January 30th, 2016

I did it! I actually did it!

I have wanted to do it for so long, but was too afraid because I know nothing about blogging. But hey, I’m gonna try at least.


After spending hours to figure out how to put something together, Felix and I decided to go for a walk with “the puggies”. You know it’s real when Maya wears her hoodie.



I also wanted to point out how pretty yet unusual Brighton is… you never know what you are going to see. But today I found a toy car, very cool.


Anyway, this is just a quick post to say thank you for stopping by, and announcing that I will be writing about anything here, hopefully pretty often (if I get the hang of it). If you have any tips for me to get started, please do let me know!

 Have a wonderful weekend, Marzia.

311 thoughts on “THE DAY I FINALLY OPEN A BLOG.

  1. Andrea

    I’m literally addicted to your youtube and now this? I’m so happy that you decided to create a blog! It’s already the cutest and I’m looking forward to seeing your next posts! Love you, you’re a real inspiration 😘

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  2. Michi

    I love your description of Brighton; “pretty yet unusual… you never know what you are going to see” sounds like a very good way to describe your own blog!

    Anyways, I’m super excited to read what you’ll be posting. Good luck, Marzia! Cheers!


    1. A

      Can you please let me know from where is that pink sweater? I love it! Thank you, and I wish you all the best with your new blog! 🙂


  3. Beatrice

    Hi Marzia!
    Unfortunately I have no suggestions for your blog because I really don’t know anything about this world, but I’m so happy for you !!:)
    I’m planning to move abroad from Italy next September and as I am very similar to you (introvert but with a huge world inside) I wanna say you THANK YOU for all your time you dedicate to us!

    Detto ciò, non vedo l’ora di vedere tuuutti i tuoi futuri post!
    Un abbraccio grande,



  4. eppyart

    Hi Marzia,

    Cute blog and nice intro! I would like to start a blog too but have a lot of anxiety about where to even start..I have anxiety in general though lol. Please can you give any tips? I am guessing this is done on wordpress?…Thank you 🙂 Much love from Hertfordshire!

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  5. Peggy

    Hey Marzia😄
    I’m so glad that you open a blog!Because I always enjoy reading blog,and I’ll come here often~
    Thanks a lot ,wish you guys have a great weekend ,too.😆


  6. Marjella

    Hey Marzia, I’m so excited to see that you’ve made a blog!!! I hope you get the hang of it and write the most amazing-est posts.
    Lots of love,


  7. Birgitte

    It’s so cool that you decided to get a blog! Blogs doesn’t have to be just about fashion or beauty.. I like that you are writing about your life!
    And the more you do it the better you get!
    Love from Norway.


  8. Ray

    Please keep it up!! I love this blog already and can’t wait to see more! Also love the blog design and how organized it looks! Even when you write! ❤


  9. Joey

    YAY this makes me so happy right now! 😀 I can’t wait to read your new posts.

    As for the tips: just be yourself! ❤ We love you for who you are. 🙂


  10. Magda

    Yeey! I can’t wait to see more posts from you Marzia. Guess I will have to stop here everyday to see if there’s anything new 😂 goodluck and hope you have fun with this Marzia! Sadly I don’t have any tips, but I’m sure you can handle it 😃 lots of love from Poland! 😘


  11. Kamila

    So awesome that you started a blog, I’ll do my best to keep up with reading while you’ll be posting more and more amazing stuff ;D can’t wait! ;3


  12. Eda Onay

    Welcome to bloggers’ world Marzia! Love you, your channel, things you do, Pewds and pugs sooo much! I’ve been following you for a very long time and when I saw that you opened your blog in the description of the photo that you posted on Insta, you made me very happy! I know you’ll do your best about blogging too! \ ^.^ / Looking forward for your next posts! 💕 💖


  13. Nesca

    What a wonderful news! I love Your youtube channel and I’m very happy that You decided to start a blog 🙂
    I think You should write about everything that interests You and we’ll be happy to read this 🙂
    But from me I can suggest post about Your apps on the phone, because thanks to one of Your YT videos I found “Neko Atsume” and now I’m pretty addicted 😛

    Kisses from Poland 🙂


  14. Sophie

    Good luck for your blog!
    Actually, it requires so much time it’s frightening. But, hey, don’t freak out if you haven’t been writing for a while. Find your own pace. And anyways, you already have a lot of viewers/readers from youtube that won’t be lost easily ^^


  15. Maria

    Hello, Marzia! ^_^ I kinda doubt that you’re going to reply, but I’m going to try anyway 😀 I’ve been thinking for such a long time to blog but I’m so afraid.. just like you [or not really], I know nothing about blogging and I don’t even know where to start. I’m also afraid that people won’t like the things I write or post on my blog 😦 I do like to write but I only do it for myself because I know people are going to judge and this is totally not going to help with my depression 😦 Do you have any advice? As a side note, I really really love your style and you’re an awesome human being ^-^ Poods and the pugs are SO lucky ^______^ Take care ❤


  16. cameroncrowhurst

    Me and my girlfriend moved to Brighton recently.
    I love it here, the atmosphere oozes into your soul. I feel at home with all these weirdos.


  17. Jia-xun Xie

    I can’t wait to see new posting!
    It’s so good that I can see you,Felix and pugs not just at YouTube but also here. I love all of the photos you took!
    Thank you Marzia and wish you a good luck!Love you ❤


  18. Teeny

    Yay! I was literally hoping you had a blog and as I was creeping your instagram you posted this hehe! I can’t wait to read more. Have a lovely day 💕


  19. sinningcinnamonroll

    I also don’t know anything about blogging but inspired by you, dessided to try it out and see how that goes; Maya looks so kawaii on that hoodie :3


  20. Feebsanxiety

    Ehilà Marzia, sono felice di aver scoperto il tuo blog perchè notavo giusto poco fa su Twitter che parlavi di un tuo post qui! Non mi si addice affatto però il tuo stile “pastelloso” mi piace un sacco, e mi rende felice 😀 Benvenuta su WordPress! Have a nice day ^^


  21. Taylor

    Ive never been into your kind of style Marzia, but i realized the more i watch your videos the more i like you style. Love you Marzia! I hope you keep this blogging page whether you do it right or wrong! Its fun to hear about your day and/or adventures. P.S. when im confortable to get a Pug again, may i name the pug Marzia after you?


  22. renataescartn

    Hello, Marzia. I gotta say that I think all the ideas you got in your head are great, you’re different and the way you look at life (I saw it by your pictures and video) is great! I really enjoy watching your view.
    And you start your blog the day of my birthday.What a good present. Keep being and sharing what you are.


  23. Tiffany

    “was too afraid because I know nothing about blogging”
    haha come on Marzia, we all know you are terrific at making vlogs so…a blog will not be that different 😉 (the exercise might be different because you have to write instead of talking) but we are sure you will do a fine job !
    Cannot wait to read your future articles already

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