February 5th, 2016

I do realise it sounds a bit creepy… but Daizo is indeed coming, which means HORROR!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 12.51.38


This is a quick post just to let you know that I might disappear until Monday, because my friend is coming over and don’t want to be busy writing while she is here. In fact, I plan to watch a bunch of stuff, mostly horror, but maybe I will be able to either re-watch “Making a Murderer” or “The Jinx” with her, since she hasn’t seen them yet.


By the way, have you? If not, GO WATCH THEM NAO. You need to, seriously.
Anyway, I’m gonna go make the house all nice and bake warm cookies to welcome her, but before I leave I just wanted to say that this blog is making me incredibly happy. I’ve always enjoyed writing for myself, that’s how I free my mind, but I was so afraid of putting my thoughts out there because, of course, they can be a bit private and you never know if they are “interesting enough”. I have been focusing on just sharing anything I want to write about, and so far your support has been amazing and I’m just really glad I’ve started this blog.
Have a great weekend!
See you next week, Marzia.

60 thoughts on “SHE IS COMING.

  1. Laura

    Anni fa lamentai col mio ragazzo dell’epoca di non riuscire mai a scrivere quanto avrei voluto, e lui mi fece notare il fatto che, col mio desiderio di rendere la mia agenda perfetta come quella di una scrittrice, mi trattenevo io stessa dallo scrivere a causa della pressione che sentivo nei confronti delle mie parole e del loro contenitore. Invece, scrivere con leggerezza senza temere il risultato ma unicamente per la sua funzione catartica fa benissimo a te e alla scrittura, capisco che, in quanto ‘personaggio pubblico’, tu senta comunque una certa pressione, but try and be a tiny bit more relaxed about it and everything is going to be alright. Baci!


  2. ruhilrosly

    I admire how you really into horror stuffs despite your outer appearance. But hey, it’s true “that never judge a book by its cover”. Truthfully I dislikes watching horror movies because I really don’t like getting shock from it. My friends dare me to watch The Conjuring with them before and I could not even watched the screen because I was afraid that i will get a nightmare (btw I sleep alone in the hall). And I still scare until now. Do you have any suggestions or any movies that could help me to regain my confidence in watching any horror movies.

    Thanks for always become inspiration.


  3. Ray Pai

    Have a great weekend sweetie! ;v; / ~
    I’m so glad you started a blog! I love the way you write, idk it’s something unique and calming about it! So keep it up!


  4. Pamela Rubel

    Hey I’ve only read a few posts so far (also 2 and a half years late) and I love this blog and how genuine it feels. I am glad it makes you happy to write and share with us. I’m looking forward to all the posts!


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