February 19th, 2016

This post took a turn.



I started off the day thinking I would snap some pictures since I was doing business meetings, and so I could bring you along with me as I have been doing all the other days so far.

I met with my manager over lunch, we went to Food For Friends which is a lovely vegan and vegetarian restaurant in The Lanes.



It went really well, the food was great, we got to catch up on work stuff, and then I was off.



Later I decided to put up on Instagram a close up of my outfit, because I came to realise that one of the items I wear the most on my closet is actually something I designed. It makes me so happy that I can wear things I create myself so I wanted to make a nice little post about it, also announcing that I’ve been working on a new collection coming this spring.


Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 17.03.48.png


But of course people had to focus on something else, completely ignoring my words and make something positive into something bad. It’s no surprise that the internet can be a strange, negative place sometimes, and usually I deal with it just fine… but today I lost my cool.

Some people were saying that I was just showing off, because I’m wearing a Chanel bag; others even went on leaving mean comments about the skirt itself.


Why? I cannot understand how some individuals think.
In everyday life, if someone comes up to you, out of nowhere, and makes a rude remark about you, you wouldn’t just take it…
So my instinct was to bring out all my designer bags and spread them in the hallway. Take a picture of Maya with them and write “Now THIS is bragging.”




I opted not to put this on Instagram because I can imagine how many fights it would have started and that was not the reason why I would have done it. But I feel like here, on my blog, I can let it all out and talk about it freely.

But I don’t just notice mean comments, I really do appreciate when my marzipans get me, and make a point for me so there is no need for me to respond.

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 01.43.45.png

I’m lucky to have people that like me just the way I am, and don’t need me to explain every single thing, especially when it’s really not a big deal.

I own lots of designer bags. I do. I developed an interest in them through my mom: she gifted my first one when I was 18. Some were gifted to me for special occasions, others I bought myself second hand as gifts to myself; through the years. I only ever bought a new one on my own a few months ago for my birthday.


It bugs me to know that some people, no matter what, will always try to bring us down. And I say us because I know for a fact that it doesn’t only happen to me. It’s so easy to be rude when your hiding behind a screen, but I really do wish all of that would stop.

It would be such a better experience for everybody if people would focus on empowering each other, and bringing joy to others lives, instead of wasting time on the wrong kind of things.


The trolls are everywhere, watch out! Marzia.

177 thoughts on “THE DESIGNER BAG ISSUE.

  1. Dorottya Ducsai (@DucsaiDorottya)

    Look, people like to judge each other. But they are just jealous. And they don’t want others to have something that they can’t have. I never understood why some people can’t except some everyday stuff. Nobody is more or less with or without a bag. But society loves to judge people because what they wear / do or why wear / do they do that. I know it and also hate it. But everybody has the right to choose what to wear or just have some stuff that some people doesn’t. It’s the freedom of choice. It’s the part of life. 🙂 Ignore it! Or at least don’t be sad about it! There are so many things that are more important instead of some people who doesn’t even know anything about you! 🙂

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  2. Lulu

    Ci sarà sempre qualcuno che apre bocca solo per dire qualcosa di cattivo, o per attaccarti senza motivo. Recentemente una ragazza si è accanita contro di me per una cosa assurda, in cui non c’entravo. L’importante è essere pazienti e dire “non è giusto!”, “non me lo merito!” – essendo superiori e senza fare il loro gioco. Continua così, positiva e decisa!


  3. Megan

    Just stay positive and ignore the people who say things that bring you down. They just come off as jealous. Some people may always be negative but it shouldn’t make you any less happy😊


  4. Lotte

    I can’t understand why people don’t love you like i do. You bring so much joy into my life – you are one of my idols! You are one of the most beautiful, smart and funny persons i know. Im a marzipants to the end! You will always find people that will bring you down, but just think that you have more people that loves you! – encluding me hehe. Poods is a lucky man! But your fans will always see the good in you. And it is okay to have the bad days. Just know that you have such many people that loves you and supports you!

    PS im a Scandinavian fan! From Denmark ( it’s also very close to Sweden hehe )


  5. itsbertillepie

    The thing that I don’t understand about this post is the way you react to this. You didn’t like it when people made a big deal about you having a Chanel bag & responded by posting a picture with all your designer bags. That makes no sense, Marzia. I love u but they way you responded to this is ridiculous. You could have ignored it. You really need to grow a thicker skin girl, because people will always bring you down no matter what. Do you and let people hate. You’re good the way you are.

