February 27th, 2016

The one I re-wrote hundreds of times.


When I was a young teenager, I used to pick up those magazines with posters and quizzes inside. Every once in a while, some would come with a chapter taken from a book as an extra gift, and that’s how I developed an interest in reading outside of school.

So when I was given the chance to publish here, on my blog, the very first chapter of my own book, I of course took it!

The only thing I want to say before you start reading, is that my book is divided into DAYS, rather than chapters.

I’m way too excited to keep writing any longer, I just want to let you enjoy the story now, and will get back to you after you have read it.



There it is, right in front of me.
A one-story Greek Revival house, probably dating back to the early 1900s by the look of it.
From the gate, a path of small flagstones crosses the front garden, ending at three small steps which lead up to the porch. A row of columns supporting a triangular pediment with a small bull’s-eye window adorn the façade, and between them I can see a rocking chair among the potted plants.
The whole thing is painted a luminous white, which is set off by the pale blue of the shutters flanking its narrow windows. It’s surrounded by neatly trimmed green lawns, perfectly tonsured hedges, and immaculate flowerbeds, and they all suit the place perfectly.
A thin trail of smoke rises from the chimney on the pointed roof. To one side, the top of a white church spire peeks out from behind distant trees, while to the other, the dark tiles of a neighbour’s roof are visible.
I somehow have the strangest sensation that this is all I have ever dreamt of, ever since I was just a little girl—of owning a modest yet exquisite house, a house like this, surrounded by fields and the odd neighbour. And now it seems as though the image that I’ve been gradually assembling in my mind since childhood has come vividly to life right in front of me, just so that I can admire it in all of its splendour.
I stand there by the black iron gate that separates me from the tidy garden and stare at the doorbell, an elegant little gold button set below a brass nameplate that, evidently, no one has ever bothered to use, undisturbed as it is by a name.
The unengraved nameplate might suggest there’s nobody currently living in the house, but the sight of the well-kept grounds gives the lie to the idea—and holds me there, transfixed.
Perfectly still.
Wondering how exactly I even arrived here in the first place.
I’ve never noticed this house before, and yet it’s always been right where it is. I know that.
Blanketed by the woolly clouds of deepening autumn, the sky is getting darker and darker by the second. That’s the way it feels, at least, although I don’t really have any idea how long I’ve actually been standing here, my finger suspended in midair, aimed at that lonely button.
The air is heavy with a powerful smell, something that I recognise, something that makes me think of . . . lawnmowers? Is it oil? Or maybe kerosene?
I don’t even know what it is I’m standing here waiting for, but there’s definitely something holding me back from ringing the bell; it’s as if I’m not supposed to be here now, in this particular moment.
Here I am, though, stuck under this darkening sky, and so I eventually decide to force myself to go through with it. I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and begin to move my finger forward.
But before it gets close enough to make contact, I hear a worried voice from nearby asking, “Are you all right?”
My eyes snap open and I see an elderly couple standing on the front porch, which just a minute before I’d been admiring with such intensity. I stare at them, not uttering a single word.
Looking increasingly unnerved, the lady slowly descends the steps and walks down the path towards me, the old man close behind her. She’s not looking at me, though—her eyes seem to be focused on something over my shoulder.
Mine remain locked upon her.
She reaches the gate and—looking me full in the face now, her eyes quite concerned—repeats, “Are you all right, dear? You really shouldn’t be standing out here in the rain.”
I gaze down at the grey paving stones beneath my feet and notice that, yes, they’re rapidly becoming freckled with dark, wet spots. Before I can say anything, the tall gentleman accompanying her opens the gate and puts his arm around me, implying an invitation to enter what I suppose is their lovely home.
