February 14th, 2016

Happy Valentine’s Day!



It might seems like this post is related to today, but it’s not. In fact, Felix and I spend a full day together on Saturdays, and although we have plans for today as well, what I’m going to write about is from yesterday.

We decided to walk in the Lanes, which is the oldest part of town, browsing through shops. The weather wasn’t the best, it was rainy and freezing, so we quickly gave up window shopping and entered the closest restaurant we could find.


Luckily, that was Ask Italian, one we always like to go back to. Their pasta is one of the best in Brighton, in my opinion, so that’s what we picked from the menu.

PicMonkey Collage

We then got some candy, I brought my film to develop (I have one of those disposable cameras) and collected some firewood for the fireplace.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but out heating systems is broken since last week, after the terrible wind we had (I believe it might have broken some pipes on the outside). So for now all we have to stay warm is the fire.



We ended the night by watching a movie on Netflix, The Voices. It was a strange movie, but I enjoyed it because it gave a comedic twist to an otherwise incredibly dark subject. Felix had mixed feelings about it, and I understand why, but if you simply want to check out something weird, funny and overall “different”, give it a go!

Gonna leave the laptop now and spend the day with Felix.

Have a lovely day, Marzia.

46 thoughts on “LUNCH DATE.

  1. irem

    Have a lovely valentines day you two 💖 I love and adore both of you and your little family with Pugs. Much love from me and my family! ❤️


  2. Rachita

    I really enjoy your writing style , it is very relaxing and this seems like your personal diary . I ❤ the fact that I get to be a part of it 😀


  3. Adriana Rarumi

    Cutest couple ever! I have some pasta today hahaha
    You inspire me to learn italian, I’m from Brazil it’s not so hard to learn to me 😀 It’s a beautiful language.
    I hope this makes sense *cries in portuguese language*


  4. Maddy

    Happy Valentine’s Day! 😄
    I hope your heating gets fixed soon! I am naturally a very cold person so I would hate to be without heating even for a day! Have you called someone to fix it?


  5. Aluminah

    Happy Valentine’s day 🙂
    Even though living without heating is not great, warming up near the fire sounds very cozy 😀
    (And Edgars farts can always keep you warm hahah)
    I hope you have a nice day 🙂 💜


  6. jekabeth

    That pasta looks amazing! It’s nice to see you two having good times together. Yall are so cute and seem so perfect for each other. Happy Valentines Day to you both! ♡


  7. raypai

    Oh gosh, seems like a cozy day!! I think it is important to have a day in the week where you can go out as a couple and get the new romantic feel again! ❤ ;v; /
    I hope you enjoy this day as well! And happy Valentines!! (again OTL) AND stay warm!


  8. 9rhcp

    I wish someday I can go to brighton! from your posts to your vlogs I can already see how beautiful it is but would be nice to be there. Loving your blog posts!

    Have a happy valentines day!!


  9. Elise Xavier

    Sounds like a great Saturday to me!

    While I was reading this post I was thinking, “How on earth did you guys manage to do so much by noon..” Honestly, my brain is not functioning yet – obviously the time difference, haha.


  10. Penguin Snacks

    Happy Valentine’s Day! 😀 I am spending the day today seeing movies, hanging out, and cooking for my one true bae. And it’s so sunny and gorgeous here in California! A perfect day to take a nice walk and have fun 🙂


  11. Angelica

    Aw, what a lovely day! The best dates are the simple ones, where you simply enjoy each other’s company. Hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day!


      1. Elise Xavier

        I like it, too. I don’t understand why so many people hate it. He looks so much better with a beard..

        I feel like he & my husband are the same in that they both look sooo young without one.


  12. Ísis Cardoso Gruber

    Marzia, I love reading your posts so much! It always makes my day better! You and poods are so cute together! I love how in the last photo you can see how much he loves you! 🙂


  13. Lyndsey

    Happy Valentine’s day Marzia! Started following your blog a few days ago and now I’m hooked! 🙂 I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


  14. themovingbear

    It’s great to spend time with the person you love, without the necessity of being Valentine’s day! That Italian restaurant looks super nice, I’m sure is great. I hope your heating system will get fixed soon.


  15. King's Life

    I really hope I’ll be able to visit Brighton someday! It seem so cozy. I love how welcoming and old the streets look. I would love to explore every single corner and get lost in this beautiful city. (Especially fond of Brighton Pier) It is after all said to be the most exciting and extraordinary seaside city in Britain.

    I get so happy reading your posts! I dont usually follow blogs, but your writing is so clean and fun to read! Thank you for sharing yet another adventure with us ❤ Best of luck with keeping your warmth! I'll cross my fingers that your heating system will be back on track asap.


  16. Sophie

    I haven’t had decent pasta since I came back to Europe. And you’re making me even more desiring it. PASTA IS LOVE. So, well, perfect choice for Valentine’s day indeed haha


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