April 14th, 2016

I received this comment on my latest post.


Clearly, I took the chance to reply, and now, write a whole post about it.

It’s not so much that I’m upset, but rather that I want to use this to bring up a subject I care about.

Growing up, my passions were art, fashion and writing. The main thing about me is that I’ve always been a creative kid. I loved art, my drawings and paintings were often chosen to display and I felt like I had something I was really good at.

From very little, all I knew was that I wanted to have a job that would allow me to be creative, it didn’t matter what it was, as long as I could have fun experiencing with things, allowing my creative side to come out.

In middle school, when I had to pick to which high school to go to, I instantly knew art and fashion were the subjects I was drawn to. Although writing and Italian literature were something I was very good at, I still wanted to pursue art school. Unfortunately, back then, my parents thought that art would waste my talent for writing and languages in general. So I followed their suggestion and ended up picking something in the middle: tourism and economy. This means that my knowledge for subjects I wasn’t to keen for became something I just had to learn, leaving my main passions aside. I studied English, French and Spanish, and quickly enough I discovered something about myself: I loved speaking French, I had a talent for it, and I enjoyed learning a
bout the culture. I also enjoyed more and more things related to travel, which before never really crossed my mind. To this day, I get all excited when I get to plan a trip, and not just if it’s for me, but even for other people.


So by picking a school that wasn’t really the perfect match, I enlarged my interests and learnt things that I wouldn’t have if I only pursued art school. And after years, I am grateful for that. While in school, I hated it for the first few years, I wanted to change. But eventually I went through with it, and now traveling and speaking foreign languages is something that dominates my life.

The bad side of this is that I never had the chance to fully developed my true interests, on a professional level. All the things I make, just come from my own skills and knowledge, as I was never taught the basics.

This is why, after high school, I signed up for university, picking Art History. It was my chance to learn what I had been craving for so many years.


But I believe that wasn’t my path: that summer I met Felix. As you all know, my friend Daizo found his videos and shared them with me. We eventually met up after a few months; I remember him hitting 10’000 subscribers while visiting me in Italy.


At this point of my life I had two options:

  1. Go for the “easy” road. I would go to school, get my degree, possibly move to Paris and work in the art field;
  2. Give all that up and follow my instinct.


Not going to lie. After spending weeks thinking about it, I texted Felix saying I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t possibly risk everything for something I didn’t know how it would play out. I had an easy, clear life path ahead of me, and it seemed silly to let it go.

A few days after, the realisation came to me: I didn’t want to be afraid just because I didn’t know what to expect; I wanted that excitement in life, even if it was going to be harder.


And so I packed my bag, said goodbye to my family, my friends, my pets, my car and my “planned out life”. I bought a ticket to Sweden, without knowing for how long I would stay, and rented a tiny flat in Partille with Felix. The rent was very low, but seemed so high for us: he was only getting started on Youtube, I was leaving my CV everywhere I could while dog sitting lots of dogs at the craziest times of the day and night. It was difficult, but we were trying our best, and we were happy and grateful to be together.

The first Christmas approached. I met Felix parents for the first time, who gave us some money as a gift, which we decided to spend on Maya.


Right after that, I made the decision of opening my channel. I didn’t address the fact that I was Felix girlfriend in the beginning, because already then I didn’t want to just be associated with a person, especially if I didn’t do the same kind of thing. I wanted to simply have a corner where I could share things with people. Eventually I gave in and allowed Felix to be in my videos; he was a massive part of my life, and there was no way I could stay detached from it. Unfortunately this meant that since the very beginning, and probably for as long as I will be online, most people will really ever recognise me as “PewDiePie’s girlfriend”. Not that I mind covering that role, I just always wished that people would address me like any other person – for the individual I am.

I talked about this topic over and over, so I’m not going to stay on it for too long, although it always hurts to see how no matter what I achieve, completely on my own, I will always being associated to Felix and my success will be partly credited to him. Surely, I’m well aware that being who I am helped, and I am grateful for that, but I also believe that if people stick around is because of what I have to offer.

The saddest thing is that not only random people that came across my online profile act this way, but even big companies and the press only see me that way. They don’t focus on my potential, they focus on who I’m with. I had so many press interviews that were just trying to get a scoop or juicy details with my relationship with Felix. That’s all they care about, and it’s low to reach out to someone just so they can ask about somebody else.

The worse thing, recently, is how my book has been marketed, heavily pointing out how I’m PewDiePie’s girlfriend – when my book has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Justine Magazine_April-May_DREAM HOUSE.JPG

All of this to bring to attention how, no matter how hard I try, anything I achieve never seems to be credited to me, fully. And it’s exhausting. It’s almost as if I have to keep proving myself, showing that I’m just as good as any other person. If you compare me to other Youtubers, on a professional level, I always stick to my upload schedule, I always come up with ideas for my content, I have a clear voice and vision, I put as much effort as anyone else when it comes to putting together and editing a video. And that’s just a small part of what my job requires.


Do I excel in anything? No. But do I fail in anything? No.

I just do my best. I do what makes me happy.