Once we’re safely inside, the front door closes behind us and I’m ushered over to the sofa near the fireplace. I can’t stop looking around the room in which I now find myself—a medium-sized parlour with a high, embossed ceiling, its Victorian décor illuminated by two large French windows and a crystal chandelier.
It truly is my dream house. It just happens to already belong to someone else.
While I make myself cosy, the kindly old lady disappears for a minute, and with shaky hands the old man puts some logs on the fire in an attempt to bring the dying embers back to life.
Strangely enough, I have the feeling now that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be—not like before. And I don’t want to leave. Even though I know that very soon I’ll have to, and that I don’t actually have any real excuse for being here to begin with.
As I sit on the stiff leather sofa, still peering in wonder around the beautiful room, I realise that the couple who live here must be religious, because the walls and bookshelves are dotted with symbols whose meanings I’m not exactly sure of but which I’m absolutely certain are esoteric.
I ask myself why on earth they would be so nice to me, why they would so happily invite a complete stranger inside their home, but then I think, What am I complaining about? I wanted to go inside, didn’t I?
The sweet-looking lady appears again. She places a cup of hot tea on the coffee table in front of me and clears her throat as she takes a seat at the opposite end of the sofa. She’s fair-skinned with hazel eyes, and her hair—short and fluffy, its original auburn colour now fading—suits the healthy pink glow of her cheeks. The smile on her face seems forced, though, betraying a tension she’s trying carefully to hide.
I reach for the cup and feel its warmth between my fingers.
“I’m Amabel,” she says. “And this”—pointing at the man who is now standing by the door with an open book in his hands—“is my husband, Marvin. Nice to have you in our home.”
Giving me a distracted smile, Marvin nods.
I open my mouth, but no words come out, so instead I bring the cup to my lips and take a slow sip, bothered and confused at the same time.
What is wrong with me?
I’ve always been aware of the fact that I’m not exactly what you might call a particularly . . . sociable person. But I’m definitely not rude. And yet that’s exactly the way I’m behaving towards these people.
But before I get a chance to ponder the question further, Amabel stands up and walks across to the other side of the room to join her husband.
“It’s getting late,” she says, “and there’s a storm forecast for tonight. You are very welcome to spend the night here. I’ll take you to the guest room. I hope you’ll find it comfortable in there.”
Finding myself unable to reply, I decide that the least I can do is go along with the invitation, and so I nod meekly and get up to follow her. As we walk past Marvin, who is still intent on his reading, I manage a quick peek at the embossed title of the volume he is holding—Spiritual Relief.
The carpeted floor creaks beneath our feet as we make our way along the corridor which leads away from the living room. The walls are wainscotted and hung with artworks and the odd photo, and at the end of the corridor is the door to a little spare room, isolated from the rest of the house. Now looking visibly pleased to have me there, Amabel holds it open for me.
As I step past her and go inside I manage a gesture with my head that’s meant to show my gratitude, and while she closes the door she gives me a smile in return that seems both happy and melancholy.
I potter around that solitary yet cosy little room for a while, trying not to dwell too much upon what a strange situation I find myself in, but at the same time quite unable to fathom what has happened.
In the end, I lay myself down on what turns out to be a surprisingly comfortable bed and do my best to relax.
The sound of the breeze blowing softly through the slightly open window by the bed makes me sleepy, and so I decide to switch off the Tiffany lamp that, together with a small alarm clock, occupies the nightstand.
A few moments later I feel my tired, heavy eyes closing, allowing me to get some rest for the night.


