April 2nd, 2016

As every Saturday, it’s time for a date… but this one, has a little surprise!



Before I reveal it, let me just summarise my day for you (although you might already know what it is about from Instagram).

This morning I signed copies of my book, packed them and then I did a short photoshoot for a human-size cutout my publisher asked for. Only 3 days left till it comes out internationally!

IF you are from Canada, USA or UK, you can enter a giveaway here.



If you read my book, or you already have, you will get my outfit choice!


But anyway, after finishing up with book related stuff, my day was free.

Felix and I had planned to go to the centre, where most shops are, as he has been wanting to do some shopping – and of course, I didn’t complain about it.

We ate at Chopstix, as usual, and then wandered around The Lanes. I stopped by two cool shops: the first one, Snoopers Paradise, is one of my absolute favourites as they carry so much random vintage/second-hand items, and I was lucky enough to find an oversized sweater with turtle neck for just £10!


Then we went to another shop, Family Store, which we never checked out before but had a bunch of cool pins and patches – very happy about entering it!


The weather suddenly changed from sunny and warm to slightly rainy and cloudy, so before going back home, I saw that the Bubble Tea place I love (Pearls) had a new Nutella inspired drink. NUTELLA. INSPIRED.


Of course I had to try it… but unfortunately I disliked it! >.<

But hey, at least I gave it a chance.

Once home, Felix came to me with a gift: he bought me a dainty golden ring, absolutely stunning!


I should specify that this is not an engagement ring, just to avoid any misunderstanding. But that doesn’t take away from how happy it made me to receive it, it was such a sweet thing for him to do.

Also, just in case you are curious, here is the stuff I bought today!


But that’s it! It’s dinner time now and we originally wanted to go watch Cloverfield 2, but Felix is napping so I don’t want to bother him. Instead I’m going to cook a nice warm meal, make a fire and watch Netflix (hopefully the scent of food will wake him up).

What are you up to this weekend?


Have fun, Marzia.

120 thoughts on “A SPECIAL DATE.

  1. melmess

    That ring is so studding,Felix has a good taste. I hope u guys had a awesome weekend Marzia&Felix. Can’t wait too order the book when is comin out,really wanna read your book.❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. norabeee

    Your outfit is absolutely beautiful!
    And that sweater… I need something like that – looks so soft and warm. 🙂

    You guys are so lovely I can’t even!
    I hope one day I will find my soulmate and go on tons of dates! 😀
    You two really inspire me. Stay as beautiful – well, no… FABULOUS as you are. :*

    Before I forget. That ring is beautiful! Tell Felix that he has an eye for jewelry. It looks so pretty and special.

    This weekend, what did I do? Let me see… Nothing to be honest. Oh(!) I had yesterday an amazing day with my dog. Yesterday morning I was on the terrace with my mom painting some wood and my dog was super curios about what we were doing and ran into a freshly painted piece of wood… We are still trying to get the color out of his fur.
    Now one half of his face is grey and feels kind of sticky. After that we went on a walk trough the forest and after lunch we went again to a river nearby and he swam quit far to get a tennis ball that was floating on this river – afterwards we played like two hours with this ball and returned home; exhausted.

    I know… Not the most entertaining and exciting story. It was something small that happened and it made my incredibly happy. Dogs can be quite the good example for unconditional love – I can learn a lot from that goofball, with one side of his face painted grey. 😀
    He never fails to make me laugh somehow.

    Always remember; there is beauty and happiness in the smallest of things!


  3. Kate

    The ring is very simple yet sophisticated Marzia. Felix is so sweet ❤️

    I never got a chance to say that I’ve been a fan of you and felix since 2013 and I must say that your relationship keeps getting stronger and stronger. Relationship nowadays aren’t like what you have, you’re both strong and I observed that you’re both supporting each other’s back since the very start. I know both of you will ‘eventually’ settle down but not now. hehe love from Australia ❤️✨ #Melix4lyf


      1. pikaaaaa

        it’s in one of his videos of the “layers of fear” series. probably the 2nd or 3rd video,

        i don’t want to spoil it for marzia hehehe


  4. themovingbear

    You look so adorable on your book outfit! Also, the ring is just wonderful and simple. Perfect gift 🙂 I’m really happy that you two are so great together.
    Have a great rest of the day 🙂


  5. domuniquee

    Wow that ring looks simple yet elegant! You two really are perfect. Marzia, I’m so excited for your book to come out but (I don’t know if you already said this) how much is it gonna cost? :3 Your outfits are always so pretty and gorg. You’re like my only fashion inspiration. 😚💓 love you Marzia!


