January 31st, 2016

I was in Tokyo, Shinjuku Station to be exact, when I first noticed their presence.

I don’t know why I was walking down there, in the mall section, on my own – probably because of the need of more Sanrio characters in my life.

I look up, behind me, and I see this tiny box floating around. It’s quite far from me so I can’t make out what exactly is yet, the only thing I find strange is how it’s moving in the air, towards me. As I make it out of the station, out in the fresh air, I’m surrounded by a crowd. Everybody is constantly moving, there is no time to stop, but as I try to walk on the side while getting pushed around by other people, I spot something high up in the sky: the box is there, and it’s definitely following me.

I squint to get a better look at it: one side is open, allowing me to see what’s in there. Some tiny evil looking creatures (but pretty cute to be honest) are staring at me, standing on a fluffy cloud. I check to see if other people noticed it as well, but I appear to be the only one; nobody is stopping, while I’m now still, in the middle of a busy road, looking at these micro-monsters.


                                        …and then I wake up.
I always have strange dreams I like to share with people, but usually by the time I meet up with someone the thought is gone, so now I get to write it down and sketch it out.

I know it’s a random post, but hopefully you don’t mind, and if you do have interesting dreams to share please go ahead, I would love to read about them.

Happy Sunday, Marzia.


  1. Magdalena

    I always dream about my friend. He’s so cute, smart, handsome and kind of complicated… In my dreams He’s my boyfriend… I wish we could be together In reality but I’M In friendzone 😭😭😭😭👌🏻🇵🇱 At least we could be happy In my dreams 💔❤️


      1. juliette

        I’ve been waiting for so long the creation of your blog ! It’s as amazing as I imagined ❤ Keep doing it guuurl *^* And for the "dream" I just dreamed of dragons under my bed once…SO COOL 😀


    1. Grace

      I’m so sorry about that, just know that there is someone else out there for you, and that me ,5,342 other people and cutiepiemarzia ar all here for you👍🏻


  2. hannahguren

    I sometimes have dreams that I’ve had before, and i wish i knew what it meant. The one that is most recurring goes a bit like this: I’m sitting on a train, traveling past many stations, but I don’t know where I’m going or why I’m going there. When I finally realise what my stop is, it’s already too late, the train has gone too far past the station. Recently I had this dream, except this time I was traveling with a boy. I aboard the train and travel for a while, and then I discover that the boy isn’t with me; he is still stuck all alone on the station. I manage to make the train go backwards, all the way back to the first station, but the boy is gone 😦 Btw, I really love your blog and YouTube channel, you always inspire me 🙂


  3. Helena

    I often have dreams of driving a car but not being able to control it.. The brakes won’t work and no matter what I try to do, the car just has a mind of its own.

    Also many times I have nightmares of someone chasing me and torturing me after having caught me. So creepy, it feels like I was part of some horror movie!!

    Maybe you should tell about your dreams now and then + quick question: do you believe (or anyone here reading this) that dreams have some kind of deeper meaning to them?

    Xo, Helena


    1. Hillary E.

      Helena, I’d defenetely like to believe they do, I have many theories of my own: one is that our soul gets out of our bodies and travels to different dimensions of the same world we live in. Another one I believe is that dreams are subconsious and amplified represantations of what we think, see or feel: whether its fear of something happening to us, or desire for people, places, experiences. I for example dream A LOT, in many of my dreams I encounter an old friend whom I had a crush on, usually in these dreams I am to shy to speak openly about my feelings and he ends up dissappearing, he didn’t dissappear in real life, but he went back home which is a couple thousands of miles over land and water from here. Sometimes I’d like to believe our souls encounter each other for the night and I wake up very upset hahahaha. I want to believe those type of dreams mean something, something deeper, I think dreams are messages that we must learn how to read.

      I oftenly write my dreams, my most peculiar or happy ones usually, and I am able to read between the lines what that dream was trying to communicate… and sometimes I can’t, maybe dreams don’t have to mean anything at all, just sometimes. 🙂

      I love this subject for it is absolutely interesting to discuss.