Are you intrigued? I’m so happy I could share the beginning of the book with you freely, I’m hoping you liked what you read so far, and if you have any comments or feedback for me, please do leave a comment or tweet me @MarziaPie using #marziasdreamhouse so I can find you easily.

The english version of the book, which is the language I originally wrote it in, is coming out the 5th of April!


Some info:

Pre-order your copy at, or at any of the below US retailers.


There is still a bit of waiting time, but for now this will do. I’m just too happy haha!


Hope you will keep reading when it comes out, Marzia.

190 thoughts on “THE FIRST CHAPTER OF MY BOOK.

    1. Cass

      Hi Marzia,
      Just wondering if your book is available in any store in Dubai,UAE? I really want it on a hardbound copy. I love reading books and I’m collecting them, It will be amazing if I could add your work on my collection. 🙂


  1. Ansia

    Marzia that was awesome, you have done a great job Marzia and I loved your writing !!!! I was impresses by your descriptions as they were so detailed and well- written! Also, surprisingly , reading this , I got to learn more about the Greek revival houses, which was really interesting (maybe because I want to become an architect and I am also from Greece). Anyway congratulations for your book! I would definitely like to read it and I am sure a lot of peoe will love it! ♥ 😉


  2. Karen

    Hello Marzia,
    Thank you so much for sharing the first chapter of your book. I enjoyed reading it and I think I’ll have to buy it, as soon as it’s released.
    You are a great inspiring person to me and I look forward to what you will achieve in the future.
    Have a great day,


  3. Erica

    Marzia sorry for the dumb question but I still don’t quite understand if you wrote the book first in english or in italian or at the same time… Why did the italian edition come out so early then?
    I really wanna read your book because I’m intrigued and I really appreciate the fact that you decided to write a story following your passions and creativity instead of marketing pressures. Though I’m still undecided if I should read it in english or italian! What would you suggest me? What’s the version you like the most? I wonder if the style will be much different 🙂
    Thank you for your attention, have a wonderful day!


    1. marziabisognin

      Hi Erica! I actually wrote it in English, but signed up with an Italian publisher who translated it and published it last year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t fully aware of their plans – I guess there was a misunderstanding – and instead of publishing themselves the version I wrote, they sold the rights to an American company and just now we are finalising all the details. That’s why it took so much longer, but it’s okay, as the wait is almost over. 😉 Oh, and I would recommend the English one, it’s the one I worked on the most and I believe it just came out better haha. 😛


      1. Michelle W.

        This is very well detailed so far! 😄 I’m still confused on what the book is about though. is there any way for me to read the summary before buying the book right now?


      2. Ana Margarida Vicente

        I bought your book in Italian in the other day :p I’m in Rome for a month and I’m trying to improve my italian, and your book was the perfect match for what I was searching :3 since you talked about it I wanted to read it, and now it was the perfect timing 😀
        I’m portuguese so I need my dicionary Italian-Portuguese like in every single paragraph xD


      3. Angela

        Hey mariza! I pre-ordered your book the other day and I’m super excited (I’m a total book worm!). I heard that you are doing a sweepstakes for this book and when I checked it out it said I needed a pre-order reciept code and I have no idea what it is or how to get it. I pre-ordered it on Amazon (and I’m not going to lie, I also bought some other books as well) and they told me I had to get it from the people running the sweepstakes. Any idea how to halp? Thanks ^-^


      4. marziabisognin

        Oh no! I honestly have no idea how it works when you order something from Amazon because I’ve never bought anything from there, strangely enough. But I would guess you received a confirmation email? The code might be there. Sorry >.< I wish I could help!


  4. Nadiah

    Hi Marzia, thanks for sharing! The first chapter looks so promising, I can’t wait to buy the book and check out the rest of it! 🙂 You’re really such an inspiration to me; from clothes, to personality and now, to this! I’ve always loved reading books and writing short stories. Writing a book was kind of a daydream/fantasy of mine since young. Maybe I really should consider it someday? Haha. Anyway, I’m so happy for you, keep on being you 😉 ❤


  5. Amanda

    I’ve been a fan of you since I found you on YouTube. I’m truly happy for you and perplex of how beautiful you write. The first chapter I found it to be perfectly write, because personally I don’t like to read books that describes every single detail about what is surrounding the character, but in this case is so perfectly well written that I loved it. I’ve always like to read, but never try to write something of my own (not that I wouldn’t try) but I know I don’t have the ability, or creativity, to do so. You’re an inspiration for me. I’m looking forward to buy the book. Best of lucks. One of your million fans, Amanda.


