March 24th, 2016

Tokyo, Kyoto & Nara.


I landed a few hours ago in London. I’m very sleepy because of the jet lag, but I couldn’t wait to share with you some photos I took and the overall experience. This wasn’t my first time there – it was my 5th, actually – but this time we stayed longer, experienced more, and went with our friends PJ and Sophie!



We begun with some of the most known districts of Tokyo, particularly Akihabara and Harajuku: the first one is a modern area dedicated to video games, figurines and collectables; the other one is more focused on fashion.

After doing a bit of shopping in Takeshita Street, we walked in Yoyogi Park.


Leaving this last one, walking towards the station, we spotted a cat café, and so we decided to check it out. Not going to lie, I don’t love cats, I’m more of a dog person, but I’m glad we went there as the experience was so surreal and relaxing at the same time… plus the cats were cute, I have to admit.


On the way back to Nishi-Waseda (the area we stayed in) we stopped by the underground mall in Tokyo Station and had fun browsing through all the shops. Quickly enough, the day was coming to an end, as the energies were abandoning us, and so we went back to our AirBnB.




Time to do my yearly visit to Ueno Park, one of my favourite places. Being there in the middle on March meant that we caught a glimpse of some cherry blossoms; the area was being prepared for the event.


We didn’t spot that many, but the ones we did see were absolutely stunning.


The park is pretty big, and not only there are several shrines and a zoo, but there is also a lovely lake you can rent boats at and go around in. We spent most of our time in Ueno, and then had dinner in Korea Town.




Disneyland! Oh, and DisneySea!

That’s right… we went to both.



I had only visited one in the past, but I really wanted to check out DisneySea this time, as it looked so beautiful in the pictures I had previously seen.




We were lucky enough to have a guide showing us around, and so we managed to get most rides done at Disneyland, but when we got to the other park the weather became really windy and the jet lag started to kick in. We only did 3 rides, but one in particular, “20’000 Leagues Under the Sea”, made the entrance to the park totally worth it – not to mention how spectacular each area was!







We took the shinkansen (fast train) from Tokyo to Kyoto. We got there at midday, checked into the Japanese style room we booked for the night, rented some bikes and rode around the city.


We reached the Golden Temple, which was absolutely stunning, and strolled around the park. We weren’t able to do much more, but the day was so much fun because it really felt like an adventure.




From Kyoto, we moved to Nara. We were all looking forward to check this location out as it’s known to be full of deer living in its ground. When we got there, we were so surprised to see them walking all around the streets, not just the green areas, and they were fun to look at: they could be dangerous, sings were placed everywhere so you would be careful, but overall I found them to be very playful and polite. Fun fact: they taught them to bow before receiving food.


Shrines and pagodas are scattered across the main park, and although we couldn’t possibly see everything in just a few hours, we all agreed to get tickets to see the Great Buddha.


The statue is safely stored inside a massive temple, alongside with many others. It was so big we ended up getting lost for about 40 minutes; the panic was real, but luckily we all found each other at the exit.



Back in Tokyo. Our trip is coming to an end, and so we must make sure we visit all the places we are interested in: next in the list, Asakusa and the Sky Tree.


We went out early in the morning as usual, despite the fact that at this point PJ was getting ill and we were all exhausted by walking hours and hours each day. We thought the market place would be fun, but we didn’t realise it was a National Holiday and because of it way too many people were there.


We moved out of the area pretty quickly and decided to go to the Sky Tree, thinking it would be a relaxing activity. Wrong. It took us hours of standing in line before we could get in. But eventually we did, and the view of the city from up high was incredible.




Our last day in Japan. The plan was to visit the Imperial Palace and Shinjuku Park, but little did we know that due to the holiday both would be closed… not sure what to do, we ended up chilling by the park in front of the Palace, playing card games and eating snacks.


To save the day and put an amazing ending to our trip, we managed to book seats at the Robot Restaurant, which consisted on a 90 minute show of absolute madness. It was great.


And that was it. At 5am we left the little house we had lived in all together for the week. It was such a fun trip!


And now I’m home, cuddling the pugs, answering over 200 emails and hoping the time difference won’t mess up my schedule too much. I’m planning to stay awake, but… it’s so… difficult.


Sayōnara, Marzia.

PS. I’m going to upload a vlog from the trip tomorrow,so you will see a lot more!

156 thoughts on “JAPAN.

  1. mewxx

    Japan looks amazing! I love the pictures that you take Marzia c: They are always so colourful and just so happy ^_^ Reading this post was such a delight ❤ xx


  2. Angelica

    Wow what a jam-packed holiday! Sounds and looks absolutely amazing, but also very tiring. Funny how you sometimes end up more exhausted during your vacation than during regular days. All very worth it though for such a great experience! I want to be able to do more travelling when I’m older, and hopefully one day I’ll see all the same things you did! 😀


  3. mitchamablog

    I missed reading your blog so much that I didn’t know what to do and ended up watching your first videos on YouTube. I had so much fun watching your cute clumbsiness and realising how much confidence you have now and realising that your Italian accent was so thick! Be proud of yourself Marzia!

