March 12th, 2016

I’m going to open up about some topics and a few tattoos.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 13.34.43.jpg

While getting most of my tattoos through the years, I have given short explanations of why I got certain designs on me.

I quickly realised Instagram was not a good place to share things, such a negative atmosphere; Youtube also wasn’t an option for me, too much exposure. But now I have this blog, and I trust you are here because you want to read my posts and overall hang around, chat with me and share your opinions on the topics I select.

I was asked plenty of times to share the meaning behind my tattoos, but to be completely honest some of them are just so personal that I haven’t event told some of the closest people in my life about their true meanings – I usually just say I wanted them because I liked them, when really to me, there is a lot more behind those drawings.

And so after something that happened last night, I’m ready to open up a bit and talk about some of them. I won’t go through all of them, because I have many and most of them are explained on Instagram or some YT videos – I will focus on some of the most personal ones, which I never talked about before.

BUT before I get into that, I need to get this off my chest: remember that beret I blogged about last nigh?


Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 18.11.06.jpg


In the post, I did mention that I knew someone would get the wrong idea, and I was prepared for people to complain about me wearing it. Nobody on my blog did (and that’s why I feel like this is a safe place for me – you just get me – I don’t need to explain myself) but on Instagram people went cray cray. I was called rude because someone who is not socially considered “ugly” should not wear something like that, that the word might be triggering for people and cause them to loose confidence over it; that I should take more responsibility and not post something like that because someone might get offended; that I was careless… and that went on and on.

Well, I was attacked as if I never had any insecurities.

The truth is, I did. I still do. Everybody does. Everybody struggles with things, and I don’t think it’s fair for someone to assume you don’t, and stop you from expressing yourself, in any way that could be.

It’s no secret that growing up I was very insecure about my body: all the girls in school started to develop, and I had no meat on me. All the clothes were too big, boys made fun of me for not having curves, girls teased me as well – and worse of all – teachers and grown ups did so too.

I remember one time in high school, my class and a few others were on a school trip, and while on the bus, I heard some people had some candy and chocolate they were sharing around. I asked if I could get some as well, but for some reason, to my teacher, that registered as a cry for help: the bus stops, everybody goes silent. She comes towards me with a sandwich saying I needed to eat it – in front of all these people – as if I has some kind of disorder. Other parents and teachers kept calling home asking if I did have eating problems (which I never ever did) and the situation was just so embarrassing to me, making me feel like something had to be wrong.

This is just one of the things I had to deal with. So when I wear that beret, I see it as an achievement. Because I wish that when I was younger I had the confidence to wear it and laugh about people’s opinions about me and not let them influence me so deeply. They don’t change who I am, they don’t help me in any way, and so I learnt to love my body instead and let people talk.

To this day, I’m proud to have built up my confidence and that beret symbolises how I worked through my insecurities and I now accept my flaws.

So there you go, instead of seeing everything so negatively, some people should try to pause for a second and try to get a different prospective on things.

It’s a cute hat, no harm is meant from me wearing it.

I’m pretty sure that if I go out on the street and people read what’s written on it, they will simply get a laugh out of it – nobody would ever stop me, saying I’m offending them.

But then again, we all know the internet is very strongly opinionated about all kinds of things.



OKAY. Sorry about that, thanks for letting me get it all out.

Now let’s get into my tattoos, which is probably the reason why you are still here!

I decided to write about them on the same post because they do relate to this subject, as some of my arm tattoos are actually little achievements of mine.




Let’s begin with the more obvious one, the “shy” tattoo.

I got it last year, after realising how much progress I made in opening up to people and pushing myself to do things I wanted to do but had always been to afraid to even try. And we are talking simple things, like going to the grocery store alone, talking to a stranger on the street, making new friends.

A few years ago I had such troubles doing anything that I just closed myself inside the house; I would see nobody other than Felix. It was a dark period, I thought I was going to have to see someone about it, but then something changed, and I got out of it.

So by writing shy on my arm I can always remember that although my entire life I have been incredibly shy, I’m okay with it, because it’s a trait of my personality and it isn’t in the way of me achieving things in life. I will always be shy, but I can deal with it better now, and I actually like how being this way allows me to develop other characteristics, like listening and observing. Just because I’m quiet

it doesn’t mean I don’t have opinions, or I’m not interested, or I don’t want to be a part of something  – I do, but in my own way.