  6. MissMusic

    Wow Marzia, I love it! Im speak spanish but I think that I will buy your book when It comes out! (Also my birthday is 4th of April hehe). You have so much talent writing and Im very exited to know what is going to happen in the story! I think marzipans will love it 😉
    From an Argentinian fan ❤


  7. Sierra

    Marzia, thank you so much for sharing the first chapter freely! It brought me so much joy, certainly spiked my curiosity and interest, I will be putting this on my list of things I must have. Oh my, your writing pleases me. It takes me back to when I was a little girl, I loved to read because it always helped me escape my troubles, and put me at ease. I love how I was able to feel like I was there in the book, you are perfectly descriptive. It’s beautiful. I haven’t read books freely in a long time, I’m 20 now, and have such a hectic, but boring life. But because you posted this, I realized that reading books makes me feel very at peace, and I will be going to the library to get some books! Definitely, I plan to buy this one when it comes out. 🙂 Thank you!

    Also, this blog is wonderful, I really enjoy reading about the things you do. You are quite the inspiration.


  8. kamgabbyj

    This first chapter has def caught my interest 🙂 amazing job Marzia!! This book I can tell will be a huuge success for u 🙂 Hopefully you’ll be making more in the future? :3


  9. liaza

    Hey Marzia! I have a question: is the book going to come out in other languages?
    I’m going to buy it anyway because it looks soooo promising and it already got me hooked! I really want to know what happens next ^^ I don’t usually read horror books but I’m definitly loving yours!
    Congratulations on all you’ve achieved! You’re big girl! ❤
    Love from Portugal!


  10. ascodders

    AHHHHHHH!!! I’m so excited read your book, I pre-ordered it once I found out about the English version, I cannot wait for April to get it and read as soon as I take it out of my mailbox! This first chapter is sooo good and i’m so excited to read more and to read what else happens! Good job Marzia!


  11. Natalia Pradella

    YAY MARZIAAAaaaa THANK U FOR SHARE THIS WITH US!!! That’s SO nice, I really enjoy it and YES, of course I’ll keep reading it when it cames out! I really like it, all the descriptions, the ambient uuuuuuuu~ I can’t wait to read it entirely ksdahsdhasjhfkjashdjashdjahsjdhasjd

    PS: that cover is so pretty – omg


  12. rilakkayla

    Hi Marzia,
    After reading this excerpt, I went to the Amazon page to check out more information about the book. Under a description about you it says “with her fiancé, Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a. ‘PewDiePie,’ “, and I don’t mean to be rude but I was a bit confused about this, whether is is incorrect or it’s a rumor that Amazon assumed to be true. I just wanted to tell you just in case it offended you and I didn’t want anyone to be confused as well. I loved reading this little part of your book and I hope to buy it soon!


    1. marziabisognin

      I know, thanks for telling me. Unfortunately I tried to get them to change it many times but they haven’t done it and don’t think they will. I just think it creates a bit of confusion but at the same I’m not too bothered, so it’s fine either way. 😛


  13. adventures_of_wolfie

    As soon as i finished reading this preview of your book,i went off and pre-order a copy, im really excited for april so that i can read the rest of it
    love marzipan wolfie


  14. Anabel

    Hi marzia! I loved the chapter and I CAN’T WAIT to read the book. Also, my name is Anabel 🙂 very close to Amabel 🙂


  15. Andrea

    Hey Marzia, I love the first chapter sooooooo much like – omg.❤️ But I’m wondering if you’re doing a book tour with a picture thing (almost like what Felix did) or just a “live” signing (I think that’s what Dan and Phil did).


  16. Jennifer Cervantes

    OMG the first chapter already sounds amazing! I can’t wait for it to come out, great job Marzia!ㄟ(‘w’)ㄏ


  17. Daniela ^_^

    Marzia, i really loved all the descriptive words you used like melancholy, (i’m a bookworm myself and i suggest that you could read The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, it’s a very good series). Not many people now that writing is a gift and not everyone can do it successfully, but you do have a knack for writing.


