March 31st, 2016

A few things I’ve enjoyed this month.


I can’t believe March is already coming to an end, but at least, I can look back and think about some of the things I truly appreciated. This is not a proper “favourites” post, because I’m not going to pick items from different categories, but rather focus on entertainment.

So here are 5 things I loved.


#1 The Danish Girl. I saw this movie on the plane, which is such a shame because the filmography was absolutely break-taking and I would have loved to see it all detailed, on a big screen. But that didn’t take away from the actual movie, if anything it’s an invite to watch it a second time. The main characters are played by actors whose work I really admire: Eddie Redmayne in “The Theory of Everything” was unbelievable, and Alicia Vikander, in Testament of Youth and Ex Machina, was also incredible. So if you put the two of them together, you know it’s going to be good. The whole story, the acting, each setting… everything made it up to be an absolutely great movie. I was blown away. The same day, on the plane back to Japan, I watched Carol first, and already there I felt like I had seen a masterpiece, but after watching The Danish Girl, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I loved it.



#2 Strange Weather in Tokyo. This book was recommended to me by a marzipan here on my blog. When I saw her comment I instantly went on eBay and ordered myself a copy. I’m glad I did – I decided to keep it for my trip to Japan, just so I could immerge myself even more into the story. Not going to lie, I did peek a few times before the trip, but managed to keep most of the book unread until then. And so when I was on the train from Tokyo to Kyoto for about 3 hours, I had the perfect chance to read it. It’s such an unusual, sweet and slightly sad story – just the way I like it. It’s simple, yet rich with deeper meanings. If I find myself looking for a pencil to underline something on a book, that’s how I know it has touched me on a personal level. And this book did. Not because I could relate to it, but just because it carried messages that I felt were somewhat important to remember.


#3 Hanabi. A card game, based around fireworks. PJ, Sophie, Felix and I had been playing this game for months, until eventually, while in Japan, we mastered it. It’s a super fun game that requires team-work and lots of attention, and although the concept is quite simple, the game is hard enough to keep you wanting to do better each time. Basically, you have cards in your hand that you can’t see – only your teammates can – and depending on the suggestions you get, you need to play your hand. The goal is to put up a firework show, and to do that, you have to line up cards from 1 to 5 of each colour. Let me tell you, it’s frustrating at times, but it’s incredibly addicting!



#4 Good Morning Call. A fairly new show on Netflix. I gave it a go after my friend Emma texted me saying how insane it was. It’s a Japanese drama, and if you are familiar with Korean dramas, you know how they easily tend to overreact to things or really mark the smallest things by adding dramatic music, slow-mo and different angles of the same thing. It’s hilarious, but this show brought it to another level. It’s based on a manga, and that’s why it totally feels like it’s an anime “in real life”. It’s a bit silly, but you will get a good laugh out of it!




#5 Stand By Me. This song isn’t new at all. It’s one of my absolute favourites as I remember listening it to when I was really young on Timon & Pumbaa (although it obviously was edited to fit the cartoon). My mom told me it was a real song, and since I’ve found out, when I was probably around 10, this song never left me. I actually believe it’s the first song I ever knew the correct lyrics for (considering I’m Italian, that was a big deal). It just brings me back memories and it sounds so nice; it makes me happy. And this morning at 8am, while I was working out at the gym and they played the song, I had to pause to put up a mini show for Felix. He just stood there laughing while I danced and sang around him – it didn’t even matter that other people where there – I just had to. That’s what this song does to me.

Do you have any recommendations for me? Any books, songs or movies I can check out?


Back to Netflix, Marzia.

163 thoughts on “ENTERTAINMENT // MARCH.

  1. Celine

    Marzia, you should watch “Akatsuki no Yona”! It’s an anime and I highly recommend it! 😀

    The plot: Upon her sixteenth birthday, the cheerful Princess Yona intended to tell her doting father of her love for Soo-won, but her life was turned upside down after witnessing the man she loves cruelly assassinating her father. Heartbroken by this painful betrayal, Princess Yona fled the palace with her loyal servant Hak. Now, she will take up the sword and the bow on a quest to gain new allies and protect her beloved people.