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    1. marziabisognin

      Well, first of all I did not post it on instagram, I came here to get it out and bring up a certain topic. They were calling me a show off, when I never even make videos about my bags. If I wanted to show off by having a chanel bag, it could have been way more than just sharing a picture wearing one. Sorry you don’t get what I’m trying to explain, and trust me when I say that this is NOTHING compared to the things I get said all the time, the nasty things I hear about me, the complaints about my body figure, my voice, my choices. Things that people shouldn’t even bring up at all. This bag issue was just such a silly topic that was perfect to me to show how easily people bring up negativity out of nowhere.

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      1. itsbertillepie

        Oh I understand. But I just wanted to say thay you need to grow a thicker skin and ignore the hate. I love you and so many other people do ! You worked hard for everything and deserve what’s coming to you. I’ve been bullied for 4 years straight, but I’m still here. I don’t care what people say anymore. You should too. You’re perfect the way you are. People will always hate. Always. They’re jealous. Anyway I’m sorry if I came off as rude!


      2. Mamaic

        I think Marzia did ok. She didn’t post it on Instagram. I guess she just needed a place to vent. I mean I agree that she shouldn’t care about what the trolls say, but not caring is really easier said than done especially for a public figure who gets judged by millions of people. I think Marzia did good; she didn’t stoop down to the level of the trolls by lashing out at them. She has every right to be angry, yet she handled it pretty well. I also think it would be unhealthy to keep all the anger inside so It’s really good that she let it out some place else instead of Instagram. It’s never really good to bottle up negative emotions as it will only turn up again later.

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    2. Keeshia

      ITSBERTILLEPIE Listen to your words. If this isn’t a big deal then you don’t necessary bring this up yourself and tell Marzia’s reaction not to do that. She simply just opened up on what she feels. The reason for this blog is for.
      (smirk) :3


  6. Elisa

    I totally agree with you! I’ve had to go through this exact kind of situation many times so far, because I have a huge passion for designer bags and I have put together quite a big collection, so people I know or even strangers use to make rude comments about how spoilt I am and how wrong it is from my parents to let me have everything I want. I think everyone is free to spend his/her own money on what he/she wants without having to explain anything to anyone. I mean, everyone has his own hobbies and passions and I never judge anyone for what he has or hasn’t. Having lots of designer bags doesn’t make me or you or anyone else a bad person, neither does it affect the way I behave with others. It’s not bragging, it’s not showing off, it’s not acting snobby, it’s just a passion we have, just like one can have a passion for cars, sports, makeup…you name it. So I just don’t see the point in having to be sorry for it.


  7. mewxx

    I bought one of these skirts back in October and I instantly fell in love! The peplum is so adorable and its one of those items that just makes you feel so lovely ^_^
    Who cares what the haters think. People will scrape the bottom of the barrel to insult you on just about anything these days. If your outfit is cute and you feel confident in it then thats all that matters ❤

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      1. mewxx

        I really do love it! You’re honestly so talented as a designer and I love seeing the new clothes you make. ❤ They are cute yet original which really is a look that is just awesome in every way ^_^
        You make so many people feel so inspired and happy Marzia, please keep it up because your work is just so wonderful. ~x

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    1. PikaPikaChan


      I really want to order Marzias skirt, It’s saaah beautiful. But I’m not sure which size I sould order. The shipping taxes to Germany are a bit too expensive to send it back if it doesn’t fit :/
      Which size did you order? Or which size fits to Marzia, I think it will also fit to me.
      Thanks in advance ^^


      1. mewxx

        Hello ^_^ When I first received my skirt it was a size S and it was waaaaay too big for me. (Usually I’m a UK 6-8 or 8-10) The small was more like a medium, nearly a large in a normal clothes shop. I brought it to the tailor though and he altered the waist so it would fit me and it turned out perfect 🙂 I think that the sizes are a bit bigger than what they are labeled so I’d buy a size smaller than usual. I think Marzia must wear an XS because the S seemed really big to me when I bought it.
        Hoped this helped ^_^ xx