You will never get top quality content from me. I’m not a perfectionist, I’m just a creative person. To me, this means that over having the perfect and most beautiful video out there, I prefer to constantly come up with new ideas and content. Creating is the keyword here. That’s what I love to do. Sometimes is raw, sometimes is polished; other times is silly, while others is meaningful. Anything that I’m feeling will translate in my videos, they don’t need to be the greatest masterpiece.

Because I’m not a masterpiece, I’m a work in progress. And I like to be this way, because that means I will never feel like I’ve reached everything I want, as I always have new interests and I keep growing as I learn.

I wouldn’t want to be great at something, because I prefer to be able to enjoy the many different aspects that life has to offer.

Society tells us that we need to study, find a job, make a living to support our families.

I had so many sleepless nights over this, because I never felt like I was the kind of person that could pick something specific when there is so much to learn, experience and love. When I go after something, that could be a writing a book, drawing a painting, filming a show, designing a collection… I do it for me. I don’t expect success and greatness, what I’m after is personal growth while achieving dreams and goals.

I’m extremely happy with all the decisions I made in my life; nothing ever come easy for anyone, but you can make the best out of each situation if you let your passions guide you and truly follow your heart. I regret nothing and I’m so glad life brought me so much joy, but I keep working hard and never take anything for granted. If my life is shaped the way it is, it’s thanks to the way I am. I could have easily taken a safer route, but taking a chance was such a better and more satisfying experience: now I not only get to work in the field of my dreams, but I don’t need to worry about picking a certain topic to focus on. I can travel, paint, write, film, edit, design and create anything I wish… all at the same time! And it’s certainly not to fall under a label, as most people think – it’s in fact the opposite. I want to be seen as more than just a writer, or a fashion designer.

I have more depth and layers than that, which a label wouldn’t capture.


Even if people push me to do something or be a certain way, and criticise me for “sliding” and not being able to pick a field to excel in, I’m completely okay with how I’m building my life and I’m looking forward to achieve new goals, as well as learning and experiencing as much as I can in life.


Don’t limit yourself to something you know because you are afraid that otherwise you won’t succeed. Don’t do something just because you are expected to from other people.

Enjoy the process of discovering yourself, it’s way more rewarding.



624 thoughts on “MY LIFE PATH, SO FAR.

  1. seaturtlequeen

    You inspire me to speak up for myself.
    I would always let people talk down to me but slowly I’m finally standing up for myself. Thank you Marzia.


    1. Kph

      Hi Marzia..
      Just before this post..
      All I was trying to find was your and pewdiepies love story..
      And although before reading this post of yours
      I also had d same opinion that others have that u r famous because of pewdiepie and I literally feel ashamed of it..

      Because after reading Ur blog and Ur heart out..
      I realised u r a person with opinion,dream thoughts and a zeal to become a better person..
      And from today..
      I love pewdiepies pies video
      Bt I m a real admirer of you as a person..

      And I will follow
      Not because u r his gf..
      Bt because u really touched a chord of heart..❤️❤️❤️
      Lots of love…
      Krishna Priya harsh.

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  2. Peter

    Marzia, you will never know how much this post resonates with me! I am a very shy person and I am afraid of doing pretty much anything just because I can’t fathom the idea of failure or how it will look to others. I wouldn’t call myself a “people pleaser” but in some way I don’t want to seem awkward or lost or not in place when I do something. I am a perfectionist, even though lately I’ve been thinking if this is just an excuse to conceal my fear of going “out there” and actually doing something. The thing is that because of that I would love to have a life plan, something to follow and set a destination where I want to get to, later in life but I also believe the same with you that, I don’t want to excel in anything, I want to be able to do whatever I want and not be narrowed by a choice that I have to make in a couple of months(I am about to finish high school). I can’t even understand the concept of choosing A SINGLE THING to do in your life and not be able to see,hear,touch all those things that life has to offer! But everyone is like “get in uni, get a degree,find a job, live a “normal” life”. I want my life to be calm and peaceful but that doesn’t mean that i have to do what everyone else is doing, I want to live the s**t out of my life, grow old and say “Yes, I am happy with what I’ve become” not be 40 and regret every choice that I’ve maid! But I can’t do that because as I stated, I am afraid that I will end up doing nothing and growing old living in the same house with my parents and no friends because every one else will be on the “path” they chosen with their degrees and and stuff and I will be by myself not being able to even find a job because I won’t be qualified for it. I DON”T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE, I’M 18 AND I’m EXPECTED TO CHOOSE WHAT I WANT TO DO!


    1. Joana

      You’re exactly like me!! Honestly, I’m also gonna end high school in a year and i just can’t decide what i want to do in life! You just have to find something outside of the choices you are given at school. Since i was little my one and only dream is to travel the world, so i just see this job thing as a means to make money, thats why i just cant decide! I need the money to llive my dream but at the same time i dont want to waste half my life on a crappy miserable job, that same job for 30 years, just to live the other half happy! Just think about things that make you happy, hobbies and look in places you have never looked before, and im sure you’ll find it


  3. Benedicte

    Marzia you are such an amazing person, never forget that. The path you have chosen for your life is great and everyone should respect that. I think what you do is amazing, you have the most amazing talent and we Marzipans love you, never listen to haters.