      Greetings from Costa Rica


      1. Jenn

        I think it is both. All the research I’ve done (not a tremendous amount) makes me believe that REM is astral projection when we leave our bodies and can travel to people and places of many dimensions. I also believe that the later cycles of sleep are when our subconscious sorts through our experiences and creates symbols and imagery that relates our deepest beliefs and feelings about our lives.

        I once had a dream about going to a dance and meeting a man I had never met before. He had red blond hair and he asked me to dance. A few days later I got a friend request from him of FB. We had a mutual friend. The friend who, in the dream, had invited me to said dance. No, I don’t think this was a coincidence.


      2. Helena

        Hi Hillary. Yes I agree with you! Also, isn’t it so fascinating to experience and do things in dreams that you probably wouldn’t or couldn’t in real life? For example, I dreamed of meeting my favorite singer, and it was awesome! ..until you wake up to the reality..haha

        Your dream about your old friend, how often do you encounter him in your dreams? Since you aren’t able to open up to him about your feelings, maybe that’s why he keeps coming back for you..
        You have written down your dreams, so have you found it helpful with interpreting meaning of the dreams you’ve had? I considered starting to do this myself too 🙂


    2. Jenn

      I definitely believe dreams have meaning. I think most times the symbology cannot be deciphered by someone else because the relevance is based on how you see it and how you make connections in your own mind. However, to be completely contradictory, a dream analyst once told me driving a car in a dream is a symbol of control over the direction of your life. If someone else is driving that means you feel like they have all the control. If the car is swerving it means you feel like you have no control…
      When I was a teenager I dreamt I stole my mothers car but when I tried to drive it I kept falling out of the drivers seat and the car would speed off without me. HAH


      1. Helena

        Thanks for reply Jenn. I used to often read online about meaning/symbology of certain dreams I had had, but I came to the conclusion that you, yourself, are capable of understanding the meaning behind your dreams better than anyone. Do you write down your dreams?

        About the car dream, that interpretation is quite on point! At least, it makes sense to me. Was this the case for you with your dream? Or maybe it simply means, we suck at driving.. lol


      2. Natalia Pradella

        JESUSSSSSSS I dreamed something like this too but I ended crashing the car after a long time driving like a crazy (but I survived and then went to find things to fix the car even knowing that I would fail – it was so stressfull Dx) kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk is so nice to find similar dreams! Indeed, this symbology about driving a car makes sense I do believe on them and I agree with what you said about dreams and its symbologys 😊


  4. Camille Villaruel

    This is interesting. My lucid dreaming begins when I am almost awake. Things that enter my dreams are thoughts bothering me my head during the night. To dream evil cute monsters is awesome. (^_^)


  5. shelby

    last night i had a dream that the zombie apocalypse broke out and during said apocalypse I happened to meet United States Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders. i don’t know don’t ask


  6. Finley L

    I often have dreams of my self around the moon. I don’t know if this really means anything but that always relax me. i also have dreams of darkness, like in the woods at night, but there are always those crazy quirky dreams that are the most enjoyable.

    Also, I love your idea of a blog Marzia!


  7. Rita

    I do have quite strange dreams and it really bothers me when I dont remember them. You wake up, you’re happy/sad because of the dream you had but you don’t remember anything and that, that bothers me a lot.
    One of the dreams that i rememember VERY well is a bad dream. I’ve been dreaming this since when i was 8 I think. I’m in my old house, playing with my toys when all of the sudden my aunt, who’s a vampire apparently, starts running after me, and I run in circle around the house, trying not to die. I have no idea why I keep having this bad dream, and it’s weird. I hate it.


  8. alternativemint

    Most of the time I have dreams concerning me and another person. Usually they are people close to me, and they are always set in the town I live in.
    Once I had a dream about my best friend and I, and in the dream as I was getting off a bus. I accidentally kick my best friend in the stomach, making her get really mad at me. I tried to explain it was an accident but, she thought it was on purpose. The next thing I see in the dream is her yelling at me in a corner, and then her mom comes over and yells at me to, which is where my dream ended. I woke up in tears, but I was thankful that I didn’t have to tell my friend because she lives 7 hours away from me. ;p

    I hope you had a wonderful day Marzia!