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  8. Cheyenna Askin-Koranicki

    And you should feel proud of your bags! You bought them with your own money that you have worked hard for!! No one should make you feel bad just because they are jealous. We have your back 🙂


  9. Julie Berry

    I have never found your character to be one of bragging. You seem like a genuine down-to-earth person. I think the trolling comes from people who simply do not watch you or perhaps they are just jealous. It’s sad that these people have nothing better to do. Either way, good for you for finding something you love! I laughed so hard at the sarcastic photo of all your bags. I wish you had posted it but I do understand the backlash wouldn’t have been fun. I hope you ignore the negativity and continue to spread your light on the internet. 🙂

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  10. Celestia Crystal

    If you’d respond like that, that would be hilarious, but sometimes It’s better to ignore it. I love you so much and I would never think, that you brag or something.


  11. Julia

    My thoughts when I saw the post on Instagram: “Yay, Marzia posted a pic! Wow I love it, so pretty :), gonna leave my like”
    I didnt know people were saying mean things about it!!! It´s so sad ):
    But it also happens to me, when I focus doing something good, people always try to find something bad about it.
    People needs to encouraging others not bring us down
    I agree with you marzia!

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  12. Harlequin fhang

    I completely get that you’re simply posing in the best way to show off the outfit you’ve put together, jealously over money and the things it has us miss out on brings out everyone’s deepest green eyed insecurities. I think its amazing, and the handbags photo made me laugh. You are incredibly lucky, girl!


  13. KB

    You go girl.
    Don’t pay attention to this people.
    You can show off all your bags and your clothes ¿why not? You rock them.
    I love all of your collections and clothes you’ve designed, I wish I could buy some of them.

    Yours, sincerely. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Ashlee

    Why is the one bag in a container? Vintage? Between this post and the video Bunny just made instagram is full of crazies. Can’t wait to see your new clothing! You should design a purse :O


  15. Helene

    Its funny to read haters comments, why would they take their time to post a hate comment?. is it to get attention? or do they really dont have a life?. like, if they hate Marzia so much why do they even go to her blogg? or watch her videos?. And she does not show of her bags at al?. I did not even know she had so many channel bags or Louis Vuitton bags until I saw the picture, and I have watch plenty of her videos. I’m a big fan, and she works to earn money to buy what the fuck she wants. is she want to earn so much money to buy a new Louis Vuitton bag or channel bag she can do it. So can many people do. So if she is going to get hate because she have expensive bags, wow then at least I can call them jealous as fuck. haters get a job, or a life.


  16. Jenna

    I love you so much Marzia. Jealousy is an ugly trait! Just do you, never let haters bring you down. You aren’t a person that brags, you are so down to earth and I’ve watched almost every single video of yours. You inspire me so much. Keep doing what YOU want to do! Xoxo


  17. ☾ I Z ❁ (@izabellatelenga)

    I have to say, I’m really glad that you used my comment on your Instagram post to make a point here! And I’m really glad that you didn’t respond to the hate on Instagram and I totally understand you venting here. I really feel like so many people are such a poor judge of character and hate on genuine people like you because they’re confused and/or they think you’re weak and they can get away with it, which I don’t think you are and they can’t get away with it. I think your new found strength and assertiveness is still something that you’re getting used to and learning about and sometimes you feel the need to respond to things like this: I think everyone has that reaction or desire sometimes, but just remember that you never have to apologize or feel bad for for anything that you do or buy(unless I guess if it’s malicious lol) because you’ll never make EVERYONE happy and if you feel the need to respond to something, even though it’s not something I or some others think you should do, DO IT. If you want to do it, do it because I and many others, won’t lose respect for you, but only gain respect for you. You are someone I find myself to be so different from, but I feel like I can relate to you as well and I don’t think any hate you get is ever warranted. You’re fantastic, so just know that at least 1 of your fans knows that (plus so many more).


  18. S. Raquel

    Girl, people on Instagram have been crazy lately. I don’t even read the comments on there anymore. My first thought about the picture was definitely not “oh she is trying to show off”. If people are commenting that, it really goes to show how insecure they feel about themselves, which isn’t anyone’s fault. I can imagine it must be very frustrating, so I can understand where you’re coming from. Your style is lovely Marzia. 🙂 I came to your blog from your February Notes video and I love your posts!


