February 16th, 2016

I didn’t have that much with me, but I made it work!


When Felix and I packed food yesterday, we did’t really think about meals. We were rushing out, and so we just grabbed a few items from the kitchen and brought them to the flat we are staying at the moment.

So this morning, when I woke up and attempted to make my usual breakfast, I realised I forgot so much stuff I needed to recreate my usual meals, but I didn’t let that stop me!


I decided to make some porridge, as usual, but not having honey and cinnamon, which I normally go crazy with, I instead went for sugar and a sliced banana. Notice that I didn’t even have the right sugar, just icing sugar… oh well, to be honest, I didn’t mind it that much as I grew up sucking on spoons of icing sugar, so it was still an okay choice for me.

The way I prepare my quick porridge is by pouring any amount of oats on a cup, adding water and milk in half the amount each. If, let’s say, I have 100 grams of oats, I would go for 50 water and 50 milk – does that make sense?

I then heat it up on the microwave for about a minute and a half, I add my toppings (today banana and sugar) and voilà: breakfast is served.



Moving onto lunch, this was much easier: I made “spaghetti all carbonara”. The only thing I had to get around was the fact that I didn’t bring sea salt flakes, we only had the thin kind we left behind a few months ago. But that had to do.




I put the water to boil, salted as well as I could, and started cooking the spaghetti as usual.

The next step was to prepare the sliced pancetta (bacon) by pouring a bit of oil on a pan and let it cook slowly.

Ten minutes after, both the spaghetti and the pancetta were ready, and so I removed the water, placed the everything into the pot and added two eggs (generally you add one egg per person).


As you keep the fire low, mix everything together for a bit, and then even this dish is complete!



So that brings us to dinner. This was probably the most complicated choice to make, because I brought with me tons of veggies, but Felix does not eat very much of them… so I had to be creative and make something out of what I had that I knew he would enjoy.

I ended up making “swede fries” and “octopus sausages”.

Sounds like a strange meal haha.




I started by cleaning and cutting the rutabaga into slices. If you try to do this, be careful, as it’s quite hard to cut through it. I then laid out each piece on some oven paper, covering them with olive oil and salt. If you never ate this before, it basically is a substitute for sweet potato fries, which Felix doesn’t eat.

I placed the tray in the oven for about 30 minutes on 220’C. Meanwhile, I cut in half a bunch of “thin german sausages” (I have no idea how to describe them), leaving the round top untouched, but cutting a cross at the bottom of each.

I let them cook on a low fire for about 10 minutes, took out the fries and put together the final dish.




And that’s all!

If I had more options I probably would have cooked different things for breakfast and dinner, but it was fun to come up with alternatives and taste something a bit different; it really all turned out great anyway!

What have you eaten today?

Enjoy your food, Marzia.

93 thoughts on “WHAT I ATE TODAY.

  1. Ansia

    Hi marzia , love how you made such lovely meals out of nothing! Congrats for your creativity!!!! >_<
    Also I like your sausages, even though I don't eat them! XD


  2. Rosy-chan

    That breakfast looks really tasty. Need to try that this week *off to buy oats*
    Marzia, I don’t know if you already diz this, but if you add fried mushrooms to the carbonara it is even more delicious! 😀

    Greetings from Portugal


  3. Radflyy NJHAR

    This is a really interesting and different post especially since you usually post baking videos instead of meals ones. I really like it!

    My sisters and i have tried cooking the all carbonara type of pasta but it failed 😦 bits of the eggs got cooked in the process HAHAHA


  4. It'sMeowOrNever

    That sounds delicious, although I’ve never tried anything like that. This is a bit off topic but I was wondering if you have a polyvore account? If you don’t I think it would be amazing for you to get one. I’d love to see the outfits you create on there. 💕💕 stay wondrous!


  5. Joey

    I’ll have to try your carbonara version! 😀 I’m a student and live on my own, and my bank account doesn’t allow me to eat expensive foods…. so your meals are actually pretty cool, not so expensive ideas 😀


  6. Sonal

    Hey marzia! Loved the idea of porridge! I really loved this blog post! Great going on the blog:) And I know this is too much to ask but if you ever plan on another blog post on food. Could you please show some more Italian food😄 The recipe Coming straight from you would be amazing!
    Lots of hugs
    Sonal 🙂


  7. Juliane

    That spaghetti looks delicious! Never had it that way, I need to try sometime haha
    I started to cook recently and today I made an apple cake I saw online. It was easy and turned out to be really good 😀
    Have a nice day Marzia!! ❤


  8. Giulio

    Love your cooking and baking! I love the fact you didn’t add any unnecessary ingredients to the carbonara (less is more) but I would have added just one more to make it perfect, parmigiano reggiano.


  9. Suzon

    The sausage are shaped just like japanese octopus ! Cuuute :3
    I’ve always been a little scared of porridge, doesn’t seem really tasty for me… Is it that good ?

    Anyway, today I ate some Gratin dauphinois ! Finally, my first french meal since I came to the USA T^T


  10. Lucia

    Ciao Marzia,
    Ti seguo da qualche tempo e penso che tu sia davvero in gamba, ma la carbonara va fatta con l’uovo crudoo!
    Io non sono una chef, ma tu che sei italiana e popolare, hai la responsabilità di mantenere alto il nome della pasta alla carbonara. 🙂


  11. Nicky de Koster

    Your octopus sausages are adorable haha ;p in the netherlands we call them ‘knakworstjes’ (worst=sausage, worstjes=small sausages, explaining ‘knak’ is harder as ‘knakken’ means something like ‘breaking’ or ‘snapping’, like snapping a twig? If you bend the sausage it ‘knakt’ (snaps) ;p)

    Love your blog by the way, i wanted to follow it for a while but just never started.. something about the way you write and make pictures makes me happy and enthousiastic for exploring the small stuff.
    Now i finally did, but i didn’t want to drop somewhere in the middle so i started at your first post! Your posts are not too long so i don’t mind going through all of them in my own time 🙂 thats why i landed here in february!

    Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts ❤ and to receive your autumn/fall VIM box :O


  12. Maru

    Oh.. You made me starving now 😩.
    I love these kind of post, and mostly because I am the kind of person who does not cook at all, but you make it look fun and easy, and obviously delicious. Thanks for that Marzi Marzi 💕 kisses from Venezuela.🙋


  13. Pamela Rubel

    This seems so simple, and does not take much time. I almost always skip breakfast because it takes time, but porridge seems fast and easy! today I learned that carbonara is made with eggs, did not know it


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