. Vicky

    That sounded reaaaaally creepy, I couldn’t fall asleep after that! And if you want to hear some new music out, I would recommend you to listen to Zella Day, she’s awesome, yet so underrated. Love you!


  3. joleneg12

    Hi Marzia,

    Thanks for sharing such amazing songs with us! 😀 I’m currently listening to The Woods by Hollow Coves and I LOVE IT. In return, I’m sharing a song that has been my absolute favorite ever since I first listened to it. It’s called “Room” by Liza Anne. She’s not well known, but her voice is nice, at least in my opinion. “Room” is a little sad, but it’s so pretty at the same. ^_^ I hope you listen!

    Here’s the link:

    – Jo Gov


  4. Maru

    Hi Marzi,
    I like it when people recommend me new music, since music is my Element and I would rather to listening to music than watch tv, big time! Let me recommend you some of my favs.

    I know you will like this one.. is Aurora.

    And if you haven’t heard this one, I will introduce it to you. To me he is amazing and one of my favorites, I don’t know how come he does not have millions of fans, that is crazy!
    He is Thomas Azier and this is one of many songs I love!

    Love all your posts and personality, you will always be one of my favorites influencers ever! Keep it creepy and lovely!

    Kisses from Venezuela,



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