  4. Avi

    OMG! yess, I always have a multiple interest in many field too! and some people always told me to stick to one.
    But I disagree with that kind of thought, I don’t see why we can’t be many things in life, and so much more than that!!

    Keep doing what you do, we’ll sincerely support you! ❤


  5. Jasmine

    Can we all please appreciate how good Marzia’s English and grammar is… Also, being new to the Youtube world i found out about you before Pewdipie so i associate him as Marzia’s boyfriend.

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  6. Jazmine

    What an insightful post. It’s great to read what you have to say, and for you to be open enough to let it all out there. You seem like a really mature and great person.

    I actually found you about a year into your channel, when looking up fashion videos. Like many others, I had no idea that you were with Pewds (I actually didn’t know who he was at the time). I loved your videos and I still love them! The fans that watch your videos are there because the enjoy your content, however, I do see what you mean about you constantly being attached to Pewds. I’ve heard comments giving partial credit of your success to him, and things along that line, in an attempt to bring down your videos and discredit them.

    Anyway, I love your videos. I hope at some point people grow up and you are allowed to bask in your own success.


  7. joleneg12

    To me, you are not known as PewDiePie’s girlfriend, but as Marzia Bisognin, a professional YouTuber, designer, author, and so many other wonderful traits that describe only a small portion of who you are. Keep it up, Marzia. 🙂

    Jo Gov


  8. kietsiekat2

    Dear Marzia,

    I know what its like to take the road less travelled. It’s hard and people doubt you all the time. From what I’ve seen you are a very driven and inspiring person.
    I hope that more people would get the messages you try to convey rather than try and bring you down for it. I know that people like to feel “safe”… I wish it were different.. but fear is a big obstacle for some people to climb over.

    Don’t ever stop being you just because of someone else.
    Keep dreaming. Keep living.



  9. Anna

    Dear Marzia,

    This is such a great post! Now I admire you even more, oh my God (I thought it was impossible, lol).
    I just wanted to say that you’re the inspiration for me. I love your style, which is perfect, and that’s what I want to achieve one day. I’ve been watching your videos for (I think) almost 3 years, and I’m not sure if I will ever unsubscribe.
    You are so creative, beautiful and smart — I hope you know this without our help 😀
    You’re making me more confident about myself, making me try to be a better person. This is so cool.
    And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who thinks like this about you. There’s a lot of people.
    Of course, there’s always gonna be haters and… well, not very smart people, but we can’t help it. So we need to stay strong and be cool. :3
    Keep being yourself, Marzia. We love you. ❤

    Lots of love from Russia,

    P. S. I'm going to start learning Italian, thanks to you UwU


  10. Ashley Dizon


    You are such an inspiration to me. I recently just quit art school because I was overwhelmed with the thought of the work place I’d be in for the rest of my life. My major was animation with a focus on 3D modeling. I just felt like it didn’t allow me to be creative. Especially in a professional work environment because I’m basically going off on other people’s art to create 3D models.

    I’m currently just focusing on trying different things that I always wanted to do. I love watching your channel because it reminds me that it’s okay to not be focused on one career path. Everyone pressures me to, but I just want to be happy and try, well, everything!

    What I’m trying to say is, thank you for all you do and all that you are. I hope to meet you someday traveling! 🙂


  11. ifilmer

    I admit to having those kinds of thoughts you describe when I was first introduced to your content. But I’ve learned from that, actually thanks to you.
    You have such a unique and charismatic personality. And you’ve helped me see that it’s okay to be free and change what you like and go after several things because it’s all a part of each persons own personal growth. Not cultural standards we have to follow.
    Anyway, I hope you’ll be satisfied in knowing that there are still some of us who do care and follow you. The only you that will exist. Just like we all are. 🙂


  12. Vale

    I hope you’ll read this even though this post is quite old:

    It had been a while since I visited your blog. You’ve been my favorite youtuber since I first saw your videos back in 2012 and I’ve always known that you were different from the rest, in a sense that you were creating the same content (hauls, diy’s, look books, etc) and I had never been a fan of those kind of videos.

    I watched yours out of curiosity and I noticed that you were pretty entertaining to watch. The way you express yourself is unique and your videos aren’t as long as many others are, and that’s what makes them easy to watch. I like someone who goes straight to the point and that has something more to offer than just a face full of makeup and nice clothes.

    To this day you’re the only youtuber that I can watch and never skip any videos, I couldn’t watch anyone else’s fashion or makeup videos because they don’t have the same touch that you have, your vlogs back when you were in LA were a perfect example of someone who can make 3 minutes feel like 15 and still keep you entertained and the same goes to all of your content.

    It’s hard for people to stop seeing you as a part of someone else at this point. In Argrntina (and I’m not sure if anywhere else) we have a saying that goes “hazte la fama y échate a dormir”, earn your reputation and then go to sleep. Because it’s hard to come out of it. And I say wake up, and show that you have more to offer. Because you do, and because I’ve seen it. You’re creative and original. And many people realize that and many other don’t. Keep your head up and keep showing that you are more than people think you are, surpass yourself and surpass other people’s expectations.

