March 7th, 2016

The lazy egg is here.


About a month ago Sanrio wrote me an e-mail, saying how they noticed how much I love their silly character and asked if I wanted to receive some gifts…




And so on Saturday, coming home from the pottery café, I saw a package by the door.

I recognised the stickers and instantly let out a scream of joy – Felix was with me and asked what happened.

It was really hard not to open it earlier, but I wanted to wait until I had enough time to write a post about it. When I finally could, I destroyed the package: rainbows came out of it, birds flew by me singing a lovely tune, tears of happiness streaming down my face…


Okay, okay. I might have exaggerated a bit.



The box was full of Gudetama goodies, they sent way more things than I expected, but I was – and still am – so happy and incredibly grateful.

On top there was an adorable pillow with the lazy egg all over it; some stickers (you all know how much I love my stickers) and a bunch of t-shirts with different designs, as well as a linen tote bag.




Then I noticed two smaller boxes, and when I opened them I found two cups inside, both so so cute. Felix was asking me if he could get one (even if he doesn’t admit it, he loves Gudetama as well, haha) and we were stuck at which one should go to who, because we both liked them so much and couldn’t decide. So for now, both cups belong to both of us (and with that I really mean me).




Something that surprised me was that they included snacks – which I was wishing for – but I never knew something like this was even possible: they managed to get Gudetama printed on marshmallows. How cool is that? I love that idea, I might just steal it for my “Marzia’s Box”, hehehe.



And finally, there was also an amazing plushy! I feel the need to thank Sanrio for the gifts, receiving this package really made my day.

Seriously, how adorable is Gudetama?


Let’s all chill today, Marzia.

You can find most of these products at and the marshmallows at

83 thoughts on “GUDETAMA EVERYWHERE.

  1. savannah

    Hi Marzia,

    I am probably just one in a million comments, but I just wanted to let you know that on your website, I am wondering about the shipping. I made an order in early February and, the package hasn’t shown up yet. I really hope that I am not being rude I really don’t mean to be. I was just curious. Sorry…^_^… Gudetama is awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anna

      Me neither! I’m pretty sure I ordered it in January (I think… My memory is pretty foggy).. But I haven’t received it either.. I’m kinda mad at myself cause it is the typical thing I do; thinking I ordered it, but actually forgot… Now I’m just wondering if it is too late to order it, and still get the March one.. It just seems so perfect*-*
      I hope the next box’s theme will be gudetama haha!


  2. Liongirl

    Hi Marzia
    I am your biggest fan in Iowa that I know of in the U.S. I love all of your videos. You are such an inspiration to me. I have family in Sweden and one in Italy. The one in Italy is my cousin. Your videos are awesome just like you


  3. CRLM (@carriecari)

    “When I finally could, I destroyed the package: rainbows came out of it, birds flew by me singing a lovely tune, tears of happiness streaming down my face…”

    I could totally imagine a cartoon Marzia doing this with those things happening lol


  4. cataspell

    When I discover gudetama for the first time, I couldn’t understand why you love it, Marzia. I was just thinking “this is just an egg!”.
    But the more I look at it, the more it’s fascinate me… I want a gudetama too now! You corrupted me Marzia 😂
    Anyway, I just LOVE love your blog! Have a good day!


  5. Nadiah

    Omg gudetama!!! I want them so badly, they all look so cute T-T I wouldn’t be able to eat the marshmallows and probably would have it on display or something xD


  6. remembersarah18

    GUDETAMA!! ❤ These items are so lovely!! I want to buy the sweater and the cups, I think I will. My husband pokes fun at me for loving Gudetama, but he secretly loves him too. Hehe! How wonderfully happy!


  7. Ashley

    I love Gudetama as well! Everything looks so cute, but I think my favorite is the plushie! Plushies are the best, I have so many 😀 Thanks for sharing what they sent you!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Amanda

    Hi Marzia, this has nothing to do with the post but I just needed to say it.
    I love your blog, it’s so fun to read about the things you write about. I really want to try to do the things you do with Felix with my boyfriend, it looks like it would be really fun to do!
    You have made me wanna blog but I’m too shy to actually write on the internet so I write to myself, haha. Just wanted to thank you for helping me find my love for writing again and doing something else than to watch stuff on youtube.
    So thank you very much for making me wanna try new things!


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