February 7th, 2016

I know I said you wouldn’t hear from me until Monday, but here I am.

Daizo left earlier today, and I simply felt like coming here and tell you a bit about our weekend together. It was crazy, police was involved, but I will skip that part… just know that we are well, don’t worry!


We watched lots and lots of horror movies, and regular movies, and documentaries. We basically lived in front of the TV, except for one day.


I decided to spend part of our Saturday in the centre, and so I brought Daizo to one of my favourite shops: the Indoor Market.

I found it a month ago as I was walking with Felix, it was pretty random. As soon as we entered I fell in love: it’s a creative space, where sellers can expose their creations, vintage finds or second-hand objects.


One of the best things is that there is a Photo Booth on the top floor, and so Daizo and I were able to take some pictures that we decided to cut in half, to keep one half each.


Currently for me it’s late evening, and the weather outside is absolutely insane. Rainy and windy. The TV is shaking from how much wind is coming in through the chimney; the air from the window cracks sounds like light whistles. It’s kind of cozy and kind of creepy at the same time (just how I like it).

What have you been up to in the past few days?

Gonna go watch a movie now, to end the day. I hope the wind won’t make me fly away when I go out to walk the pugs later. If I don’t, you will hear from me soon.

Goodnight, Marzia.

61 thoughts on “THE WEEKEND IS (ALMOST) OVER.

  1. nurselifebykarin

    Your weekend sounds nice! Glad to hear you had a nice time with Diazo. I know she doesn’t like to be on camera to much but she seems to be s sweetheart. I visited Amsterdam today and wrote a short blog post about it and am now watching ‘making a murderer’ on Netflix because you recommended it. Thank you! Liking it a lot so far. It’s almost midnight here so I’ll have to go to bed soon. But will finish the series! Goodnight! ^^


  2. Penguin Snacks

    I watched The Room yesterday! Party cuz you recommended it partly cuz my boyfriend said it was so good. It’s an automatic winner with me. So many great one-liners. “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” I got to watch it with some of my best friends and it was a nice rest away from my studies. Anyway, have a good evening! The weather sounds great where you are. It’s super bright and sunny here in California, which is really nice, but I kind of want the rain to come back because we need it so much…I’ll try to imagine what the UK is like now and put on some melancholy music to get in the rainy day mood.

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      1. Penguin Snacks

        Well I’ve been working at those languages for awhile, so it’s a skill that takes time. Languages are fun! But are not easy for me to learn. It makes sense that everyone speaks Frisian there, since they’re in Friesland. 🙂 You write pretty good English, though, so you must have at least two languages. For Americans, that’s pretty impressive.

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  3. ascodders

    Your weekend sounded very exciting and fun! It’s very calm over here in New Jersey U.S but the week ahead supposedly holds many snow storms and day of light snow which I don’t mind at all. I hope you made Daizo watch Making a Murder, if you did what was her reaction!?!?!

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  4. Anna White

    Saluti dall’Italia! Oggi in provincia di Milano (dove vivo) ha piovuto tutto il giorno…per fortuna è il weekend di carnevale quindi saremo a casa da scuola fino a martedì. Quando eri ancora in Italia, come festeggiavi il carnevale?

    (Grazie per essere una grande ispirazione, e per avermi trasmesso la passione per i carlini!)

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  5. Alma Ganora

    Hey Marzia! I hope you were able to successfully fight the crazy wind outside 🙂
    This weekend I went shopping with my best friend in Lucca (which is actually our happy place ahahah) and I got some very interesting comics from the series ‘Sandman’. They’re so colorful and creepy at the same time that I really couldn’t leave them on a shelf!

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  6. Maddy

    The weather near London is crazy aswell and I’m trying to watch a horror movie right now but the wind and rain is too loud 😂
    Also, I’m loving these blogs so much, I’ve been checking back here every hour to see a new post! 😂

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  7. marzipansite

    I’ve been watching your youtube videos for the past 3.5 years and reading your blog posts makes me so happy. Everytime I see that you upload a new post I get so excited and cannot wait to read it. Love you Marzia!


  8. JP

    Subscribed to don’t hug me im scared and watched all the episodes repeatedly this weekend lol thanks Marzia 🙂 and I also love places like that indoor market, its sort of like treasure hunting which is fun and the more random, creepy and cluttered the better.

