March 27th, 2016

Still fighting the jet lag after coming back from Japan.


Felix and I woke up at 7am, went to the gym, and decided to spend the afternoon napping, since tonight we wanted to hang out with friends. We have been falling asleep at 9pm for the past few nights, and so the only way to stay awake was to sleep a bit during the day. I’m happy to say it worked, because it’s now past midnight and I’m here writing.

By the way, can you spot Edgar in the picture?

After waking up, I received a package with a few items of clothing I’ve ordered. Here is piece n. 1 – a pair of boyfriend jeans with patches all over.


I like how strange they are! You can find them here.

The second piece I bought is a dress, which I actually decided to wear tonight.


I love the simple cut and the contrast between the white lace and the rose detail. I wanted to make it a bit edgier, so I paired it with some over-the-knee boots and my usual faux leather jacket.

Also, I met Emma for the first time after the trip, and she looked so adorable! She cut her hair and she looks even cuter now, if that’s even possible.

Today was a rainy, cold and super windy day, so we went for the “dinner + cinema combo”. We let Felix pick the restaurant, and I’m not going to lie, it seemed a bit sketchy (although highly rated). Just to give you an idea, here is what I was sitting in front of while eating my meal.


Doesn’t that look creepy? I didn’t mind it, it was fun to look at it. It was just a bit… odd, that’s all.

The name of the place is E-Kagen. None of us really finished the food in our dishes so I don’t think we will be going back, but it was fun to try out a new restaurant.


But then it was time for the movie. I pushed on watching “The Boy”, which I have waited for so so long to see. I remember seeing the trailer a while ago and after seeing the first 10 seconds of it I knew I had to see it.

And so we did.


I wasn’t expecting it to be the greatest horror of all time, I actually had pretty low expectations: cheap jump-scares, the usual cheesy storyline (which I would have been fine with, because I love the horror genre that much that it doesn’t even matter if it’s bad)… but I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed it; I would probably rate it a 8.5/10.

So if you do enjoy scary movies, give it a go! And if you have already seen it, did you like it?

Okay, it’s 2am – the time just switched 1 hour ahead – I better go to sleep now. I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Happy Easter, Marzia.

81 thoughts on “SLEEPING TO STAY AWAKE.

  1. icaweng

    I can’t watch any horror movies lol Those scenes are just too vivid that I am sure they would make me sleepless during the nights. However, I am glad you enjoyed the movie ^^


  2. Erica

    I am a bar tender and when The Boy came out I was talking to a guest about horror movies and asked if he had seen it yet. He said, “Yeah! It was great! I can’t believe…. (insert major spoiler here).” I was so bummed that he had given me a general sense of what the ending was but I went to see it anyways. Even knowing what was coming my jaw literally dropped at the reveal! I got out of the movie and texted alllll my friends about how much I loved it lol. Happy Easter Marzia!


  3. Anja

    I watched it few days ago in the cinema and I didn’t enjoy it that much.. I mean,it’s mostly the anticipation (not sure how to spell this) about what is going to happen then real happening.. It wasn’t bad but the end kinda ruined it for me… Not bad but not good either.. would rate it 6/10 … Btw you’re too cute,glad you’re back 😀 i missed your blog


  4. AkaneChaan

    I’m glad you guys are sorting it out, and that dress is so lovely! You look really good in it, I wish I could wear dresses the way you do! I got no self confidence like that at all anymore.
    Heh, I don’t think I’m going to watch a scary movie anytime soon, but I’m happy for you and Felix. Happy Easter to you guys!
    Love from Norway<3


  5. Meritt

    Marzia, I really enjoy reading your Blog 🙂
    Every entry is filled with so much love. In three month I have to go back home, and I already know that I’ll miss London so much it will crush my heart. My silver lining is, that I know that I will still have your Blog and your impressions of living in Brighton (which I love since my first visit so so much that I would move there immediately if it would be possible). So Marzia, thank you for that! I hope it sounds not to strange ^^ I’ll give the horror movie a try, because I really love Horror Movies, so it can’t be too bad 😀


  6. Ewa

    Same! I went to see the boy a few days ago and had pretty low expectations. I just thought that the ending would be predictable and unsurprising. Yet I really liked the ending, even though I know many would say it was stupid :/


  7. mitchamablog

    I really wish I could watch horror movies and enjoy them like you do, bit I just can’t. My boyfriend forces me to watch them with him from time to time, and yesterday after the movie he guided me to the toilet (cause I wouldn’t go alone)while teasing me so bad that I ended up crying to make him stop!
    When I was small I would actually imagine all of it without even had watched one in the first place, ever! LOL


  8. Ansia

    Hi Marzia , Emma and you are really adorable in this pucture, I am glad you had fun! The restaurant seems sketchy indeed, but is the food all rigth, ain’t no big deal ,I guess. Also I did noticed edgar, even though he has no difference with pewds in the photo! ^.^


  9. themovingbear

    Sounds like the best of the day was the movie! I’m glad that you enjoyed it so much. I don’t usually see scary movies, but maybe I will recommend it! 🙂


  10. Julia Luchi

    Hey Marzia! I really can’t watch horror movies. It’s kinda weird, because at night, I can´t even open my eyes, and if I do, I see ghosts and monsters and serial killers everywhere. I wish I wasn’t so afraid of them, but I’d rather sleep well than keep thinking about these creepy stuff.


  11. Nomi

    Your smile in the picture with Emma is beautiful! 🙂
    I´ve been watching your Youtube Videos for quite some time now and I always liked your Videos but I have to say I am enjoying your blog much more because it´s more personal with posts like this one.


  12. Julietta

    Omg i saw that movie a while back with my friend it was really good i really liked the end it was good plot twist but he was so creepy lol. Kiess Grettaaa. But overall i think it was really good too.


  13. Julietta

    Oh and there’s this other scary movie thats coming out that looks super scary its called Lights Out me and my friend r super excited to see it we love scary movies. But u should watch the trailer its super creepy it made me cry ( i cry when i get scared i dont sob or anything but ill get tears lol weird right)


  14. Jéssica

    Hello Marzia!
    I loved the boots!
    I went last week watch ‘The Boy’ and I got a little disappointed because of the twist they made it… But it was a fun film to watch still. :p
    I’m really enjoying that you’ve been writing a lot, and as someone who admires your work, has the chance to know you a little bit more.
    Wish you all the best!!


    Ps: Can’t wait to have your book in my hands!!!


  15. Martina S.

    Ciao Marzia!
    ‘The Boy’ sembra molto interessante e lo sto addocchiando da parecchio. Da quando ci hai consigliato ‘Signs’ in un tuo video ( film che per qualche ragione avevo sempre snobbato, mentre ora è di sicuro fra i miei preferiti) mi fido molto dei tuoi consigli “horroriani” e il fatto che tu l’ abbia trovato carino mi fa venire ancora più voglia di andarlo a vedere… peccato che qui in Italia uscirà penso verso a maggio! ;(
    Comunque volevo dirti che amo troppo leggere questo blog…mi piace molto l’ intimità che hai creato, la tua creatività, come scrivi e come riesci a destreggiarti fra argomenti banali e altri più importanti. È davvero carinissimo e ogni volta non vedo l’ ora che tu pubblichi qualcosa di nuovo!

    Ps: il vestito è davvero carinissmo, ma di quegli stivali mi sono letteralmente innamorata!


  16. Anissa

    i don’t usually watch horror movies , but i think im going to try this one because it looks different and strange . hahaa . love from Tunisia 🙂


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