    Anyways, I wish I was with you visiting Japan (il paese dei miei sogni) but I’m happy you had a great time eventhough you only had 1 day if relax xD
    Good to read you again 😉


  4. Aubrey

    I’m so so happy you’re back!!! Can’t wait for you to start blogging again! Love you & I hope you readjust to the time difference quickly… 🙂


  5. anjel313

    I just saw the video as well! I enjoyed watching it 🙂 It’s been awhile but glad for you to be back 🙂 I really look up to the positive vibes that you encourage in your outputs and your endeavor to be more productive ^^ It inspired me to try and reach my goals as well :”>



    marzia pls do a shout out to your fans here in the Philippines thanks marzia if you ever reply to this comment ILY ❤
    -Fans From the Philippines XOXO love lots


  7. wrolin

    Wow, sounds like you had so much fun! You’re such a huge inspiration to me, because I’ve struggled with social anxiety basically my whole life, and being able to see how many things you conquer is amazing to me. I hope I’ll get the courage to someday travel too! Especially since Japan is one of the many places I wanna see for myself too.

    Thank you for sharing, and I’m looking forward to read your future posts and watch your youtube videos! ^-^


  8. danniscloud

    It’s hard trying to squeeze all the things you want to see and do in a short period of time. I bet you all are ready for another holiday with how much walking you seemed to have done.

    Looks like you all had a great time! I hope you friend PJ is feeling better.

    Nothing like being at home though. I bet you really missed the pugletts.


  9. Joy

    Hi Marzia,
    I just wanted to make sure that you know that you are amazing. You have a connection with your followers that nobody seems to have, weather it’s on Facebook, Instagram, your lovely blog or YouTube channel. You do everything to make your marzipans get a better understanding of exactly who you are. The other day you were so honest about yourself and I am so glad that you were because you are wonderful and beautiful. Just wanted to make sure you understand that. Wishing you all the very best


  10. Karen

    Dear Marzia,
    Thank you so much for sharing, it was really interesting. I’ve never been to Japan but I wish to be able to go there one day. 🙂
    Btw, where are your shoes you wore on day 3 from?
    Thanks again and have a lovely day/night,


  11. Andrea Elizabeth

    I LOVE your pink coat on day 5 and day 7, where did you get it from? P.S. I am also loving your blog posts, Marzia! I feel like you can really open up here and share your thoughts with the world. Keep it up, girlfriend!! xx


  12. Kat11

    This may seem like a bit of a strange question but I’m dying to know where you got that white long sleeve top from! It’s the one with a sort of ruffle collar and seems to be made of a ribbed kind of material. Let me if you can please it is so pretty.


  13. Emmy

    Dear Marzia,

    I love your blogs but also the pictures. I was wondering… with what device did you take them :3 ?

    Again: keep up de good work!


  14. Maria Clara

    Hey, Marzia! I’m a huge fan of yours for about 2 years, but this is the 1st time I get courage for writting to you… My name is Maria Clara, I’m from Brazil (sorry if there is any English mistake). Even having thousands of questions, I have 1 favourite. My biggest dream is travelling abroad, mostly to Japan, so I just wanted to know if there you can talk in English normally in restaurants and shops or if you had trouble with it or if you know Japanese language… I’m pleasured even if you can’t read this once you are really busy. Thanks a lot, you are awesome!


  15. Yessica

    Hey Marzia,

    I forgot to ask previously but I’ve seen yours and Felix’s video about it it came to my mind again; did you guys rent a little house while visiting Japan? My boyfriend and I visited Japan last year and are very eager to go back to Tokyo next year or so – but we like the idea of having our own little house/apartment of sorts. Can you recommend me the one you stayed at?

    Much love,


  16. raypai

    Oh gosh, this looks like a lot of fun!! I think it’s really cool of you guys to visit so many different places! Also the pictures are stunning <33
    I hope to visit Japan once, BUT I will for sure save up a lot of money beforehand! I know I will probably buy too much stuff, and visit too many places, haha! ❤ Maybe I can visit Japan several times just to experience more places! I'm really eager to visit the country side during the summer.. Idk it looks so relaxing!
    I'm glad you guys had a lot of fun!! <33


  17. Ciera

    Hey Marzia, love reading about all your adventures! My brother and I recently graduated college and have had a lifelong dream of going to Japan. We decided we are going to go next year, and I wondered if you could recommend any places in particular in Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka? We’re staying for three weeks and visiting all three areas and are looking for any recommendations from people who have visited!



    Hi. I’m living in Tokyo, to Shinjuku about 20min on foot, running a website “REAL JAPAN GUIDE”.
    You stayed Nishi-Waseda…I like it. Because that area is old residential area, so experience Japan culture…may be. Nice trip!!

    REAL JAPAN GUIDE: https://www.glimp.jp


  19. tabstravel

    I have just returned from a trip in Japan and I also loved it! It was so great that I’ve just started my blog where I’ve written about Nara and the deer… I would love you to check it out!


  20. transientsanity

    I’m attempting to plan my family’s trip to Japan this summer. My biggest concern is the language barrier and getting around. You said that you rented bikes in Kyoto, but did you ever catch taxis or used the subways? If so, how was it?

    Also, did you see maikos or geishas in Kyoto?


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