March 2nd, 2016

I hope it’s not late where you live, because this is going to be a bit creepy.


I moved to this flat in June 2015, and since then not a single time I’ve experienced anything strange… well, actually, there was something, although pretty minor.

When I was renovating the place with my brother, we decided to open up a door that used to be covered by a wardrobe and had 3 locks on it (just like in horror movies, when the characters make a questionable decision and you find yourself screaming at the TV “NOooOOOo”).


We managed to get it open, darkness on the other side, and as my brother leaves to go to another room, I’m left alone in front of this sinister staircase facing me from the other side of the door. Suddenly, it shut itself close and that really startled me, but it was only due to the wind draft – so nothing paranormal here.


But the story I’m about to share is a little different…


It was the 14th of February – Valentine’s Day – just a few weeks ago.

Our boiler was broken, and that was the last night we spent in our flat, before deciding to stay at the old place we used to live in until it would get fixed.

That night I slept really well, nothing wrong.

The night after, being at the old place, Felix confessed something to me: the previous night he saw something.


Something on top of my closet.


It was in the middle of the night, when he woke up slightly while turning around. He was facing the closet and while turning my way, he glanced at the ceiling. He saw a shadow with the corner of his eyes, and so he stopped for a moment to look at it.

He tilted his head and the shadow moved with it, as if it could be his own shadow, shaped just as a head.

So he moved further, stretching a bit to reach for me and hug me, and that’s when he noticed that the shape didn’t change. It couldn’t possibly be his own. He only realised this a second later, not immediately, and so he turned his head again to look back at the closet, but nothing was there. Nothing at all.

He waited to tell me because he knew I would have been scared, and the fact that he felt like telling me means that he was creeped out by what happened. And let me say that he does not believe in anything paranormal, so to me knowing that he saw that and came to the conclusion that something could have been there, really scared me for a few days.

At night I kept asking him things like “did you really see it?” or “how exactly did it look like?”. He repeated the same stuff over and over, and finally told me it was probably just a shadow from the outside, so that I could feel less worried.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m intrigued by the idea of it all, but there are moments in which, at night, I look at the closet wondering. It’s now been long enough since it happened, and I haven’t seen anything myself, so I feel comfortable enough to share this story with you and let you know I’m all good.

Has anything strange ever happened in hour house?



The blanket will protect you, Marzia.




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154 thoughts on “ON TOP OF THE CLOSET.

  1. Anita

    Years ago, when I was in the car I was waiting for my dad and my sister. I was playing in the backseat when I suddenly saw something in the Mirror. It wa quick and I didn’t realise what I saw in the window until the second later when I already had moved my head. I looked back at the Mirror and nothing was there. I think it might had been only imagination, but it’s still creepy to think about. But I what I saw i the Mirror was the face to my dad, staring at me.


  2. cripibelle

    i loved your story, im intrigued about the door with 3 locks, its seems pretty interesting and creepy at the same time, i just move to the usa(3 months ago) and im pretty sure that in the place we live in we have little people living under the house, in the floor the walls. i know its sounds crazy, but i keep hearing those noises all the time like little steps on the wooden floors,
    anyway maybe its just my imagination, or just the wind

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  3. inmywonderland1991

    I believe in the Paranormal and stuff like that. I have never really experienced anything though. But lately there have been creepy sounds at night when I go to bed (Which is close to 2 a.m.) I don’t think it’s anything, it could be out plumbing or something like that, or it could be me watching too much Ghost Adventures, LOL but it really creeps me out! But hey I love ghost stories!


  4. Tod Hudson

    I love how you consider about us while reading this :3 A lot of creepy post I have accidentally seen in the middle of the night don’t have any warning (ಥ﹏ಥ)


  5. Itzi Espinoza

    Today i was at the 3rd floor of my house and i was doing my nails while watching youtube videos and when i was waiting for my nails to dry i was watching a video and suddently the siri screen appears and i get scared because i didnt press the siri button.?!!


  6. dianajoy13

    I’m someone who has done my share of investigations with my fellow ghost hunters, and I can tell you it doesn’t matter how much you like scary stuff, or reading/watching creepy, scary stuff. Hearing something like that will always freak you out LOL. My husband had a similar story (who also doesn’t believe in anything like that at all) and that fact that he told me meant it was something significant and it, of course, creeped me out.


