March 5th, 2016

With a Swede, an Austrian and two Brits.

No, this is not the beginning of a joke.


Yesterday I filmed with my friend Emma, and after, we hang out with Brad, Felix and Michael.

We went for a movie first and then dinner. While reaching the Marina, which is the part of Brighton where the harbour is located in, I took a few photos on the way: the sky was incredibly stunning.


As we say in Italy, March is the โ€œcrazy weatherโ€ month, because one minute the sun might be shining, and the moment after rain is pouring down. This is quite common here in the UK all year-round, and yesterday was no exception.



When we left, around 5pm, the twilight was mesmerising. By the time we came out form the cinema, it started to rain, but it was fine, as we sheltered into Zizzi, an Italian restaurant chain we like.


Walking to the car park was extremely challenging, not just because of the wind and cold rain hitting us, but because we could not figure out how to get to level 5, which is where we left our car. That was an adventure of its own!


Anyway, I just quickly wanted to write a post and see how your weekend is going so far.

Do you have any special plans? How is the weather like where you live?


Stay dry, Marzia.


134 thoughts on “SQUEEZED INSIDE OF A MINI.

  1. Pati

    In Poland the weather is not so terribly crazy as in the UK but also happens the days that seem to warm though they are terribly cold and vice-versa


  2. mairacandy

    It’s very sunny this weekend. I like spring. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can wear less clothes, haha. No joke, I hate when you have to wear layers of clothes just to get warm outside.


  3. Angy

    I thought just my city have that “crazy weather”. Here, we said “Febrero loco y Marzo otro poco”, in english “February is crazy and March is even more so” or “In like a lion, out like a lamb”. Is funny how the weather change in just one day and is curious that in both countries have the same “crazy” weather like here in this side of Mexico (:


  4. Natalia Pradella

    the weather from where I live? Hell…just kidding, but goddam here in Brazil is so hot, I left work before lunch and had to walk until the bus station, I almost melted as I was wearing jeans pants, even inside the bus was super hot Dx

    PS: The photos looks SO SO SO PRETTY!! Super inspirational!

    a bear hug for ya n_n


  5. Klara

    Well, here in Sweden it’s gray,wet and cold in march. I’m really looking forward to the spring and some colour again


  6. juuhmiaah

    Well, I live in Brazil, and here is summer. So… I am burning alive ๐Ÿ˜… I like Spring in here, because in the morning is bright and fresh, and by the night, it is a little coldier โค


  7. Sylvia

    Well I live in Greece, which is next to Italy so we say the same things about March and it always the weather also happens to be very strange during this month.


  8. Maryangela Neves

    Here in Brazil, we have this crazy weather, yes. But it is terribly hot, even if it rains. It is funny, sometimes. By the day, it is SO hot that you feel your insides cooking up. And by the night, or we have thunderstorms with too much rain or we have that tiny rain that gets all the heat in the atmosphere and bring it to us, in the ground. It is kinda funny sometimes ๐Ÿ˜„ And that sky is too beautiful.

    Stay waarm Marzia, talk to you on the next post โค


  9. Victoria

    Hi Marzia!

    I live in Auckland, New Zealand and we are having lovely crisp mornings and lots of sunshine during the day! We often have random weather where there are four seasons in one day, so I must dress properly ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just wanted to say I love your videos/style blogs/everything and you write really well too. You are super talented! I am a pretty shy person and after many years of wanting to do something creative, I’ve finally started my own tiny craft projects (on youtube and my own website) and it makes me really happy.

    I hope you are having a wonderful day! ๐Ÿ™‚



  10. Pamela Rubel

    Right now I am in the south of France, and the weather is crazy. I have never experienced such temperature changes, so drastic sometimes.

    I come from the Caribbean, and in my country, the Dominican Republic, it truly depends on the area, but in Puerto Rico (where I lived most of my life) we can wake up to torrential rain, followed by the sunniest of days, and end with heat and rain, rinse and repeat. Gotta love the tropical weather.


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