    You have support coming from all sides, you have the capacity and you have a lifetime to make the best out of anything you propose.

    I made a post about you a year or two ago that I think you liked on tumblr, talking about exactly what you said on this post, when you compared yourself to other creators and how proud you seemed when you said you haven’t failed. And it’s true, and I don’t see you as another youtuber. You are true to yourself and to your viewers, you’re not desperate for views or money and your content changes. I see other creators and they keep doing what they’ve been doing since 2010 and my God do they get the recognition they want. It seems like anyone is capable of doing anything just for some attention, but you’re different because you put effort on what you do, you care, how many people know how easy it is to get money and they don’t even put any effort onto their channel because they know they will get views anyway. Anyone can do that nowadays, and I’m glad your channel is unique and full of personality. I admire you and congratulate you. Feel special because you are, and don’t lower your head before someone else’s ignorant words. You’re more than that, Marzia.

    Much love,


  13. Amelia Brett

    Hey Marzia ^^

    I know this is kinda late for commenting, but I recently came back to this post because I relate to it so much and needed some inspiration…You see, I’m in a very similar situation to what you had when you first met Felix.

    I’m 19 years old and started my first semester of college as an art student, when I met my boyfriend in December. He’s from Germany and I’m from the U.S., so the distance was pretty far between us. We messaged back and forth and he flew over a few times, but I didn’t want to stay separated from him. So this summer, I chose to buy a plane ticket and gave up my stable life back home. I’m now in Germany trying to settle down, but it’s been hard. Reading about your struggles has made it easier to realize that I’m lucky to have this chance and have so many oppurtunities that I wouldn’t have had before 🙂

    So thank you for writing something so inspring ❤ I love your posts and think you're a great Youtuber, blogger, and creative mind all on your own.

    Much love from Germany,


  14. Grace

    Marzia i love u, ur videos, and everything that u do! U and felix is like the epitome of relationship goals, fiction and nonfiction. Pls dont stop being u, and nvr lose urself, have that piece of u in anything u do probably til u die. Remember that there is always ur family (by blood) and internet fans (like me) that maybe not reach out to u, but know, we are silently supporting u in whatever u do. Sorry i cant buy any of ur clothes yet (coz im from Indonesia, too far to buy ur stuffs, espcially subscribing to ur monthly box) but i luv the things u do, ur inspiring in every way (so far that ive seen) thru ur openess to respond to every critics and not just ignore, U ACTUALLY FACE THEM! and thats amazing for me.

    Luv, Grace


  15. T.M.H. (@Mstilinski0)

    i said this before on a YouTube video of yours. i will say it again. i started watching pewds and subscribed to him because of you. Not gonna lie i didn’t like pewds’ videos the first time i saw them 3 years ago, but last year i decided to check him out again, and see why people are talking about him every where. That is where you came in i saw one of your collabs cant remember which one , and i was like OMG SHE IS SO CUTE , and then i checked your channel. i liked your style ,cute but simple you are kind of a tomboy but not really i kind of felt like we are the same. After watching almost every video pewds is not in on your channel i started watching the Melix videos. AFTER that and ONLY AFTER THAT i started liking felix and understand his humor. and recognized him for a while as your boyfriend and tbh the name “pewdiepie” for an Arabic native speaker is not easy to pronounce XD XD so for me it was the other way around.
    anyway that wasn’t helpful at all but on another note you can deal it the way Alfie deals with people calling him zoella’s bf just make fun of it


  16. ETS Salcid

    ‘1. Go for the “easy” road. I would go to school, get my degree, possibly move to Paris and work in the art field;’
    – Ahh, yes, going to school and getting a degree and possibly moving to Paris and have the luxury of working in the art field, are all “easy.” All those things will never be easy for most people in the world, Marzia. And they will just remain dreams to them. You claim you “never take anything for granted” yet you so simply state how all those things that are dreams and will just remain dreams for millions of people around the world are so possible for you by virtue of you having well-off parents who can afford to give you that lifestyle.

    “Eventually I gave in and allowed Felix to be in my videos; he was a massive part of my life, and there was no way I could stay detached from it.”
    – …didn’t you show him and clearly label him as Pewdiepie among your first five or so videos? If, as you say, you truly “just always wished that people would address me like any other person – for the individual I am” then why create a YouTube name so similar to his and oh so casually make sure he shows up practically every month in your channel and get a million views or more for once? Grow up, Marzia. You are in your mid-twenties already. Accept the fact that you milked your boyfriend’s fame as much as the “big companies and the press” do when mentioning you. It’s all about reach. Pewdiepie has the widest reach of any person on the Internet, and as his girlfriend, you can’t seriously feel “hurt” that people can’t let go of that fact.

    “If you compare me to other Youtubers, on a professional level, I always stick to my upload schedule, I always come up with ideas for my content, I have a clear voice and vision, I put as much effort as anyone else when it comes to putting together and editing a video. And that’s just a small part of what my job requires.”
    – Are you saying other YouTubers don’t stick to their upload schedules, don’t have original ideas for content, and don’t have clear voices and visions? I don’t think I am being unreasonable. You asked us to compare. And so I ask you that. By the way, you can’t fool people past your target 12-year old audience regarding your “ideas” for your so-called “content.” Poking holes in watermelons might be something you and your 12 year old fans think is “creative” but…come on Marzia. You’ve been to school and are in your mid-twenties. You claim to have always been a creative person. Can you seriously say that was creative? Rubbing your hair with a pillow? Creative? Admit it, you were just doing your best to appear cute.