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  2. moreahcarmen

    I’m not sure if you have read this author before….Haruki Murakami. My favorite novel of his is “After Dark”. It takes place during the night and goes early in the morning. It’s a very interesting mix of both reality and dream! I think you would like it very much!


  3. anjel313

    Time does fly by fast ^^
    The Danish Girl for me had lots of beautiful sceneries and Art Noveau architecture *-*

    I do like Neil Gaiman’s books. Maybe you’d be interested in them as well. ^^ You could try American Gods, or Neverwhere among others. He also has books with short stories in it, which for me are sometimes helpful when I only have a short time to read. You cold try Fragile Things or Smoke and Mirrors. 🙂

    Have a wonderful April! 🙂


  4. Aroleia

    I’ve just seen a movie in Netflix, you would probably like to check out: “The circle”. It will keep you wondering and thinking long after you watch it!


  5. Juliana

    Hey Marzia! There’s this movie called “Que horas ela volta?” with an incredible concept and story. It’s in Portuguese, but since it gained some fame last year and I -think- was indicated to an oscar, you’ll likely find it subtitled somewhere. I’m trying not to spoil, but it’s a movie about a domestic maid’s life. I think the most touching thing about it is that there’s no huge plot twist or something incredible and life-changing moment happening. It’s literally just something that became some sort of reality for almost all domestic maids, at least in Brazil, and that itself made an incredible movie. I really hope you enjoy it if you ever watch it– you won’t regret it!


  6. myprettylittleliars

    I absolutely loved The Danish Girl, it’s a new favourite movie. I adore both Eddie and Alicia. Stand By Me is one of my favourite songs of all time.

    This is a old book which you probably have read already since it’s a classic, but if you haven’t you need to! Wuthering Heights. It’s amazing! I read it first when I was 13, now I’m 16 and it’s still my favourite.


  7. Hannah

    Hey Marzia,
    I don’t know if you like it or allready read it but I am addicted to The HungerGames. The movies and the books, the books first afcourse!
    Bye, love you❤️


  8. Marzipanxxx

    You should check out this series called Baby Daddy. It is really funny and also you should see American Horror Story and Pretty Little Liars if you like things that are scary and full of suspense.


  9. Ane

    Hello, Marzia.
    First, I want to thank you for your blog. It’s great.
    I was actually just listening to ‘Stand by me’ when I read that you’ve been loving the song as well! What a coincidence! I want to recommend a song called ‘When you’re around’ By Drori-Hansen Furniture. (Odd name, I know..) It’s a danish band, and I’m from Denmark myself.
    Hope you have a great day!


  10. Weronika

    Hi Marzia! I love your blog so far and thank you for recommending “Carol”, I’ll surely watch it. “The Danish Girl” too, especially with Eddie Redmayne. Btw I also love “Stand by me” and as a child I heard it on Timon and Pumba too! That one scene with frogs singing to it will stay in my mind forever. I recommend you “Into the wild” movie since you like travelling (same as me). It is a 2007 American biographical drama survival film written and directed by Sean Penn. It is an adaptation of the 1996 non-fiction book of the same name by Jon Krakauer based on the travels of Christopher McCandless across North America and his life spent in the Alaskan wilderness in the early 1990s. Best wishes ❤


  11. Sabrina

    Hi Marzia! Well, I think that you’ll like a lot of one song. It’s from Hozier and it’s called “In The Woods Somewhere”. I don’t know why, but it makes me remember you because it feels like a “horror story in a shape of a song” for me.
    I watched a brilliant film last week that is called “The Others”. I’m not a big fan of horror movies, but I fell in love with this one. The way the story is shown is kinda curious, but very different and intelligent.
    And I just have to say: if you never read “The Book Thief”, READ IT. It’s just AMAZING. Maybe the story is kinda sad, but it’s so beautiful and so… I have no words to describe.
    I don’t know if you’ll like my “indications”, but.. hey, I needed to try, right?
    PS: I love your blog!
    Kisses from Brazil,
    Sabrina 🙂


  12. Agnes

    Hey Marzia,

    A book I would recommend you is ‘Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children’, I haven’t read it myself actually but I was really curious about it when my friend told me about it and I found out that Tim Burton was going to release a movie adaptation of it later this year. The story basically is about an orphanage on an abandoned island where children with special gifts are placed so they can’t hurt others or themselves. The book itself has actually really cool (and kinda creepy) pictures in it so the story really gives you a creepy yet really cool setting (at least, I think).
    Have a nice day!
    Ps. I enjoy your stories on your blog so much!