  7. Marta Angdraden

    I loved that story , so interesting !
    You should keep writing texts like that .
    Really enjoyable , at least for us , readers …


  8. melannie boogie

    Gah! I love stories like these but they scare me so much hahah but I love to hear them anyways… So here’s mine:
    Last friday I was at a friend’s place we were watching creepy pastas videos or horror stories and stuff and she told me about one time she had another friend over and he was falling asleep so she was making a snack in the kitchen and she heard her name calling clearly and was like “what, im coming” and when she arrived to the room he was asleep and he claimed he didn’t do it and warned her that when you hear your name calling and you’re alone you. can’t. reply. that’d mean you are letting that thing that called you wait for you or “agreeing” in meeting “them”. It sounds silly but I feel so scared now hahaha


  9. Natanyan

    Really scary ! BUt I see thing like this before. But not at night, just all the time like if some shadows follow me everywhere but that was really strange because they doesn’t scare me I feel just attract by them like if they want me to see something special but I d’ont know why and I don’t found it.
    This is a little story from so many experience I had in my childhood. I lived in a old house when some people comite suicide before. SO GREAT xD ! The thing I remember the most was a big room with only a fireplace. I never go close to the fireplace I feel really bad thing with just open the door of this room.
    So I can speak about it all the night ahah ! I love scary story :).
    So I really enjoy read your blog you are the person who inspire me the most !
    Love from France ♥

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  10. Alison Summers

    Your should read a book called, “Deliver us From Evil” I think you’ll really like it!!! If you’ve seen the movie know that they’re 100% different from each other!


  11. meggie

    yeah, that’s definitely creepy. if it makes you feel better, though, people are known to have weird hallucinations and believe weird things when they’re half asleep. I remember once being paranoid and incapable of going back to sleep because I was completely sure I was seeing tons of mosquitos zip by my head, but I realized the next morning that that was impossible because the room was pitch black and there’s no way I could have seen them even if they were there. Weird how some of that stuff is still so vivid even now, though.


  12. adalina471

    One time when I lived at one of my old houses I was in my sisters room, cleaning, and then I tried to get doe thing from behind their bed when I felt my arm get tugged. I thought it was just a cat or maybe my sister but when I looked down I say big glowing red eyes surrounded by darkness. I quickly blinked thinkin it was all in my head. And when I looked back down it was gone. A year or so later we moved but that house always had strange stuff going on in it.


  13. banapplemaengo

    so when I was in High School I had a fight with my mom so I stormed in my room and moped on my bed. my room’s wall is covered by this glossy wood thingy which reflects light. so while I was acting all emo and stuff on my bed, I shifted and faced the wall where the light was reflecting on and suddenly the light was covered by something which made a shadow in the shape of a woman that kinda passed by quickly. it was like a person passed by between the light and the reflection but that was impossible because I was alone in my room and the reflection was on the highest part of my wall. nobody could have walked passed by that high to cause a shadow up until their chest. I got out of my bed and almost ran to my door. I went up our rooftop instead since I didn’t wanna be in my creepy room and I didn’t wanna admit defeat to my mom too.


  14. D

    Well,one morning I woke up and saw that my phone had somehow opened facebook,went to a “certain guy’s” profile and opened his profile pic…I have a Nokia E72…so no idea how it unlocked and did all that stuff…I also live alone and do not remember waking up.


  15. Olea

    That’s creepy! I love reading your stories and blogs. A little late comment here, but maybe you want to read it anyway! I don’t really believe in the paranormal either, like Felix, but some years ago something creeped me out. Nothing big, but I still like to tell people about it. It was a summer at my grandma’s place, and I was on my way to the little beach just down the road from her house. To get there you had to pass another old house where an old lady used to live (of course). She has passed away but the house isn’t really abandoned, her relatives were renovating it, but they weren’t there at this time of the summer – at least as far as we knew. So, as I was passing the house, I suddenly could hear someone playing a piano, or more like an organ. I actually stopped and turned to the house and listened. I have no idea why it didn’t creep me out more when I stood there and listened, because I remember I just kind of shrugged and kept walking, haha. Later that day when I told my mom and grandmother about it, they could confirm that there actually IS an old organ in that house, and that the lady that used to live there used to teach my mom and others how to play piano. I remember asking if someone lived there now, but like I said earlier no-one was there at this time. The more I thought of it, the more it creeped me out! And that’s my little unexplainable story from a little fjord in Norway, that probably somehow can be explained. But who knows. ^^


  16. Tass

    Well, u may believe me or not, but one day i was laying on the bad at like…1a.m. (really late for me) and chatting with my boyfriend, but then he said that he is scared, really scared. Like…there was some kind of strange woman hanging from the celling, her face was in 15cm from his, he was trying not to look at her, laying on his back, with phone in his hands…as he was describing all the horror he was seeing, i understood, that i ve seen that lady one day already. But i thought that it was an illusion. I was studying Latina that times, btw. And what was a horror, when suddenly bf’s phone started spamming latin words(which he obviously did not know). It was sending to me “go sleep” “u r tired” in latina. I was pretty horrified then. U will ask me, how do i know, that it was a joke? Well, first of all, i was pretty sure that the typing speed of that was too high(really high) even for copy pasting. Also, he didn.t know a word in latin. And last thing, after that night…after several hours of struggling, when we eventually prayed together and that thing was gone, he really started to believe in God. And he did not before. He did not know any pray, and i helped him that time…may i say..i saved my bf?..


  17. Sandra Elisabeth

    I never experienced paranormal stuff until my family and I moved to the house we live in at the moment.
    Some minor, strange things happened the first year; like doors opening and closing by themself, unexplainable voices/noises and so on. Altho 3 major things happened the second year living there.