    “Do I excel in anything? No. But do I fail in anything? No.”
    – You sure failed at writing a good book and having affordable clothing lines with outfits made from comfortable garments that are not horribly cut.

    “I prefer to constantly come up with new ideas and content.”
    – Marzia, most if not all your cooking videos are something other people came up with, and which you so shamelessly passed off as something you thought of yourself, if not outright said it, then sure as heck acted so.

    “I wouldn’t want to be great at something, because I prefer to be able to enjoy the many different aspects that life has to offer.”
    – Whatever made you think you can only “enjoy the many different aspects that life has to offer” by refusing to be “great at something”? And you claim to “keep working hard” what is the point of doing so if not to excel and yes, be great at something?

    “I don’t expect success and greatness, what I’m after is personal growth while achieving dreams and goals.”
    – Can you truly say you’re growing as a person? Your voice which you claim at all isn’t fake still sounds like something your nine-year old self admired from watching anime and imitating what the girls there sound like. And what achievements can you say have made you grow as a person? You’re still so dependent on your boyfriend and can’t even get past a month or so without featuring him on your channel to get more views.

    “you can make the best out of each situation if you let your passions guide you and truly follow your heart.”
    – That is definitely something you are lucky enough to experience, but have you ever considered that simply just isn’t possible for people who are far less fortunate than you? People who live in third world countries for example? Yes, Marzia, there are Asian countries that are not your favourite South Korea or Japan where people suffer a lot, and to whom your beliefs are utterly worthless. Grow up, Marzia. You are old enough already. If you get over speaking in that little girl voice, your brain might develop.

    “Don’t limit yourself to something you know because you are afraid that otherwise you won’t succeed. Don’t do something just because you are expected to from other people.”
    – Ah, but you see, lots of people actually have others depending on them and expect them to do well and succeed, otherwise their lives would become much worse.

    I’m done here. I hope someday you can be more self-aware and yes, truly think of others besides yourself.


    1. marziabisognin

      This saddens me so very much. So much attacks in here, when plenty of people live a life similar to mine and can relate: they might come for different backgrounds, but everybody is allowed to feel a certain way and have different interests in life. If you don’t personally sit down with me and have a good talk, you can’t expect to know all about my life, and so expressing so much judgment over the internet is just rude. What I show about my family and past on the internet is so little, I simply don’t want to focus on the bad times and struggles and keep a positive message. We all go through though times, and sure, other people have it WAY harder than I do, but that’s how it simply is. That doesn’t make me a terrible person. As far as the Felix argument goes, you do have a point there, there is absolutely no way people will ever get over the fact that I’m his girlfriend, and I do enjoy sharing my videos with him (him being a big part of my life) so I get what you are saying, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make a point when it comes of me being my own person. You, yourself, are stating that I depend on Felix when I see him for such a small amount of time, considering that we live together. We have our own projects to work on, and I do make my own choices and support myself. Making a woman think she depends on a man is such a cruel thing to do. And finally, yes, I do think I am growing, and I’m very proud of myself: what you call a badly written book is what I call an achievement – it takes a lot of courage to put yourself and work out there, and not just with the books, but even with all the videos I make, because no matter how much good you try to do, people out there, just like yourself in this case, will never think you are good enough. If I am happy with my life, why would you ever feel the need to bring me down? Have I ever hurt you in any way? Saying “think of others beside yourself” is such a silly thing – the whole point of me being here, talking to people and sharing my life, is to connect and help one another go through experiences. You might find what I do childish and pointless, but for many other people, my work is valued and appreciated.


      1. marziabisognin

        Just saw it! I’m glad people like you understand me and can appreciate what I have to say and the choices I make. It makes me so happy to have people like you supporting me! Very sweet of you to stand up for me. ^u^


    2. Sacha Assi

      what I just read desgusts me. Seriously ? talking about people suffering? Then I can easily apply the same thing to you. Why are you wasting your time commenting when you can be building houses in africa? huh? How is your speech about asian people suffering related to any of this. You’re a narrow minded person that judges so irrelevantly and so blindlessly. You have no appreciation whatsoever to things that are unrelated to you. The fact that you think that you have the right to judge her life makes you a self-absorbed really not intelligent person. Because somehow your way of living is the ultimate model of how people should think and be. No really you are a role model to all 7 billion of us. I don’t understand why we haven’t proclaimed you god yet. Unlike you I understand her because I have a thing called compassion. It’s part of a good education which you clearly don’t have. Second of all, Marzia turned her life around and abandoned the path we’re all set out to in our society which is go to school go to college get a job start a family and die. She gave up everything because it didn’t feel right, and she knew that she wasn’t fit for a conventional life. She started out with nothing. Look at everything she has achieved on her own, and how many people she got to listen to her: I respect her with all my heart for what she’s doing, and she is my true inspiration because I too am not fit for a conventional life, and I too want to live my life according to what pleases me and not what I should do. I too am a creative, maybe not on paper because unlike her I haven’t been into art since I was little, but I am one in the mind. If she wrote this blog it’s because she wanted to help us know that it is okay to go out on a limb and start from scratch there. My parents grew up under bombs,moved to canada with no money and lived on the streets: I now live in europe with siblings that went to iv league colleges in the US and everything I could possibly ask for. So honestly all I have to say to you is that you should reevaluate your mentality and your principles. And if you’re too stubborn, proud or immature to think that you were maybe wrong , then go to the middle of the himalayan mountains, scream out your stupid ignorant thoughts and see if somebody cares.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. M.

