March 29th, 2016

… In my imagination.

the inn1.jpg

It’s 6.40am and I’m opening up my laptop; sleep can wait, I just had a dream I have to share with you. I need to write it down now before I forget, I even woke up Felix just to tell him about it, as I needed to know if this happens to him as well or not: I build places in my head, that in my dreams, I’m able to go to.

I had a vivid dream just now, and this time I visited an Inn. But this is not just like any other: it’s located in a town that reminds me or Rye, but the way to get there is pretty peculiar.

Basically, to me, in my dreams, this is the Inn Felix and I like to go to any time we feel like taking a break from the city and relax. And so when today, while dreaming, I couldn’t seem to find Felix, I decided to go see if he was staying at the inn on it’s own.

When you arrive to the old town, the road is very confusing: you can’t find the right pathway unless you visit a semi-hidden china shop. When you get there, a lovely old lady greets you; she is usually napping on her chair, on the left corner of her little cottage/shop. In my dream, today, as soon as she awakes I cheerfully say hi and hand her over a map, saying “Here, as promised, a map of Japan” – she quickly grabs it full of excitement and opens it up. I continue “We just got back from our trip”. She looks at me, saying “Oh, I know that. Thank you for this, you know I can’t travel, but at least I can see places this way”.

She points at the back door, inviting me to exit, politely.

I do, and see the pathway opening in front of me.

I follow it. Nature prevails. Until The Inn, with it’s darkened salmon-pink and red brick walls contrast the scenery. By the time I arrive, the sky has darkened, night is approaching.

I enter and see the usual tall, blonde guy at the reception. He wonders if I’m here to join Felix, hinting that he is already staying here. I nod, and he hands me over key n.4, which opens the door to our usual room.

Interestingly enough, the place only has two rooms, n.3 – Tower View (which doesn’t look out at a tower but is rather shaped as one); and n.4 – Sunset View.

I thank the man and turn around, ready to walk the steep stairs up to the room.

Before I manage to get outside, I hear him saying “I know you have been working on a few products, lately”. I look at him with a smile. He goes on “Do I get to try out some of them? I would love some lipsticks.” – “Sure”, I say, meaning it.

I’m now in front on the door. I open it, and Felix is there.


The dream ends here, but I just love how I’m able to visit places I created in my dreams, over and over again. I remember dreaming about the same place before, but that time I was going there for New Years Eve to celebrate.

Do you have any special places you dream about more than once, and always go back to?



Sweet Dreams, Marzia.

117 thoughts on “THE PLACE I CREATED.

  1. faerielilith

    I know this is WAY after you posted this, but I’ve been reading few stuff trying to get inspiration. This is such a beautiful dream, much more so than my own recurring dream. I only had it when I was younger, but it stayed with me because of what happened in it. I was young in the dream…a toddler probably, but I looked like an infant. My cousin and I were fighting over a wicker purse at a party at my grandmother’s house. We end up tearing the purse in half because we kept pulling on it, but everyone blamed it on me. So what’s the punishment? Welp…I get thrown out the window. Yup. It’s weird. Then I’m laying in the grass sobbing, and little creatures surround me saying “aw, the poor thing”, and “we should help her”.

    It didn’t scare me when I was young, it just made me sad. It was…odd, to say the least.


  2. AgnesDJ

    I’ve had several vivid re-occuring dreams…there’s this hidden place I like to call “Red Cave” which acts like my own Wonderland, then there’s this mall/theme-park/beach place where I like to run a lot, and there’s also this barren place with identical looking tiny houses spaced miles apart…I love having such vivid dreams. But sometimes I get worried ’cause I sometimes have so much fun dreaming that I don’t ever want to wake up again…


  3. VV

    Hi! I don’t usually have dreams, but the little I have they’re pretty interesting and/or they get to repeat. During all my time in school, I got to dream about being in beaches and witness a tsunami. I woke up when the wave hit me. I got to the conclusion that it got to do with studying in front of the ocean, even though I never minded the possibilities of a tsunami. Another thing that I dreamed about that used to repeat was the fact that my father had a twin in the dream, but he never interacted with the family so I perceived that character as a threatening one lol. My favorite dream is one like what you describe here; my mind created an altered version of my actual house, which is the only one Ive ever lived in, but I got to admit that I loved that version of my house, was like a mansion, but I never got to remember and recreate it on my mind, I even think it was physically imposible to build it, but I really loved it because the dreams were always based on me being little and playing around it.


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