February 2nd, 2016
Today I got to spend the day with my friend Emma.
shop1MY OUTFIT // Shoes: ASOS – Bag: SKINNYDIP

We enjoy meeting up at least once a week, and this time we decided to have lunch together at one of our favorite places, Chopstix (if you live in Brighton, make sure you try their food, it’s just so so good). Fun fact: you need to request chopsticks to eat with when ordering; isn’t that kind of strange considering the name?


Right after eating we went shopping at the mall, which carries most brands, as well as Home Sense, that happens to be placed right in front of it. How convenient!

We started off with Urban Outfitters, I enjoy browsing through its Renewal section, but ended up getting a marble accessory holder shaped as a hand (I have an obsession with hands, yes, I know) instead and a bath product that intrigued me: it reads “green tea” in big letters… should I say more?

After, we moved to Pull&Bear, which produces its clothing in Portugal, and so I was able to pick up a few gifts for Felix but unfortunately can’t show not to ruin the surprise; just let me tell you: if you check out the male section, there is a Cartoon Collection that is just stunning! Very old school, really cool.

I also picked up a few movies, some of which I haven’t seen but some others I truly love, like “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” – such an amazing movie. I’m planning to watch a bunch of horrors soon, I can only recommend “The Visit” out the ones I got, but I will let you know about the others. Or actually, if you won’t hear about them, it probably means they weren’t anything special.

shop 4

Anyway, when I got home I had two packages waiting for me: one from Grace Helbig, she sent me her book; the other one from an art store.

Let me just say that I was impressed with Grace’s book, I didn’t get her first one but I would love to, now that I checked this one out. It’s always nice when content creators come up with something new. Go team internet! haha

So back to the art shop, it’s called Studio Arhoj. I was familiar with the brand because my friends PJ and Sophie gifted me and Felix a couple of their “ghosts”, so we decided to stop by their website and order a few things: we were so pleased by how gorgeous and unique each one of their pieces are, so we got ourselves four cups of different colours. Very happy with that purchase!

shop 3

Finally, as I mentioned, Emma and I went to Home Sense, which is one of my favorite places to shop when it comes to home decor. To be fair, the main reason why I was out shopping is because Felix asked me to replace real flowers with some fake ones, since we will be travelling a lot soon and we would’t want to keep dead flowers in the house; and, the most important thing, I was scouting for new bed sheets.

Felix and I have a very specific taste when it comes to house stuff, so picking anything sometimes can be a challenge, but when I saw these sheets, I could have cried of happiness. They are super soft, the softest I ever came across, they come on the right size for our bed, and they absolutely match our style.

I honestly can’t wait for Felix to come home and see them. Yes, we do get excited about these kind of things.



And that’s all! I figured I could write this post as I get asked quite often where I get my decor pieces, so hopefully this answers some of your questions and shows you what kind of style I usually go for.

Hope you are having a great day, Marzia.

99 thoughts on “GIRLS DAY OUT.

  1. Oliwia

    I really like ‘Me and Earl and the dying girl’ and I hope you will like it too! And I wanted to read your book because I love this kind of mystery in the books but I’m afraid that I will never find your book in Poland 😦


  2. Jiro

    Hi Marzia~
    I feel happy you decided to start up a blog because we really have the same taste in things… so reading up on small everyday details like these is really fun!
    I feel like if we lived closer to each other we could be good friends… that’s the vibe I get, haha~
    Anyway, I really liked the bedsheets, I’m always on the lookout for classic and bright sheets (bedsheets are so central in the bedroom!) and the ones you found look really nice. And by the way, do you get kinda worn out after a day at the mall? Taking in a bunch of impressions like that, it really gets to me so I easily feel exhausted… 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oliwia

    I really like ‘Me and Earl and the dying girl’ and I hope you will like it too! And I wanted to read your book because I love this kind of mystery in the books but I’m afraid that I will never find your book in Poland 😦 Ps. I love your style! :3


  4. Iga

    Hi Marzia, You are one of my very fave youtubers and I want to tell you that it is not beacuse of cosmetics that you use, cool clothes or beautiful house. I mean these things are cool and I am really inspired by your style, but to me you are even more sweet and interesting inside 💞 Every time i felt upset or annoyed because of smth I watch your video or just listen to it, I am also shy girl and I don’t have luck in finding real friends so even tho my boyfriend is my bff I feel a lil bit lonely sometimes. I wish one day I could have friend like you 😊 And there is my question- If I would happen to be in Brighton one day is it possible to meet up with you? I don’t want to be seemed as a creep or whatever 😂 Just askin’ 😋


  5. Jessica Moye

    Love it! Keep em’ comin! ♡ Nice sheets and flowers. I actually just bought some fake flowers because I was inspired by your amazing kitchen. I also found a cute little pink backpack with lace and a bow and it looked like something you would love. 🙂 ♡


