February 1st, 2016

Let’s all take a moment to celebrate the fact that a new month has begun. I always get way too excited about it.

It happens to be a Monday, which means it’s time to get back outside.
Usually that’s the day Felix and I go grocery shopping, but our car broke down so we weren’t too sure what to do: instead, we decided to walk to a local shop and get some food from there, the only challenge being that we would’t be able to carry much with us, so we planned to simply pick up stuff that were extremely necessary for the time being.
By doing that, I was kind of forced to select a very small amount of items, but at the same time it made me realise which kind of food I prioritise, and that was somewhat interesting to me.



So these, apparently, are my “essentials” – the stuff I really must have on my kitchen.



  • Water, an obvious choice;
  • Smoothies, perfect for breakfast;
  • Milk, which I shouldn’t drink but can’t help it;
  • Tea, Arizona Green Tea to be precise (my favorite drink in the whole world).
  • Potato chips, these baked ones are extremely good;
  • Nutella, of course. How could I ever forget about it?
  • Chia pot, because everybody needs a break from junk foods every once in a while.
  • Potatoes, I LOVE POTATOES.
  • Mushrooms, I enjoy adding them in most recipes;
  • Peppers, I highly dislike greens, but all other shades taste delicious;
  • Courgettes, they complement peppers so well… or anything really.
  • Lemon, makes water look fancy (and I actually like the taste of);
  • Bananas, gotta get them vitamins.

I wish I had found some avocados as well, because those are simply the best thing you could ask for, but no luck.


  • Porridge, which I have been obsessed with since I moved to England;
  • Honey, great on anything. Even my face (seriously, one of the best face masks);
  • Pasta, I probably cook it once every other day;
  • Eggs, I go through them way too fast because of how often I bake;
  • Olive oil, the one thing out of this list I could really not stay without. My kitchen feels empty without it.


I think I covered everything! This was all I managed to carry, but I’m pretty happy with my choices. I also want to point out that unlike many people believe, I’m not a vegetarian, I simply enjoy other foods more than I enjoy meat, which I do eat occasionally.

If you had to pick just 3 items, what would they be? I’m curious to know!


Thanks for reading, Marzia.

150 thoughts on “THE FOOD I COULD CARRY HOME.

  1. Jade

    Congrats Marzia!You made a blog~~
    If I had to pick 3 things~~
    ●Water(balance body temperature, so why not~)
    ●Eggs(I could die without eggs~so must have~)
    ●veggies(I’m a herbivore, XD)


  2. Sara

    Finally! I really like your Youtube channel, but reading a blog is soo much relaxing
    and I just like looking at pictures from you daily life. You have a beautiful blog!
    Keep it up ♥

    If I had to pick 3 items, it would probably be:
    ♥ Coffee
    ♥ Bananas
    ♥ Juice


  3. flyingdonkeysite

    hmmm its so hard to choose but probably I would choose pasta because I love pasta!!
    hmmm and probably some fruits maybe strawberry or bananas something like that

    a great blog I really enjoyed it !


  4. Bu

    *water because ia very important for our lifes
    *noodles because its The best pasta in The world and they have flavor in The pack sooo i can eat like that
    *Cafe because I can live without my cafe


  5. Juna

    I’d pick:
    -vanilla almond milk
    -mango mymuesli
    -innocent smoothie
    I could probably live of these things, because I just love this muesli and I could just drink the tap water, which is pretty clean where I live!


  6. Juna

    Or another 3 things:
    -Fruits (mango, strawberries, raspberries, melons, apples, bananas, cherries, grapes, oranges)
    -Vegetables (Zucchini, asparagus, broccoli, peppers, tomatos, eggplant, carrots, palmhearts)
    -Brown rice
    As I already mentioned in another comment, I can drink the tap water.


  7. Paris Carbo

    I actually would choose eggs, for the calories; granola, for the things it has and yogurt, to mix with the granola. I would say water, but that comes from the tap for me, I just boil it.


  8. vanti

    Try to drink soy/rice/almond/hazzenut milk instead, they are waayyyy better and without all this horrible hormones that goes into body and should in cow :///


  9. Limonade

    Uh, I would normaly pick something that I cant resist without, and thats exactly what I am going to do. *I am crazy, Ik* So:

    ~ Nutella, because, who cant live without it?

    ~ Green Tea, because I am obssesed with it

    ~ Andddd lemons, cuz I love lemons to death


  10. Inez

    My 3 things would be:
    -vegetables(rucola, kale, avocado, green onion… these are my favorites 🙂 )
    -fruits(bananas, apples, oranges)
    -pesto(because I love it).


  11. Sara P

    Hey marzia! I just wanted the say that that picture of you on this blog post is absolutely gorgeous! You are such a beautiful person and you inspire me greatly. So thank you.
    The three things that I must have from the store are apples, almond butter, and sweet potatoes. Mmmm…


  12. Jenesaispas

    (ृ ु ´͈ ᵕ `͈ )ु Hmm, the top three edible items that I can’t live with out would probably be:
    1) (Hot) Green Tea
    2) Any kind of pastry
    3) Cucumbers/Zucchini/Pickles


  13. Perla

    Hi Marzia! I’ll write in italian if it’s ok with you.
    Se dovessi scegliere solamente tre alimenti sceglierei:
    – Pasta;
    – Latte/Yogurt (non posso fare senza la mattina);
    – Biscotti di qualche tipo.


  14. Angelina (Sweden)

    -Halloumi/Hellim, kind of a cheese you can frie and taste sometimes like a shoe.
    -Potatoes, you can do the most of it, totally amazing!
    -Orange Juice

    I also want to say banana, because the perfect fruit ever


  15. Pamela Rubel

    Moving to Europe and having no car has taught me to shop weekly and only what I can carry (I can carry more than I thought tho). Not counting water, the three things I would buy would be:
    – Plantains – green or yellow, they can be so different and versatile
    – Eggs – very versatile and tasty
    – Peppers – I love these way too much, and make my food more interesting.

    ahhhhh, honestly there is one last thing that I use almost daily, Vinegar! Cannot live without it.


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