March 13th, 2016

Not an exciting post, but an exciting time!


As you might have guessed, I’m about to leave again, and this time for a trip I’ve been looking forward to for such a long time. I’m going to keep the location secret for a little longer (although you might have already figured it out from hints here and there) but you can expect a travel post when I get back, full of pictures! 

I’m leaving tomorrow, so today I spent the day finishing up some work (I have edited a makeup tutorial that I’m really happy with and can’t wait for you to see this Thursday), packing, and organising things for the holiday.

I won’t be around for about 10 days – I know, it’s a long time, we never took such a long holiday before but we really wanted some extra time this time, instead of our usual 4-5 days.

So you won’t be seeing blog posts from me in the meantime, but you will be able to see my video as usual and then, next week, I will be back!


Before I leave, I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments you left on yesterday’s post: it was such a personal topic that it made me incredibly happy to hear your stories, have your support and overall feeling understood from all of you. I’m glad you are here, I do feel like you are getting to know me a bit better and at the same time, I get to know you as well. I read all of your comments (I actually have to approve manually all of them, so you know it’s true) and even if it would take me ages to reply to every single comment, I do appreciate everything you share with me!


See you next week, Marzia.

170 thoughts on “PACKING.

  1. The Luna twig

    Marzia,sono una ragazza italiana,ho 2 anni in meno di te e sentirti parlare nei video in inglese e leggere i post sul blog mi aiuta moltissimo con questa lingua. Ti ho conosciuta grazie al mio ragazzo,lui mi guardava e mi diceva tutti i giorni : sai che somigli a CutiepieMarzia?Colori pastellosi,film horror,vintage…perchè non vedi un suo video?Ammetto che prima di conoscerti ero convinta che non mi avresti mai colpito. Poi qualche mese fa mi trovai a casa sua e guardammo i tuoi video e alcuni di Felix tutta la sera.C’è tanta passione e creatività in quello che fai,riesci ad inventarti cose nuove e non sei mai banale. Ti ammiro tantissimo! Per di più ho scoperto che tra i tuoi nomi preferiti c’è Luna ,io lo adoro! Un abbraccio forte a te e Felix,buon viaggio :*


  2. Joy

    I am so glad that you decided to open this blog. It’s not really about the amount of subscribers that you have, it’s mainly about sharing your passions and finding a place that you love, and feel safe in. Enjoy your vacation I wish you all the very best!!! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Makayla's World

    I hope you have an amazing time on your trip! ☺️ I am still trying to figure out this site, could anyone help me figure out how to get a profile picture.
    Thank you xoxox
    Ps. Enjoy your time 🌞


  4. Sonia

    Hey Marzia, I love those black boots! Could show some pictures of how you style them? Like look like the kind of shoes you usually don’t wear socks/legging in but I noticed you did and it looks amazing. But I don’t know if it looks just as awesome with jeans and a pair of sock. Could you please post some pictures?


  5. mammadukes30

    I am so glad that you and Felix get to take such a great trip and have more days to do more things and I’m glad you’re having fun with your friends too and I love these blogs I do feel like I know you better and know you more and I love that and I’m glad you’re apart of my life I don’t care if it’s through the internet you make my life better make my days happy thank you


  6. Romy

    Get back here and make us jealous with all your photos from Japan! Lucky girl, it’s your fourth time or so going right? Sigh I’m still saving up for my trip. Oh well I really hope you enjoy your last couple of days there 🙂 I actually can’t wait to read your posts on this blog again haha I do enjoy reading them and appreciate that you share your thoughts and such on here. So thank you for that 🙂


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