But this topic brings me to the next tattoo: “La casa sulla luna”, which translated is “The house on the moon”.

This refers to my social anxiety: once again, you know I struggle with it, and it used to be really really bad. This sentence comes from one of my favourite books, “We Have Always Lived in the Castle”, where the protagonist, after going through a tragedy, can never leave the house without feeling observed and judged by people.

If you have social anxiety you know that feeling very well: as soon as you leave your safe place, it feels like everybody is staring at you, and you just want to hide from the world.

In the story, the girl would imagine her safe place in her head (the house on the moon) while being outside, just so that thought could be somewhat comforting to her. And so I tried it myself, I would think about it as well while leaving the house, or when I was in uncomfortable situations, and it helped me greatly.

That’s why it’s on my body, it’s a constant reminder that I can do it, it’s all in my head, and if I think about positive things instead of letting my dark thoughts come to mind, everything will be fine.




The final tattoo for today, is the “twig” one.

This is related to my body image. As I previously stated, growing up I felt awkward about my body, no matter how much I tried to eat I could not gain enough weight to look like the other girls. But now I cherish my body – although I constantly get comments on how skinny I am (even if I’m not THAT skinny anymore), on how I should eat a burger, on how I have no boobs and butt – I love it the way it is and I would change nothing about it. And so that fragile twig represents me, and it reminds me that everything has its own beauty.


So that’s it, I think I shared enough for today! I need to point out that in no way I’m saying you should get tattooed as well, I enjoy the look of them and I consider them to be an art form, but I know lots of people disagree.

This isn’t supposed to be a sad post or anything like that, but rather a reminder of how nobody should ever assume things about others, and most importantly, that our own flaws make us who we are, and we should embrace them and see the positive rather than focusing on the negative. That’s always my message.



Thank you for reading this super long post, Marzia.

478 thoughts on “THE WAY I AM.

  1. mm

    You cannot compare what is acceptable and even admirable in societies eyes, with something most people find grotesque.

    You, pretending that you as a teen never realised that women and girls since the 70’s have longed to be thin, makes it look like you are just secretly praising yourself in this post. We get it, you were aways attractive, here’s a cookie!

    You could have mentioned anything believable! Your crooked, red nose? But no you choose being thin.

    This post really just show how easy you’ve had it, how much you think about yourself, and how overly sensitive you are because you never dealt with anything but praise – like most girls who are thought of as pretty. Thus becoming selfcentered and painfully narcissistic.

    “This one time, people cared so much about BEAUTIFUL me, that they handed me a sandwich IN FRONT OF EVERYBODY!” … yeah that must have been an absolute “nightmare”… ..

    Well I don’t fret, in five years you will read this post and want to punch yourself in the face. Because now, you are no where near you lowest point when it comes to appearance, body anxiety will grow as you get older, unlike what people assume. Gaining weight and getting wrinkles and cellulite! So one day, hurrah, you will learn what other people go through and how annoying it is to read people like you whine over nothing because you are so sensitive, because you never got critique.

    But yeah, for now, write your garbage here, where people say exactly what you want to hear. Grow as a person.


    1. Holmes

      I’m actually surprised at how angry you are at her for writing a post about why she didn’t like her body, as you shame her for not liking her body because it’s accepted by society and she should be thankful. She’s writing garbage? Why is it a problem that she struggled with body issues? Why is it bad that she felt inadequate? There is nothing wrong with feeling something everyone has felt in their lives. You’re hoping she regrets this? That her body anxiety will grow as she gets older? What kinda person is EXCITED that another person will grow to hate herself? Maybe I’m out of line, but it seems like you have a problem with yourself and not her.

      So here’s some advice you don’t have to take. Advice you don’t have to acknowledge.

      Try and empathize with her. You may not mentally ( and I mean this seriously, I’m not trynna subliminally say something rude) follow how this registered in her mind. She was told her was “too thin”. she was told her “didn’t eat” people thought she was “starving herself”. She isn’t self centered because she’s confident enough to write this. She’s not a narcissist because she posted about HERSELF on HER blog. That’s a childish argument. This whole comment is hateful.

      Hopefully you can grow as a person and learn to accept other peoples struggles.

