March 11th, 2016

Yes, the beret is one of them.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 18.11.17.jpg

It has been about four months now since I have done one of these on my channel, and although I don’t miss doing them on a monthly basis, I do want to update you – every once in a while – on what I have been liking.


So here are my top 5 items at the moment!


#1 is makeup.

These 3 eyeshadow sticks are incredibly good, and I only recently received them but I’m already in love. I got them sent to try out, as they are from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s makeup line. They sent me a few other products, which I have to say, I do like, but these ones are my favourites so far! They are super pigmented and you can just smear them all over your eyelid and use your finger to get an amazing effect. They blend super easily, and over all I’m a big fan!

Find the makeup line here.


#2 is enamel pins.

I’m into them, big time. I started to collect them, I got them all out of Etsy shops and I’m afraid I can’t stop myself anymore. In the picture you see all of them, except for the crocodile one that was gifted to me from Felix, which I didn’t put on because for some reasons it’s very hard to open. Any suggestions on where I could find some cool ones? I need to expand this collection!

PINS // GhostAxolotlPizza, Doughnut & PugNutella, Candy & Tamagotchi.


#3 is a snack.

If you have been around for a while, you might be aware of my love for Halva. I still don’t know if it’s originally from Greece, Turkey or Poland, but I just love it. So much. And the other day, when I found these ones wrapped in smaller bite-size portions, I was just too excited. Usually you have to buy a huge box and cut it yourself, but because I’m a bit lazy I end up taking a few sliced and then forget about it. Now that won’t happen anymore, because these are wrapped nicely so I can just bring them around with me and have a snack on the go!


#4 is another makeup item.

It’s from Tony Moly, who does the cutest cosmetic packagings, and it’s supposed to be a brightening base for your eyes, which I apply before concealer as a base. This product made it into my makeup routine, because instead of having to apply lots of concealer, I can just pop some product under my eyes and they instantly look better, without having to deal with concealer creasing on a daily basis.


#5 is this hat.

Here and there I like to go on the Lazy Oaf website, their stuff is pretty cool, but I usually wait until I find that one piece I need before I make a purchase. The other day Felix and I were having breakfast, and he showed me their new line, laughing at the “I’M UGLY” slogan on it. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but then I went back and saw this beret… I just had to have it! I know it might give the wrong idea to some people, but I just thought it looked adorable. And now I have it. And I’m very happy.

You can find it here.


Do you have any favourites to share with me?


Oh, it’s almost the weekend! Marzia.

94 thoughts on “5 CURRENT FAVOURITES.

  1. Ansia

    Hey marzia, love your top 5s, these stuff look really adorable! In Greece you can find thee types of Halva, which are the one that you have loved, one that’s more soft and it’s made of fine flour and a more jelly one and they taste much different. When it comes to its origin, it must be from turkey though. Anyway , have a nice day!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ^^Valeria^^

    Yesterday with one of my friend I saw “The Danish girl” to be honest i didn’t aspect anything special but i was pleasantly surprised! IT’S AMAZING! i’m planning to watch it again tonight! Definitely recommended!
    Have you seen it? (not only to Marzia, i wanna know everybody’s opinions)


  3. themovingbear

    I am only going to say, that I LOVE so badly the panda case, and I found that the base with brightening for the eyes is quite an interesting choice!


  4. Nicket Mehta

    Halva is a really popular sweet in India, I didnt know it was so popular in other countries too! You should try all the different ones and tell us your favorites!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Voltoy

        It is definitely not from Poland but still we all love it ❤
        Once I got some halva from my friends from Croatia, Turkey and Lebanon but it seem to be very populair (and thats where it come from) in all countries on the teritory of the former Persia, so basicaly the whole Middle East. In XVI and XVII there was a saying that the sweetest halva is from Persia (:


  5. icaweng

    I love hats! I have 9 hats in my collection right now and one of them is from your December box! ^^ I think hats are my trademark now; I wear one everyday. Some classmates in college even recognize me through the hat I wear.


  6. Courtney B.

    Hi Marzia! I love your blog and wanted to suggest the Instagram account of pin_lord 🙂 The pins there are so different, a little weird sometimes, but totally cool! Most of the time you can find where to buy the pictured pins in the captions so maybe you can add to your collection, or at least get some ideas, from this page 🙂 thank you for always brightening my day ❤


  7. aliquelody

    Hello Marzia 😀
    I really loved this blog!! And I am in love with the panda 😀 Also, Halva is my favourite thing!!! In Greece we have a day called Καθαρά Δευτέρα where we eat Halva, Λαγάνα (which is an amazing bread) and in general seafood 😀
    If I ever get the chance to meet you I will bring you tons of Halva because there are 3 kinds 😀 (myfavourite is the one you have)
    I AM IN LOVE with your hat!! It’s totally amazing!! And it’s something I would certainly get :p
    Hace an amazing daaay 😀


  8. melmess

    I love your top 5s,they are really cute tbh. And I’m not sure what I have for favorites this moth? But one thing is probably- anti bacterial hadgel they are really good to use and they have good sent love them💕
    ones again thank you for making me happy with your posts


  9. Carolien

    Hey, i’ve a question actually; did you always have had freckles? Because I didn’t saw them before, so I thought you’d maybe drawn them on? Because you did that also on your previous video, and that was so cute I couldn’t get over it haha (you indeed looked like a little spring elf 🙂
    (Excuse my English by the way, I’m still learnig all that grammar etcetera)


  10. isis

    Marzia, I love your blog so much ! It makes me so happy to read your posts and find more about you and your thoughts! 🙂 I follow this girl on instagram, her username is @tinydeerstudio, she always posts the cutest pins! you need to check her out! If I tag you on one of her pics will you be able to see it?


  11. julia

    You should totally do an argentinian candy review or something! we have a candy that its kinda a halva, its called Mantecol, its a classic for christmas. Also you should try dulce de leche, which i think its called “caramel” in english but i think its not the exact same thing, also alfajores, you’ll love them. I would send them to you but its really hard to do it yet due to exportation issue, i hope you find them somewhere!


  12. Nureda

    I am from Turkey, and lastly spending hours and hours to get to know you more via youtube, instagram, and you blog. I am trying to watch and read every single thing you created. You and pewds make me so happy somehow. Whenever I am sad, I want to be with you, and I am so afraid that someday I will finish all of your videos and have to wait for new ones. It made me so happy that you like Helva (The turkish version) ı love it, too. It’s quite popular in Turkey 🙂 Actually there are some different helva kinds that you can do at home. They are also sooo delicious. I would be very happy if you consider making a cooking video about it!
    Much love, from a birdlover =)


  13. josepticbro

    I have a thing for enamel pins too! I have about 30 of all the simpsons characters, a truck, a cowboy hat, a horse, a dog, a parrot and many more! I would love to see the crocodile one you mentioned and others that you might get 😀


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