February 12th, 2016

We were lost for about 2 hours.


Yesterday my friend Emma came with me to London: I had a dentist appointment, to fix last week’s dental problem, and finally meet up with Roxi!

My dentist wasn’t available at the usual place I go to, so I had to find a new address, and having a terrible sense of orientation as well as not being familiar with London, it was extremely hard to move around in a different area.



We did it, eventually. I arrived there 30 minutes late although we got to London two hours in advance… anyway. I got it fixed, so then it was time to go meet my new friend!

She let me pick any place I wanted to visit, so I selected the Hunterian Museum – even getting there was a challenge, and we got lost a few times, but it all paid off when we got inside and looked at all the creepy yet fascinating things it had to offer. Not to mention, Roxi was absolutely lovely, and waited for us even if we were extremely late.


It wasn’t possible to take pictures inside. Photo credit:


We snapped a few pictures on the outside together, and then it was time to leave.

It was a shame we wasted so much time being lost, because it felt like we had to run away so quickly, but it was indeed a good day.

Collage 2.png


I don’t think I’ve ever walked this much before – I woke up in the middle of the night, my body all sore, and I don’t think I will want to walk again anytime soon. That’s why I’m in bed writing this post haha.

Collage 4


When I arrived home, this little princess was waiting for me. And Felix got back from Los Angeles. So it surely was a lovely day, after all!




Which are some places you would like to see in London? Or which ones are your favourites?

Don’t get lost, Marzia.

65 thoughts on “GETTING LOST.

  1. Meritt

    Hey Marzia,

    I am currently living in London due to my studys in Graphic Design. I really, really love it here. But if I could, I would move to Brighton. A few years ago, when I came there the first time, it was love at first sight. Maybe one day when me and my boyfriend earning enough money a little dream will come true, you never know 🙂
    About London I love all the great places you can get unbelievable great food. Camden Lock Market, Borough Market, Restaurants like Wahaca and Honest Burgers… i love it. I love the natural history museum (dinosaur in it !!! Do I have to say more xD). I like to stroll around in the St. James Park (favorite Park in London so far…) and the area around Highstreet Kensington for some window shopping and day dreaming. London is such a great place and I finally learned how to get around in appropriate time (sometimes I am still getting lost xD)


  2. Cara

    Hey Marzia!
    I would recommend going to Highgate Cemetery. It’s kind of creepy and has quite a few famous people buried there. It’s a good walk!


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