  13. tadu

    OMG! Stand by me was always with me. I really love it because of the message. When I listen to this song I can always feel my mood changing. It’s a feeling like I would rise to the moon and I just enjoy the flow of the music. I hope that I will say these words someday to a person I love. Even though the original version is the best, check out the one from Imagine Dragons, you can find it on Spotify as a live-version. It’s a remix of Blank Space and Stay by me and it’s really really good.
    I wish you a nice day, greetings from Germany


  14. Tomorrow

    Hi Marzia!
    You asked for recommendations so let me recommend you my favourite book of all time. “Walk two Moons” by Sharon Creech. It’s amazing! I can’t talk about it two much because if I would I would tell the whole story, but let me tell you it’s a kinda sad story yet in some points it’s funny and there are lots and lots of thoughts in it. I always re-read it every year and each year it gives me something new to think about.


  15. Amanda

    I can’t believe you’ve watched the Timon and Pumba cartoon where they play this song. That is actually the first time I heard this song too! I also fell in love with it as soon as I heard it and it’s stuck with me too. Such an amazingly beautiful song. Also, for recommendations, I highly suggest Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. It has such an eerie story that has some very realistic elements to it. They even have vintage pictures placed throughout the book to give it more visual appeal. I think you’d really like it! 🙂


  16. MissMusic

    Marzia! Please please watch the serie “My Mad Fat Diary” I just finished it a day ago and I can’t explain how amazing it was. Its stunning. The story is a real story and the serie is based in the 90s. The story have love but also have some of comedy, drama and psychological problems that all people have to affront one in their lifetimes. You can easily find it in google (no in YouTube because they deleted the episodes) . I recommend it 100%. (Btw today is my bday hehe) xoxo


  17. Rawlook

    Hey Marzia! «3
    Lovely favorites! definitely seeing The danish girl!
    I have some recommendations:
    -Books – Death with Interruptions by José Saramago (this is a wonderful Portuguese writer) I think you would love it! it’s creepy and romantic at the same time! Just to give you an ideia it’s starts with this phrase “And in the day after no one died” it’s amazing really.
    – Music – to stay in the jazz 50/60’s vibes if you don’t know listen to all Billie Holiday’s songs she is the greatest !
    for newer songs I don’t know if you have listened to middle by dj snake (I know it sounds lame but) it’s a really cute music and the video clip too ^^
    – Film – A movie for you and for Felix to see if he didn’t already is Det sjunde inseglet by Ingmar Bergman. It’s a great film! it’s from 1957 it’s not horror but it’s creepy and it has a lot of meaning behind it!
    Hope you like these if you give it a try 😉


  18. melannie boogie

    can we not talk about the danish girl? it still gets me, god! what I love the most about this movie is that introduces people who still don’t understand the topic in a really good way.

    Anyway, I came here to recommend!
    Here’s to watch, listen, and feel with free time and heart:

    I watched an anime some time ago that to this day, I keep getting thoughts or conclusions about it, it’s really weird and creepy sometimes… If you’re into psychological, drama, mystery, horror I think you might like it, It’s called: “Serial Experiments Lain” it’s just 12 eps and the opening is so good too.

    I haven’t read in a while but there’s this book I often come back to when I’m feeling lost, it’s more like a self-help but it’s really cool with awesome illustrations. It’s called: “Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe”

    in mooovies, hmm this one I haven’t watched it but I’m looking forward to.
    It’s an old movie called “cool world” I don’t really know! check it out and you tell me hahah

    for muUusic
    I have this dancy track called “baby I’m yours” by breakbot
    I’ve noticed you want to go to iceland (I suggested it anyway in a youtube comment with an article of beautiful photos)
    And I don’t know if you have heard of this composer who’s getting big, he’s from iceland and makes beautiful magical noises!!! his name’s Ólafur Arnalds. He has made a guide to places in reykjavik, this could be useful: http://valdisthor.tumblr.com/post/10684098243/reykjav%C3%ADk-in-the-city-self-titled-magazine-issue

    this is it! I hope you can check this out and enjoy ’em xoxo


  19. Daniela Fortin

    Hi Marzia!
    For movies I think you should watch Brooklyn, Breakfast at Tiffany´s, Divorzio all’italiana and any M Night Shyamalan movies (specially Signs and the Sixth Sense)
    -Five Years Time from Noah and the whale
    -When the Sun comes out -Max Brodie
    – Center of Gravity -Mika & Battiato


  20. kmc1g13

    Hey Marzia!

