February 26th, 2016

It happened again, I did some shopping!


SHOES // Black: ASOS – Lime: ASOS
SOCKS // Sushi: ASOS – Broccoli: ASOS – Lemon: ASOS


I felt the need to get some stuff for my feet, and ASOS had just what I was looking for.

I wanted a cool pair of flats, and these caught my attention because of the golden chain detail (I couldn’t wait and actually already wore these in a previous post).

Next, I saw the lime green pair of sandals that just looked way too adorable to not add to my cart. I know it’s a bit early for these, but I’m ready for when spring and summer hit Brighton!

The second step was to get some socks, and look at what I found… aren’t they adorable? But they are socks, so not much to say about them.



ACCESSORIES // Headband: ASOS – Earrings: ASOS – Boho Necklace: ASOS – Sunglasses: ASOS – Tarteist: TARTE – Crystal Necklace: Pieces – Swimsuit: ASOS


I was on twitter when I saw that Tarte, my favourite makeup brand, came up with a contouring palette – which looks amazing – and so I had to get my hands on it! I haven’t tried it yet, because it just arrived this morning, but I will use it later today!

On another note, I also found a bunch of great accessories: a flower cat-ears headband; triangle shaped earrings; a massive bohemian necklace; a pair of cool sunnies; and a pretty crystal necklace.

The last thing I added to my online cart was a two-piece swimsuit: it looked very interesting to me because of the cut outs, the hight-waist, and the pretty pattern.




Moving on, I picked up a few items yesterday while I was out with Emma. We went to HomeSense, as usual, and that’s where I found a garden bucket, which I’m using to store stuff in the bathroom; fake flowers, to replace the dead ones in the “chill room”; and two decorative pillows, with plant designs on them.




Finally, I received a parcel I’ve been waiting for so long. Okay, maybe it was just two weeks, but it felt like ages!

I have discovered the brand Self-Portrait back in November, and since then I’ve been getting some of my favourite pieces from there. They are items I would wear on special occasions, and they are a bit pricey, but any time I wear them, they make me feel like a princess! I have some of their dresses, but this time I opted for two separate pieces: a lace blouse, and some high-waisted pants.

And that’s it! It was a mix of different stuff, from accessories, to clothing, to house decor. I know you might have preferred to see each item on me, but you eventually will in future posts. Unfortunately today I have to run, it’s a bit of a busy day, but I still wanted to share these things with you.


I still can’t get over those socks, Marzia.


  1. Kyra

    Adorable! i love your style! you’re one of my fashion icons, I love your original and gorgeous style! and those socks are just to cute! 🙂



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