    -Celeste >~<


  9. Lida Liao

    i had a really romantic yet sad dream a few years ago..
    it was taking beck to ancient china.
    i was a busy restaurant hostess.
    there was a weird male ghost kept following me.but i seemed fine with it.
    then a gangster came in and shoot me (i have no idea why gum was invent in that time but dreams are never make sense after all)
    then the ghost suddenly rushed to infront of me.seem like it wanted to take the bullet for me.
    but it’s a ghost after i took the bullet for sure,righted into the heart.
    i heard the ghost whispered “i’m sorry” then i waked up.
    i had this dream while i was 15. which it’s almost…10 yrs.


  10. frosty

    I alwase have nightmares. No dreams… Last one was: I saw me ,my friends, pewds, mark, and tiff (I has cupquake) as the last survivers in a nuclear apocalypse… Thats all I can remember… HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!! (: p.s stay clear of nuclear waste bins!


  11. Lucy

    I have a lot of just random dreams. The only that constantly comes back is me, desperately trying to fly while running down a road. Sometimes i’m able to get off the ground but most of the time i fall down after a couple of seconds.

    I also wanted to ask if you’ve ever tried lucid dreaming? If not, you should definitely try it!



  12. Tiffany

    Very rarely I have dreams of flying. I’m just floating around and I feel weightless and happy. I always wake up sad that it wasn’t real and hope
    that I have the same dream again.


  13. Medaria

    Hey Marzia.
    I think your writing is godd. It’s exciting to read.

    The only thing that bugs me about this post is the line: “I know it’s a random post, but hopefully you don’t mind”
    You don’t have to explain, you sound so insecure when you do that.

    It’s your blog, you can write whatever you want, but please don’t make excuses for it.


  14. erigibbi

    OMG I thought this was really happened! ahahahaha great Marzia!
    I have a question for you, I made a blog with wordpress yesterday, gratis, but if I search erigibbi wordpress on google, I don’t appear, do you know why? do I must pay for appear on google?
    marzipans, I asked this also to you if someone know the answer! thank you!


  15. gloomylimes

    I remember having a dream about seeing 3 little creatures that I could only see! They didn’t speak a word, but they used sign language to communicate. One of them spoke, another gave me a broomstick, and the last one sprinkled some sort of magic within it. I didn’t understood sign language so I just simply took the broom and sat on it like a witch would do. These little creatures apparently had incredible strength, and kicked the end of the broomstick with me on it, and launched me in the sky. As I was flying, I saw beautiful colorful vast forests, and lakes, filled with life. At one point, I couldn’t control the broomstick anymore, and I started to fall, and once I hit the ground, I woke up!
    It was quite the adventure!
    I love hearing about people’s dreams! I can’t wait to see more posts! Great stuff!


  16. sinningcinnamonroll

    My dreams are always weird and random; one of the recent ones was, you needed to take a special pill to be able to fly, it was ment for ‘flying professionally’ or just while traveling with a plane, but I just took them while being home, and floated in the air, in my appartment the whole time, it was so much fun, then I woke up


  17. Melih

    Did you know that if someone is chasing you in your dreams it has a very big meaning and it is the most common dream you shpuld search about chasing dreams it is really interesting


  18. A SOPHIEsticated Blog

    Your dreams are so interesting! I for one, don’t dream (???) / don’t remember anything at all when I sleep! It makes me wonder if I dream about the future / have superpowers in which I could see the future (déjà vu!) haha! 🙂


  19. liebalouisa

    About 4 times a year, I will have a dream about moving to a new country via moose. I’m not sure if this is symbolic in any way, but I’m not sure I would want to know.


  20. Katya Bulnes

    Love it ❤
    I think this would be a very interesting prologue of a movie or a book, like, it's you and just creepy music on the background, weird angles.. Is juts how I imagined when I read it haha.


    1. Natalia Pradella

      Yesss!I imagined something like that too! It would be nice as a intro to a short funny/creepy story 👍 hey Marzia think about it! You’re an author now, maybe you can share some short stories (not animations but texts) in your blog too, i’m sure that a lot of marzipans would agree with this!