    Love your blog btw, such a good idea and am really enjoying reading it! 🙂
    I read tons of books all the time (I have a problem!) and have read some of your recommendations like ‘we have always lived in the castle’ and ‘the peculiar life of a lonely postman’, which I loved! I just finished reading ‘Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children’ as I heard the movie is coming out later this year (and have to read books first!), and I thought you might enjoy it if you’ve not read it already!. I think it’s a young adult book, but it’s quite dark and a bit weird and its uses vintage photographs in it, which is really interesting (and a bit creepy!) Since I’ve enjoyed your recommendations, thought i’d give you one! ^-^

    Love your blog and videos, keep up the good work!

    Ps. your book arrived yesterday – it’s next on my list!


  21. Taylor

    Can i suggest like father like son a japanese movie on Netflix? Its so good. Its about a father whose son is not really his own (the hospital switched his son with another boy the day he was born) then father and mother find out about the hospitals mess up and they end up meeting the family who has his biological son. He has to make a choice to keep the son he raised or take his biological son (switching the sons to thebcorrect parents) i HIGHLY reccomend the movie .


  22. Sasha Barrings

    Marzia! You need to watch this movie called “Stand By Me”. It was originally a book by Stephen King called “The Body”. When you said you liked the song “Stand By Me”, i immediately connected it with this movie. I’m not going to tell you what it’s about because it’ll be a more enjoyable experience if you know nothing about it. Please watch this movie you will absolutely love it!


  23. Alexandra

    Hey, Marzia! Here’s some things I would like to recommend you:

    – Tripped (2015) – a mini-series that it’s not very well-known, but I fully enjoyed. It has only 4 episodes, but it’s so interesting and exciting, I wish it was longer… It’s about 2 guys that travel to parallel universes and meet with their other versions from those different worlds, while trying to return to their own dimension and escape some scary guy who is chasing them in order to kill them. It was amazing 🙂

    – ‘Everything Matters!’ by Ron Currie Jr. – it’s a very interesting and unique book. I fully recommend this to anyone who wants to read something unusual. And even though you don’t expect to like it at first, the ending is all worth it!

    – Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou (2013) – this is a japanese drama that’s not that well-known, but it has a very heart-warming story. It’s about a very quiet second-hand bookstore owner who tries to unravel mystery involving old books. And it’s just nice to see how each book has their own personal story and how they connect people.

    – ‘Savages’ by Marina and The Diamonds – it’s a very powerful song with a deep message and a nice beat!

    And I don’t know if you like graphic novels or if you read some, but here’s two I really liked:
    – The Arrival by Shaun Tan
    – Through the Woods by Emily Carroll


  24. ryleewrites

    Hi Marzia! I recently finished beautiful novel called The Shadow of the Wind, and thought you would be interested. It’s by a Spanish writer named Carlos Ruiz Zafon, and takes place shortly after a war in Barcelona. A young boy discovers a book that has a huge impact on him and, throughout the course of his life, is determined to find out more about the author and his other works. The boy goes through so many obstacles and learns so much about himself and the world around him. My favorite thing about the book is the way the author beautifully creates his sentences and describes the city, I actually felt like I was there in Barcelona along with the main character.
    It’s got aspects of historical fiction, mystery, romance, and a bit of horror.

    You should check it out, it really inspired me and I think it would be perfect for you!


  25. Georgia

    I really like the Burn for Burn trilogy series by Jenny Han and Siobhan! For movies, I recommend Dreamworks’s ‘Home’ and Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast. Both movies are animated but really touching! (you should DEFINITELY watch it!)

