February 17th, 2016

Time to treat myself to a delicious pastry.


Emma and I hung out again: we decided to go to a café and get our nails done.

As we were walking, we spotted Patisserie Valerie, which is actually the first place we have ever been to when we became friends a little more than a year ago.

And so we entered, took a seat and ordered.


She went for a chocolate cake slice and coffee, while I selected a strawberry pastry and green tea.

I love how the place looks like, very french (as it’s supposed to be) and cosy.



MY OUTFIT // Jaket: ASOS (faux fur / sold out) – Bag: BURBERRY – Pants: ASOS

Right after we went to get our nails done. Lots of people ask me which nail polishes I apply, but I go to a salon and use The Gel Bottle Inc products. They never fail me, honestly, and the nails always look so pretty.

I kept it simple with a muted lilac colour with a matte coat, while Emma went extreme and cool, as usual haha.



By the time we were done, it started raining, and when I arrived home, 30 minutes later, I was completely soaked. I must learn to never trust British weather.

I’m currently warming up in the new flat, we changed the boiler and it’s nice to be back!

But now let’s get serious: which one is your favourite kind of pastry?

Don’t forget your umbrellas, Marzia.

61 thoughts on “PATISSERIE.

  1. Mathilda

    I looove Valérie, they make the best carrot cakes ever and their cheese cake is so creamy… like eating a lemon cloud :3
    I like your blog, keep going 🙂


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