  19. rijaH

    Would love to see you make a YT video with your bag collection. There is no shame in that, loads of those videos are on YT 😉 And forget about the haters, they are just jealous 😛


  20. 0.2 attention (@pyroteeth)

    This might sound bitchy, but people who think you “showed off” your chanel bag are mostly the people who can’t afford it in reality, so they perceive it as a special flashy item. But for people who collect designer bags, it’s just a regular day and a regular bag that’s part of an outfit that you created.

    Don’t worry Marzia, sometimes they’ll never understand because they’re coming from a really different upbringing and perspective. Keep it up and we love you they way you are!


  21. Emilia

    This is so weird, I never thought that your picture could be taking as “bragging” before I read this post. When I saw the picture I was like: ” good job Marzia on your desings!” and maybe “oh nice bag” 😉
    Well, nevermind the haters Marzia! Jealousy is a powerful thing, unfortunately!
    But so is kindess and love! ❤


  22. everydayvicky

    You don’t have to explain everything to anyone!You do what you want with your money and if you like Chanel bags you can have all the Chanel bags in the world!Also,think that these people are people that barely know they can’t control your feelings in any way if you won’t let them.Your work is amazing by the way and I wish someday to own a piece in my wardrobe. Love from a neighbour(Greek)


  23. Raquel C. Vicente

    Why do people complain so much about such insignificant things?! It’s just a bag that you paid with your money. If you want to bragging about it…. YOU SHOULD DO IT!! For example, I like to brag about my books. And If someone says something like that to me, oh girl…. I wouldn’t be nice.
    Do what you want, Marzia. And f*ck haters.
    Love from Portugal. ❤
    PS: I only have 50 followers on instagram and when some of them comments my pics, I feel SOOOO awkward. I don't know how you can deal with millions of people!! It's soooo awkward. 😀


  24. imnosidekick

    The skirt is so cute Marzia (^^) Don’t know why people would criticize it when it’s such a major fashion trend right now. It’s a little unsettling that the post was supposed to be about your collection, but people focused more on the bag. The way I see it, the bag was more of a prop for a good photo. It’s funny because when I watch fashion bloggers like Chriselle Lim, she wears head to toe designer products but no one seems to think that she’s bragging. Everyone agrees that she just has good style! Hope this mean comment didn’t ruin your day, and that the positive vibes people are sending continue to raise you up \(^___^)/


  25. stacymarie0114

    Well they’re just going to have to get over it. Everyone has their thing that they like to splurge on or really love receiving as a gift. I wouldn’t give a damn if you had boughten all of those bags at the same time, it’s your money and guess what haters? Miss Marzia gets to spend it however she wants, not however YOU want. Crazy thing to think about, I know, but Marzia works hard for what she earns and you will not belittle her because she wants to treat herself to something she enjoys or for something given to her from someone she loves.


  26. Frida

    although it is a beautiful bag you got, the process in which the animal had to be tortured and killed and skinned alive in order to make that expansive chanel bag is not beautiful. there’s plenty of alternatives to buying leather. c’mon marzia.


    1. kamgabbyj

      Umm that makes no sense, Marzia is a huuuge advocate for alternative clothing, and she wouldnt wear something that made animals suffer. And do you work in the designer bag industry? If you dont then you have no right to say that they torture animals. Because a lot of companies have switched to using vegan leather (INCLUDING CHANEL) so before you accuse Marzia or other companies of being unaware you should do some research instead….


  27. kamgabbyj

    I find it soo disgusting that people take out their issues and problems on others, Marzia is a wonderful person and she took an innocent photo that really wasn’t bad at all. Sure she was fortunate enough to have a designer bag but then again who doesn’t have one or something like one nowadays. Its just a bag, no need to get all pissy at Marzia to have one. I guess people are just jealous because they cant afford it and because people don’t have a lot of money nowadays they take it out on people whom are fortunate enough to receive one. Like as if their financial issues are Marzia’s problem, Im sure if Marzia was bragging she would be posting photos of her purses everywhere like Fuck u guys Im rich and this is my life. But she hasn’t because shes a down to earth person and by no means is bragging at all. Marzia if you ever get a chance to read this, please don’t pay any attention or mind to the haters out there, its honestly people who have had a hard time in life and wish to make everyone else suffer because they feel sad. Instead pity them, because they do not know what they are doing or saying, I have watched your vids since you’ve started your channel along with Pewds, and you just keep doing what your beautiful self is doing. I wish I had the confidence and the style that you have. :$ Alas I am not blessed with anything. Keep your head up high and keep on living strong 🙂