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    2. LA

      As someone who has been on the bigger side their entire life, I want to start my response off by asking one major question that all of us are thinking: how fucking dare you? You do not get to come on to someone else’s blog and attempt to invalidate their struggles because they don’t seem as legitimate to you as they do to her. You don’t get to tell her she’s seeking attention, seeking to be told that she’s beautiful, when she’s making a statement about how people treat people with naturally thin bodies – and obviously, we aren’t talking about your normal skinny bodies, but the bodies society tears apart for being “bony” or “frail”. Yeah, when you eat like a normal person and have a good home life, do you think a teacher stopping a fucking bus to tell you to “eat a sandwich” in front of all of your peers does anything positive for your self-image? Answer: it doesn’t, so you can take your condescending point of view and shove it up your ass.

      As someone who has been overweight for the entirety of my life, I can honestly say that there are solutions for me. If proper diet and exercise aren’t working due to other internal issues, doctors have an answer. There are whole goddamn procedures designed for people with big bodies to help them be thin. However, when you’re so naturally thin that people see your body type as a problem, there’s hardly any solution. Doctors tell you to eat more, workout more, keep doing all the things you’ve been trying to do a little bit harder and hope for results. It’s often not that easy. Naturally thin people who fall beneath a healthy weight range are often stuck there for most of their lives, and that means that they get to experience the shame SOCIETY makes them feel. Models are praised for being too skinny because they’re paid to look that way, and they’re beautiful doing it. In the real world, people who are too skinny are constantly nagged, insulted, and told to eat more…like, all the fucking time. They’re treated poorly just as any overweight or obese person is because that’s THE WAY SOCIETY HANDLES IT. This creates self-esteem issues along with many of other problems that go unseen. See, you seem to think that naturally skinny people live joyous lives just because they’re skinny, and that helps me distinguish the magnitude of your ignorance. See, my struggles with my weight are separate from my struggles with my self-image. Separate from my struggles with my anxiety and depression. They’re all their own independent things, and you basically just suggested that because OP is skinny, she doesn’t really have a right to be upset or triggered by the things that happen to her. Again I ask, how fucking dare you?

      Your close-minded point of view was unnecessary on this post. As OP stated, she felt safe enough to post her feelings here because people understand. People put their judgments away for a little while to help better understand the human mind and condition. People should have the natural tendency to want to help, to want to bring happiness, to show that there is good. But here sits your holier than thou self, hiding behind a computer screen as you tell this wonderful girl her feelings and concerns are illegitimate. I only have one solution for that problem: throw your computer out of your window. You’ll be much happier when you stop telling people what they can and cannot feel.

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    3. hestrology

      I respect your opinion, but there is nothing wrong with growing up with having compliments and praises thrown at you most of the time. The twig represents the way other people see her, not how she sees herself. She never complained about her body figure, but compared it instead. She never wanted to be ‘thin’ like the women in the 70’s, she simply just wanted to gain weight. Some people don’t want to be thin.

      There is probably more to this story than her just being called skinny. What if there were more grave details to this? What if she was actually bullied to a point where she wouldn’t go to school? Some things are never truly revealed. You’re not a witness, you didn’t see or hear whatever they said or told. No one has the right to judge her.

      So what if she writes something like this again? She can do whatever she wants, it’s her blog. We get that shes popular, and we get that she receives 5x more of criticism than most normal people get. With the experience she has being a youtuber, she has probably been called skinny more than a hundred times already for like the past five years. But guess what? Shes already dealing with it.

      Past is in the past, this twig meant a lot to her back then. Having this twig doesn’t mean that she cant take in all the hate she receives today, it just shows how strong she is now, and how shes built her own concrete walls. She was just fragile back then. This is just my opinion.

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    4. Ana Caroline

      I’m so sorry for how close minded you are… Kids are like this, they make fun of who’s too short, too tall, too fat, too skinny, that’s what happens, she’s not praising herself or bragging, she’s telling what she went through being skinny. Look up, almost every supermodel suffered bullying when they were kids for being too thin or too tall. People have different kinds of problems they have to go through, she could have tried filling her body with all kinds of trash food and be really unhealthy now just for trying to be like the other girls because boobs and booty and curves are “more attractive” than being thin. Grow up as a person.

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    5. Desire

      It amazes me how you chose to completely disregard the fact that this took her a huge amount of confidence to write what she did. She also chose to write it here, hoping to avoid any negativity. This is obviously something she struggled with, so who are you to put her down on her own experiences? So please, next time, think before you write something so downgrading about another human being.

