February 25th, 2016

Did you miss me?



I’ve traveled to Italy for a few days to be with my family during my dad’s birthday.

I vlogged part of it so you will see it on my channel later today, but I still wanted to update you here.

The 21st was his birthday, so my mom gifted to all of us a lovely vegan lunch in the countryside. We then went out for a walk with ur dogs, Benito and Kevin, and played some board games. It was a relaxing day, and I enjoyed being there. Also, the weather was incredibly nice – no wind, which was a good change for me!




We also managed to go see a stunning house I would always spot on the hills while going to school, many years ago. My dad happened to know the owner, who invited us over, so we took this change to go all together. It was really cool to visit, as not many buildings in Italy resemble this one from the outside.




One of my dearest friends recently had a baby, and so I was finally able to meet her. She is 3 months old now. It was so sweet to see that mother-child bond so early on. I can’t even imagine having a baby, but I knew how much she has always wanted one and I’m so happy for her.
I got to catch up with other friends as well, eat lots of Italian food and overall had a good time.




Coming back, Felix was at the airport ready to pick me up with a “slowpoke” sign. We encountered some traffic, but we used the time to fill each other in on what has been going on while we were apart.




And now I’m here, back to Brighton, writing on this diary. I’m excited, because any time I come back from a trip I look forward to get back to work and my usual routine: I woke up early to edit the video going up today, I scheduled a meeting for this afternoon… but first, I’m meeting up with Emma for brunch!


Did you do anything special while I was away?


Happy Thursday, Marzia.

84 thoughts on “MARZIANO’S BIRTHDAY.

  1. Paloma.A

    I had no Idea you had a blog!! This makes me really happy since I’ve kind of missed your videos. Now that it’s one per week I was everyday checking if it was updated. But this blog is much more personal and it seems like reading a friend’s journal.
    Italy seems beautiful! And it really reminds me of my own country, Argentina. We have so much Italian immigrants back in the day that even our spanish sounds italian (and we got the food too!!)

    Hope everything is going great there Marzia! Take care ♥


  2. Juliane

    Yayy you’re back! It looked like you had a great time in Italy. And it’s all so beautiful in there! (I guess I already commented here once that I wanted to visit Italy someday, but it’s so true hahah)
    Have a nice day Marzia ❤ 🙂


  3. icaweng

    Hehe, I know the feeling spending time with family after a long time. I am studying in the US, so I only get to go home and visit my family once a year. However, I am also grateful for living in the period where communication between countries has become so much easier and faster. Glad you had a nice time with your family : )


  4. Bgriff

    I’m so glad you had a nice time back home in Italy. I’m happy to see that you’re back on the blog, I truely enjoy reading your thoughts on here. Keep up the excellent work 🙂


  5. themovingbear

    I completely feel you with the family issue. I am also so close to my family, and I live abroad too, so I know what is to want to be with them on special dates. I’m glad you were able to spend time with them.


  6. NIna

    Marzia è sempre bello seguire quello che fai quando torni in Italia! Sono felicissima tu abbia aperto un blog così da poterti seguire ancora di più. 😀 Tu ed Emma siete le mie youtuber preferite! Un grande abbraccio dall’Italia!!


  7. Stacy

    It was my brother’s birthday the 25th so I went to Barnes and Nobles and got him a book, that I think is really interesting take on the zombie apocalypse, called Rot and Ruin. It’s a series and he really enjoys reading so I’m trying to keep it that way, haha ^-^ It may be to teen reading for you, Marzia, but I dunno, maybe you’d like it!


  8. Angy

    Is beautiful how you express yourself about your native country (: I hope you was passed a good time with ur family and friends those days.
    I like read you! You express tranquility through your word so, I feel some peaceful for a moment. Ty! 😀


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