February 9th, 2016

Happy Pancake Day!

Did you make yourself some? Nutella and a bit of cream on top is seriously the best! People on Instagram already started to fight over the fact that they are crêpes and not pancakes, but here in Europe pancakes are usually thinner and larger. They don’t differ all that much from crepes, they are slightly more spongy, that’s about it (or at least that’s what I think haha).

The day started slow. I woke up early as usual, and was glad to see that the insane wind and rain of the past days have gone away. Because the weather got better, I was able to do one of the things I enjoy the most when I’m on my own – and here is where you might think I’m a weirdo…

I spy on boats!


I don’t know why I started doing it, but having a telescope and sea view, it was only logical to me. There is something fascinating about it, it makes me wonder what kind of job they were assigned, where they come from, where they are going. And so on.

I will never know the answers, probably, but it’s fun to come up with theories.

When I was a child, I used to spy on my neighbours. I would write down when they were leaving and when they were coming back. I would take notes, make up a story – mainly a crime or horror one – and keep it on my diary.

So I guess, in a way, I’ve always liked doing this kind of stuff.

So yeah, aren’t you glad you know this about me now?! haha.



Another thing I like to do when I’m having lunch or dinner alone, is to talk to Siri. She gets so easily upset, have you ever noticed? Our conversations are great. Sometimes.

Anyways. I’ve been also doing lots of reading, getting the boring work stuff done, and watched plenty of movies. I’m currently half way through the movie “Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil”, which is based on a book I’ve read a few months back. As you might know, in October 2015 I went to Savannah and met up with my friends Bunny and Dogman. There, every tour guide mentioned the book in a way or the other, so of course I had to check it out: I did enjoy it very much, and now the time has come for me to watch the movie.



So far, I do like it, the only thing that failed at, compared to the book, is to really translate the way of living in Savannah; it’s missing all of those tiny details that made you understand how each character in the book thinks and why they are the way they are. They skipped many minor scenes that, to me, really set the book apart from the movie. But hey, I’m going to keep watching it, it surely is enjoyable!

Don’t forget to eat your pancakes, Marzia.

72 thoughts on “SPYING ON BOATS.

  1. Eva Galaxyy (@EvaGalaxyy)

    Marzia, when you’re done that book, if you don’t have anything to read, I would totally suggest reading the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Maas, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl by Paige Mackenzie or A Court of Thorns and Roses series ( Also by Sarah J Maas ;D )

    P.S. Spying on boats sounds AMAZING!

    Eva 😀


  2. Marouscha

    Hey Marzia! I just wanna say you are amazing! I love you so much. Your just so beautiful,amazing,cute,sweet and so kawaii. You make so much amazing videos. You and Pewds totally make my day! Because i am so thankful for that i made a drawing of you! You can see it on my instagram!(@xhappy_catx) And im sending lots of love from me to you,Pewds,Pugachan and Edgar. I love you!Bye♥♥


  3. Natalia Pradella

    I remember when you posted that pancake on your instagram and I was like “hnmmmmmmmmmmmmm” *staring at it for 5 seconds hearing the voice of my stomach* kkkkkkkkkk I have made pancakes with chocolate but never tried with nutella (and cream Dx) I must do it someday :9
    I found SO nice that thing of spying ships/boats! I do love to do those kind of things too and create theories about what i’m seeing. When I visit one of my grandpas and get to pick his binoculus I went crazy zooming on the landscapes @_@ I think everyone should try it, it’s such a cool feeling, you become an explorer/observer of the world in such a simple way, it’s indeed very fun! But at home I don’t have a binoculus neither a place to spy on things (only if I go outside the house :/ ) it’s kind of sad not being able to do this, so sometimes I go to Google Earth xD I love to take a look on Switzerland landscapes :3


  4. Jiro

    Boats, piers, and the sea in general are really fascinating to me so it’s fun to know someone else likes it too! I’ve always felt more at home when I’m near the sea or water. There’s always a story behind every person aboard each boat. I couldn’t imagine living far away from it 🙂


  5. cataclysmaftercataclysm

    My boyfriend lives in Savannah! I remember seeing you post on Instagram when you went there, and since I only live about 2 hours away I wanted to drive to Savannah sooo bad to see if my boyfriend and I could find you guys haha! But unfortunately I had too much schoolwork to do that day! But I love Savannah and I think it’s awesome that you guys visited there. 🙂


  6. Pamela Rubel

    Spying on boats and making stories about your neighbors sounds pretty fun! I have been craving pancakes for days but now it is decided, will make pancakes for dinner tonight 😛

    This reminds me that I haven’t read a book in so long, I miss the feeling of being immersed in a story.


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