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    6. Jen Kayusha

      Woaaaaah! You must be very rotten inside to write her something like this, I mean Who you think you are to stop people from saying what they think, from sharing their worst fears and insecurities.. You are just the kind of human garbage that this world doesn´t need anymore. If you´re rude, if your life sucks, if you had it worst than her, or if you just always been and ugly fat pig and you´re angry with thin people, believe me when I´m saying that being rude with others doesn´t make your life better, It just bring you more and more negativity to your own life,

      Anyway, poor you, I really hope your life is not that miserable as it appears.


    7. Kt

      People can always have it worse. How would you like it if after you complained about something that REALLY hurt you, someone in a worse situation told you what a thankless piece of crap you are for complaining?

      I’ve also grown up “skinny” and been a very shy nice person and so I got a lot of sh* from people because I was an easy target. And yeah, I heard all sorts of things about my weight too, which made me very self conscious. And I didn’t have the social skills to make friends. So yeah, I hear her because I grew up effectively alone with no friends suffering from hellish social anxiety. Life was a nightmare in some ways.

      But I also hear you, in that you seem to feel you’ve suffered a lot because of your appearance. Honestly, I think that this whole idea of “beauty” is seriously stupid, and it is a travesty with how something that shouldn’t mean anything can cause people to judge others.

      Anyway, please stop being so spiteful just because you can’t understand her situation. I’m sorry you’ve suffered, possibly worse than a lot of people, but the truth is that we all need to both accept ourselves and accept each other. We don’t choose what hurts us, but it helps everyone if we support each other with compassion, regardless if they have it better or worse than us.

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    8. KayKay~sama

      I actually have tons and tons of self doubt and self anxiety about my body and though I don’t show it in public it’s true ppl make fun of me but I’m the tough girl in my school who doesn’t care about what ppl have to say but this post helped me stay confident like I used to be so thank you 🙂

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    9. Anastasia Maria

      Wtf. Do you have your own fucking insecurities? If you do don’t take it out on someone you’re quite obviously jealous of. Marzia is beautiful and how can she have a crooked red nose (in your perspective a bad thing) and be beautiful? Stop being so hateful. What’s bad for you might be absolutely fine for someone else. I have been skinny my whole life I used to get teased about it and I was extremely self concious so I went on a diet aged 9 to gain weight,after I gained a slightly noticeable amount people started to call me fat and I starved myself and became bulimic and shortly after anorexic. Now that I’m 16 I’ve over come my eating disorders but I deal with anxiety and panic attacks which I occasionally get made fun of. It just goes to show you can never win in this world. People who are jealous and sensitive of the slightest things ( like yourself) HAVE to put other people down and it’s stupid and immature. Get a life and stop being a keyboard warrior.


    10. Matthew Hinson

      Wow you must have an exciting life if you come on this post just to write mean and negative thoughts. If everyone was like you the world would be a terrible place. Leave her alone and get a life. If you have to come on here and write negative things then that means your obviously not satisfied with yourself or your life. Butt out of other peoples life’s and make yours better the way you want. People that judge people like you are the reason a lot of people are unhappy and the reason some people commit suicide, because they were judged and feel inadequate. Keep out of other peoples lifes and try completing someone sometime it might do you some good. Love you Marzia!!!!


    11. What is wrong with people - makes me hate being a human

      You sound angry, almost jealous that you’re not “thin”.

      If you grow up with comments constantly telling you to eat more, you’re too skinny.

      Mind you it is EXACTLY and FEELS EXACTLY the same as telling a fat person who is trying their hardest to go on diets and exercises everyday “why’re you still so fat?”

      YOU should grow up as a person.


