February 29th, 2016

Is there a better way to end the month? I don’t think so.

And yes, I do sit near the olive oil.


Last night Felix and I went to PJ and Sophie’s place. We had seen each other 2 days earlier, but we enjoy hanging out often AND we had not one, but two episodes of “How To Get Away With Murder” to catch up on. So they had the amazing idea to make our own pizzas!



They set up a lovely table full of toppings, so we could pick and make exactly what we wanted. For me, this was particularly special because here in UK it doesn’t seem to be a thing to put potatoes on your pizza. In Italy, that’s totally normal, and it’s usually called “patatosa”.


Felix being Felix.

After dinner we played Mario Party 5, one of my favourite video games growing up. Have you ever played it? Although I was the one who played it the most out of us 4, I totally lost. Terribly. But it was extremely fun, so that’s all that matters!

Are you excited for the new month?


Pizza is always the best, Marzia.

82 thoughts on “PIZZA PARTY.

  1. Bridgette

    Nothing to do with pizza really, even though I think pizza is the best! I started watching your videos only a few weeks ago. So far I am loving your videos and how you come across as though you are talking to your friends. I also recently moved to a new city to be with my fiancé, over 1000 miles from home, friends and family. It is lonely at times, but I’m glad to hear your story and how things are going. Watching your videos and reading your blog inspires me to get creative and find the things that bring me joy. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Julia

    I never thought about pizza and potato together! Sounds amazing
    Italy must be a magical place for food!

    Happy march everyone!


  3. Floortje

    Potato on a pizza?! You know what, that doesn’t even sound half bad! Gotta try me some patatosa 🙂 Definitely excited for the new month! For no reason at all, but a new month gives the illusion of a fresh start, hehe. 😀


  4. flyesteam

    Hello Marzia !

    Your post made me crave for pizzas rn lol !
    I just wanted to tell you I love your style and your sweet personnality, you are one of my greatest inspiration so far ! ♥ For all of these reasons, I wanted to give you a little something : I made a little favicon for your blog (this is the little stuff that is usually displayed to the left of the website URL in the browser address bar, you know :3) but I don’t know where I can send it to you…

    Des bisous de France ♥


  5. Ansia

    Marzia these piazzas look awesome , as all of them do!!! I am very excited for the new month as I am gonna do I lot of things like taking part in the carnival parade , go to a trip for some days and I will be with my friends. Really love your blogs and hope you will have a great time the new month!


  6. erigibbi

    My boyfriend lives in Wales from 2 months and when I go to meet him, on saturday we eat pizza and I was surprised when I saw that doesn’t exist “patatosa” 😦


  7. valentinafelber

    I love your blog and videos, you really are funny and cute!
    E un po’ di commento lo scrivo anche in italiano visto che sono una tua conterranea o quasi, visto che sono di Treviso! Non vedo l’ora di leggere e vedere le tue nuove avventure!


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