  6. louisehjerling

    nice to hear about your weekend! i spent this saturday in stockholm, i’ve wanted to go to a little shop called “kawaii.se” for awhile now and i decided to give it a try yesterday. i absolutely adored everything you could buy there, it was hard to not buy the whole store! after that i tried out a vegan restaurant/shop called pepstop and i ordered a delicious salad. then i just checked out some more shops before i drove home. in my lap i had a totoro plushie that i bought, driving home with a smile, haha. today i’m just relaxing since i walked so much yesterday. love you. xx


  7. anjel313

    Pewds is so sweet! ^_^ The ring is soo pretty Marzia *-* So happy for both of you 🙂 ❤

    Great weekend by the way, such lovely finds! The sweater is so cute! 🙂

    I'm very excited to have copies of your book reach my country. Hopefully it will ^^ By then maybe I can get one! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Simone

    That ring is so beautiful! I love how simple and dainty it is. Felix sure knows how to pick great jewellery! ( Also I remember him mentioning he wanted to buy you a ring in a video or livestream 😉 )

    I haven’t been up to much this weekend, though I am currently working on a drawing which is officially the first one in 2016. It’s been so long!



  9. Ashley

    Your blog is really relaxing and is just great when you want to chill ! I’m really happy because it’s been a few years now that i’m following you on YouTube, but I can get to know you even better with the blog, which is really important for me when it comes to my favorite youtubers. 🙂 Your weekend seemed lovely, I’d like to visit Brighton one day and be able to go to all these places you’re writing about as they look so cool!
    In a few days, I’ll order your book online because I want to read it so bad! I’m sure you’ve done a great job!


  10. Dana

    I just moved into my gorgeous new apartment with my boyfriend this weekend so lots of furniture hauling was involved. But I’m super excited to live in our first place,it already feels like home! Can’t wait to read your book Marzia!
    Many Blessings ❤


  11. marizeko

    Umm my weekend…. working, doing works for studies, cutting fire woods in forest, house chores, waiting spring to fully take over this muddy season so I can start to plant my plants in garden (now my every window shelf is full of those!!!) and trying to rest. That is my weekend! And ofc reading your blog and watching youtube!
    BTW! I will be able to buy your book here in Finland, of which I was sooo worried earlier! YAY! I will order it from the same place where I ordered Poods book from as well!!


  12. Cyrielle

    I love your blog ! ♥o♥ Felix is so sweet to give you this amazing ring ! Big kisses for the most cute couple in the world ♥



    I really love ur blogs, they make my day ❤
    CONGRATS ur books gonna get published internationally
    hope u r very excited and i am really proud of u 😀
    i m surely gonna buy ur book as i enjoyed the 1st chapter
    that ring surprised me :3
    felix is really sweet :*
    that sweater is cool
    love u marzia ❤
    have a nice day ^_^ KIKI
    BYE BYE!!!


  14. Meija

    Marzia your book-outfit made me think of the dress that a girl wears in the trailer of Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children.You looks beautiful in it!!



    CONGRATULATIONS , finally ur book gonna be published internationally
    hope u r very excited and i m really proud of u 😀
    i m surely gonna buy it as i enjoyed the 1st chapter
    oh and the ring surprised me :v
    felix is so sweet well he actually mentioned about it in a video
    the sweater is super cool :*
    love u sooo much marzia ❤
    have a nice day ^_^


  16. itstotulip

    Hi Marzia! I read your book in Italian ( I just couldn’t wait, but I’m looking forward to read it in english, since that’s the language you actually used) and your outfit gave me goosebumps! it’s wonderful! thanks for bringing us with you, you show us such lovely places! I want to visit Brighton so bad now!ahah! I found so so sweet you didn’t want to wake Felix up from his nap! you two are the cutest! have a lovely evening :* ps: now off to watch Alexa Chung’s series! I’m thankful to this blog, otherwise I wouldn’t never know about it D:


  17. Lucia

    At the end of April there will be a book fair in Colombia, i really hope to find your book there, i would buy it without a doubt!


  18. Angie

    That ring is beautiful! Is so sweet how important is for you.
    And I want your book 😦 but, is available in Mexico? Because I would like buy the printed book c:


  19. Savannah

    First of all, Felix has a great taste in jewelry! The ring is absolutely stunning, I love it! This weekend I was vomiting like crazy, I got the stomach flu. But your posts on your blog, YouTube, and Instagram, has made me feel so much better and thanks for that. But I wish you all the best Marzia! P.s I ordered the subscription box and I can’t wait for it to come!☺️


  20. Hope

    I really hope that I can get to read your book. I’m sure that I will enjoy it. It sound very exciting. I am a big fan of reading horror books! I have been wanting to read it so badly ever since you had made that “My Projects” video. I hope that you are having a wonderful day. Also I hope that you have a wonderful week Marzia!