  2. cnorth

    Hey Marzia,
    I wanted to ask you where you got your flower tattoo made. I really like the way its made and I would like to get one like this (with a different flower though)
    Thank you for taking your time

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  3. rememberlifeblog

    Dear sweet Marzia

    You are such a beautiful person and by beautiful I mean your soul and mind. If people would just see each others souls and personalities instead of appearances, I believe humankind would be a huge step closer to global acceptance (I hope you get what I mean – it sounds good in my head) ❤ Anyway I see you as an incredibly brave individual, who has and still are going through a lot of challenges, but what matters is that you keep pushing through and I, in this post, read about an amazing woman who has grown a lot and I admire you so much.
    Lots of love from me. ❤


  4. victoriavolpi

    I was overwhelmed with emotion when I read this. We are so alike that it blows my mind, but I also find so much comfort in reading your blogs. It’s like receiving a hug from a friend. I started watching your Youtube videos about three years ago when my best friend and I first met; her name is Maureen. Maureen is incredibly special to me, and we would spend hours on the couch watching your videos, eating snacks, and just dorking out. You really brought us together, and for that my life is changed. I even started my own blog and YouTube channel (I was a fashion major) but my chronic shyness got the best of me and after two videos I gave up. I would cry inf ront of the camera because I was so insecure, and even Maureen couldn’t make it better. Eventually I got over it, and decided to keep watching YouTube and return to the thought later. Fast forward 3 years and now I’m here in Dallas as a personal stylist, hundreds of miles away from Maureen, and life has been extremely difficult. I have made no friends, my job is incredibly demanding, and my only friend is my boyfriend, Jake. I would lock myself in my room for days, just crying and never leaving the house. I was falling into depression and I knew it. One day, my boyfriend put my laptop on my bed and it was playing my favorite “happy” video: Felix’s Amnesia, a Machine For Pigs walk through. And it made me laugh, smile, and even cry. It reminded me of how much I loved watching your videos as well, and brought my passion for blogging back. Since then, Maureen and I got the pinky promise tattoo (same as yours) because it reminds me of everything I’ve been through, and how close Maureen still is to me. I look at it often, and think about the struggles I’ve been through thus far, but I know everything is okay because I’m strong, and my best friend is always here for me, along with you, even though we’ve never met.

    So thank you, Marzia, for being in my life. I will always support you, and I hope you find happiness each day. Thank you for being who you are.

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  5. Courtney Myers

    Marzia I don’t comment on things often but I just wanted to tell you how much you have actually helped me. I too have always been super shy and socially awkward, still am into my 20s now. But the things you say and the confidence you show has really helped me with one of my biggest issues, which was letting my fear of what other people might think of me control what I wear and do. Which really restrained me from showing my nerdy, quirky self in my clothing. But you, your blog and your Youtube channel have really helped me to slowly gain confidence and to realise I shouldn’t care what other people think and that I shouldn’t let that stop me from being me. So thank you Marzia 🙂 keep doing your thing and be proud of yourself, and know that you’re helping someone out there with their issues too 🙂 hope I get to meet you one day in person to say this but alas living in Australia does not make that likely haha


  6. desireapathy

    I’ve suffered from anxiety ever since I was 13 and five years later I finally decided to get help. For my first tattoo, I’m going to get a house and the word “safe” underneath it symbolism a time in my life when the only place I could go to feel okay was home. You have been a huge inspiration of mine and I just want to thank you. Not only for being so entertaining, but for really helping me decide to get help. You are such a positive and happy-seeming person, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been happy like that and I can’t wait until I start to get better.

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  7. Zae

    Hi Marzia,

    I had the same problem growing up, I was incredibly skinny and small. As a child, my Uncles and Aunties would tell me to eat more or ask my mum why she “didn’t feed” me enough. I didn’t understand why it was such a negative  thing because I was eating normally. I didn’t have an eating disorder, I ate like a normal child but I was shoned by people because they assumed something was wrong with me. At school my friends would comment on how skinny I was and how they wish they had a body like me. “OMG you’re so skinny I wish I was as skinny as you!” “You’re so lucky!” “why are you so skinny?”. I understood how society makes it a need to be skinny and that I should be grateful for having it better than everyone else. But that was not how I felt when being skinny was seen negatively as an excuse for bullying. As I grew older in middle school, the kids we’re mean. They would make fun of me and ask if something was wrong, if I was anorexic, if I was depressed. They called me names such as “stick girl” and “twiggy”. One thing they would do is cup my wrists and ankles with their fingers, laugh and say “Even my little sister has bigger wrists than you”. Even the people who I called my friends would eventually grow jealous of me. They complimented me, again and again, questioning me, never treating me like one of them because I “didn’t understand”. The worst experience for me was during highschool. I was in a group of friends who were mainly boys. Boys are mean. They again teased me for my body, laughing and calling me names. I felt very insecure when one of my friends in the group, a girl was thicker than me. All the boys would compliment her body. I constantly compared myself to her. I told her once, how I felt, but like everyone else she would say “but you’re skinny”. Eventually I started hanging out with other girls, and no matter who they were, I was always commented on being thin.  It becomes annoying when im constantly picked on for it and made fun of. When someone is overweight, people get upset if they’re made fun of. But it’s not the same for skinny girls. No one says it’s wrong. I am insecure of my body and complimenting because you want to be skinny, doesn’t make me feel good.