    As for TV shows, I’m really into Korean ones. For horror, I recommend Master’s Sun. For more complex ones I definitely recommend Kill Me Heal Me 🙂 you can watch it on dramafire.com or myasiantv.com!

    For cute Japanese dramas, Minami kun no Koibito: My Little Lover is really cute! It’s available on viki.com 🙂


  26. Georgia

    Hi Marzia!
    For books, I would recommend the Burn for Burn trilogy series by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian!

    Movies wise, Dreamworks’s ‘Home’ & Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast! Both of them are animated movies but I promise they are extremely good and touching ones. 🙂

    As for TV shows, I’m really into Korean ones. I would recommend Master’s Sun for horror shows and Kill Me Heal Me for a more complex type of show. You can watch them on either dramafirecom or myasiantv.com. 🙂

    I really like Minami kun no Koibito: My Little Lover too, it’s a cute Japanese drama! You can watch it on viki.com

    For animes, I like Nodame Cantabile!!! if you’re into reading mangas, you should try reading this Korean one called Cheese in the Trap! it’s really good. and there’s a Korean drama adaptation as well, you can try watching it if you’re interested!


  27. Iris

    Hi Marzia!,

    I’m definitely going to check all of these out! Have you watched the movie with the same name as the song, “Stand By Me”? It even features it! It’s based off a story Stephen King wrote (it’s not a horror film, but it’s really good).

    Thanks for sharing! ♥


  28. barelysara

    Hey, Marzia. I’m still so jealous of your trip to Japan.

    I have two movie recommendations for you. But one of them turns into a music recommendation. The first one is called “Julia’s eyes” and it’s a suspense movie from Spain. It’s really good and it keeps you at the edge of your seat.
    The second one is called Begin Again with Keira Knightly and Mark Ruffalo. The soundtrack from this movie is the actual best. I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I watched it.


  29. bookloverforever2002

    Hi Marzia!I want to reccomend the book 1Q84 by Murakami.The events are happening in Tokyo and it’s absolutely amazing!Look it up and if you like it,read it!You won’t regret it!
    Let me know if possible in case you like it.


  30. Agatha

    I would definitely recommend you a japanesse writer who is kind well known and you may have heard about him – Haruki Murakami. I´ve read Kafka on the shore and Norweigan wood. However I am not fan of “thick” books but Kafka on the shore really sunk me in. There are two separate stories which are actually related and the blend of realistic and surrealstic/supernatural world is amazing!!! …. Since I have followed you quite a bit I´ve noticed your taste on creepy and supernatural so I am definitely recommending this! 🙂


  31. Agatha

    additionally, a movie I would recommend you – Under the skin. The film is so creapy and so emotional at the same time. It is free for interpretation so I do not want to spoil anything. Anyway a famous Scartlette Johanson is acting there whereas the film itself is kind of alternative and unknown.
    Another movie from Tokyo, accidentally Scarlette acting as well here and Bill Murray (my love) 😀 which is Lost in translation. One of my favourite movies which looks kind of romantic but it´s not cheese romance. It is more about self exploration 🙂

    Enjoy, highly recommended 🙂


  32. Tiana

    Marzia, there’s a really charming show on Netflix called “Tomorrow’s Antabile” it is a Korean show and it’s so fun to watch! It’s about these two pianists : a girl who is very quirky and acts like a child and a guy who is very mature and is known as the best pupil pianist in the school. They both have to do a duet together and the process is so enjoyable and fun to watch as they contradicting personalities have to spend time together and create a great duet! I defeinitly recommend it 🙂


  33. Valentina

    First time I’m writing here but I HAD to share this!

    I thought I was, like, the only Italian who got to know Stand by Me thanks to Timon & Pumbaa! It’s one of my favourite songs (together with ‘Video killed the radio star’) and they bring back so many great memories with my parents and from my childhood. I’m so happy I’m not the only one 🙂


  34. josepticbro

    I’m not sure if you’re a fan of manga, but if you are, read Death Note. I loved it to pieces, the mystery kept me reeled in. I find I like the manga over the anime, but the anime is also another “show” I’d recommend.

    If you’ve read it already, you’ll have to tell me what you think!


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  35. SAM

    Hey Marzia, I think you would really like “The Little Prince” its a book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and seems right up your alley to me.


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