      This is probably the worst and meanest comment I’ve ever read on the Internet. Good job, you’ve managed to write something horrible even outside of Facebook. Clapclap to you, how do you feel about this great achievement of yours?

      You know, in Italy we’ve got this saying: “L’invidia è una brutta bestia”. We’ve also got an expression to describe people that always come up with things like “What about children in *enter a random Third World country*?”, and that is “benaltrista”. You’re the typical benaltrista that always comes up with “You’re so lucky gnègnègnè, you’re not allowed to feel bad and have insecurities because you’re too wealthy to complain”.

      It’d be nice to know what you do in your everyday life in order to help poor children in Uganda or Kenya, or inspire other people, or in general to spread positivity and kindness. I deleted my Facebook account three days ago and decided to become more involved in blogging, because I’ve always loved writing. But now I’ve realised that the Internet is as magic and useful as it is full of people like you who are always looking for the best occasion to attack and humiliate others for no reason.

      She did nothing wrong to you, get over your envy and admit that you’ve got a problem with yourself. Moreover, I’d like to point out that you wasted so much time and energy for your negative comments and you could’ve used them for more useful activities.

      Best regards.

      (P.S.: In Italy, most of the universities are owned by the state, so they’re not as expensive as you think and almost every student that leaves high school goes on with his/her education. Also, people from less fortunate families can get scholarships and sometimes they don’t even have to pay fees. That’s why she said it was the “easiest” path: going abroad with no perspectives was the most difficult choice to her.)


  17. Pingback: She Always Inspires Me – MJ Cobra

  18. Abbey Brandl

    This is beautiful. It really inspires me to go out and find my hobbies. Sometimes I feel totally lost in who I am as a person. But this made me realize no matter how long it might be I will always find who I am as a person. Thanks for sharing. You are a true inspiration and goddess to me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Vera

    It is true that I’ve got to know about you because of Felix, but I really adore you for who you are and for what you do. I have very similar interests and taste as you and your story, especially the unsure beginning of your path reminds me of my current situation. I’m about to graduate from my high school in 2 years and I have already chosen my dream college, despite finding a job with this degree might be hard. But when I see how far did you get and how well are you doing gives me so much strenght, which I’m seriously grateful for.

    I guess people will keep addressing you as Pewdiepie’s girlfriend for a long time, but more important is how people who really love you and care about you see you. You don’t need to worry about how someone promotes you, the people who will follow you will see you as a unique and amazing person and they will truly see and appreciate your talent and work. And that’s what matters. Keep showing off your best and that’s what your fans will remember you for.

    Thank you very very much. You give me happiness and hope, your videos help and inspire me a lot, so I sincerely wish you the very very best 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  20. randomanon

    You are living the dream, Marzia! And the best part is — it’s your dream and no one else’s! I know it’s difficult to manage through all the negativity, discouragement and whatnot from the internet’s debbie downers but for the most part most of us support you on your own path. We may not say much ’cause we lurk, but we have been with you on your journey from the beginning and we have your back, girl! Keep doing you. :’) That’s all that matters.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Vitória

    Marzia, I think you`re a amazing and kind person. I understand what you saing about being “pwds gf.” . Some months back (3 to be precisely) i got the chance to transfer my college instution to same as my boyfriend. We`ve been in a long distance relanshonsip since a month after start daiting. This happen 3 years ago. Back to nowadays, 3 months i`ve got the chance to study in the same instituion as him and in the same town (something we only expected to happen in 3 more years – that`s when he will finish his major – the same i do). By doing that i would gave up living near my family, my friends and I coudn’t came back in case of regrets. One of the things that make me most afraid of was to decided to go and just be “the girlfriend”. Never make of my own history without that label. My friends advise me not to come. After giving a lot of thought I decided to transfer. I realized that if I didn`t make “crazy love decisions” in my life no one would do this for me. Of course, it`s not sooo crazy…. I`ve been with my boyfriend for 3 years and really believe in our relanshoship. We’ve both think that we are “the ones” for each other. So I came and has been 3 moths since. I`m very happy. That are some rough moments but I’dont reagret. Your history with Pwds (real life couple – not a film one) who just wanted to be together and worked out fine, helped me making my decision. I hope you reach your dreams and goals for just who you are. You deserve the best.