    My first major paranormal experience happened when I was home alone during the day. I was upstairs vacuuming when I heard someone walking up the stair case. After a few seconds I felt a heavy hand landing with force on my shoulder (I’m 100% it was a man’s hand). It was so perticular though, for the hand was Ice Cold. And the coldness spread from my shoulder down my whole body and I just froze. Nevertheless I turned around slowly, and no one was there. I started crying and called my mom haha.

    The second major thing was when I would wake up at 2:00AM every night for 1 month straight and I Knew that Someone stood by the end of my bed observing me. I just had this heavy feeling that if I was to turn the lights on I would regret it. I was super scared the first week, but after a while of this happening I felt kind of calm and some kind of silent understanding with whoever stood by my bed.

    And lastly the third thing happened when my big sister and I was home alone. She was downstairs in the bathroom, meanwhile I was in the bathroom upstairs doing my makeup. Suddenly I hear her scream like crazy. I ran downstairs and she was almost crying, telling me never to scare her like that again. And when I told her that I had been upstairs the whole time she told me someone had janked the (bathroom’s) door handle like a maniac while banging on the door, like someone desperately tried come inside.

    I’m not sure if I’m just imaging things or not, but I’m kind of excited to see what paranormal activity will happen next.. 🙂


  18. domuniquee

    Actually, yes, yes something creepy did happened. I was sleeping in my room, nothing really weird going on and then I woke up in the afternoon since I tend to sleep late at night without school days. Just as I woke up, something orange popped up at the end of my bed in a split second then making random sounds(it sounds BLAGHABLAGHBLAGHbla) I was suprised that I jumped on my bed, still laying down. I was so scared that I got the knife that my classmate perviously lend me (I came home late last night… Going alone in dark streets can be scary) and went to the end of my bed, shaking. I felt like I was in a middle of a horror movie. But nothing was there! I hesitated but I checked under my bed but nothing was there! I was so freaked out! The ‘thing’ was orange and it has some shaggy black hair… (I think) and this happened 1 week after when I went to my room to fetch somethig then something black moved beside my mirror and went out of my room… It made tiny footsteps on the wooden wall too… The orange thing mght just be my imagination and the black thing mght just be a spider… (Hopefully)


  19. doracsavajda

    Hi Marzia!

    Well, I have a weird story with my brother. (SORRY for my bad english, hope you will understand everything. :D)

    I think I was 12 years old. My brother was 9, almost 10.
    Our room is next to the living room, our door opens to it. In the living room we have 2 very big window, but at the night, I don’t know how it’s the most dark place in the house. I’m 24 years old now but I’m still afraid in it. :DD
    So, one night when I was little I wanted to go to the kitchen from our room, and I just take a fast look at the big windows. And then I saw them…
    Our garden is big, the living room’s windows doesn’t look at the streets. It looks at our garden. I CLEARLY saw 3 man standing next to each other in front of the one of the two windows. I didn’t saw their faces, it was way too dark. They were in trench coats and big hats (I think). They did nothing. They just stood there.
    It was SO creepy, I don’t really remember what I did after I saw them maybe I run to the kitchen. 😀 I don’t know why but I didn’t think so that I must tell it to my parents.
    A few days later I told my little brother what I saw, and he said he saw exactly the same thing. After that we told it to our parents. They looked around, nothing was changed, there was no robbery. Nothing was missing.

    I still don’t know what we saw…


  20. Becca Thomas

    I used to work at a little cafe in a ghost town and this one time I was opening up and putting ice in a sink at the bar and there is a stereo in the back bar with speakers and as I was pouring the ice in and the sink and the stereo turned on and was blasting music. I was so scared I left the room and didn’t go back into the room until my boss showed up.


  21. Nellie

    I think he was still sort of dreaming, like lucid dreaming. Its a stage that you can enter where you can control your dreams so you are half asleep half awake, but you can end up in there by mistake to it happened to me twice, one time a saw a lady by the window and the other time i heard strange noises really close to my ear (creepy) so the first times you do this you will have horrible nightmares and then learn to control it.


  22. UnicornInspirit

    Omgggg. I read this yesterday in the middle of the night but i wasn’t able to finish it because i was alone and i was soooo scaaaaared. Gooosh. Im really curious about that door tho. Have you ever tried opening it again since that day? Scaaary. But, who knows! Maybe it was an alien that Felix saw. Riiiight? 😂 And maybe that staircase leads to an alien HQ 😂 They’re researching about humans!


  23. josepticbro

    My mother works in an aged care facility/nursing home and sometimes I go into work with her because being home alone is scary. So one night when we went there the shift started at 9pm and everything was fine until 10pm when the lights just flickered off by themselves. I turned them back on but about twenty minutes later it happened again. There was no storm going on to cause this and it really scared me.

    One time I took a photo of my mum and I with my disposable camera, and when I got it developed there were strange orbs on the other side of me. There was no problem with the lighting to have caused this. Mum says it could of been a ghost that was there, and if it was Imm certain it was my father.


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