      Liked by 1 person

  21. Oranger101

    In one of my dreams i am at my schools gym. I am sitting on the top seat of tribune, looking down on the field. But instead of the field there is a pool full of water. And suddenly a whale jumps out of the water. In that moment looking at this huge creature I realized how small I actually am. Then the water floods the gym and I try to get out… This dream always gives me goosebumps 🙂


  22. Juliane

    I don’t remember my dreams very often but they’re always related to what happened in my day. And I dream a lot about dating hahah once I had a dream about meeting you and Felix and I woke up very happy 😛 I’m loving your blog so far!!


  23. Natalia Pradella

    LOL I was actually thinking that it was a real experience until you described the lil monsters kkkkkkkkkk I think share dreams is something cool, so yeah, I would like to read them. But talking about me, hmmm i’m very bad at remembering my dreams :/ I should written them on a diary on the morning but I am SOOOO lazy in the morning I just can’t kkkkkkk but keep writing about them Marzia and also keep drawing/sketching! I like to do this too and I love too see the art of other people even the simplest one, there are beauty in all of them.


  24. AlmaGanora

    Hey Marzia! At first I thought this story happened for real too ahahah anyway I usually dream about stairs or elevators,and the point is that I can’t reach the floor of my apartament..they’re also very dark and creepy,I am never able to switch on the light as I want.. I often wake up with much anxiety,and when i finally get to dream my crush i never do anything to tell him how I feel about us,NOT EVEN IN DREAMS DAMNIT! Ahahahahah


  25. Morgane

    Today I literally dreamed that there was a war between humans and gorillas… And that the gorillas captured me and forced me to go back to school…
    How do you want to have a normal day after that… xD


  26. Mavi

    That’s such a nice idea to write down your dreams! I’ve always wanted to but never did for some reason… But I rehearse the plot as soon as I get up not to forget any detail 🙂 My weirdest dreams are almost all horror-like nightmares, and I find it weird how vivid they can get to be sometimes!


  27. hehe

    I’ve always had dreams about little monsters, too. Like in 7th grade, I dreamed that my cat transform into a crocodile and bite my hand xD


  28. Alexia

    I usually have very weird dreams, but I don’t remember most of them (except for the feeling). However, there’s three kinds I never fail to remember: the ones that I think would make cool stories (I’d like to be a writer someday so I always keep these on mind) and have some creepy yet interesting details, such as eerie children’s stories, gloomy scenarios, shady speaking animals, etc; there’s also the ones that are like continuations of previous dreams (such as same locations but different dreams, same people, or same problems) which usually surprise me becomes dreams never happen in places I’ve been at, so I find fascinating the fact that my dreams can recreate so well such places; and the ones that scare/amaze me the most are a kind I have only had twice in my life: dreams in which I’m in my room, during my last sleeping minutes, and I’m half aware of what am I doing and who I am, but at the same time it’s like if I were another person, or if I were seeing my room for the first time, and in both of the dreams, at some point, the door to my room is opening (I assume by my mom to wake me up) and I get startled thinking “my mom will get angry at me not getting ready!” and, even when I’m standing on the other side of the room in my dream, I suddenly wake up in my bed and surprise! The door is opening at the exact same point were it was in my dreams. I find dreams to be such a fascinating thing 🙂


  29. Alexia

    I love dreams because the way they work is so mysterious. It has happened to me that I dream twice or more with the same place or people, even if I haven’t been with them or there in real life, and even when I’m pretty sure they actually don’t exist (for example, two very recurring places are a little apartment in a small suburban area during early night in what seems to be the USA -even though I live in Mexico-, and a weird, beautiful, Hogwarts-like school with lots of marbled stairs and hallways, and eerie people or creatures in the latter). But, there’s one kind of dream that intereses me the most: I have only had it twice, but I remember both vividly. They were almost the same, but with slight differences. In both I’m in my room, a few minutes before my waking up time to go to school, and I’m aware of being myself and being in my room, but at the same time I feel as if I were not completely me, and as if that room were somehow a place I’ve never been at before. Because of the latter feeling, I’m silently walking, under a very dim light -as moonlight, but my room doesn’t have any windows- touching random things that I actually do own, and that, after waking up, I realised do lie were in the dream lied, and for some reason amazing myself at their tact, even when in the dream I knew I had owned them for years. Then, at some point of the dreams, the door to my room starts opening -presumably by my mom- and I get startled, thinking “My mom will get angry if she sees me waste my time like this and not getting ready!” So then, I wake up in my bed, just to see that the door continues to open since where it last was on my dream -say, 45º- and indeed it’s my mom coming to wake me up. The strangest part of it is that it cannot be me confusing reality with dreams, because it would have been physically imposible for me to get to my bed so fast and silently (in both dreams I was on the opposite side of the room) and I felt some special transition between sleep and awakening. Aren’t dreams interesting?


