October 22nd, 2018


I just posted this video on Youtube.
I’m not going to write about it as I think I’ve said what I needed to, so please do watch it if you can.

Since this blog is personally connected to my life, I had to come here and let you know I’ve decided to close Marzia’s Life as well.

I’ve wondered many times if I should keep posting or not, but I realised that I need to detach myself, my life in particular, from the internet, in order to properly give myself the chance to experience something different in my life.

I’m not disappearing from the internet, you will still find me on Instagram and Twitter, but I had this feeling of needing a change for a while now, so I had to end my journey on Youtube and take back some of my private space.

Thank you for reading my posts, watching my videos, and being so supportive even when I was doubting myself. Reading your lovely comments really motivated me, but I’m hoping you can respect my decision to stop sharing certain things about my life.

I’m sending you all a virtual hug!



August 24th, 2018

3 Days in a new city.


Every year, for our anniversary, Felix and I travel somewhere we haven’t seen been before.

This year we went to Budapest, because the photos from there looked so magical I knew I wanted to see the place in person.

Here is what we did! Read More


July 6th, 2018

A 4 day road trip.


Last week my parents and I went to Ireland. We had a car, a map, and the sunniest weather I’ve experienced in a long time! Read More


July 1st, 2018

My ‘secret project’.


I’ve teased this for a bit, and today my brand Maì is launching!

Take a look at what I’ve been doing in the past month to make it happen. Read More


May 3rd, 2018

I’m engaged! 


At the end of our trip in Japan, Felix proposed!

It felt weird not writing about it here, on my blog, even though I’m pretty sure most of you – if not all – already know it.  Read More


April 22nd, 2018

A sunny day in a little island.


The past few days in Tokyo have been feeling like summer, with clear skies and high temperatures.

That resulted in the perfect time to explore Enoshima island, near Kamakura – just about 1 hour and a half train ride from Shibuya.  Read More


April 13th, 2018

The coolest yet creepiest arcade.


A couple of days ago Felix and I had plans to meet with Emma (Tokidoki Traveller) and Joey (The Anime Man).

This incredibly unique arcade was suggested, and so we went on a 45 minute train ride and quickly made our way to Kawasaki after lunch.  Read More


March 21st, 2018

A weekend trip.


The past weekend my friend Giorgia and I met up in Geneva, Switzerland, and visited a city we both had never been to before.

So of course, I brought my compact camera, filmed a few clips, and took some photos.  Read More


February 16th, 2018

My recent trip to Japan.


About 5 months ago Sanrio invited me to go to Tokyo to check out some of their latests products; they knew I am a big fan of Gudetama, and of course I couldn’t pass this opportunity. February approached, and so Felix, PJ, Sophie and I all got ready to go.

Here are some photos from my trip! Read More


January 15th, 2018

A quick visit.


On Thursday evening I landed in Venice to spend a long weekend with my family and some friends.

On Saturday, my dad had the idea of driving up to Recoaro Mille, a mountain site not too far from where my parents live, to get some fresh air and look at the snowy peaks.  Read More