    P.S.: I’m sorry for the grammar mistakes… I’m not from a english speaking country 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Vanessa Veliz

    Marzia, I know you’re a strong and mature person, I really hope those rude comments doesn’t affect you at any level. I admire you for what you are, what you do and the way you are living (just the way you wanted). You make me feel like I’ve known you for a long time, because you’re so open in your videos and your blog posts, that’s a very special thing, and I want to thank you, and let you know that you have all my support and I always look for your videos and posts just to see what you are doing, how you are feeling, what you are thinking, and I know many people can relate with me.
    About all the pewds thing: From my point of view, being with him have helped you a lot, don’t get me wrong, not in a professional level or for “the views”, what I want to say is that being with him gave you the courage to pursue other things, a different life, a life you wanted, a life with love, happiness, freedom.. the love you have for each other it’s been a great support for both of you. When you upload a video with him I always love it, not because of him, but for the happiness and the love that is coming out of your eyes and can’t control, it makes me so happy to see you and Felix happy and in love, I think that’s why you get so many views on those videos, and that’s not a bad thing. The people who appreciate you and care about you will relate to this, so please, don’t let those comments and rude people affect you’re happiness.
    Hope you are feeling better, since you’ve been sick.
    Lots of hugs for you!

    P.D.: Sorry for the grammar too 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Pamela Montesa

    I know that my reply is very late for this post, but I want you to know that I think you’re a genuine & admirable person Marzia.

    I wouldn’t lie that I first heard about CutiePieMarzia from Pewdiepie’s video. It was the VR girlfriend scare, my first impressions was I think you’re very adorable & quirky which is the type of characters which I’m always weirdly drawn to. Then I started to subscribe because I was really curious. (btw, I just started actively watching youtube videos almost July 2016. Which is why I’m kind of a bit late in reading this) So I started watching your videos & I think its very unique and creative. I love how you prioritize quality over quantity. Because there are a lot of youtubers there especially vloggers where they would just shoot videos, cut, compile the video and be just done with it. Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense anymore & its just boring. But with your videos I always find myself smiling & I love how I discover new things because of your videos. Then, for the next few weeks I find myself anticipating your next video.

    Most of all I love how I can relate with you as a person. Not just because of personality wise I’m also a shy person. But now that you mentioned it in this blog post, I’m also interested in art & I also want to learn a lot of things at the same time, just be flexible and let it all loose. I also notice in some of your Marzia makes that not all of them are perfectly done but still I find it adorable that you’re still positive about it and this blog explains why.

    Anyway, just this week I decided to start reading your blog posts from the start. I’m subscribed in here for a very long time but I just didn’t have the time. But now that I have, I’m happy that I did it. Also I posted this so that I will make you smile, I hope I did. There are a lot of negative reactions & comment out there Marzia. Never let them bring you down. They just couldn’t accept the fact that we’re diffrent from one another & you are not here to please them. You are here to express yourself. Marzipans will always be here for you. 😁😁😁 Be yourself. Smile. And Be Happy.

    Enjoy your stay in L.A. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Ange

    I don’t know if you see this but I’m in this place right now. I think my life is miserable because of what I am studying. I study Law and Economics and it’s not my thing. I always liked science like Biology. But I’m not good at it. And I don’t think that I can succeed. but I know that If I was studying biology, I would do so many things! I would study, I would go for master. But I don’t think that I can success in the national exam. If I had to take it again. I want to follow my dreams but I am scared that I will fail.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. selemcee

    Hi Marzia,

    I’m writing to you now because I’m grateful of what you said. I’ve always been on the safe side and never doing what really interested me which is being creative, doing research and finding out about new stuff. I’m not artistic, I hope I am but i’m not, I just like to find out about a lot of random things, connected to art, music, fashion, film, film making and story telling. I cannot sit in one place and do the same thing my whole entire life. But society tells us differently, I’ve seen the most successful people around, you can also see them in talks, in books etc. and most of them have poured all their life in to that one interest, so I thought that was the key, Focus on one thing only.

    So I did, I tried, but it left me feeling empty. I’m not an expert on anything but I know I did my best at what I was doing even if I liked it or not. Now because i chose the path that should be in which i didn’t want to be, I ended up here. 26 years old feeling like I lost a lot of time. I wish I had the same mindset as you when i was younger and wouldve thought to myself, it is MY life. Although it’s sad to see those years passed by, but I’d like to bring myself on the positive side of things. Now I finally see that if I’m the type of person that cannot do one thing and one thing only then so be it, I’ll be happy if I’m doing a lot of stuff as long as they are MY interests even if there are tons. And the fact that I have a lot interest made me feel invigorated again, that there are so many things to learn again, it makes me excited. And there is nothing wrong with it anymore.

    Bottomline is, I’m thankful for you message Maria, I really like that I’m not the only person who thinks that we don’t need to just pick one career or path in life and stick to it in order to become happy and or successful. Please keep writing and posting vlogs. I really enjoy your creativity and personality. I hope to meet you one day.