  28. bbabdook

    No to sound jelly but I will never get why people spend so much money on such stupid thing as bag. I mean… I guess people who never ever had to care about money and be smart with it wont ever understand what I’m trying to say. Why people are so materialistic this days? If I had so much money I would donate them or invest them in my future and in my family. I would try make world better place, because this bag is not better or worse than cheaper bag. It just cost ridiculous price.


    1. kamgabbyj

      Marzia actually had all of her bags gifted to her, shes a very modest person and as it says in her post, cherishes all of her gifts. Most of these bags are second hand and she has been seen getting a lot of second hand clothing items. She doesnt spend a lot of money on things, and does invest it towards her family. As she says in her videos, she focuses her attention on her family and the pugs. This bag was something she gifted to herself as a reward to make herself feel great. We all splurge on ourselves its human nature, whether it be food, a bag, getting your nails done. We all do it….


  29. Hannah

    I love this 💜 Very well said. I think it’s ridiculous that people are so jealous they feel the need to bring people down. When I see someone with a designer bag I like I find it inspiring, I can’t wait to get one for myself one day, and when I do, you can bet I’ll wear it a hell of a lot! Good for you, Marzia. You earnt it, it’s none of their business. All of your bags are gorgeous by the way 💕👜👝🕶


  30. Alexein13

    Non capisco come qualcuno possa pensare che te la tiri: sei sempre così dolce e sorridente, trovo veramente impossibile pensar male di te!
    Non oso immaginare cosa tu legga e abbia letto sul tuo conto tra i commenti di YouTube, Instagram e del web in generale, la gente sa veramente essere cattiva senza nemmeno che tu gliene dia motivo.
    Comunque la gonna e la borsa sono bellissime, alla faccia degli hater 😛


  31. Kayla

    I find closed-minded people are usually the most miserable people. When I mention the fact that I’m vegetarian and almost vegan I get attacked, not just on the internet though, IRL too, making me miserable as well. My close-minded family makes it hard. I have skinny issues too, but every since the change of diet I’ve gained 7 pounds, so they can be quiet, im doing just fine.


  32. Jennifer La

    You are seriously one of the sweetest girls ever, don’t ever let any negativity bring you down. Those comments are honestly so silly and irrelevant, you wear what you want! And I know for sure that those bags are put to good use n_n
    Love you lots Marzia, my fashionista! xx


  33. joleneg12

    This might not be the best way to resolve things, but I wish I could punch every one of your haters in their face. I too don’t understand why people would say such things, especially to people like you, Marzia. Try to keep a positive attitude and don’t let their negative comments affect you too much. ❤ 🙂

    Love you, an avid blog reader and devoted YouTube subscriber 😀 ^_^


  34. Shadow Fawkes

    Oh Marzia! I laughed so much at the purse collection photo! Your caption was too funny. ^-^ I’m glad you didn’t post it to your social media, only because it would have made people say more silly things. But I’m glad you posted it here so we could see it. Hehehe!


  35. Kathleen Jo

    I want you to know that you are amazing and I think it was very mature that you didn’t post it on Instagram. People just want to find anything they consider a flaw in you because they’re jealous that you’re a beautiful person, both inside and out, and good things happen to you. You embrace your cute designer handbags! ❤️


  36. Pamela Rubel

    Oh Marzia, the internet is a wonderful place to learn, to create and share, but also it has become a place where people can project their insecurities on others while hiding behind a keyboard. Anyone that follows you can see how sweet and genuine you are, and if anything you inspire us to cherish the little things, cozy moments, friends, games, warm meals, and to appreciate good design and beautifully made things. There is nothing wrong in wearing a bag you like, and it is no one’s business. The pic with Maya is hilarious XD and I think a personal blog is the ideal place to vent about things like this. Let’s focus on the love


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