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  8. Jennifer Chew

    Hello Marzia!

    I’ve been a fan of yours for a while now and I’m an avid watcher of your Youtube videos! I never knew about the struggles you had from social media sites like Instagram and I’m sorry you had to read such negative comments about your lifestyle. I’ve been catching myself up with all of your posts and I must say that this one is one of my favorites! 🙂 I love how you opened up to your followers by telling us the meaning of your tattoos! I have always been curious and I’m so happy to know a little bit more about you. Thank you for all that you do and I can’t wait for your future stuff!


  9. startfromyesterday

    I think when you’re start love yourself with all perfections and flaws, that’s the highest level of being self-confidence. Recently I made a post how magazines pushed women today to be and look in a particular way instead of showing them how to accept your body and personality in 100%. I walked the same way as you Marzia (I did the same personality test as you in one of your videos and my results were very similiar to yours) and I think this sentence show how strong you’re now ‘They don’t change who I am, they don’t help me in any way, and so I learnt to love my body instead and let people talk’. Love from Poland 🙂


  10. M.

    Ciao Marzia. Probabilmente non leggerai questo commento perché sei una persona molto impegnata, ma dopo aver letto questo post sento di essermi avvicinata a te e di avere conosciuto qualcosa della tua personalità che attraverso un video di Youtube difficilmente avrei colto. Pur avendo sempre dato per “ovvio” che fossi una ragazza introversa e sensibile, non immaginavo che la timidezza fosse così paralizzante nella tua vita. Credimi, questo post avrei potuto scriverlo io. So benissimo cosa significhi subire commenti gratuiti e frecciatine riguardo al proprio fisico minuto. Ho la tua età, sono anch’io del ’93, e come te sono cresciuta a suon di “Ma quanto sei magra! Ma mangi?”. Quando sei bambina non ci fai troppo caso, ma una volta subentrata l’adolescenza è un altro bel paio di maniche. Come te, anch’io ero una ragazzina “socially awkward”, e lo sono tutt’ora. Con l’enorme differenza che ora mi importa molto meno dell’opinione della gente e apprezzo il mio corpo, anche grazie al mio ragazzo (che è inglese e socially awkward, pur essendolo in modo diverso; per certi versi la mia relazione con lui mi ricorda la tua con Felix!). Nonostante una relativa sicurezza acquisita con la crescita, l’ansia è ancora una costante nella mia vita e credo proprio che lo resterà sempre, perché del resto è così che sono fatta e pian piano sto imparando ad accettarmi ogni giorno un po’ di più, anche grazie alla mia riscoperta del femminismo e delle questioni di parità di genere. Ho scritto un post sul mio blog personale, intitolato “On my body”, proprio riguardo a queste tematiche. Non ti invito a leggerlo – e infatti non metto neppure il link – perché sarebbe assurda l’idea che tu possa anche solo cliccarci sopra. Ma con questo voglio farti sapere che non sei la sola a fare i conti con l’ansia e l’insicurezza, con i commenti maligni non richiesti provenienti dal calderone dell’Internet (ho disattivato l’account Facebook tre giorni fa proprio perché la negatività che si respira in quel social network stava iniziando ad andarmi stretta), con la difficile accettazione del tuo corpo. Continua così, amati e ama ogni giorno, ed eventualmente manda a quel paese (per non usare francesismi illeciti) chi si permette di sindacare sulla tua vita. Ti mando un abbraccio virtuale.


  11. Fumiko.Haruhi

    I really. REALLY! Love this blog post of yours Marzia! :))) it makes me so happy… i too has many insecurities and flaws that can be changed but cannot for i have no will to make it happen… THANKS FOR MAKING ME REALIZE SOMETHINGS :)) LOVE YOU!