  6. Dana

    Hello Marzia ^-^ I’m a big fan of your channel and I’m so happy that you started this blog, I definitely can’t wait to hear more about your life! I watch your YouTube channel all the time and I love your beauty blogs, they’ve encouraged me to be open to trying new products that I would never have tried before, including some Korean products (which I love <3). I've seen your favorite makeup videos from around 2014 and I was just wondering if since then you have come across any new beauty products that you would recommend? I have combination oily/dry skin and I've been looking for awhile for some really nice facial creams and products that can balance between the dryness and oiliness as well as some quirky/fun makeup products. I would love to hear back from you! But if I don't, I understand that you're busy, I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your stories with us!! ^-^ I hope that you have a wonderful day


  7. Dana

    Hello Marzia ^-^ I’m a big fan and I’m so glad that you started this blog, I can’t wait to hear more about your life! I watch your YouTube channel all the time. I really love your beauty blogs and boxes and because of your channel I was encouraged to try new products that I never would have considered before, including some Korean products (which I love <3). I have watched your older favorite product videos from around 2014 and I was wondering if since then you have come across any great products that you would recommend? I have combination oily/dry skin and I have been looking for some really nice beauty products and lotions that would work with my skin..I've been trying some Korean products including some Tony Moly (I love how cute they are!) I would love to hear back from you! But if I don't, I understand that you are busy, so I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your stories with us!! I hope that you have a wonderful day ^-^


  8. Elise Xavier

    Your home is so lovely – I absolutely love your style of interior decor!

    I have to admit, once we move I’m sure I’ll be stealing some of your interior design ideas. Such a stunning way to decorate. ❤

    The bedding and that "hand" piece are some of my favourites pictured in this post (& Thomas loves the four "drippy" cups).


  9. Hello Annie

    Ahh! You mentioned Portugal and that made me extremely happy 😛 Pull&Bear isn’t one of my favourite stores but I’m glad you like it 🙂


  10. Munakoiso

    i love that you decided to start blogging!! It’s nice to read about just how you are doing, and also hear about the little things 🙂
    Also the style of thise blogs; super cute!!


  11. izzy

    Hi Marzia! This is my first time reading your blog posts, and I really loved it. I enjoyed reading it and I hope you make more posts soon! Its like giving your fans a glimpse of your private life and I think that’s awesome, you know.. for us fans! hehehe

    Your english grammar has gotten better! Not that it wasn’t before, but I just realized that you’re good at writing than ever. 🙂


  12. Laura

    I really like that you, for now, post so often. Your style is awesome; love your text and the pictures! Everything is really cool, keep it going 😀


  13. Christie

    Marzia, I absolutely adore your blog, and your sense of home decor in general. I know it’s not really your thing, but I’ve been struggling to get a sense of how to make my apartment more ‘homey,’ and I practically drool at every inch of your apartment. Can you give some tips/tricks on how you make your house pretty?


  14. Paris Carbo

    Wow, you have a very white house, I have noticed since, like, a year ago. I honestly prefer something darker, but well, the good thing is that you and Pewds keep together your home decoration like a team. Very cute, I might say ^^


  15. Valeria

    Hey Marzia, ti consiglio di dare uno sguardo ai lavori di Gottfried Helnwein, amo alla follia i suoi quadri e mi ispirano da sempre.
    I blog sono fantastici, continua così, ti voglio bene (lo so è strano detto da una sconosciuta) >-<
    Ciao :3


  16. Ingrid

    I watched “The Visit” because of you and I really liked it. I love that you started this blog! Every day now I can´t wait to get home and check if you´ve written something, keep doing it! 😀


  17. Flo

    Hey Marzia, i always love to see stuff like this because i also have your same style abour decoring the house and stuff, when i get my own house i want it to be like yours haha. fabulous blog keep going!! love u


  18. Lisa

    Hey Marzia!
    I`m totally loving everything you do and I just wanted to come and say hi! You always make me smile and you gave me a dream, which I am so thankful for! I can`t tell you how glad I am to know you!
    Just know, you`re a wonderful and gorgeous person as you are. If people judge you for what you do, just don`t listen, you`re good as you are! I hope you will see this comment and it will make you smile, that would make me so so happy!
    My dream is to move to England sometime and study art& fashion:)
    I have a question: Do you know when your book will be published in German?
    Virtual hug, Lisa


  19. Emma

    I love this. You should seriously consider doing more home decor blogs and more videos about this on YouTube! You’re so good! Keep moving forward Marzia! You’re doing great!:)

    Liked by 1 person

  20. GabbyJ

    I actually work at Winners which is the sister company of Home Sense so I’m glad to see that one of my idols/role models loves the place I work at :3


  21. Rosy-chan

    That hand looks so mystical! 😍 England has so many cool stores! I wish I could visit them all.
    I’m from Portugal and I also didn’t know that Pull&Bear’s clothes were made here! 😱


  22. barelysara

    Your style is gorgeous. You have an among taste that just combines to much things. From the videos Felix and you record sometimes in your house I can tell that the combinations you do in it are totally compatible with you two.

    I also really enjoy this blog. I think is an amazing addition to your channel because we get to know more about you.

    You’re lovely! Keep going and never stop writing, please?


  23. Pamela Rubel

    One of the things that excites me the most about moving together with my boyfriend is home decor! I cannot wait to go shopping for the little things that will make our apartment feel like home. Lovely things!


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