March 9th, 2016

It kind of rains, but it kind of doesn’t.


MY OUTFIT // Sweater: OLIVE CLOTHING – Jeans: ASOS – Shoes: ASOS


Not a surprise, as I said is March… you never know what to expect by the weather these days.

Lately, I have been doing a bit more work than usual – I answered most of my business e-mails (which trust me, my inbox is a scary place); filmed a video, edited it in time for tomorrow; prepared to shoot again soon; worked on my spring clothing line; took care of shipping packages here and there… all because I’m getting ready to travel again.

After finishing up today, I rushed out the door to meet up with Emma. I bet you didn’t expect that, huh?

If you actually take a closer look at what I’m wearing, you will see how my sweater is covered in dog hair, and my socks might seem to be the same, but they are in fact two different black socks.

But hey, from far I look put together enough!




So I texted Emma to see if she was free to watch a movie and grab some food. She was, and so we went to see “How To Be Single”. It was fine, not great, but not bad either.

We didn’t stay out much, but I’m glad I got to see her so I could give her some gifts before I leave, one of which is actually my book!


Yes, I know it looks like I spelled Emma with only one “m” haha.


A few days ago I received some copies that I get to give out to my friends, and I have been having fun writing some notes for each of them. It’s so scary to think they are going to read my story, but at the same time I’m happy to gift them something I worked on and get their feedback on it.



AMIGURUMI by artbySusieH


So now I’m already home, it’s about 9.30pm here and I’m waiting for Felix and the pugs to arrive. In the meantime, I’m hugging these cuties (I found them on an Etsy store, aren’t they adorable?!) and writing on this diary.

How has your day been so far?
Remember to take a break, Marzia.

82 thoughts on “ANOTHER (ALMOST) RAINY DAY.

  1. callmeingrid

    I have the same cat stamp from tiger that you used hahaha it’s super cute but i never know where can I put it though (sorry if i make mistakes, i’m catalan)
    PD: keep posting! i love reading your blog! ❤


  2. mitchamablog

    Everyday I’m looking forward to read a new post, and to be honest I love your blog more tha your YT channel (if I had to choose). I love the way you end every post in a different way depending on what happens every time!

    Just a quick question though:
    Parlo italiano ma quando si tratta di libri a me piace leggerli in lingua originale, se possibile, quindi data la situazione mi sorge il dubbio: italiano o inglese? ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jessduh

    Ciao Marzia, ti seguo da molto tempo e leggere il tuo blog mi fa molto piacere! Mi trasmette un senso di tranquillità, non so ahah, tutte le volte che leggo un nuovo post mi scappa un sorriso! Grazie per tutto quello che fai 🙂


  4. Angie

    Weird…in my city we had a crazy weather this last three days. It was rainy, cloudy, and intense wind…is weird and funny how the weather can be the same in the other side of the world =9


  5. readmycomment

    Marzia I’m writing this for you and i wish you read it
    Ok,I don’t know why I’m nervous…ok I’ll start
    I really like watching your videos and reading this blog it’s like you’re talking to me that really makes me happy I always dream that i can meet you but I can’t cuz I’m far away from you live. I always wanted to be your friend not only a fan I think that impossible but it’s okay I’m fine with that. And there something else I always wanted to say it “you are beautiful,be yourself and never change cuz the people say that also if it from the fans never change be you and love yourself and never stop praying. ask the god to show you the right way, god will always show you the best, if you not feeling good go and pray human needs a help from the god,never forget” sorry if my English is bad and i want to Express more words but i need to learn more,haha😂 this words from your friend nouf 😌❤️I’m happy now 😚✌🏼️Best wishes🙏🏻


  6. Paula Watson

    Hey Marzia!
    I wanted to ask you a question, since I know you love horror movies and so. I like watching them, but it’s a problem when I go to sleep… I simply don’t.
    But I really wanted to watch The Witch. The story got me, the setting, I’m really interested to know more. But, you know how people are telling how super creepy it is.
    So, have you watched yet? Did you like it? What do you think? I’ll be awake for 3 days? Is it worth it? hahahaha
    (Sorry for my poor english)

    Thank you :3


  7. Angelica

    I strangely enjoy replying to emails. One of my favourite things to do during work was open my inbox and hope for a ton of emails 😛 I can only imagine how packed your inbox is, but if it were me, I would have so much fun opening all of them haha!

    It takes such courage to let your friends read your book. In fact, it takes major courage to let strangers from around the world read it! Writing comes with vulnerability, but the best writing comes from opening up 😉

    By the way, I love that you wear oversized sweaters. I used to have a couple of sweaters from my mom, but I got a little self-conscious about how baggy they were. After seeing you rock it, I look forward to wearing them again!


  8. Ansia

    Today is a busy day for me as well, just because I have to write an essay for my english lessons and I hate it!!I don’t think that I have much time because I need thousands of hours to write it!!! Anyway , reading your posts Marzia really makes me feel better, hope I had the talent to write so great as you do! ( I write well only when am interested about something).


  9. norabeee

    I was honestly going to say how amazing you are looking, and then you said what was “wrong” with your outfit… You still look gorgeous! (And I can absolutely relate to the dog-hair-struggle. :P)

    My day was good so far. With a friend I decided to visit the phi phi islands in summer and I am more than exited!
    To visit Thailand has always been a dream of mine and now it is finally coming closer and closer.

    Stay lovely, Nora


  10. melmess

    The little plush figures where really adorable as you said,and sorry for spaming you with many comments but I wanna point out things that I love so it’s why. Hope you did understand. Anyway again love Melis🙊💜


  11. melmess

    … And am really excited for your English version book too come out at April. But a question will you ship too other countries that USA,UK,CANADA cuss am curios?

    Need help?☺️


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