  12. Andrea

    i just want you to know Marzia, even if you read this or not. I adore you! i love everything abaout you! i love your tattoos and also your style! i sit here and try to find clothes here in Norway that mach yours! i love you!


  13. Creativitopia

    Why would anyone ever want to tease you? No joke, you are one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen. It’s great that insults don’t hurt you anymore. You’re a great influence for girls all over the world who can’t stand up for themselves 🙂

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  14. Kirsty :)

    This is so beautiful 🙂 I really admire you for sharing all these stories – which have inspired me to be more confident in myself. You are my role model – keep slaying <3!


  15. Laura

    Hi Marzia,
    I just wanted to say — even though this post was last year! — thank you for sharing, and I hope you keep posting content like this and ignore the negative comments.
    I’m 17 and I relate to some of the meanings behind your tattoos, if you don’t mind me saying. As a kid, I would often be called a ‘stick’ because I was lanky and skinny, even though that was just how my body was and I had no control over something like that. I don’t think (some) people understand that insecurities in body image are different from person to person, and like you said, everyone struggles with something different.
    Your kindness and courage is really inspiring to me, so thank you for writing 🙂 and I think your tattoos are really beautiful.


  16. Gabriela

    Hey marzia! I am getting my first tattoo soon and my parents want me to go small even though I want to go big. What style would you call your tattoos? They’re beautiful and I would like something beautiful, like yours as my first tattoo.


  17. Rene


    I have been a fan of yours for years and I just have to say this is one of my favorite things you’ve ever posted. I think we all have something about us that makes us feel ugly, inside or outside, even if no one else ever sees it.

    I love the idea of celebrating that ugliness or weirdness or uniqueness or whatever you want to call it! It’s so much healthier than pretending that piece of you doesn’t exist. And eventually, it can turn in to something that you love about yourself!

    Obviously, there are judgmental, insecure people out there who cannot understand people who love themselves and will tear others down to make themselves feel better. The truly courageous people are the ones who know this, but put themselves out there anyway. You may be shy, but you are also so brave and inspirational! And there are so many more of us who love you for it.

    Also, I absolutely adore your tattoos. Stay ugly, Marzia! ❤


  18. Mariane

    Hey Marzia !

    First of all, well done for all your work ! I’m following you since a long time from France, and you’re such an inspiration !
    I wanted to ask you a question about your experience with peoples, related to your tattoos.
    Few days ago, I went to see some friends I barely know, and one thing leading to another, we finally talked about tattoos.
    Because I barely know them, they didn’t know that I’m a tattooed person. They all finaly went to say that tattooing is a stupid idea, when you’re turning old, it looks terrible, they criticized many places on the body, that for them was stupid to get a tattoo (like on the back of a shoulder, because “you can’t even see it”)…
    Anyway, it wasn’t all, but you got the idea.
    I love my tattoos and I’m feeling proud of them, but this day, I was very uncomfortable with myself. And because everyone was saying bad thing about it, I wasn’t able to say “I’m a tattooed person, and proud of it” and expose my opinion about it…Or just say “If you don’t like the idea, don’t do it ! “.
    Did you already have conversations like this? How to deal with it?

    Can’t wait to read your answer,

    And I absolutely LOVE your tattoos ❤ !



  19. Ambivalence

    Oh I just KNEW that the “house on the moon” was a “We Have Always Lived in a Castle”! I love this book so much. Did You know there will be a movie adaptation soon?
    Ps. This is my favourite post of yours ❤ Thank You for sharing.


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  21. Ignasius Willy

    Marzia, I don’t know whether you will answer this question or not. I’m so desperate of myself.

    I had a girlfriend. And she’s an introvert but cheerfull, and lovely one. But lately, thing become worse, she started to tell me that she hate her classmate in college, because their words hurt her. Then she tell me that she hate her bestfriend, because she feel offended of her words. And nowadays she tell me that she hate me , because she feel that my words hurt her. She tell me to leave her.
    But, I love her. I can’t leave her alone and let her social anxiety grow stronger and get rid of her cheerful smile.
    I know that you had pass that state of social anxiety, so i dare to ask you, even tough maybe you’ll never read this. So marzia what you do to overcome that all. Or maybe, what felix do to help you overcome that thing. Thank you, I hope you read it


    1. marziabisognin

      Unfortunately when it comes to anxiety, the person must have the strength to overcome it and keep a positive attitude. It seems like she is going through a bad period, but it is very nice of you to wanting to make it better for her. I think the only thing you can do is to be there for her, without necessarily staying too close so she can have her space and work things out, but letting her know you are there for her if she needs you. Hope this helps, and that your girlfriends gets through this soon!


