April 11th, 2016

The most delicious cookies I’ve ever eaten!


Seriously, I’ve never wished so much to have a button on my laptop to share a cookie with you. These don’t look incredibly pretty, they seems like regular cookies… BUT THEY ARE AMAZING.

Today I found lots of dried coconut in one of the kitchen cupboards, so I wanted to use it up.

I googled some recipes, and I came across this one. Mine it’s slightly different, and turned out absolutely great, but if you want to stick to the original one, I’m sure that will be just as good!


These are the ingredients you need. Now let’s get into the tutorial!

  1. Take a medium-sized bowl and pour the flour, a pinch of salt and baking soda all together.  Blend and move aside.
  2. On a different bowl, place the softened butter and add in the icing sugar. Use a mixer to combine the two until slightly fluffy.
  3. To that bowl, add an egg and mix everything together with a spoon.
  4. Now you can add in the flour mix to the sugar mix.
  5. Once you form a paste, add in half a teaspoon of vanilla flavouring, and a cup of dried coconut.
  6. Divide the paste into tiny balls and place them on the baking tray (lined with oven paper), making sure you separate them enough as they will grow quite a lot while in the oven. Let them cook for about 8-10 minutes at 175*C. Don’t let them overcook: it might seem like they might need a little more, but as soon as the start to turn yellow-ish, get them out of the oven and let cool down for a few minutes.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

You can now carefully remove them, sprinkle some coconut on top, and enjoy!

I really hope you will try this recipe as it was such a pleasant surprise, I’ve never baked anything more delicious. They are soft and chewy, and the taste is just incredible.

By the way, it took me about 30 minutes in total to make them and I was able to make 18 of them, but it really depends on how big/small you decide to make them.


If you do end up trying them, let me know if you liked them as much as I did!




89 thoughts on “COCONUT COOKIES.

  1. alker16

    I would love to try this out….but I also would like to have a FUNCTIONAL oven LOL once I do, i’ll bake them. Thank you, as always, for these recipes!!


  2. Aluminah

    My mom always makes similar cookies ^^ So I am sure these also taste amazing 😀
    My book is on the way and I am eagerly waiting.
    Congratulations on your new car 🙂 Have a nice evening


  3. tanya

    I’m making cookies right now too! My go to is 2 ripe bananas + 1 cup quick oats + handful chocolate chips. Bake 15min at 350*C. That’s it! My mom is a coconut nut so I’ll be sure to share this recipe with her!


  4. Lysande-Kuréru

    Omg, I love coconuts and those cookies seem amazing! I will definitely try this recipe this week, plus I just bought some coconuts yesterday 😊

    Thank you for sharing this with us, I really love your blog and it becomes like a habit to read one of your posts in my bed in the morning ☺️

    Hope you will have a nice day, bye! 🙂


  5. Ashley

    I tried them the same evening you post the article and I’m so glad I did cause they’re delicious!! It’s a really nice and easy recipe with a light spring taste! I love it! Thank you ❤


  6. Jana

    Hey Marzia! Today is my free day and luckily your book just arrived! So I have much time today to lean back, bake some coconut cookies and read your book in the sun in the garden. I hope you have a nice day, too 🙂 much love ❤


  7. Parker Jensen

    Hey Marzia I find you very interesting and I love how much you have done with your life. I have seen some of the struggles you have faced and I can relate to some of them, but that not what I am trying to say. I want to thank you for all the dreams you have given me and I just really want you to know that you have done a great service to me. I may be a guy and this isn’t the manliest thing… I know.. but it still speaks to me, like your fashion, your travels, and all the good times you have had with Felix give me hope that I could have these one day too. Feel dumb for rambling but I had to say it.


  8. Ansia

    Yumn…Marzia these cookies must be delicious!!!!! I had gone on a journey and just yesterday did I return, having brought traditional products from the places I visited with me. Well the first one is a candy with fig , the second ones are some almond candies and finally I got my regular huge milka chocolate ( traditional candy from the ship XD ). Also, not a llng time ago did I found some awesome cookies with chocolate, that’s all my sweet picks so!♥♥♥ Hope all of you tasted delicious candy lately !!! Have a great time!


  9. Annie

    Hey Marzia,
    I did twice bigger amount. I was doing timy balls as you did so I could manage to put 18 cookies on baking tray. I thought I would do 36 as it is twice bigger amount but I ended up with four trays (72 cookies) I think I’ll invite some friends to come over on coconut party haha.
    By the way It appeared that these coconut cookies are in fack “kokosky” (in czech language) and they are normally cooked just for Christmas. So yeah, who wouldn’t love to have typical christmas sweets on april?


  10. Alexandra

    Yumy.. i love coconut cookies! In Austria we eat them during christmastime! We call them “Kokosbusserl”, which means coconut kisses 🙂
    I will defiantly try your receipt next time!


  11. Furry People

    Cookieees! 😀

    Those look delicious and will be tested asap!

    I actually made a batch of super easy cookies myself tonight:

    1 cup icing sugar
    1 cup peanut butter
    1 dash of salt
    1 dash of vanilla
    1 egg

    Mix mix mix. Bake for 10 minutes. BOOM! 😀


  12. motherrussia20

    I don’t really like Nutella (sorry Marzia♡) and any kind of ‘chocolate paste stuff’ because is too sweet for my that alternative one the same in sweetness or less sweet? Thank you for sharing! Have a great week x


  13. Julia Konrad

    Hi, as soon as I saw this recipe I really had to try it. As many of my friends don´t like coconut I made them with chocolate sprinkles instead. They did smell very good and as I tried them I found that they taste delicious as well. They did look very nice as well, exept for a few who decided to stick together. – Thank you for the recipe Marzia!


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