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  9. Bailey

    Hey Marzia!
    I am happy to hear you had a good time! I got a new book over the weekend called “A Constellation of Vital Phenomena” and it’s pretty good so far! Hope you have a lovely week and say hello to the pugs for me 😀

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  10. icaweng

    I just finished reading “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” and I like it very much! I also went online to see other people’s reviews which I found out that I only got the surface of the story. Guess I will need a bit of time to digest the story and come out with a theory myself. There are so many things you can talk about and analyze ><

    You have recommended this book to us many times and I am happy I finally got a chance to read it this weekend. Thank you so much Marzia : )

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  11. Aluminah

    Now you got me curious about the event that involved the police 😺
    But I’m glad that you’re both okay 🙂
    The atmosphere that you’ve described sounds so perfect for reading night!
    For me,another monday and another train journey away from home. Can’t wait to go back in a few days as I miss all the nature especially the forest near my house and my pets.
    Take care and I look forward to another post 😊

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  12. Lix

    Aww, what a nice museum! I’m glad that you guys enjoyed your weekend and you both are safe. I’m almost finished with Making A Murderer and I’m really boiling with feelings regarding the justice system. 😦

    Anyway, I really wish that there are lots of art exhibits and museums around here in Manila, Philippines like there in UK! This makes me want to go out, explore and discover some places!

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  13. izasteiner

    Marzia l really love that you decide to start a blog because l we can hear all Your amazing avantures and see what’s going on with you. It makes me more wont to buy creppy stuff that l’m in love. Thanks l really appreciat it. Can’t wait for the next post. So excited. 😊 love you and keep doing you because your incredible good at that.

    Iza xXx

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  14. Thea

    Marzia!! Thank you for making this blog, I love it so much! It made me get to know you more through your posts and it’s the other side of your life behind the camera (when you make videos). You are so sweet and inspiring! Keep it up! A fan from the Philippines! 😘


  15. themovingbear

    Sound like you had fun! I’m glad that you enjoy your time with a friend. That’s always a good thing 🙂 In France Sunday weather was insane too, so rainy, but we manage to spend the day playing videogames!
    I really enjoy reading your dailies, ’cause I feel this way we can really see more of England and sharing more with you!

    Have a great week!

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  16. julie5236

    Hey marzia i love you so much u are so creative and inspiring and it would be amazing if you would reply back to me it would really make my day i love you and your video’s are awesome i will always be a marzipan❤️


  17. My life as Kukka

    The weather in Finland is awful, one day it’s -20 celcius and the next day around +1 celcius 😒 so all the snow on the ground is melting and freezing again and it’s pretty much impossible to walk without falling and breaking something 😂 I’d love to be in Britain ♥


  18. lucy

    You are my life (☆^ー^☆)


  19. Charlotte

    It’s so rainy and windy here in Sweden to, and it’s sad because all the snow melted this weekend. So I pretty much stayed inside and studied and I also got a hair cut! Almost cut of everything, I was in a mood for a change! Hope you have a nice week! <3<3


  20. MissMusic

    Hello Marzia. I just want to say that your blogs are amazing (also your videos). Always make my day. Keep doing this, u have so much talent 🙂 and good luck with the pugs


  21. hannah

    Its very rainy and snowy here in Norway, but i like it 🙂 This weekend i visited my grandmother, she lives outside the city, right next to a big creepy forest. The whole place is so peaceful and filled with happy memories, and you can see an endless amount of stars at night. I hope you have a great week Marzia!


  22. Angelica

    Glad to hear you had fun! Would love to know what movies you saw/which ones you would recommend. Also loving that little market you found – I wish we had something as nice as that over here!


  23. Amber Nerio

    Hey Marzia! You are so pretty and I really love your blog! I love to just read through the cool things you do! You alwyays keep my inspired to keep on living in the now! Thanks! ❤


  24. ruhilrosly

    It’s nice to know that you have such a pleasant day. After graduating I stay in my house taking care of my grandma before going back to university. She live with me and my parents. I could not help it but worried because she will stay alone in the house (both of my parents are working). And my friend told me that Brighton is so beautiful. I hope I have a chance to go there.


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