    2. Rahul Mawa

      Hi, I read your comment. I really should not interfere, but i really wanted to ask if you two got together back again. I found your relationship really attractive. It trapped my heart and now I am dying to know. No pressure, kindly ignore if you don’t want to respond.


  22. Sameena

    “how nobody should ever assume things about others, and most importantly, that our own flaws make us who we are, and we should embrace them and see the positive rather than focusing on the negative.”

    DAMN you are right!!
    To add to this, one of my favorite quotes I’ve seen: “No matter how juicy and rich of a peach you are, there will be someone who doesn’t like peaches”
    Meaning people will always judge, assume, and make fun of people. Even us, sometimes we catch ourselves doing it. And nowadays with people OVER-analyzing things that affect no one on the internet, it can get to people.
    I think as much people can make comments, etc, is to not care. Of course, critique is different, but just outright judgmental people’s comments can be ignored. I think life is short, and do what you want, you know?


  23. tryingtofindmyway31

    Hallo Marzia,

    I clicked on this post because I am interested in getting a tattoo, but unsure about what exactley I want to get. Whilst reading about your “la casa sulla luna” tattoo I started crying because for the first time I realized (or accepted), that I have social anxiety, too. I always thought I was just shy and introverted but hearing these feelings being put into words, and that I am not the only one having these feelings, I realized I might have this problem. I really want to work on this now, because I don’t think I can go on like this forever. I’m definitely going to try to imagine a safe place in future situations, like the girl in the story. I really didn’t expect this post to make me so emotional haha. Thank you for sharing your experiences and thoughts.


  24. Rahul Mawa

    I really admire your style, never let anyone ruin your relationship and more importantly don’t let anyone pull you down. You have my blessings, I am 15. (I may be sounding like 85, but nvm).


  25. Kathleen Jo


    This post was really inspiring to me. Beyond inspiring. I’m a very extroverted person, but I’ve always been panicking on the inside whenever I wasn’t in my safe space. I also am naturally tiny, and I am always shamed by people for being skinny because I don’t have to work as hard at it. I know what it’s like to feel bad about yourself because people are jealous or mean. I personally will never get a tattoo, but your tattoo posts always inspire me and make me think that I might want one some day. This post was so honest and I appreciate you making yourself vulnerable to a bunch of strangers. You really are someone I look up to.

    I’m glad you’ve learned to love yourself. You deserve it.


  26. creativeidentities

    Hey Marzia! I’m really glad I stumbled upon this post about your tattoos. I’ve been following your Youtube channel and only recently discovered you had a blog. I was curious about your tattoos, because they all seem so delicate, and beautiful (I love how you manage to have a sleeve on one arm without it being necessarily on purpose). So thank you so much for sharing the meaning behind some of them, it takes a lot of guts to open up about something both so public and personal 🙂


  27. Pamela Rubel

    Thank you for your courage to open know. Dealing with insecurities and the opinion of others while growing up is very hard. When people talk about being body positive nowadays, we both know that it is often not a balance view and usually disregards what skinny people can go through. I will not go into details about how I was bullied, not only by kids at school, but also by family. I have accepted many aspects of myself, but I would lie if I said my self esteem is high. I can never see myself as beautiful, I am always too thin and frail looking, like a twig. Loved the stories about your tattoos, and I am so sorry people chose being mean instead of kind, I hope it does not discourage you from writing. I love your blog posts!


  28. Christi Sari

    I really don’t know if you are going to read this. But I just found this and I feel like i`m readin g my story about insecurity.
    My classmates at school also laugh at me about not having curves, I was always thin and not curves, I still struggle with things like that cause when it comes to more intimate stages in my relationship I feel sometimes insecure.
    But Iñve learn something beautiful about relationship and the man I have chosen really loves me because who I am, and anyway

    I still struggle, more when now I’m trying to grow with social media with my work as an artist. But here I am, fighting for it. 🙂

    Kisses from Peru,
    you always inspire me.


    christi sari

    Oh and also I have painted your lovely kids! I think you have already seen it. 🙂


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