February 28th, 2016

This bookcase did not look like this a few hours ago.


Felix and I swapped offices yesterday.

His, which is placed in the back of the flat, doesn’t get much light, but is much bigger compared to mine. I wasn’t able to film in my own being too slim, I could only edit and store stuff in there, and since Felix didn’t get much use of his room, we decided to swap them.

This meant that there was going to be some furniture that would’t be able to fit into his new space, and so we either had to get rid of it, or move it to another room.

The main problem was that it was brown, which doesn’t really fit anywhere in the house, considering 99% is white, grey and light blue… but I really didn’t want to say goodbye to it, so instead I decided to paint it white!

I enjoy painting my furniture very much, this wasn’t the first time I did it. Much of the stuff in our house wasn’t white to begin with, so both Felix and I spent some time revamping a few pieces.

I was painting the floors earlier today, and having paint and brush in hand, I thought why not get started with this as well. To be honest, I did not expect to finish in one day, but when I put my head into something, I just can’t stop!




So here is the bookshelf, before and after two coats.
I placed it in the dining/living room, and I have to say, it fits quite nicely. I’m very happy with it. Now I just have to get a painting or a mirror and that wall will be finally complete!




So I guess with this short post I just wanted to say that sometimes, even if something is old or you don’t seem to like it anymore, try to give it a second chance. DIYs are fun, and often, they will turn out to be just what you needed!


Think creatively, Marzia.

61 thoughts on “TRY TO PAINT IT INSTEAD.

  1. Kiddee

    I love how you re-paint furniture. It is sort of like little DIY to glam up your space. I am planning to do something the same but has not had a courage to do so since I have never done any kind of furniture painting before.


  2. oz

    I’ve always loved reading your blog. It gives me a soothing feeling, makes me forget about the hustle and bustle that I’m currently going through, your house inspires me to get a sophisticated home like yours one day! Most importantly, you inspire me to fulfill my dream of living abroad. I’ll work hard to achieve that goal. Thank you so much, Marzia❤ You’re the loveliest soul ever 🙂 ❤


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