January 15th, 2018

A quick visit.


On Thursday evening I landed in Venice to spend a long weekend with my family and some friends.

On Saturday, my dad had the idea of driving up to Recoaro Mille, a mountain site not too far from where my parents live, to get some fresh air and look at the snowy peaks.  Read More


January 6th, 2018

With friends.


One of the goals I have this year is to spend more time with my friends… well, not friends in general, but rather, my girl-friends.

I very often hang out with friends, all coupled up, and I love that – but I also miss, at times, having some girl time.

I didn’t waste any time this year, and a few days into January, I made sure to ask my friends, here in Brighton, to spend an afternoon with me.  Read More


January 2nd, 2018

Not sure how.


I’m the kind of person that waits until the clock hits a certain number before posting a video. Would anyone care, if I posted it at 17.03? I doubt it. But I have to make sure it’s either 17.00, or 17.05. Which is very strange, because I never tend to care about things like this on any other situation.

I live my life in the middle – in every sense. I’m okay with not being the best, but not being the worst; not standing out too much, but not be invisible either.

I think maybe with this specific topic, it is different, because I’m unsure, and I’ve always been.

Today I’m gonna talk about many things, but mostly focus on my Youtube ‘career’ and what that entails. I went for a walk and couldn’t shake off these thoughts, so I figured writing would help me, as I’m hoping you could shed some light on it as well. Read More


January 1st, 2018


Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 15.54.18.png

I hope you had fun celebrating last night!

Today I’m being very productive, as I woke up feeling very positive and creative: I’ve redone the graphics for the blog and youtube; I’ve set up my bullet journal for the new year; I’ve caught up with e-mails; and I’ve took down the tree and cleaned the house.

The last thing left to do is this post, in which I wanna announce a quick giveaway to send out some samples from my current line. If you wanna join, open up! Read More

2017 BEAUTY.

December 29th, 2017

My TOP 5 picks.


This year, thanks mostly to PR packages, I got to experiment with lots of different brands and beauty products, finding some must-haves that I always make sure to have while travelling, and most often reach out for while doing my makeup.

If I went over all the products I liked this year, this would be a long list, so I’m limiting myself to the top 5 items that I definitely need and will repurchase in the future.  Read More


December 23rd, 2017

With a healthy twist. 


It’s not a secret: I love sweets and desserts. But if I decide to make something for myself, it has to tick two boxes – it needs to be easy to make, and it has to be healthier than things you can buy.

This milkshake is vegan, requires just 3 ingredients, and takes about a minute to make… oh, and the best thing is that it’s packed with some good stuff for your body and skin.  Read More


December 21st, 2017

It’s officially winter!


The holidays are approaching, so I wanted to show the PR packages I’ve been receiving, and share some of the products with you! Read More


December 19th, 2017

Winter clothing.

beret look.jpg

After many months of work, the new line is available – find it HERE! Read More


December 14th, 2017

Ready in 15 minutes.


Today, for lunch, I opted for a soup.

Now that winter is approaching, warm soups are a must, but to be honest with you, I usually go for broth, as I never realised how easy it is to make soup!

For this one, I mixed my favourite two vegetables, and created a smooth, delicious dish, so I’m here to share this recipe.  Read More


December 8th, 2017

Stuff I’ve been loving.


Lately I’ve been reading and watching a few new things, so I figured I would talk about them on a post!  Read More