  30. myprettylittleliars

    When I was 5 years old, I dreamed I was in the middle of the desert with my family. Then we found an ocean and a pyramid. The pyramid was a McDonalds. My family walked inside to buy food and I waited outside. There was an armchair there, made of sand. I climbed on it to sit on the backrest. Them i shouted: “BOLIBOMPA!” which is a Swedish tv show for children. A crocodile crawled out from under the armchair, it had heard me. It was a rainbow coloured crocodile. It tried to eat my legs but I was too high up. I laughed and said over and over: “Try to take me, try to take me!”


  31. luna

    I thought this would be a story or something ahah still, pretty interesting and unique! Please tell us more about your weird dreams! 😀


  32. Marise A

    Hi Marzia,

    Don’t you think the box of weird yet cute creatures in the sky are your followers on youtube and other platforms? They know who you are and follow you around. Some of them always find a way to know where you are. The people around you don’t see those creatures because they mght not know you so they don’t know you have followers.

    Just wanted to share my opinion of your dream, this was my first thought of what I was reading untill I read it was a dream 😀



  33. Alyssa

    I had a dream the other day where it was literally a horror movie. Me and my friends were at a cabin in the middle of the desert when a weird puppet (it resembles the one from Goosebumps) started tormenting us and chasing us around. Then, he stole my friend, took her to the front of the house, tied her up, and set the house on fire. I remember hearing her cry and it was really freaky! Then the next morning in the dream, me and all my friends started acting like nothing happened, and we didn’t even mention her disappearance. When I woke up I was really freaked out, but was happy it was just a dream…….I watch too much TV….


  34. quasargal

    I had a continuing dream when I was younger. It was a simple falling dream. It all felt very real though! Especially the end, where I would wake up and felt like I just landed on my bed. It’s so odd that it’s apparently quite the common dream though.


  35. Maggie

    I had this dream once that the world was being taken over by evil pumpkins that had legs…I woke up and looked out my window and could see them coming over the hill so I run as fast as I can to get dad who then freaks out and starts getting some stuff together to leave. I then find my mum upstairs who was still doing the laundry and she wouldn’t listen to me and kept saying “it’s okay they won’t hurt us”. Then I turn to the side I see them in my house, they have this like purple laser that shots people and turns them into dust. They shot my nan. They are getting closer to me. At this point I’m begging my mum to move, I’m pulling her, screaming at her, but she keeps repeating the same thing “they won’t hurt us”. The evil pumpkins then comes up to my mum, examine her, then look at me. I bolt, speeding down the stairs and out the house where dad and my dad is in the car. We drive off and find somewhere save, the local shops. We stop there and have something to eat, then dad tells me he’s got us flight out of Australia to England were its safe but there was one problem. We needed passports, and ours was still at home. So we drove back, safety, to find our house burned down, my stair case was falling down, there were vines growing all through the house, and in the kitchen there were heaps of tiny pumpkins…the babies. Dad tells me not to go any closer and that he’s going to go find the passports, hopefully they aren’t burnt. I couldn’t help myself, I got closer, to see they had one vine they connected them all. Then I look out the window and see the evil comes running in with the passports in his hand and shouts “they have surrounded the house!” They then start hitting the house so hard it started fulling more apart then it already was. We couldn’t get out, we held each other, then we heard a loud noise like a truck, is it help?
    Then I woke up to my dog jumping on me. 🙂 thanks buddy now I won’t know if we survived and where my mum went.


  36. Naty

    That’s a cute dream. I had once something strange like this too – I was half a dinosaur, like the flying one, Pterodactyl, and I had to protect my family from bigger dinosaur – Tyranosaurus rex. Really weird… 😀 ^-^


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