March 6th, 2016

As every Saturday, it was time for Felix and I to go on a date!


MY OUTFIT // Beret: ASOS – Glasses: RAY-BAN – Top: ASOS


I was googling places in Brighton I haven’t yet been to, and the Painting Pottery Café showed up.

Having an interest in anything crafty, this seemed like a super exciting thing to do, and so I dragged Felix to go with me.


The place is in the North Lanes, where all the cool independent shops are situated. I have walked by this café plenty of times, but never actually saw what it was all about, so yesterday, when we walked in for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s a small area crowded by big tables, shelves full of pottery to pick from, and people of all ages focused on their artworks.



Felix and I decided to make one together: I spotted this strange monster creature, and that’s what we went for.

Initially, it wasn’t our intention to go as dark as we did, but I actually think it turned out really well! I did the entire body while Felix took care of the detailing.



Have you ever been to one of the places before? I was so surprised to find out that these kind of cafes are a thing, I never really heard of them before stumbling across this one. But I’m so glad I did, I would love to go back there to paint some more, and they even teach you how to make your own pottery if interested – I find that so cool!

It was a very lovely experience, definitely recommend you trying it out if you get the chance.


Don’t stare into his eyes  for too long, Marzia.

80 thoughts on “POTTERY PAINTING.

  1. kaitlyncupcakes13

    That sounds like an awesome date, i would totally do that with my boyfriend (if i had one) 😦 I actually have gone to a pottery studio before with my class back in middle school, it was alot of fun and I would love to go back 🙂 – kaitlyn ❤


  2. Radflyy Njh

    Omg yes that looks really cool! I am given a chance to take pottery/ceramics as an elective in school. Hopefully i’ll be able to take it soon one of these semesters.

    P.s. Your new friend is very cute 🙂


  3. Savannah

    Hi Marzia. Here in Los Angeles, we have a place called “Color Me Mine.” It is basically the same thing. I had such a wonderful time there. I was shocked to see what you and Felix did because my dad the same thing (except yours looks soooo much better). Pugs and kisses!


  4. Mayte Cedano

    From where I am -Nayarit, México- when you go to parks to walk, there are usually people who sell pottery “for children” , they have small tables and they give you the paint and everything, not as fancy as a café but really cool 🙂


  5. Mayte Cedano

    Where i live -México-, usually in parks there’s people who sell pottery -mainly for the kids-, they have small tables and they give you the paint, I remember doing that since I was a kid and till now, not as fancy as a café but it’s honestly a great thing to do 🙂

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  6. Ansia

    I haven’t been to such a cafe and it seems preety interesting!!! Also love your monster, it’s kind of cute, even though its creepy! XD Have a great time!


  7. Elisa Bertasini

    Ciao Marzia! È semplicemente adorabile *_*

    Io e il mio ragazzo amiamo Londra, soprattutto Brighton, e un giorno vorremmo stabilirci da quelle parti. La prossima volta gli proporrò di visitare un po’ di posti carini che hai mostrato nei tuoi vari post! 🙂

    Sono molto contenta che tu abbia deciso di aprire un blog perché abbiamo un sacco di passioni in comune, come la lettura, la passione per i film (horror in primis) ❤ Devo dire che ti ho conosciuta grazie a Felix perché sono una nerd senza speranze (XD) ma ora seguo quasi più il tuo canale!
    Volevo anche congratularmi con te, ammiro un sacco la tua creatività! Sto per laurearmi in Scienze della comunicazione e grafica ed essendo in qualche modo nel tuo stesso settore posso capire tutto il lavoro che c'è sotto ai tuoi progetti e tutto l'impegno che ci stai mettendo.

    Continua così, stai andando alla grande 😉 ❤


  8. Hortense

    Looks so cool!
    It’s actually quite rare to find those kinds of cafés in Europe, I’m glad you have one in Brighton.
    I live in Paris, and recently just in front of my home a “cat café” opened, the concept is really fun : taking a good café while playing with cats. But unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of cats haha so I am waiting for a “dog café” now as I already found before in Asia haha!

    Have a great day!

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  9. Angy

    Beautiful date! And great idea! I don’t know if in my city exist this kind of cafes but its different and sounds great. (:
    Thanks for sharing great ideas like that with us!


  10. Hanna Forsberg

    That’s a really nice idea for a café actually. Nice to be able to get creative with whoever you’re spending your time with!

    I really like the monster-thingy you and felix created. I don’t know why, but it kind of reminds me of a ghibli creature but in a bit more creepy style 😀

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  11. Juna

    Here in Berlin we have something similar, it’s called ‘paint your style’, but you can’t eat there, it’s just the painting part.


  12. Jan

    I love pottery painting and painted it quite a lot when I was younger. It was the beginning of my art journey! Also you look really gorgeous in that picture


  13. Kathleen Kuhn

    When I was living in New York, my job took some kids on a field trip to one of these places, and it was really awesome. I wasn’t able to do any myself, but now that I live in Houston I want to google some places and definitely go back especially since I will be getting my own apartment in a few days.


  14. Mamaic

    We have one here in Cebu, Philippines. It’s not really a cafe, just an open area in a mall with tables. It usually caters to children having school activities, but the figurines here are pretty boring though, I much prefer the ones in your blog.


  15. Arlene

    We have a place like around where I live called “Pottery Schmottery.” It’s really cute with many different ceramics you can paint(mostly just little animals, mugs, and plates). Afterwards you can get them glazed and they will either mail it to you or you can go pick them up.

    I really should go back soon

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  16. melmess

    That sounds great Marzia, and good job on the artwork I love it so much with the pastel colors;) I really want too visit that kind of place when I get a bit older. ily and how you inspire me ♥


  17. cataclysmaftercataclysm

    I so wish my boyfriend and I could do this! He lives in Savannah, GA (I think you’ve visited Savannah before, right? :)) and I’m visiting him right now and I know there’s cafe’s like that here, but it might be expensive and we’re poor college students lol. But we are going to have a makeshift pottery painting day! It’s not actually pottery, but he is an art student and he has this puddy that turns into plastic when you bake it. We’re going to make our own cute little shapes, bake them, and then paint them! It should be fun.

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  18. Maryangela Neves

    Woow, that is SO fun! And that monster is cute. I wish I could find something like this here where I live. Me and ma boy (xD) are needing some new places to go. The two problems are the where and the money, since we still cant work. He will soon, but even só :/ But that seemed to be a really fun date for your two 😊 When I travel to England, I will for sure pay a visit there.

    And dont worry, I didn’t stared for too long.

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