    Liked by 1 person

  26. Shawn

    This is beautifully written. It is somewhat related to my life, and what I want to do with it. I am a 19 year old boy and I am a guitar player. I sing and play, and write my own songs. I’ve been playing for over 8 years now. Everybody I play for, everywhere I perform, no matter what, people say it is the best they’ve heard. I know I have the potential but the fear of failing and being stuck in a bad position in life with little money is scary. When you wrote about how you took a chance doing what you love, it was very inspiring. It is almost as if you wrote what I’m currently going through when you were deciding to move with Felix, as I’ve just graduated highschool last summer. I hope to one day reach success as you did by taking a chance. I’m sorry this comment is so large! One last thing, I don’t associate you with just being the girlfriend of Pewdiepie. Your videos and style are very unique and that’s why you have such a big fanbase! Don’t sell yourself short! I hope by now you no longer worry about that.


  27. teafannie

    This was so well written, Marzia. I can’t stress enough how much of an inspiration you are to me! You are so unique and beautiful (both inside and out!) and you aren’t afraid to say what you believe. I don’t think you’ll see this but I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to be creative again 🙂 Thank you for always thinking of your marzipans and keep doing you!! ❤


  28. gigglebugg19

    The world is far too amazing to only focus on part of it. Knowing a little about a lot over knowing a lot about a little has made me a better person. And guaranteed to have the best random conversations!
    If Mario was a girl, I bet her name would be Marzia. Get it? It’s like the female version of Mario?
    IKR, cleaver!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Maren

    Hey, I know this is an older post, but I wanted to say something about what you said, about being only associated with Felix. Marzia, you have EVERY right to keep on fighting for your place as an individual in the world. You definitely have one. You–OF COURSE–are your own person. You are incredibly talented and smart and funny and hardworking and kind and accepting. Your channel rocks. You are strong and amazing, and the fact that you’re confident, not afraid to speak up and let people know who you are without EVER being unkind or immature or disrespectful–that is truly fantastic. You deserve every one of those seven million subscribers. You are YOUR OWN PERSON! EVERY WOMAN IS! It angers me to such an extent, the fact that some people seem unable to wrap their heads around women being anything other than pretty or a girlfriend.
    Yeah, you’re pretty, yes, you’re someone’s girlfriend–but those two things are just two out of SO MANY OTHER aspects of who you are. Why is it that women never get credit for their intelligence? Marzia, you speak so many languages. You’re good at them; you’ve studied them. You wrote a book–which I want to read–and having read a sample online, I can see that you’re a GOOD writer. You follow your passions, your heart, who YOU are. You’re yourself! But you are also one of the most accepting people out there. Without ever being truly judgmental, you are able to hold your own opinions. Even in times when people aren’t respectful or accepting towards you, you never lose your head. That is such an admirable quality. It’s more than I can say for myself. You know who you are, what you like and dislike, what you’re good at. You’re humble, yes, but you know that you have a place. Never lose that. Your place is in front of a camera, talking about things you care about. Your place is around the world, traveling, constantly soaking up new information. Your place is with a pen and paper, writing things, taking the world and making it your own — or with paint, with pens, with fabrics. You are an artist, a learner, an activist–fighting for ethics, the values you believe in when it comes to things you care about. You seem to be a fantastic friend, and it would be an honor to hang out with you for a day. Hearing you talk is awesome. You have so much to say, and I love to hear it. Your channel is fantastic. You’re Marzia, nothing else. It’s YOURS. It’s YOUR VOICE speaking, YOUR VOICE I subscribed for. You make excellent points in this post. You’re completely right: it’s wrong and disgusting for anyone to say that you’re anything less than yourself.
    I like that you continue to learn, to grow, that you are accepting and kind, INCREDIBLY smart, funny, a bit creepy and quirky (but always in the best way), that you are a successful and hardworking businesswoman, that you stick to your values (not eating meat, not swearing or drinking, being respectful, etc.), even though not a lot of the world does so. You are my absolute goals. Keep slaying the day, Marzia Bisognin.


  30. Gabrielle Darleen

    Hi Marzia,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you as your own person. You have inspired me a lot and also has saved me from a depressing breakup. You reminded me of things I wanted to be and how I am still worth as a person. I don’t know why I see myself in you a lot…at least the things that I want to be 🙂 Yoi remind me of my goals and my dreams that are worth fighting for. I can’t imagine how terrible it feels to be labeled as someone else’s girlfriend but I want you to know that I see YOU. You’re an amazing, inspiring, heartfelt woman that one day I aspire to be like. With my own personal touch of course 🙂 Please keep creating what you love because there are still some if not many of us that will support you and still love you for what you put out in the world. I wish all the best 🙂


  31. Pamela Rubel

    And the award for late comment goes to…

    I can see you have an adventurous spirit and a creative soul. Why should you cage yourself in one label when there is so much to learn and enjoy in life. I admire you, you are young and living the best life you can live and focused on creating moments, memories and just exploring whatever catches your interest. I strive to enjoy life like this, to live more and worry less about what I should do.

    Initially I discovered your channel through Felix, like many others, but back then I did not really enjoy his content and did not follow him. But I was curious about you and loved looking at your pics and warm notes on instagram. When I took the time to watch more of your videos I realized how sweet you are and how uniquely yours your content is. And to my absolute joy you have a blog! So as you might have already noticed, I am binge reading it and loving it.

    By the way your language skills are so great!


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