  18. Phoenix

    I’m loving your book so far 🙂 I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Though I have a strange feeling that it’s going to turn a bit more dark. I’m definitely getting it when it comes out in English. I was just wondering are you planning to publish your book in other languages too? 🙂


  19. Ctinecha

    Hi marzia! Wow I really like the way you write and would loveeee to purchase your book! But the problem is, will it be available in Malaysia anytime soon? Cause I will be moving to Dubai on April, maybe I could find it in Dubai? Keeping my hopes high*


  20. Ellen Unsworth

    This is truly gripping Marzia! I’m going to pre-order it in the English version, can’t wait to read more of it!
    Would you consider writing more books, or another book related to this story? Like a sequel or prequel? :3


  21. Jenna

    Marzia, I am positively glowing with joy, having been able to read this little excerpt! I simply cannot wait for Dream House to come out so that I can finally read it! I’ve been looking forward to your story for so long! I’m so intrigued so far and your imagery is beautiful, I’m absolutely captivated. You have such a pretty, flowing writing style. I’m so excited!


  22. shoubidoowap

    After I read the first chapter of your book, I went on Amazon and immediatly bought it ! I can’t wait to read more about it ! And I also watch “Big Fish” and I wanted to say that honestly, it’s now one of my favorite movie too. And I wanted to say thank you, because now I’ve seen “Big Fish” thank’s to you ! And really, just WOW !
    Keep being who you are, you’re awesome 🙂


  23. Raye

    Marzia, I wish I could express how truly proud I am of you! This book is a huge accomplishment and your successes bring a smile to my face. Being the same age as you, and having watched your videos from almost the very start of your channel, I have great respect and admiration for you and all of your ventures.

    Anyway, I just have to add that this first chapter is intriguing with great writing style – I appreciate the effort you put into adding such vivid descriptions and using a voice uniquely yours. I immediately pre-ordered this after having read this first chapter and I am SO unbelievably excited to read the rest!


  24. gingeondafringe

    The tea reminded me of a short story by Roald Dahl that I read when I was much younger. It was called “The Landlady,” and it was very creepy! I also loved how the story opened, with the main character frozen mid-action, it was quite intriguing.


  25. Adriana

    Hi Marzia, I’m a big fan of yours and I’m really curious to know how it continues, looking forwoard to read it. It reminds me of ‘The Visit’, ‘The Boy’ and ‘The Skeleton key’.
    – Love, Adriana from Portugal. :3


  26. Angela

    Hey marzia! I pre-ordered your book the other day and I’m so excited! (I’m a huge book worm) I heard that you were having a sweepstakes for your book and I checked it out. It said that I would need to enter a pre-order reciept code and I had no idea what it was or how to get it. I pre-ordered off amazon and I’m not going to lie but I bought other books as well. When I contacted amazon they told me I get the code from whoever is holding or is in control of the sweepstakes. Any ideas or advice on what I should do? I need halp! Thank you so much and I really can’t wait for your book ^-^


  27. kylieburnett011

    Marzia!I have it!Omg.I bout Dream House at Target!When I first saw it,I was like “No Way!” Thanks for making Dream House!


  28. jjb

    hi marzia!! i’m from the philippines and unfortunately i can’t find any copy of your book :c is it released in the philippines yet? hoping to buy it soon!


  29. Sally Marham

    I’m so excited! I came home yesterday to find that I was one of the winners of your book! I’m so chuffed. I’d already bought and started to read it on Kindle, but there’s something so special about having a hard copy, knowing how important this project was to you. I’m really enjoying your writing style.


  30. Cass

    Hi Marzia,
    This might be a little too late but I’m just wondering if your book is available in any store in Dubai, UAE? And is it still available? I really want it on a hardbound copy. I love reading books and I’m collecting them.. It will be amazing if I could add yours in my collection. Thanks!😊


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