  21. dianne

    That ring is gorgeous! And I love the cat patch (it’s a patch, right?) that you bought: Crying At The Party—this is literally me at every party I go/will go to.


  22. Erica

    As a bar tender, my weekend starts right now (Monday/Tuesday). I’m currently in my cozy pjs in bed and cuddling with my sweet little dog 🙂 My plans for later are to go out and buy ingredients for a homemade face mask, give myself a mani/pedi, watch the last Hunger Games movie, and tomorrow hit Barnes and Noble to pick up your book! Hmm… maybe that means I should find time to finish the other 3 books I’m reading right now, haha.


  23. Filippa

    First of all; I love your blog, Marzia.
    I’m really stressed out by school at the moment, and this is like a little calm and happy place I can enter whenever I want to.
    Just wanted to let you know how much you are always making me feel like it’s going to be alright❤

    You are one of the most inspiring and beautiful people I know.
    Much love to you and Felix from Norway!



  24. mariemoonlover

    THANK YOUUUUUU! Finally I can read your book! I live in Denmark so I’ve been waiting for such a long time :O ^_^

    It is a really pretty ring and it must be very special and amazing to get a gift like that 🙂


  25. Ansia

    Hey Marzia, this weekend was full of enthusiasm for me as these days I am preparing for my journey and I just can’t wait till Wednesday!!! Felix at one of his videos had thought of buying you a ring and he begged us ( as always) not to tell you, the strange thing is that we didn’t indeed! XD Anyway have a great time! :3


  26. Izamar Abe

    Hi Marzia! I´m from Mexico

    Do you think if your book is going to come out in spanish soon? I´m a very fan of yours and I would love read it my languague because I still need to learn more english :c
    P.S. Your drees is so cute c: i like so much!


  27. veredluftmensch

    Hello!! I really like your blog!
    I’m from Mexico ! My sister and I love your videos so much<3. I really like your ring is such an elegant and lovely ring~

    I read some other posts of you and I must admit that you have a natural brightness, is easy to smile or feel happy reading your cute posts!

    Greetings from Mexico!
    Saludos desde Mexico!


  28. Robyn Retchless

    This weekend i Left home to get back to my studies at becoming an animator ! And Started to save money for my trip to japan with my best friend. so my weekend has been fun but i am trying to spend as little as possible to save up !! but i did just buy your book so I’m great at saving !!!


  29. doracsavajda

    I just get an e-mail an hour ago: “Your Amazon.com order of “Dream House: A Novel by CutiePieMarzia” has shipped!”
    I’m so sp happy! I’m really corious about your book, I read the first chapter and it was really exciting. >_///< This book is… um… I don't think it's exist in english. It's from a hungarian author (yeah so that means I'm hungarian) Csilla Kleinheincz. The book's title is "Ólomerdő" which means "Lead forest." It's about a teenager girl who knows that her mother is a fairy, who leaves her when she was a little child. She just ran away and never come back. Emese, the girl really misses her, and she is angry at her father, because she knows that he knows where her mother is, and knows too, that he is maybe looking for her, but he doesn't says nothing about it.
    And then Emese realizes that the "Fairy Country" is not so pretty and positive as the (hungarian) fairy tales says, and everything has a dark and cruel side.
    I'm really at the beginning, but it's really good to read… maybe because it's written originaly in my mother language. 😀 And hungarian is a really beautiful language. We have so-so-so many metaphors, we can say things in so many ways… ok, so.

    So. I want to thank you something. Thank you for writing this blog and for the book too. I can say that this is the ONLY blog I read. I really need to practice english, because I never use it anywhere, I mean (for example) in my work… So I don't really have routine in speaking it out loud. That why I read your posts loudly every time and will your book too. It's a bit strange I know but… maybe it helps me. 😀
    Um, so… yes, that's it.

    Have a nice day! :3


  30. Ella

    Haha did you know that Felix actually told about the ring in one of his videos so he was like “Don’t tell Marzia” and “Why do I even trust you bros?”
    A lovely update, stay awesome ❤


  31. Britney Lubert

    Awe, I hope you and Felix had an amazing day!!! Snooper’s Paradise sounds amazing!!! Do you happen to know if it’s a chain, or is that the only one? I also finished Dream House, and it’s the best book I’ve read in such a long time! I already want to re-read it!!!


  32. emblakarlsen

    Marzia!!! First of all, i love you and you are my biggest inspiration ever. Second of all, the pink sweater you’re wearing in the picture with the ring, where is it from!!! I love dusty pinks but never wore it before I saw you doing it and decided to try at and I actually suit it! Again, you are amazing ❤


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